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Archives: August 2008

Happy Hour

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Bob Schieffer Will Sing The News At You

From today’s “Face the Nation”:

    SCHIEFFER: Finally today, anyone who has known me for at least an hour knows I’m from Fort Worth, Texas, which is referred to by many in the nation as the Dallas/Fort Worth area; which is why for years, whenever I mention it on TV I call it the Fort Worth/Dallas area. Few people have noticed, but one day I got a nice letter from a man who wrote and said, ‘I know why you do that. I’m from St. Paul .’

    As Bill Ward, one of the local newspapermen here wrote this week, St. Paul would kill to get the kind of respect that even Rodney Dangerfield got. At least people knew who he was. Too many people don’t know that St. Paul exists. Well, I know the feeling. I once wrote a song that went like this: Dallas , Dallas , how we love you, but why’s our airport DFW? Move that D, shift that letter, FWD sounds so much better. The Dallas DJs didn’t play it much, but they loved it in Fort Worth .

    So here’s what we’re going to do to turn it around for St. Paul . First, you need a theme song. How about this: Minneapolis , Minneapolis , we think you are simply fabulous. But if you want to have a ball, just drop in on old St. Paul . So St. Paulers, if you’ll finish those lyrics, e-mail them to me at CBS News, and I’ll read the best ones next week on FACE THE NATION, when our guest will be John McCain.

A FishbowlDC Road Trip

Sunday Show Preview

  • Meet the Press: Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) and a roundtable with presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, NBC’s David Gregory, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, GOP strategist Mike Murphy and NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell.

  • Face The Nation: Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) and former Hewlett-Packard Chairwoman Carly Fiorina and New York Times columnist David Brooks.

  • This Week: Cindy McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and a roundtable with ABC’s Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, George Will and Matthew Dowd.

  • Fox News Sunday: John McCain and a panel with Brit Hume, Washington Managing Editor of Fox News, Mara Liasson, National Public Radio & Fox News, Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard & Fox News, Juan Williams, National Public Radio & Fox News and the Power Player of the Week is Mike Miller, Director of Operations, Republican National Convention.

  • Late Edition: Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL); McCain supporter, Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC); McCain supporter, Fred Thompson (R); former presidential candidate; McCain supporter, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH); House Minority Leader; McCain supporter, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA); McCain supporter, Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) Minnesota; McCain Supporter, Nancy Pfotenhauer, McCain Campaign adviser, Tom Daschle (D); former Senate Majority Leader, Obama Supporter, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D) Connecticut, Obama Supporter, David Paulison, FEMA Administrator, Howard Kurtz, host, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” media reporter, The Washington Post, Dana Milbank, columnist, The Washington Post, CNN contributor, Roger Simon, chief political columnist, Politico, Lynn Sweet, political columnist, The Chicago Sun-Times, Rachel Sklar, media editor, and Amanda Carpenter, national political reporter, This is a three hour special show.

  • Fareed Zakara GPS: Mikhail Saakashvili, President of Georgia, Sergei Ryabkov, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, Fred Krupp, president, Environmental Defense Fund, Richard Haass, president, Council on Foreign Relations, Andrew J. Bacevich, author, “The Limits of Power”, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University.

  • The Chris Matthews Show: Howard Fineman of Newsweek; Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times; Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune; and Kelly O’Donnell of NBC News.

  • Roll Call TV with Robert Traynham: Roll Call’s David Drucker, Erin Billings and Emily Heil.

  • C-SPAN’s Newsmakers: Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), Republican National Convention Chairman will be interviewed by Patrick Healy, New York Times, Political Reporter.

  • Bloomberg’s Political Capital with Al Hunt: Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod, Margaret Carlson, Kate O’Beirne and Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols.

  • This Is America with Dennis Wholey: NPR’s Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr, author of “Come to Think of It: Notes on the Turn of the Millennium”

  • Larry Kane, Voice of Reason: GOP Leadership Council political director Mike Inganamort and Obama Pennsylvania communications director Sean Smith.

    Note: Reliable Sources is pre-empted.

  • Today’s Most Popular Stories

    #DNC08: Twittering from Denver (Regular FishbowlDC Posts Continually Published Below, After This Post)

    We’ll be Twittering from the Democratic Convention and our updates will feed into this post throughout the week. We’ll be adding other FishbowlDC posts throughout the week, which will always appear below.

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      Morning Reading List, 08.29.08


      Good morning Washington.

      Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

      We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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      Separated At Birth: Jeff Jarvis

      For this week’s Separated at Birth, we have’s Jeff Jarvis.

      Does Jeff look like…

      South Park Elementary’s guidance counselor Mr. Mackey?

      Howard Kurtz Facebook Update

      Howard Kurtz added 23 Facebook friends this week, bringing his total to 2,238. He also had a staggering 11 status updates, which included:

        Howard is recovering from 2 and a half hours of anchoring, which included cutting off Jesse Jackson as Bill C took the stage.

        Howard is about to anchor WP/Newsweek webcast again. Emergency duty. Zero preparation. Hey, it’s not like it’s television.

        Howard is on the convention floor, which is more crowded than the D train at rush hour.

        Howard is anchoring a nightly WP/Newsweek webcast from the conventions from 7-8 pm eastern. No commercials!

        Howard is chortling over watching Jon Stewart go at it with the press about how we’re screwing America.

        Howard just chatted up Brokaw, awaiting wisdom from Sunday anchors–and a free lunch.

        Howard is at the Pepsi Center, ready to go on CNN. Place empty except for TV types.

        Howard amazed at how decrepit the Denver press tent is. journalism requires sacrifice.

        Howard is in Denver. The excitement is building at the baggage claim.

        Howard is flying to Denver. Conservative radio guy slamming Biden at 6am.

        Howard having another wasted day. Off to Denver. Must be some news there, right?

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      Olbermann Takes on Chuck Babington

      “You should find new work.”

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