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Archives: June 2010

Sebastian Junger Takes Q’s at D.C. Premier of ‘Restrepo’



All eyes were on the perfectly sculpted author and film director Sebastian Junger Monday night after a showing of “Restrepo,” a war documentary he co-directed with British photographer Tim Hetherington (who did not attend). The premier was at National Geographic headquarters in downtown Washington. The Sundance prize-winning film hits theaters on July 7.

Junger, who has been on book tour for two months for War, showed up to the premier and sat on the dais alongside soldiers who appeared in the film. The audience was rapt while Junger spoke of his time in the field and of his views on Rolling Stone‘s recently published story on former Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

A challenge for Junger was sifting through 150 hours of footage for a 94-minute film. “There were great scenes that created some eddy in the narrative,” he said during the Q&A held post screening. “We couldn’t afford that.”

One criteria Junger said he and Hetherington used in creating the film was, did they re-experience the same emotions they had in the field? “We got rid of a lot of scenes that didn’t quite pass that test,” he said.

Another rule of thumb for the producers involved holding fast to reality. They could not do anything in the film that they or the soldiers couldn’t do in the field — they couldn’t talk to their families, so that meant no family interviews in the film. They couldn’t talk to an actor such as Morgan Freeman, so Freeman had no voice from beyond role explaining the depths of war.

As for the McChrystal story in Rolling Stone, Junger dodged the question. He neither slammed nor praised the author, Michael Hastings, saying only, “I really hope that the embed program doesn’t get tampered with. There is more access for press with the U.S. military than in any country in the world. It’s very good and noble. In a Democracy, it’s the only way to run the press and to run the military.”

Beckwith Named Editor of

Mike Mills and Scott Montgomery announced today that Ryan Teague Beckwith has been promoted from Deputy Editor to Editor of Congrats to Ryan! Memo from Montgomery below:

We’re delighted to announce that Ryan Teague Beckwith has been promoted to the title of Editor of For more than a year, Ryan has diligently handled day-to-day operations of this free site, developing its editorial voice, cultivating relationships with contributors around the CQ-Roll Call newsroom, working relentlessly with IT to find opportunities to improve the technology behind this digital publication. All the while, he has done so with the title of Deputy Editor. His contributions to this important site, and to the future of our free strategy, necessitate a change in standing for Ryan. Please join us in congratulating him.

Mike Mills and Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery
Director of Consumer Publishing
CQ-Roll Call Group

Ann Althouse Wants her Own Deep Throat

detect.gif Blogger and University of Wisconsin law prof Ann Althouse is seeking raw Journolist material for a book, her own “deep throat” if you will.

Althouse writes on her blog on Sunday:

Remember the liberal meme that George Bush was “incurious”? But aren’t these liberal journalists incurious? They had this email list that was designed – apparently – to figure out how to structure the various news stories to serve the interests of their party. The Journolist was a self-herding device. They wanted to be good cogs in a machine that would generate power for the Democratic Party, didn’t they? For career and social rewards? That’s my hypothesis. As an intellectual, I would like to study how that worked. I’ll write a book about it if someone will send me the raw material I need – the complete archive of the Journolist. I need a Deep Throat. I promise not to regard you as disgusting.

Of course, she’s not offering the $100,000 that Breitbart is (see this post). But we wish her luck.

• Read her full post here.

Breitbart Willing to Cough up 100K for Journolist Archive


The following headline is up on as we speak posted by none other than Editor and founder Andrew Breitbart, who apparently has 100,000 “burning in my pocket”:

Reward: $100,000 for Full ‘JournoList’ Archive; Source Fully Protected

Read all about it here.

Roll Call’s Heil on the Hunt for an Agent

EmilyH007_052910.jpg Guess who got the memo about writing what you know? Roll Call gossip scribe Emily Heil has penned a novel about… a young gossip columnist in Washington. (Hmmm…who might that be?)

FishbowlDC hears that Heil, who writes the HOH column, is now on the hunt for an agent. We wondered how much life imitates art. Should Capitol Hill women be petrified? Heil said she drew on her experiences (and a few thinly-veiled characters) in writing the book, which she calls a “chick-lit thriller,” about a reporter who uncovers a secret society of women who are stealthily running Washington.

The working title is: “The Ferragamo Conspiracy.”

Heil notes the healing quality of writing the book, which she has completed. “Plenty of it is pure fiction, but it was great to have an outlet for all those off-the-record stories I’ve heard over the years,” she tells FishbowlDC. “Of course, names have been changed to protect the guilty.”

So. Any agents out there want to bite?

McChrystal a Fox News Fan? Not so Much

On this morning’s C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” the guest is Major General Timothy Haake, discussing the confirmation hearing for General David Petraeus, among other topics.

During the interview, Gen. Haake remarked that the recently fired Gen. Stanley McChrystal is rumored by the Special Ops guys to be a Democrat who voted for President Obama and “had Fox News turned off in his headquarters.”

Bloomberg TV’s O’Leary Remarks on Sights (and Smells) of the Gulf

lizzie oleary.jpg

Bloomberg TV’s Lizzie O’Leary, was reporting from Manhattan Monday after spending five weeks reporting on the Gulf Coast.

O’Leary, who is based in D.C., was dispatched to the Gulf Coast on May 24, and reported from locations throughout Louisiana (New Orleans, Venice, Grand Isle, Buras, Myrtle Grove), Orange Beach, Ala. and Pensacola, Fla.

I caught up with her to find out about her trip.

Q: What has struck you the most being down there covering this? It may sound trite, but its enormity. There are so many different spills, heading in so many directions, I am not sure you really grasp it until you get in a plane or helicopter and fly over it. Then you can see blobs hovering off this place or the other, and big fingers of crude reaching out toward beaches and marshes and channels. And the smell. You can even smell it from 3,000 feet up.

Q. What is it like on the ground there – and what has surprised you? It’s always worse in person. And yes, no matter how many times you see an oiled pelican on TV, watching one float stock still a few feet from you, unable to thermo-regulate anymore, is pretty awful. One thing that has struck me over the past two weeks or so in particular, is the color of the oil. It seems darker, less emulsified. You can definitely tell you are seeing some relatively fresh crude.

Q. Do you have plans to go back? Yes. I’m just taking a few days off to rest and do some laundry. Then back next week! Lots more to do on the claims process, the relief well effort — which is making some progress — and whatever happens next with the moratorium.

Michaele Salahi: Queen of Self Promotion


The Salahis are on an endless loop of a press tour — when it’ll end no one really knows. Michaele Salahi is in this week’s Us Weekly (as shown above). On her Facebook page she describes Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of DC” as “the most anticipated Television Show in TV History.”

As one scribe who covers the Salahis remarked, “Who needs a PR rep when you’ve got all that crazy?”

Michaele Salahi’s most recent Facebook post: Check out the new “Us Weekly Magazine” that hit the stands this morning with a special feature on Michaele Salahi, the Primary Star of the Real Housewives of DC! News to be announced soon about the World Premier Party for the most anticipated Television Show in TV History. Real Housewives of DC premiers August 5th, 9PM EST / 8 PM Central.

Two Stories on Obama’s Crustmaker in a Week?

Seems a bit much to learn so much about Bill Yosses, President’s Obama’s “Crust Master,” the cruster, crusty or any other nicknames anyone else wants to give him.

Politico has published two stories on Obama’s pie man in seven days. Most recently Yosses came out with a cookbook. Check. And now he has another, more clandestine role — that’d be composter. Check.

He’s done. Burnt to a crisp (so to speak. No offense to the crust man.)


Welcome to the Fishbowl: Desmond Clyde Nelson

WaPo’s Liz Kelly and Matt Nelson welcomed baby Desmond Clyde Nelson to the world on Saturday night. Liz, a “Celibritology” blogger for the Post, wrote obsessively about “Lost” — which explains why she named her kid “Desmond.”

Congrats to Liz and Matt and welcome to the Fishbowl, little guppy.

Memo from Lynn Medford below:

Subject A new Stylista!!!

Liz Kelly and Matt Nelson welcomed Celebritology baby Desmond Clyde Nelson to the world Saturday night, weighing in at 8 lbs 12 oz and measuring 20 inches long. Despite the 14-hour labor, Liz sent the note herself! All are happy and well. This is their first.

Lynn Medford
Style Editor
The Washington Post