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Archives: December 2010

World Wildlife Fund Seeks Animal-Loving Director of Media Relations

It’s a jungle out there, but the World Wildlife Fund has a great opening for a director of media relations for business engagement and public policy. D.C. dwellers, listen up.

In this role, you’ll manage a small team and work on the planning, developing and implementing of communications strategies to advance WWF’s work within the public policy sphere. You’ll also handle media relations for the organization’s U.S.-based priority field programs, while working on and sustainability, climate change and environmental protection initiatives.

To be considered, you should have at least 10 years of experience in public relations, journalism and public policy. Knowledge of the federal policy process and conservation issues is a must-have. Ready to make a change? Apply here.

For more openings and employment news, follow The Job Post on Twitter @MBJobPost.

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Santa Comes Through Big for Nine-Year-old ‘Obsessed’ With NPR

Santa made one California nine-year-old (yes, 9) NPR fan ecstatic this Christmas even sans sugar plum ferries or toys like Barbie.

The mother of the boy “obsessed in a good way” (her words) told NPR that Santa brought him a very exciting gift this year – a collection of signed glossies from NPR hosts and journalists. He was so excited about getting them the mom sent in photographs to NPR.

See the pictures and get a sense of the boy’s enthusiasm here. In a story on NPR’s website, the boy’s mom said her son’s enthusiasm is such that he prefers listening to the radio station rather than doing his homework (which he also apparently loves to do).

Indeed, a feel-good story of the season.

Llewellyn’s Take on the New Year’s Hangover

WETA White House Chronicle Host and Hearst-NYT columnist Llewellyn King has a new charming column out. It concerns the blessed topics of New Year’s Eve and hangovers. He offers remedies (one involves milk and a pat of butter).

An excerpt:

“For some of you, it will be the only time you drink in the year; and for accomplished drinkers, well, get a designated driver — and maybe a designated bed. Things can get way out of hand.”

He warns, “Everything is stacked in favor of excess New Year’s Eve. Everything.”

“…In the bad old days of journalism, when every day was a kind of New Year, there were theories aplenty of how to survive late into the night and to be in shape for the morrow. They include the following:”

Read the column here.

Happy High Noon FishbowlDC Readers


Photo credit: Adam Verdugo

Just another evening in D.C.

“Typical DC dinner. Check your sidearms at the door. 2 people, 4 communication devices.” — NBC Producer Adam Verdugo in a tweet on Dec. 27.

Pleasant surprise: One of us will be spending New Year’s Eve in Miami. The best part is that ABC7′s wild train ride tweeter Stephen Tschida is also in Miami and we hope to hunt him down and at least say hello.

Some news: Yesterday, WaPo‘s Ezra Klein (who in January 2008 advised, “F–k Tim Russert with a spiky acid-tipped d–k“) made a dramatic move and blocked FishbowlDC on Twitter, saying he prefers to read things like Columbia Journalism Review, not FishbowlDC. We regret that he has made this decision, but trust life will somehow go on without being able to read his tweets. Surely the refined CJR doesn’t say things like Klein’s remark, but he’s above all that pettiness out there right? At the time, Klein told Wonkette he was joking.

Wisdom by Westfall

“Turns out humans really make things happen. When they’re not all on vacation. Slowest news day ever.” — TBD‘s Julie Westfall in a Wednesday tweet. Good to know how she feels about her colleagues.

Understatement of the year

“This has been an intense day – & it’s amazing how central of a role Twitter now plays in these disputes/debates.” — Salon’s Glenn Greenwald in a Wednesday tweet (yes he’s Manhattan-based, but we think his comment applies to Washington, too).

The Hill Adds Monday Paper

In a memo to staff on Wednesday, Editor Hugo Gurdon told The Hill‘s employees that a Monday publication is being added to the lineup. Keith White, hired from Congress Daily, will be heading up the Monday paper. Gurdon says the new edition will not add work for reporters but will allow them to write longer pieces should they so choose. Extra staff will be hired.

See the memo after the jump…

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TBD Hates on FBDC for Hating on Haters

Andrew Beaujon

Perhaps it’s the slow news week or maybe a cry for attention…  Whatever the cause (though I assume it’s the latter), Arts and Entertainment Editor Andrew Beaujon jumped on the Betsy-bashing bandwagon today with a “hard-hitting investigation” that asked the tough question: does Betsy Rothstein (FishbowlDC)  hate the people she covers?  The basis of the hypocritical hit piece was an aggregation of Rothstein’s Twitter spats over the past year.  In his article, Beaujon hates on Betsy for hating on people who hate on her. Whatever the motivation, the outcome was success for the traffic-starved site as a slew of hateful tweets highlighting Beaujon’s hit on Betsy’s “hatred” toward haters poured in.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and WaPo‘s Ezra Klein are just a few of the journalists who chimed in over Twitter to piss on the ever-tarnishing Golden Rule:

@KeithOlbermann: Wonderful reading: tweets & tribulations of the self-inflating Betsy Rothstein of @FishbowlDC

@LoriMalloryTO: @KeithOlbermann @FishbowlDC That was fairly awesome. She’s like the Soup Nazi of Twitter, but without the talent. #NoSoupForYou!!

@ezraklein:@FishbowlDC Aww, Bets, aren’t you just the sweetest piece of pie in the mid-Atlantic?

@ezraklein: @fishbowldc‘s Betsy Rothstein is a charming individual:

@KeithOlbermann: That’s the best you’ve got? My dad died last year, want to work that in somehow? Psycho.

@ezraklein: @FishbowlDC But to be fair, it’s only because I think you’re a bad journalist and don’t trust you. Don’t take it personally!
@ParkyBill: @fishbowldc is proof that “stupid is the new smart” in Republican DC. Mmm! Figs!

@alisavino: unfollowing @FishbowlDC Betsy’s childishness is too grating on my sanity. she is emblematic of the very worst of DC

@ezraklein: @FishbowlDC Of course journalists and journalism are worthy of coverage. But you’re a gossip writer. It’s different.

In a matter of an hour Betsy (FishbowlDC) was taunted, teased and bashed. She was labeled “psycho,” “self-inflating,” “stupid,” “worst of DC,” “a bad journalist,” untrustworthy and  talentless.  Geez- I can’t imagine why her tweets aren’t sugary sweet.

Which leads us back to TBD’s story about Twitter feuds.  Beaujon admits that Rothstein rarely instigates the supposed spats so  what exactly is he criticizing?  That Betsy doesn’t abstain from the act of self-preservation?  That she fights back under attack?  Or maybe the post was more about an unknown editor of a lonely beat at a quiet website finally getting his day in the spotlight…

Keep it klassy, folks.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s WaPo’s New Fact Checker

In a memo addressed to staff this afternoon, WaPo announces they are getting a new fact checker. It is Glenn Kessler, a veteran diplomacy correspondent who has been on his beat for nine years. The memo says he will be “an indispensable resource for truth-squadding political controversies.” His superiors tell him they expect him to be Superman. “Just as Superman has been played by various actors, we expect Glenn to put on his cape and lift the Fact Checker brand to new heights,” the memo states.

Kessler (with or without a cape) will start his new position in January.

See the memo after the jump…

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Tucker’s Brief but Strange Train Encounter

Who is Kirk Larsen?

He’s the 23-year-old freelance video creator who was riding the same train as The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson on Monday afternoon chugging toward Manhattan. Larsen decided to not alarm the well-known journalist by approaching him and instead passed him a handwritten note aboard the Amtrak Acela that read, “I don’t mean to cause a stir, but can I ask you a question?”

Once that was accomplished (and he somehow managed to not freak Tucker the f–k out), he asked Tucker a few questions which culminated into a “Questperience” that he posted on his Tumblr account. He asked, “Do you think Jon Stewart is Edward R. Murrow’s rightful heir?” Larsen wrote that Tucker replied that he believes Stewart has been kowtowing to his left-leaning interviewees (he “gave [Obama] fellatio” in 08) and is “a sad man,” who gets interviews no one can get, only to drop the ball when it comes to actually interviewing them.”

Larsen ran a photograph of Tucker’s head through train seats that wasn’t, ahem, creepy at all.

Details about Larsen: Larsen’s Tumblr account lists him as a “writer, filmmaker and outstander” who lives in Brooklyn. He shoots behind the scenes videos for BlackBook Magazine, and is a former intern, now contributor for GawkerTV and Films For Non-profits. He graduated from GW in 2009 and says he enjoys writing about fiction. “I did the note thing because you’re on a train and I knew Tucker was a person who deserves his right to privacy,” Larsen said in a phone interview with FishbowlDC this afternoon. “I didn’t want to be [all], hey Tucker!” Larsen said the response was pleasant. “He was effusive, he was really nice,” he said.

Larsen said he hadn’t realized Tucker is now sans bow tie. “I hadn’t seen him since Crossfire to be honest,” he said.

Turns out Larsen may not have come off as harmless as he thought he seemed. When asked about the train encounter, Tucker told FishbowlDC, “If you’re writing up your 30-second conversations with me on the Acela, you’re starved for material. I mean how bored is the guy? And what a weird invasion of privacy to write that up. Creepy.”

The result of Larsen’s “work” is here.

CNN’s Ed Henry Hams up Hula Dance Lessons

CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry is such a ham — especially when he’s barefoot and all decked out in blue-flowered Hawaiian-wear.

Here’s the video of him Hula dancing with the pros. Please CNN, keep him here for another couple of months. We want daily Hula lessons (in a grass skirt next time), sunset and beach shots every morning and afternoon, and we want to see his entire wardrobe shift to horrible Hawaiian shirts and patterned swim trunks. It’s not too much to ask.

Henry took half-hour lessons. Apparently he’s a quick study.

WaPo Capehart’s Near ‘Weave’ Joke

WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart offered the daily rant on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon. The anchor said Capehart was really angry about a couple of things. We expected fire breathing at least.

Instead, we got a funny hair weave joke.

Capehart spoke of the two myths surround President Obama — his citizenship and his religious beliefs. Later on Facebook, Capehart joked that he nearly exchanged “worked my last nerve” for “work my last weave” but opted for “nerve” in final contemplation.

There’s always next time.

> Update: Capehart tells FishbowlDC that “The joke was going to be, ‘get up under my weave.’” He promises to work it into something soon. We can’t wait.

Watch here.