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Archives: January 2011

Watch Out: There’s a New Soup Feature in Town

In a nod to the 1950s, for the past two weeks Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace has been giving shameless shout-outs to the soups that his wife, Lorraine, makes for him from scratch on Sundays. Hungryman Wallace has been closing the program by saying what soup his wife his stirring for him and will have waiting hot and ready to ladle when he arrives home.

Wallace: Last week, more than 20,000 of you clicked on the recipe from my wife Lorraine’s book, “Mr. Sunday’s Soups.” And if you go to, you’ll see the soup of today is ancho pork and hominy. If you never heard of it, it’s delicious, and she’s making it for me right now.

That soup must have tasted really luscious this week after Wallace took a beating from panel member Brit Hume, who got all cranky over the wonky minutia of a CR (Continuing Resolution) concerning non-defense discretionary spending – definitely worthy of a passing pissing match between the two men. No soup for you Hume.

The new sloppy seconds soup feature is the result of Lorraine’s newly published book, Mr. Sunday’s Soups.

Memo to White House Soup of the DayYou cannot let Lorraine’s soup show you up. It’s embarrassing.

Sleeping Beauty…

This bundle of joy was 7 lbs 1 oz at birth. She was born at Holy Cross Hospital on Saturday in Silver Spring.

Her name is Claire Eleanor Sullivan. Her parents are Meg Goetz and Reuters Congressional Correspondent/ Dirty Bomb frontman Andy Sullivan. “Mom, baby and big sister, Ingrid, are all doing great,” reports Sullivan.

Welcome Claire to the Fishbowl.

Ana Marie Cox Waxes (We’ll Leave it at That)

This is GQ‘s Ana Marie Cox‘s attempt at a TV career, take #15124.

It’s from the BBC World News and is supposedly the “real” take on Washington, D.C. One thing: Since this was filmed, Erwin Gomez quit Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa. The spa is something of the past since he and his partner James had a nasty split.

Ann Coulter’s First Class Problems

Poor Ann Coulter.

In weekend tweets, the conservative pundit complained of a fellow seatmate sitting in First Class. “Always one guy in first class who doesn’t notice everyone else is quietly reading, not prattling on cell phones,” she wrote, adding, “And have you ever noticed he’s always sitting next to me?”

Noisy a–hole aside, hope she at least appreciates the extra leg room and steaming hot towels.

Journolist Still Alive, Says Anonymous Blogger

Some  blogger, presumably in some basement somewhere, still isn’t over Journolist, the exclusive e-mail listserv founded by WaPo columnist and FishbowlDC enthusiast Ezra Klein, which got a lot of journalists in some hot water. Turns out people say stupid things over e-mail that they’d never say in real life.

Shortly after its discovery, Klein announced that the listserv was shutting down, but the blogger (posting under the name “Redbaiter”) isn’t buying it. His evidence: Pundits said that POTUS’ State of the Union address was “Reaganesque,” which the blogger says is “just a typical left wing propaganda lie.” Though unexplained, this means that the listserv still exists.

The blogger then lists 157 alleged members of the listserv. Two of those he names aren’t happy. In the comments section, Matt Steinglass of Deutsche Presse-Agentur tells the blogger he was never part of Journolist, and that he should take down the names “until you can do some due diligence and figure out who was on Journolist and who wasn’t.”

Media MattersEric Boehlert wasn’t as polite. He tweeted Sunday: “Some RW idiot thinks I was on journalist. Guess fact-checking conspiracy theories is too much to ask.”

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Hide the Olives!

When Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) comes to dinner, probably best to steer clear of olives. Not if you know what’s good for you. Sure, he’s settled the lawsuit. But you want to risk that?

On Saturday night, lefty radio host Bill Press and wife, Carol, hosted a dinner at their home to welcome radio talk show host Thom Hartmann and wife, Louise, to Washington. The couple relocated from Portland, Ore. two months ago. Dinner guests included fellow lefties David Corn of Mother Jones and wife, Wilmoed; and former NYT/ABC Latin American stringers Martha Honey and Tony Avirgan. The guests of honor were Kucinich and his wife, Elizabeth.

“When we learn he’d sued Longworth Cafeteria over an olive (!), we were nervous,” Press wrote FishbowlDC. “But he settled lawsuit day before dinner party. And, just to be safe, we made sure all olives we served were pitted!”

Aside from pitted olives, the dinner menu boasted mushroom soup, duck breast, wild rice, and brussels sprouts (no duck for vegans or vegetarians), salad and pear sorbet.

The Kuciniches are well-known vegans. No olive injuries were reported, and luckily the duck breast presented no danger.

ALERT: Incredibly Boring Panel Discussions

In case you are (a) really into synthetic biology or (b) looking for a good place to nap on February 3, look no further than the Center for American Progress’ panel discussion on the President’s Bioethics Commission Report.

The exhilarating panel convenes this Thursday and features two members of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues whose names are no one you’ve ever heard of. They are Nelson Michael and Daniel P. Sulmasy. The event is being moderated by Science Progress EIC Jonathan Moreno at the Center for American Progress.

They’re serving a light lunch. So maybe it won’t be all bad.

But wait, there’s more… If you can’t make the synthetic biology panel, there’s always the discussion at the Library of Congress to discuss a six-page letter written by mathematician Alfred North Whitehead to his student Henry S. Leonard “regarding the conflict between speculative philosophy and logical positivism,” according to the press release. Apparently, Whitehead was too good to write letters to anyone and “a receipt of a letter by his friends or colleagues was described as ‘rare and cause of a communal celebration.’” So, come see the letter on display and hear people talk about it from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. February 17. Promises to be a quick four hours.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Hands-down favorite weekend observation

“Why do I get the feeling this guy is actually kind of a loser?” — NJ‘s Susan Davis in a weekend tweet, with the accompanying photograph, above.

Podhoretz has man crush on Borgnine

“Srsly, if you told me 30 yrs ago Ernest Borgnine would be most handsome 94 yr old who ever lived, I would’ve laughed.” — Commentary Magazine Editor John Podhoretz in a weekend tweet. In another tweet, he said, weirdly, “Stories about child abuse and murder have, since fatherhood, literally become physically painful to me, as if I had an abscessed tooth.”

Journo distracts himself with caramel corn

“Have eaten entire bag of caramel corn from fantastic, newly discovered @ackc_cocoabar, but have only written the lede. V long evening ahead.” — WaPo Book World Editor Ron Charles in a Sunday tweet.

Kurtz discusses his lack of power

“Just got my power back but Candy Crowley is still without and she is NOT HAPPY. Pepco last local utility to seek aid when snow started.” — The Daily Beast‘s D.C. Bureau Chief and CNN host Howard Kurtz in a weekend tweet. Crowley is a CNN colleague.

What’s wrong with this?

“Exclusive: Yahoo Delivering 1 Million Video Views for Washington Post’s “The Quick Fix” — Could Chris Cizzilla Beat Rachel Maddow?” — Beet. TV’s Andy Plesser in a weekend alert, making the WaPo reporter sound a little too close to Godzilla. (Oh we’re just messing with Plesser. He quickly redeemed himself with a quick correction of his mistaken spelling of Cillizza’s name in an e-mail. Read the story here.)

Guthrie to NYC, Holt gets Cairo

“On my way to nyc to anchor @todayshow tomorrow with Jenna; @LesterHoltNBC is en route Cairo to report for @nbcnews.” — MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown” C0-host Savannah Guthrie in a weekend tweet.

Brady calls Volpe departure ‘huge loss’ for TBD

“Thrilled for @pvolpe on his new gig at the @nytimes. Huge loss for @TBD, but there’s no shortage of talent in that newsroom either.” — Former TBD GM and consultant Jim Brady in a weekend tweet after the news broke that TBD Managing Editor Paul Volpe is leaving for NYT. Volpe quit within three months of Brady’s resignation.

Wemple pulls out the pom poms

“@kevin_reiss.@TBD’s lost its Managing Editor & Redskins writer, & still hasn’t found a local news niche. Who feels good about TBD?” –  Self-described online “asshole” Kevin Reiss in a weekend tweet. To which TBD Editor Erik Wemple actually felt the need to respond, “Me.”

Politico scribe could do without winning the air

“In-flight wifi’s gonna make pres campaign trail reporting even more grueling. Wheels up was only break from filing demands (& editors).” — Politico‘s Kenneth Vogel (who, says his bio, “goes by Ken when he’s not in ostentatious reporter mode”)  in a weekend tweet. He covers money, politics and influence.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“After the snow this week, are you ready for spring?” — WUSA9 in a (we hope) rhetorical weekend tweet.

Boehner Addresses Tears and Ciggs on FNS

Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace broaches two sensitive subjects this morning that are near and dear to House Speaker John Boehner‘s heart: Crying and smoking.

On the topic of crying, Boehner said he’s an emotional guy, a “transparent” politician in Washington who wears his emotions on his sleeve.

On smoking?

Wallace: They said and I feel this way, we like you. Why don’t you stop smoking?

Boehner: Oh, why do you bring this up again? Smoking. Listen, it’s bad habit, but I have it. It’s a legal product. I choose to smoke. Leave me alone.

Wallace: [Laughter] I will leave you alone on smoking, but nothing else.

POTUS Parties at Atlantic Media’s Douglass Home


In this case, pretty deep. There are several details not to miss in a White House Pool Report from this evening:

1. President Obama attended a going away party tonight for top aide David Axelrod at the Dupont Circle neighborhood home of Altantic Media V.P. and former Obama White House spokeswoman Linda Douglass.

2. The Pool Report is written by NJ reporter Rebecca Kaplan, who has the odd and awkward responsibility of reporting about a spokeswoman from her own parent company.

3. This is not the first occasion for Obama to visit Douglass’s home. POTUS attended a $1 million fundraiser for the DNC at Douglass’s home last fall. The dinner was organized by her husband, John Phillips. See story here.

4. Someone attempted (and apparently failed) to drive through the motorcade.

Motorcade is rolling at 8:27 p.m. en route to Linda Douglass’ house (spokeswoman for the White House during the campaign and a health care spokeswoman during the beginning of the administration). Former ABC reporter who now works at…National Journal! She heads the communications team there.

POTUS is here for  David Axelrod’s going away party. FLOTUS did not attend.

Quiet ride — a few young guys who looked to be in their 20s waved hello as we rode up 22nd St. But someone did try to drive through the motorcade. Obviously that didn’t happen.

We arrived at 8:37.

Rebecca Kaplan

> Update: More from Kaplan about V.I.P.’s and D.C. journos seen leaving the party.

Left Douglass’ residence – a condo building right by Dupont Circle -  at 10:20. No POTUS sightings.

Pool was holding in the van outside the whole time, but we did spot a few guests as they came and went. From the administration, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu were seen leaving.  A few reporters were in attendance too. Major Garrett (National Journal) waved in the direction of the pool vans as he walked  in. Jake Tapper (ABC), Chuck Todd (NBC) and John Harwood (CNBC/New York Times) were also seen on their way out.

> Update #2: The headline has been changed to reflect Douglass’s actual title, which is V.P. for Atlantic Media. Taylor West is Communications Director for NJ. Kaplan’s line above is confusing and not specifically accurate.