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Archives: April 2011

Happy Birthday To…

The Hill’s White House Correspondent Sam Youngman.

He’ll be celebrating at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner tonight. So help us wish him a happy birthday.

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Politico Goes Glossy for WHCD

Politico put out a glossy edition this weekend in celebration of the WHCD. In case you haven’t picked up your copy, here’s what you’re missing:

  • An interview with Seth Meyers. He says doing the dinner, a notoriously tough gig especially with President Obama, who has a reputation for being funny, is a service to his country.
  • Political jokes solicited from other comedians, including Paula Poundstone, Bill Maher and Aisha Tyler
  • Comedy pointers for POTUS
  • Short profiles of the WHCA board members
  • A guide to the weekend parties
  • and, of course, a primer on the food

Fab or Fug?

Who wore these fab earrings to the TIME-People party last night?

Find out after the jump…

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Meet the WHCA Board Member

And now for our second installation diving into the thoughts of those journalists attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner tonight. Tonight C-SPAN Senior Executive Producer and Political Editor Steve Scully will be found on the dais as sits on the board of the WHCA.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low) how excited are you at this point about the WHCD on Saturday? It’s a 10, more so because you get to see so many good friends during the evening.  It’s a night for the media and official Washington to poke some fun at each other and share a laugh.  But of course, the night is tempered with the sad news from the south-east following Wednesday’s devastating tornadoes, and our on-going military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2. Do you know what or who you’re wearing? Accessories and everything. If so, do tell. I’ll be the guy in the black tux, white shirt and tie.

3.  Any advice on small-talk techniques for journos who are covering the dinner and attending all the soirees? Ask lots of questions. You always learn more when you listen, rather than when you are talking.

4.  Which star might you faint over if you meet him or her? Well, I’ve never fainted yet, so hopefully won’t start a new trend Saturday night.

5. As a board member you’re a bit of a bigwig. Do you feel any sense of status or entitlement about the dinner? Neither.  It’s an honor to sit at the head table, and I can see first-hand just how hard Julie Whiston is working.  As the executive director of WHCA, she is the real unsung hero of this dinner.  Nobody puts in more hours to make the night a success.

Why Does Valerie Jarrett Despise Party Stamps?

Some people hate brussels sprouts and black licorice. President Obama‘s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett is apparently repelled by those horrid party stamps that are sometimes required to get into parties.

Jarrett made something of a spectacle of herself over it on her way into the TIME-People party last night at the opulent St. Regis Hotel in downtown Washington. All guests were to check in at tables in the lobby where young women with clipboards were crossing people’s names off as they arrived. At check-in, partygoers received cards for those 16-pound gift bags to pick up on the way out.

Jarrett approached the PR table, where they told her, as they told everyone  in line, that they’d need to stamp her hand. The ink mark was red and circular. A witness said she looked at them “like they were crazy” and stormed off into the party. The women at check-in looked at each other shocked, like ‘Now what do we do?’

The rest of Jarrett’s evening appeared to go smoothly and party stamp free.

Meet the White House Correspondents

Today we’re going to peak into the thoughts of some of the White House correspondents for whom this week is supposed to honor. We begin with WHCD board member Julie Mason of Politico who is having a few spray tan issues today, but we’ll keep those under wraps. Let’s just say she didn’t just return from a quick jaunt to Jamaica.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low) how excited are you at this point about the WHCD tongiht? I know it’s all very frowned-upon and hopelessly jejune to love the dinner and look forward to it, but I have never had a bad time. I am about a 9 this year — the entertainment is great, the politics are interesting and the weather is supposed to be really pleasant for the reception.

2. Do you know what or who you’re wearing? Accessories and everything. If so, do tell. I am going back to black after an ill-advised incursion into purple last year. It’s Ralph Lauren, really simple and slinky. I have most of the ensemble assembled, but earrings remain an unresolved issue.

3. Any advice on small-talk techniques for journos who are covering the dinner and attending all the soirees? A smile is the best opener. People who take themselves too seriously at this thing are so lame. And don’t try to be who you’re not — I find it refreshing and funny when reporters ask each other (looking at you, Daniel Stone of Newsweek/Daily Beast) “Who is Eva Longoria?” Also don’t ask anyone, “Is that a spray-tan?”

4. Which star might you faint over if you meet him or her? I am all in a swivet to see Sen. Scott Brown and Jon Hamm side-by-side, ever since that SNL skit where Jon Hamm played Scott Brown — in glittery white leather vest and chaps (Nancy Pelosi: “Mama like.”) Somehow in my mind it’s all become conflated and I think Jon Hamm is dressed like that right now, on the floor of the Senate.

5. As a board member you’re a bit of a bigwig. Do you feel any sense of status or entitlement about the dinner? Ha ha. If I felt that I am certain my fellow filthy scribes in the White House basement would puncture it instantly with cold truth. The dinner is more work as a board member because we have to wear our good, company manners all night — not like the rest of you. And the head table is somewhat isolated — we can’t mingle around on the floor. I am next to [NPR's White House Correspondent] Don Gonyea again this year — very happy, but that is how rumors get started.

Bristol Shirks the Press

Bristol was out and about Friday night at the Time-People party at the St. Regis. And while she was spotted mingling with members of Washington media such as NBC’s always gregarious Norah O’Donnell (as reported by Politico) she wasn’t talking on the record.

“I’m actually not doing interviews tonight. Sorry” — Bristol Palin said politely but firmly.

We’ll see if she loosens up with the media tonight.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Today we bring you a special edition of morning quotes as part of our weekend coverage of tonight’s WHCD. Enjoy!


CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry poses with DWTS’s Brook Burke at a Friday night WHCD soiree. Photograph tweeted by Henry.

The rumor of rumors

“Hearing that Sarah Palin might be at Tammy Haddad‘s [today].” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a Friday night tweet. We spotted him at the Time-People party at the St. Regis where Bristol Palin was spotted mingling in the crowd.

The Observer

“So just so you know, Jon Hamm is as good looking in person as he is on Mad Men. #WHCD” — Writer/Editor for Netcentric Campaigns and Prevent Obesity and former HOH columnist for Roll Call Elizabeth Brotherton in a Friday night tweet about the HBO “Mad Men” star.

An admission

“I’m too scared to talk to celebrities. I don’t really know what to say.” — Gawker’s red-headed Political Editor Jim Newall at the Time-People party Friday night.


“It’s always the sluttiest girls on the dance floor who never put out in the bedroom,” — Anonymous partygoer at Lani Hay‘s after after party at her home on Friday night where the band Juke Cartel offered a live performance in her living room. Hay is CEO of Lanmark Technology and Washington socialite who throws annual exclusive WCHD events with celebs.

Yet another admission…

“Why am I unable to stop listening to ELO tonight?” — Roll Call‘s Editorial Director Mike Mills in a Friday night tweet.

Trump is so eloquent

“Is Donald Trump the most adorable person in the news right now? He’s absolutely delightful. Calling the Chinese: motherfuckers? I love him.” — Author Bret Easton Ellis in a Friday tweet.

Journo takes a road trip

“At ex-Rep. Gene Taylor‘s [D-Miss] bar in Bay St. Louis. Its called Clydes’ Bar. Sadly he wasn’t around for me to take a cell phone pic of the day.” — NJ “The Hotline’s” TV Writer Amanda Munoz Temple in a Friday tweet.




Tammy on the Move

FNC “On the Record” host Greta Van Susteren, who snaps photographs at every turn, posted this one of Publicity Guru and famed party thrower Tammy Haddad, who hosts the well-known Garden Party today in Georgetown. “The woman in DC who knows everyone….very influential…Tammy Haddad” wrote Greta.

Meghan McCain: ‘Insomnia Kiss My Ass’

For anyone expecting a bright-eyed Meghan McCain tonight at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, she might not be well, so bright eyed and bushy tailed. She has insomnia.

And last night was no exception. After landing in Washington yesterday for “nerd prom” she wrote, she proceeded to stay up and up and up. “Anybody else up?” The Daily Beast columnist wrote on Twitter started at about midnight. “Give it up for those of us not sleeping and that don’t sleep. #hardcoreinsomniacsunite.” By dawn she was still awake. “Still not sleeping, watching the sun come up, listening to The Band Perry (who are incredible) and yeah NOT SLEEPING!!! #insomniakissmyass.” she wrote.

She did mention a new hair color though. That could be worth a gander because she has apparently taken her hair up a notch. “Yowza, my new super blonde hair is the #2 thing searched on yahoo today,” she wrote Saturday. “Hope everyone approves of the new look!

Her hair stylist is Josh Rupley out of West Hollywood, Calif. who has been responsible for her coiffe since the campaign. He attended the National Rifle Association Convention with her along with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Friday because what more does a female columnist at an NRA Convention need besides her hair stylist?