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Archives: October 2011

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Annie and Ezra’s honeymoon breakdown

“To welcome US tourists, hotel in Hanoi is serving pancakes with corn syrup and playing Jack Johnson.” — Slate‘s (soon to be NYT) Annie Lowrey succumbs to the addictive lure of Twitter during her honeymoon with WaPo‘s Ezzy Klein, who at least retweets her. While Annie at least wrote about the trip. Klein, meanwhile, tweeted about the Eurodeal piece by Sarah Kliff, who writes for his Wonkbook Blog. How romantic.

Tschida continues quest to get rid of House demons

As we already know, ABC7 reporter Stephen Tschida‘s household gadgets keep turning on by themselves. An update: “Another technician here to find out why TV’s keep coming on in middle of night. Shook his head and just asked about the history of house!”

HuffPost‘s Sam Stein gets blitzed

“Guess what i did last night? i ‘boozed up’ some sources… in addition to boozing up myself. BUSTED.” (Take that James O’Keefe.)

A “new” idea from “Politico”

“Tomorrow we launch our newest email newsletter! It tracks the latest news in the timber & logging industry; we’re calling it ‘Morning Wood.’” — FakeJimVandeHei.

An Amtrak ticket agent recently said this to NYT‘s Matt Bai: ‘If you had any common sense, you’d have heard me the first time.” If you missed the story earlier in the week by Politico‘s Patrick Gavin on why D.C. journos/pundits can’t stand the Acela,  read here.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“I want an adorably tiny pet. Example: teacup pig. Or a hedgehog.” — Roll Call feature writer Jessica Estepa.

Where’s Bo’s Newsroom Memo?

WaPo puts out internal memos when someone in the newsroom sneezes. So why no pithy departure memo for Bo Jones‘ sudden leap to PBS Newshour to become President and CEO? His full name, by the way, for name aficionados is: Boisfeuillet (Bo) Jones Jr. He first went to work for WaPo in 1980 as vice president and counsel. He moved to corporate in 2008 when he became Vice Chairman of The Washington Post Company and Chairman of WaPo.

“We will put out memos whenever the most minor person goes,” said a WaPo insider. “He is hardly minor.”

Poynter reported news of The Washington Post Company Chairman leaving the publication late Thursday morning. The report included MacNeil/Lehrer Productions’ lengthy, mind-numbing memo. WaPo, how could you let them show you up? You know you know how to write an agonizing, boring memo.

As it happens, there was a more formal release that went out to the wires and to “key people in the newsroom,” explains Washington Post Company Spokeswoman Rima Calderon. The release included good wishes from CEO Donald Graham.

“If I made a list of the greatest contributors to the Post over the last 30 years, Bo Jones would be right up there with Ben Bradlee and Len Downie. Bo won crucial lawsuits for the paper and kept us out of many more; he was a wise and resourceful publisher at a critical time; and his values, character and integrity epitomize what’s best in our business.” Graham continued, “We will miss Bo, but I’m glad that if he is leaving us, he’ll be going to one of the classiest organizations in journalism.”



NJ Finalizes Details of Sold-Out Event

NJ has finalized its roster for their Nov. 1 election preview event at the Grand Hyatt. The event is sold out to the public but media passes are still available. To RSVP for a media pass, please contact Nichole Redmond at

Confirmed guests for the event include:

Campaign Advisers
Jesse Benton, National Campaign Chairman, Rep. Ron Paul
Mark Block, Chief of Staff, Herman Cain
John Brabender, Senior Strategist and Media Consultant, Sen. Rick Santorum
Rep. Mick Mulvaney, Economic Adviser, Gov. Rick Perry
Keith Nahigian, Chief Strategist, Rep. Michele Bachmann
Robert Walker, Adviser, Rep. Newt Gingrich
John Weaver, Chief Strategist, Gov. Jon Huntsman
Vin Weber, Adviser, Gov. Mitt Romney

Ron Brownstein, Editorial Director, National Journal
Charlie Cook, Editor & Publisher, Cook Political Report
Matthew Cooper, Editor, National Journal Daily
Major Garrett, Congressional Correspondent, National Journal
Rachel Rose Hartman, Political Reporter, Yahoo! News
Chris Moody, Political Reporter, Yahoo! News
Beth Reinhard, Political Correspondent, National Journal
Bob Schieffer, Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News
Chuck Todd, Political Director & Chief White House Correspondent, NBC News
Amy Walter, Political Director, ABC News
Reid Wilson, Editor-in-Chief, National Journal Hotline

Strategists and Experts
Whit Ayres, Founder and President, Ayres, McHenry & Associates
Cornell Belcher, President, Brilliant Corners Research and Strategies
Jared Bernstein, Senior Fellow, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities
Geoffrey Garin, President, Peter D. Hart Research Associates
Alex Lundry, Vice President and Director of Research, TargetPoint Consulting

Discussion sessions will include…

Read more

The Atlantic to Host Innovation Forum

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) will keynote The Atlantic’s upcoming Innovation and America’s Future Forum on Thursday, November 10, 2011.  Described as a opportunity to “focus on the critical question of best practices for coalition building in education and workforce development,” the event will feature panelists such as Assistant Secretary Jane Oates of the Department of Labor, National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons, and Northern Virginia Community College President Bob Templin.  The Forum will be held at the Newseum’s Knight Conference Center from 8.00 am to 11.00 am and is open to the public with advance registration.  For more info or to sign up, click here.

TPM’s Crabtree to TWT

Susan Crabtree is on the move again.  In January of this year the reporter and editor left her post at The Hill for a gig at Talking Points Memo.  Now nine months later she’s headed to the Washington Times where she’ll join Dave Boyer on the White House beat.  Susan’s first day is Tuesday when she’ll meet her new colleagues and learn to charm the newsroom’s snake population.

Prior to joining The Hill, Crabtree worked for CQ, Variety and Roll Call.  Congrats to Ssssssusssssssan and her slithery new friends!

Meacham’s Own Personal Groundhog Day

This is starting to border on the bizarre.

Jon Meacham, Executive Veep and Editor at Random House Publishing and formerly the Editor of Newsweek, spends more time at Michael’s Restaurant in Manhattan than he does anywhere. If we didn’t know better, we’d assume his daily schedule was: 1. brush teeth 2. appear on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” then 3. lunch at Michael’s and repeat. Is Meacham leading his own weird Groundhog Day?

As a matter of fact, he’s headed there today for lunch. “He’s actually coming today,” said longtime GM Steve Millington when we phoned. Asked if Meacham is their best customer, he hemmed and hawed and chose his words carefully: “He is an outstanding, lovely guest of ours for sure.” Why does Meacham frequent the restaurant so much? “Because I think he sees a lot of people he knows and he is networking now because he wants to be in amongst the people that work in the same field as he does.” Milligan says hundreds of media types flood the restaurant daily.

Indeed Michael’s loves Meacham, but it appears the love is unrequited, at least publicly. Meacham has been tweeting since April 17, but it appears that he has never — not one single measly tweet — ever mentioned Michael’s. But as you’ll notice below, they have mentioned him six times in the past month. He was also spotted at the media-centric eatery by our friends at FishbowlNY in March getting chummy and eating burgers with FNC Prez Roger Ailes.

Monday: “In the House: Jon Meacham.” (tweeted by @michaelsnewyork)

Oct. 4: “In the house: @jmeacham with Luke Janklow”

Oct. 6: “In the house: @jmeacham with Mort Janklow”

Oct. 11: “In the house: @jmeacham”

Oct. 12: “In the house: @jmeacham with Lynn Nesbit”

Oct. 19: “In the house: @jmeacham with Eric Simonoff”

What makes it impossible for Meacham to stay away? Aside from rubbing elbows with media bigwigs, the following…

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Craig Crawford is Obsessed With This Tie

Longtime Washington journo Craig Crawford was back on C-SPAN this week, and again sported that tie. It’s the neckwear he wears time and time again on the wonky network. The difference between this picture and all the others?  It’s now in HD!

Crawford calls the fancy silk tie that he purchased at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art his “C-SPAN tie.” He told FishbowlDC this afternoon, “I wore that tie the first time I was on C-SPAN some 20 years ago and it just became a habit (didn’t have many ties in those days), never wear it anywhere else. It’s my little token of respect for C-SPAN and the callers.” If you’re dying to hear more about this historical tie, Crawford wrote about it in this self-revealing piece for the Orlando Sentinel in the 1994. Read here.

In 2011:

Circa 1994:

Circa 1993:

Elevator Pitch: One-on-One with OnSwipe CEO

In the latest episode of “Elevator Pitch,” host Alan Meckler gets pitched by OnSwipe CEO Jason Baptiste, who says his company’s tablet publishing platform is “insanely easy.”

For more videos, check out, and be sure to follow us on Twitter: @mediabistroTV

Basketball Coach Hubby Gets Extension

American University men’s basketball coach Jeff Jones, husband to Politico Online Managing Editor Danielle Jones, has signed a contract through 2016, reports the AP. He already had a contract through the 2013-2014 season. The extended contract was announced Wednesday night.

As long as Vandeharris lets her out, chances are high that Danielle will be at the first home game on Nov. 16 against Florida Atlantic. She told FishbowlDC: “It is great news!. We both love AU. Go Eagles!”

Happy Drudge Day!

Don’t be surprised if you can’t reach your contacts at the DC Examiner today.  We suspect that Stephen Smith and most of his staff have chosen to celebrate this most sacred of holidays at home with close friends and family.  It is after all Matt Drudge‘s birthday.

Yes indeed, the man responsible for funneling millions of readers to Washington news sites each and every day is celebrating his 45th this rainy Thursday morn.  Drudge shares his b-day with Kelly Osbourne, Marla Maples, and Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone.

Thanks for the memories.  Thanks for the links.  Hats…er, fedoras off to you!