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Archives: November 2011

Heads Up: George to Interview Ginger on GMA

Wednesday morning TV guidance: ABC “GMA” Host George Stephanopoulos will interview the now infamous Ginger White, the woman who claims she had a 13-year consensual affair with GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain. This is Ms. White’s first live television interview. ABC  is calling it “exclusive” which in the news business means until her next “exclusive” live appearance.

Let’s hope she switches out those heinous frames for the morning program.


Today’s Most Popular Stories 11.29.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for November 29, 2011:

Washington Post: Chincoteague fears proposal to move beach would hurt tourism, economy

Washington Times: CURL: Does Obama really want to win?

Washington Examiner: Cab drivers cash in on support for Gray, expect D.C. fares to nearly double

USA Today: Nude yoga fueled Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries breakup

NPR: First Listen: The Roots, ‘undun’

Real Clear Politics: Herman Cain To “Reassess” Staying In The Republican Race

The Hill: Christie rips Obama over deficit talks: ‘What the hell are we paying you for?’

Politico: Ann Coulter bleeped on ‘Morning Joe’

Roll Call: GOP Tries Undercutting Democrats on Payroll Tax

National Journal: It’s the Numbers, Stupid

The New Republic: The Psychological Foundation of Obama’s Political Problems

The Daily Caller: Holder lashes out at The Daily Caller while refusing to address growing calls for his resignation

Politico Hires Globe Reporter to Pick Up the Slack

Politico has hired Boston Globe‘s Donovan Slack to be a senior reporter on their 44 page, which chronicles President Obama. She replaces Julie Mason, who worked on the White House team and recently left for Sirius XM Radio. As one reporter put it, “Donovan is a chick. Cool name!”

Indeed, welcome Donovan to Politico and to the Fishbowl.

In an internal memo, Politico‘s Bill Hamilton lays out plans for a new and improved 44 page. The highlight will be a White House blog that focuses on news and personalities. While the entire White House team will write for the blog, two reporters will anchor it — namely Donovan and Byron Tau, who has been hopping around as of late. For a year he worked for Ben Smith and then moved over to Mike Allen‘s team. Tau replaces Matt Negrin, who just left Politico for ABC News.

Congratulations to the new duo on anchoring the page.

See the memo…
Read more

CQ Roll Call Hosts Dark Sounding Event

“Finite Spectrum Infinite Demand” is not the name of a conference. It’s a Black Sabbath album. Or at least it should be.

On Wednesday CQ Roll Call is teaming up with LightSquared, Information Technology  and Innovation Foundation to host an forum on wireless demands.  WHAT: “CQ Roll Call’s veteran technology reporter Keith Perine will moderate a panel discussion with some of the most knowledgeable and influential government and industry officials at the epicenter of this issue. WHO: “Congressional leaders, academics and industry stakeholders. Newsmaker interviews led by CQ Roll Call’s Editorial Director Mike Mills. Speakers and panelists include: Rob Atkinson, The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation; Congressman Cliff Stearns; Rebecca Murphy Thompson, Rural Cellular Association; Former Congressman Rick Boucher, Internet Innovation Alliance; Harold Feld, Public Knowledge; Rick Kaplan, FCC; and Chris Riley, Free Press.”

The event will take place at The Columbus Club at Union Station from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. It’s free, but registration is required. Sign up here.

NOT Harry and Louise

As some of you already know, we’ve started a new series here in the Fishbowl where we help Washingtonian out with their advice column “Ask Harry and Louise.” As we’ve noted before, it’s not that we don’t LIKE the Harry Jaffe and his wife, Louise.  It’s just that if THEY are qualified to write an advice column, then WE are qualified to write an advice column.  Here’s this week’s question from “Feuding Father.”

QUESTION: Four years ago, we were visiting my parents in Florida when my brother-in-law had a run in with my son, who was 11 at the time. My son was running across the living room when my brother-in-law stuck out his foot and tripped him. My son wasn’t hurt badly, but he came up crying. “Why did you trip me?” he asked. My brother-in-law thinks of himself as a jokester, and he probably didn’t mean to hurt my son. But he said, “I didn’t trip you. You’re a klutz. You fell down.” My son, who’s small for his age, couldn’t believe it and said, “Uncle Stu, you stuck your foot out.” Instead of admitting it or laughing it off, Stu replied, “You’re a liar. Don’t be such a girl!” I didn’t see this, but my wife was in the room. She was aghast. I asked my brother-in-law to apologize so we could move on. He refused. We have not spoken since. My mom has invited us to Thanksgiving dinner. It would be the first time we would be with my brother-in-law. My wife wants to make peace, but my son is still wounded, and I never got my apology. Should we go to dinner?

OUR ANSWER: Your brother-in-law sounds like the type of ruthless, psychotic maniac that is perfect for a management position at Politico.  But, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy.  I’m sure he thought he was being funny. It was four years ago.  It’s time to move on.  If a reporter for Politico Pro held onto a grudge like that every time Tim Grieve did the journalistic equivalent of tripping them up or making them feel badly about themselves, we’d have no more reporters in Washington. I guess what I’m trying to say is…  While being somewhat of a dick and a sexist, Uncle Stu has a point.  While I wouldn’t make fun of a kid like he did, you are being sort of a baby.  Now, suck it up, schedule dinner with him and WIN THE DAY!!!


WaPo‘s Wretchedly Slow Site Gets a New Button

The homepage of looks a little different, doesn’t it? On Tuesday the site added a tiny toggle button at the upper left corner that allows readers to choose how much local news it displays.

Managing editor Raju Narisetti published a note explaining the new choices the toggle offers. In a nutshell: Readers can click “Regional” to display a box halfway down the page that highlights more local news. Or, they can click “U.S.” to make the box go away.

Narsetti called it “a step” in “making our overall Web site faster and easier.” Faster and easier? The step didn’t go smoothly. He soon updated his note to acknowledge problems readers may have experienced: “We’re working on issues that some readers are having with the ‘edition toggle.’ If you find that toggle is not working, it may be that you previously selected another homepage as your default.’

Or, it may just be that the so-called effort to speed up the site has failed.

Breaking Art: The Pointed and Pointless

When big news breaks, there’s generally a pack mentality inside the media to cover the story in the same general AP way. But different publications try to spruce up their stories with visuals. Sometimes the art helps frame the story. In other instances, those manning the photo desk snoozed as they made their choices.

Here’s a look at some of the selections used to illustrate last night’s news that Herman Cain allegedly had a 13-year extramarital affair with a woman named Ginger White.

Politico: Cain aggressively pointing. Classic choice.









WaPo: A swarm of voters surround Cain. We’re unsure how the headline and photo match to make a point.









TWT: Tiny, almost insignificant photo, but Cain’s tight lips are fitting.





The Daily Caller: Our favorite because it oddly features one of those “That was easy!” red buttons purchased at Staples. This was the unconventional choice.


New DC Digs for Times of London

Sources tell FishbowlDC that News Corp has signed a lease for new office space in downtown D.C. that will serve as the Times of London‘s Washington bureau.  The London Times is expected to settle into its new digs at 1101 17th Street NW by mid-February of next year.  The new bureau is conveniently situated just above Caribou Coffee for morning beverages and Barcode for after-work libations.

Welcome to the Fishbowl

Dear Readers,

This week you’ll notice new splashes in the Fishbowl. After weeks of tryouts, we’ve chosen our contributors. You’ve seen some of their work already and in days to come you’ll see much more. They are Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry. Strangely, they are both South Carolina natives. Eddie was raised in Goose Creek, just outside Charleston. He swears that’s his real name and not one he dreamed up to make people fear him. He came to Washington in September 2010 after finishing school at Winthrop University. Before graduation, a well-known journo came to visit. “The Chicago Tribune‘s Clarence Page told me if I wanted to work in political news media, I should come here,” he told me. “So I did.” Peter, meanwhile, hails from Charleston. He’s been in Washington for seven years (which he claims feels like 50 in real time). He does a few triathlons each year. He collects antique radios and is a recovering comic book nerd. He wakes at 3:15 a.m. each morning.

Peter’s other job is as Executive Producer for the lefty Bill Press Radio Show and Eddie is a Washington writer for the righty New York-based online pub, The Blaze.

FishbowlDC covers right, left and everything in between. Posts will not favor any political leaning and sorry, Bill Press, you’re not out of the hot seat. We hear Amtrak hot dogs are delicious this time of year. Needless to say, Peter will not write about his boss and Eddie will not favor conservative journos.

Please welcome them to the treacherous waters.


FishbowlDC Management

CQRC Welcomes Tiny Pilgrim

The turkey coma has finally worn off enough to offer belated our congratulations to CQ Roll Call’s Peter King.  Peter and his wife, BNA’s Heather Rothman, celebrated the holiday by welcoming to the world Eli Wilson King at 10.29 pm on Thanksgiving Day.  The little pilgrim weighed in at nine pounds, seven ounces and measured nearly 22 inches.  Fun fact: Eli’s big sister Abigail was born the day after Christmas two years ago.  Congrats to Peter, Heather and Abigail.  And welcome to the Fishbowl, Eli!

Note to readers: The bizarre pilgrim baby photo is not actually Eli but it is representative of the way we imagine him.