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Archives: May 2012

White House Soup of the Day

The White House Soup of the Day, as reported by MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” is…

Chipotle Beef.

“Folks, how was my pronunciation of Chipotle?” asked host Chuck Todd.

(Sounds like you’ve been practicing, Chuck! In our expert opinion it was perfection.)


Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Newt gives Chris Matthews a compliment (of sorts)

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, former GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich called Chris Matthews “slightly whacked” and says that’s why he’s kept his show for so long.

Ingraham dings Deutsch and Dr. Oz

“OMG–Donny Deutsch & Dr Oz talking G Spots on CNN now. Get a room!” — Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. MSNBC Contributor Donny Deutsch filled in for CNN’s Piers Morgan last night. They also discussed healthy versus unhealthy livers.

Politico Playbook Weirdness

See what happens when Politico‘s Mike Allen takes several days off?

“Did anyone else get a May 17 version of Playbook delivered this morning?” — PBS Newshour’s Christina Bellantoni. WCP‘s Managing Editor Mike Madden quickly replied, “Haven’t gotten it yet at all today. Been pretty screwy for few weeks. I signed up for official version instead of Mikey’s send.”

Bird commits attempted thievery against journo

“Bird just scared the sh*t out of me as it tried to steal my muffin. #AttackCafe” — FBDC and The Blaze‘s Eddie Scarry in an early morning tweet. Eddie later told me, “Seriously, it was like that movie ‘The Birds.’ They’re the tiny harmless ones but I was honestly afraid because they travel in flocks.” He added, “One bird flew onto my muffin (that sounds dirty) and picked at it before I shooed it away. But then several came to gang up on it.” Be safe, Eddie.

From the Peanut Gallery…“Today’s Style section has got to be the dullest the Washington Post has ever produced!!!!” — DCRTV’s Dave Hughes, who is really like family to FBDC.

Guardian features condom q

“@guardianstyle wear a condom or use a condom?” — Jessica Lake. In response, Guardian Style replied,”That’s a very personal question for a grammar microblog, Jessica.”

Journo questions Tina’s news judgement

“Why does Tina Brown think Americans care about the #british royal family as much as she does?” — Barbara Slavin, Washington correspondent for

And now, a semi-polite request from The Daily Beast columnist and MSNBC Contributor Meghan McCain: “If you are going to excerpt my book without permission – please don’t bastardize the context of my statements. The book is meant to be read.” Her new book: America, You Sexy Bitch.

Highly Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Perfect park slope lunch: salami, mozzarella, eggplant and peppers sandwich from the pork store and granita from what used to be ozzies.” — The Nation‘s Ben Adler, who spent the bulk of Wednesday pouting about this item on The Nation‘s illustrious Editor-at-Large and MSNBC Host Chris Hayes. The only contender for this feature came from conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain: “Just woke up from a LONG nap.” Thanks for sharing Stacy!

Trump vs. Will: Who Reps the Modern GOP?

The relationship between game show host Donald Trump and conservative columnist George Will is a love-hate one. It started back in March when Will suggested in a column that it may be a more feasible strategy for Republicans to abandon hope of obtaining the presidency and instead focus on taking over Congress. To that, Trump on FNC called Will “a totally overrated fool” and said “I don’t think he’s really smart, he looks smart with the little glasses and hair swept to the side.”

Fast-forward to this past Sunday’s episode of ABC’s “This Week” in which Will referred to Trump as “this bloviating ignoramus.”

Responding at lightening speed, Trump tweeted, “George Will may be the dumbest (and most overrated) political commentator of all time. If the Republicans listen to him, they will lose.”

The crew at FNC’s “The Five” discussed and it led to Eric Bolling saying this: “You know what Donald Trump represents? He represents a new Republican, a new GOP, a new conservative, where it’s not the old, established, George Will, boring out of their mind, bored out of your mind listening to him in Washington.”

Does this mean Will will lose his spot on “This Week” to Trump? The jury’s still out on that one. But let’s compare the two.

Here we have George Will

Age: 71

Hair: Hazelnut #81, purchased at your nearest men’s grooming store.

Education: Princeton University

Spouse: Mari Maseng, Republican consultant who previously worked on Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s presidential campaign before he withdrew from the race.

TV behavior: Subdued, pensive and professorial. Will is someone you can listen to if you’re older than 30 and/or are stocked up on Ritalin.

Best on-air moment: We’ll get back to you on that.

Controversy: As mentioned above, a column by Will in March offered up an alternative plan to Republicans that assumed the GOP wouldn’t win the presidency in the November election. It caused a ruckus in the conservative media and got the attention of the guy conservatives want to piss off the least: Rush Limbaugh. Will was asked to clarify his column and did a little backtracking on “This Week,” saying, “At this point, I would say no, keep fighting [for the presidency], but prepare to retrench.”

Famous relative: Will’s wife Mari Maseng is well-known in Republican politics and worked as a speechwriter in the Reagan White House.

Workload: Twice-weekly column for WaPo, news analyst for ABC and regular panelist on the network’s Sunday program “This Week.”

Accomplishments: Pulitzer Prize winner.

And here’s Donald Trump

Age: 65

Hair: Scorched, tossed, turned, flipped, pressed, twirled…in short, a disaster.

Education: Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

Spouse: Melania Knauss, a former model.

TV behavior: Obnoxiously loud, confrontational and generally dismissive of everything that can’t be tied back to his wealth.

Best on-air moment: His interview with “Entertainment Tonight” from 2006 in which he called TV personality Rosie O’Donnell the following: “disgusting,” “a slob,” “bad people,” “a disaster,” “fat,” “ugly,” “chubby,” “unattractive both inside and out,” “fat ass” and “a loser.”

Controversy: Relentless birther.

Famous relatives: Three of Trump’s five children, Ivanka, Donald, Jr. and Eric are involved in the production of Trump’s successful NBC show “The Apprentice.”

Workload: President of The Trump Organization, Host of “The Apprentice,” occasional candidate for president of the United States, author.

Accomplishments: Billionaire, New York Times bestselling book

BGOV Fires Three Senior Sales People

Rumors have been swirling about layoffs at Bloomberg Government. This morning three senior sales people were let go. They include President of Sales Leon Frazier, Industry Leads Sandra Baer and Butch Musselman. All three were initial hires in 2010, prior to BGov’s launch in 2011.

We’ve requested comment from Bloomberg PR.

UPDATE: This morning BGOV installed a new head of sales: Josh Eastright. His new role will be head of sales and customer support for BGOV. He will continue as Global Head of Sales and Customer Support for Bloomberg New Energy Finance. They are not reducing the head count whatsoever and are adding sales people and analysts.


Donald Trump Meets ‘The Blitz’

For reasons that we are having a very hard time understanding, Donald Trump is relevant again. He made the media rounds yesterday as he prepared to appear with Mitt Romney at a campaign event in Las Vegas Tuesday night. He cruised through his media day until he hit a brick wall known as Wolf Blitzer. It was a throwdown between the two titans of television and Twitter took note. “The Donald” clung to his birther claims while Blitzer held his own against the onslaught of crazy. Trump took swipes at CNN’s low ratings and Blitzer’s credibility. Blitzer told Trump that he was sounding “a little ridiculous.” See some of the online reaction to their fight via Storify.

Roll Call Heads to Titty City

The Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields isn’t the only Washington journalist letting it all hang out as of late. Roll Call‘s “Heard on the Hill” gossip column goes all risqué today as it features the Senate Federal Credit Union’s use of large breasts in a recent flier. And if that blurb isn’t enough, the pub’s Meredith Shiner has the story and the big bosomed flier. The headline is unusually sexy for Roll Call — it reads, “USSFCU Fills Cups Like Double Ds.

Read here.

WaPo Buyout Memos Depict Rosier Times

WaPo‘s internal memos on reporters taking the buyout are starting to trickle in. When you see the number of years these journalists spent there, it’s downright depressing. Also a downer is the fact that “caking” is a verb at WaPo. FishbowlDC has obtained several of these memos. To be sure, the numbers are much larger than the memo count suggests.

Some journalists haven’t left yet. Some didn’t get farewell memos. Their choice? It’s tough to say. But whatever the case, all memos are glowing and some don’t bear a single mention of the buyout. Instead, they highlight the writer leaving the profession and moving on to any number of greener pastures. They mention an “infectious laugh” or a “stellar legacy” and a “quintessential jack of all trades.” More heaps of praise: “tireless energy,” or “amazing attitude” and a “fire in his soul.” The memos depict the departures in a Stepfordesque light, as if this wasn’t bad news.

This afternoon there’s cake for Jon DeNunzio, who has worked at WaPo for 17 years. His memo does mention the buyout, saying, “Please join us near the Engagement Desk and the News Hub at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday to say farewell to Jon DeNunzio, interactivity editor. And, alas, buyout taker.”

Other departures with memos include the following: James Grimaldi (12 years, they’ll be “caking” for him later this afternoon and cocktailing with him tonight), Joanna Hernandez (moving on to be Director of Career Services at City University in New York), Nathan Willis (seven plus years, moving on to Motley Fool’s as an editor), Robert Pierre (19 years, has often been the “conscience” of the Post, moving on to be a consultant) David Hilzenrath (25 years, headed to Project on Government Oversight, a.k.a. POGO), and design employees Marty Barrick (27 years) and Tony Knott (12 years).

All memos in full after the jump…

Read more

Make No Mistake: Romney Clinched It

The most overused word in headlines in the past 24 hours is exceedingly any variation of “clinch.” What happened to all the thesauruses in America?

No news organization seemed to be able to come up with another verb to describe Mitt Romney officially winning the Republican nomination for president.


ABC News:

CBS News:



WaPo (again):

The Daily Caller:

The Hill:

For 2016, here’s a list of words that can be used in lieu of “clinches”: “wins,” “seizes” and “secures.” You’re welcome.

Daily Dose of Hate Mail

A Washington journalist got this gust of hatred directed his way this morning. Please note: the first fan’s last name is purportedly “Chewy.”

“Fuck you BLANK i renew my podcast your not there and that jerk off BLANK shoots the bull I paid for political speak i dont give a shit about those fucking assholes lives.”

And another…

“Watched & boring as hell! What were u thinking? Geez, If I wanted a bunch of BS, I could just watch MJ, fail”


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Available (Thank God)


MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who sure knows how to butter up military vets on Memorial Day (wink! wink!), has his first book out. And what a better way to celebrate it then this pitch to interview him. The title: Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy! We had no idea Hayes had written a f&%ked up snobby version of the Twilight saga!

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: “Schedule an interview on June 13 to hear how Hayes outlines the cause and effects of America’s crisis of authority and calls for a sweeping overhaul of the social order!!” Interview times run from  7 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and then again from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Anyone with a book title like that certainly needs a two hour lunch break.) Schedule an interview by writing here:

Get your dictionaries or English translators. The complex book description is as follows: “Hayes rethinks some of the fundamental ideas about the way our society works, offering an original theory about how we have gotten here. He persuasively concludes that the meritocratic system upon which we depend to select the country’s best and brightest is fatally flawed, creating a ruling elite that is no longer functional.”

Hayes personalizes things as only Hazy can: “A proud product of the meritocracy himself, Hayes uses his own alma mater, Hunter High School in New York City, to examine how those who climb the ladder based on their skills then rig the game by either pulling the ladder up after them, or selectively lowering it to help their allies.” (Oh, kinda like the Boybanders he has on his show all the time? Writing from personal experience, we love this!)

In what is the longest book pitch we’ve seen in awhile, they list all the topics that Hayes can discuss in an interview. They all sound terribly snoozeworthy fascinating…

Read more