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Archives: September 2012

Daily Caller to Host Lizard Book Party

HarperCollins is releasing an E-book by two Daily Caller writers, Jamie Weinstein and Will Rahn, and the publication is helping them celebrate next week at their offices a hop, skip and jump from the White House. Rahn is the son of WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan. The book is The Lizard King, a political satire not written by an actual White House staffer as suggested below. We’re sure the White House is going to love this…The premise is that President Obama is born in the U.S., but the reason there is so much secrecy around that fact is because he’s actually part lizard.

Crashers may be picked on but they won’t likely be turned away.

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Journo hangs loose

“I am now going to eat a comfort Toblerone and unbutton my pants on the couch. Or, as I call it, ‘debate prep.’” — Mother Jones Engagement Editor  and security reporter Adam Weinstein.

Uh oh.

“Apparently, my neighbor mistakenly ripped out my phone line when doing renovations.” — DoubleThinkOnline writer J.P. Freire.

Harrowing feat! Editor buys new sneakers

“So, @stevebuttry can face industry upheaval, find new jobs as old ones fold under him, but buying new sneakers? That stresses him out.” — Mimi Johnson, wife of Steve Buttry, former TBDer and Digital Transformation Editor at Journal Register Co. Buttry reasoned, “The new ones take weeks to mold to my feet.” We sure hope he didn’t buy this bad boys from Christian Louboutin.

VERY Important Question to Ponder: “Is nondairy creamer the worst product made in the world?” — The Guardian and Salon‘s Jim Newell.

The Observer

“I’m curiously bemused when I see “PR friendly” bloggers kvetching about being inundated with press releases and emails.” — NBC Washington cameraman Jim Long.

A few things on Washingtonian‘s mind…

  • “Good news if you are or know a teenager: Researchers have discovered a virus that attacks the formation of zits”
  • “For sore muscles, Icy Hot isn’t the only option. 4 natural pain-relieving creams to try…”


Marion Barry Says Media Doesn’t Give Him Fair Shake

D.C. Councilman Marion Barry joined a skim 24 people at the Georgetown Ritz this afternoon for a lunch featuring Washingtonian‘s Carol Joynt in her televised Q & A Cafe. Looking dapper in a gray suit, red and pink striped tie and shiny shoes, Barry’s smoothness oozed in his cool demeanor as he answered all of Joynt’s pointed questions and shied away from nothing.

In case you’re wondering, yes, she asked about the drugs, not crack specifically, but his addiction and his infamous line: “the bitch set me up.”  She brought up his marriage and his reported slur against Asian shopkeepers. She also inquired about a possible memoir that the 76-year-old pol may have in the works.

“It’s one chapter,” he said about the drug portion of his life. When she pushed him on it, he added, “Maybe two.”

While Barry and Joynt treated each other in what can be described as a polite, detached manner throughout the interview, things often grew heated.

The Drugs

Joynt really pressed him hard on whether anger is at the root of his addiction issues. “Addiction doesn’t have anything to do with anger, not for me,” Barry said, growing annoyed with her presumption. “It has to do with, we all want to feel good.” And with that he let out a big laugh.


Asked if he’s married, Barry replied, “Technically, yes. Cora [Masters] and I are separated and anything else about that is personal.” He lives in a duplex. No pets.

The Media

Barry took more than a few jabs at the media. “Newspapers are supposed to report the news, not make the news,” Barry said. “Too many reporters are trying to make the front page.” Asked if Washington media gives him a fair shake, Barry replied, “No, and that’s wrong.” Joynt asked why. “That’s their nature,” he replied. After the interview, we pressed him further on his feelings about the media. He said emphatically, “I’m not down on anybody. The media is down on me.”

Asian Store Owner Slur

In April of this year, Barry apologized on Twitter for calling Asian businesses “dirty.” Asked about the alleged slur, he said, “I was quoted out of context.” Asked to explain himself, he reasoned, “I mixed up two ideas.” She asked if he had any Asians on his staff. No. Latinos? No. He said 90 percent of his staff is African American.

Barry’s thoughts on the election and which reporters showed up for lunch…

Read more

WaPo‘s Rubin Works to Silence Imposter

WaPo‘s “Right Turn” blogger Jennifer Rubin maybe should have stayed under the covers this morning.

First, she’s dealing with a class clown on Twitter who shares an identical username. The original Rubin Twitter handle is “JRubinBlogger.” The imposter is “JRubinBIogger.” The capital “i” in the imposter’s name is indiscernible in the font Twitter uses. The real Rubin tweeted this morning that she’s trying to have Twitter officials delete the fake account. “ICYMI There’s a fake JRubinBlogger (a cap i instead of L),” Rubin warned followers this morning. “Posts before 630pm Wed were fake so you can block/spam..working to remove him.” It’s unclear what posts Rubin was specifically referring to. The imposter has been active since at least late August. Rubin wouldn’t comment on the matter.

A few tweets from the fake Rubin:

  • #ImwithMitt because it’s time a rich white man gets a shot at running things.”
  • “Mitt has vetoed all MSNBC reporters from the debates, but he’ll totally stand up to Vladimir Putin.”
  • “Can Romney win California and New York? Tune in to Larry Kudlow on CNBC at 730 pm ET to find out.”

Rubin’s bad day continued as she sent out a message on Twitter that wasn’t meant for Twitter. “You forgot your band forms- I will bring to band room – what time??” she wrote. The tweet has since been deleted. FishbowlDC asked Rubin if the tweet was a mistake. “Yes,” she said, adding nothing further.

Finally, Rubin was running late on posting this morning. On most days, Rubin runs a steady feature she calls “Morning Bits,” a roundup of news links. Typically it runs at 7:45 a.m. Today, it went up almost two hours late. “Our web site is not publishing, so regrets that Morning Bits is late,” she said in an email, unprompted.

We hope the coffee machine didn’t break down, too.

Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things we Think you Ought to Know…)

Is John King disappearing?!– Two days in a row now CNN’s John King is missing from our Google alerts. Typically the real John King appears in at least one of the results. Instead, here are the “John King”s who have turned up and we’ll be honest, they’re not all sounding so hot.

1. Former Director of Jail Authority Operations John King of Charleston, W.Va: This King was arrested Tuesday night on suspicions of drunk driving. It marked his third arrest related to driving while intoxicated within the last two years. In April 2011, King was found parked in his driveway with his car still running. His blood alcohol content level was .239. In February, he was arrested after almost driving into several parked cars. His BAC was .191. It’s illegal to operate a vehicle in any states with a BAC of .08.

2. Aviation educator John King: This King has been selected by the National Aeronautic Association to receive the Brewer Trophy for Aviation Education this fall. The award is meant to acknowledge the “passion and dedication in making aviation knowledge more accessible to pilots worldwide by combining elegant technology with clear, fun teaching featuring courseware that simplifies complex concepts for students,” according to a really poorly written NAA release.

3. School Board candidate John King of Indiana: This King is running to unseat an incumbent on the school board in Jasper, Ind. But it turns out he might be a white supremacist. King was once involved with a website called and even cut a video for them. From

The video begins with an introduction from King. “I’m John King from the White Voice at I’m here to talk to you on the subject of global white genocide.” Following King’s opening dialogue, the video transitions into photos, some gruesome, of Caucasian people who King claims were injured by people of different races. Then he goes through graphs and numbers explaining why he believes the white race is rapidly declining and at risk of extinction.

“I am not against anybody. I’m just talking about a ecological scientific problem that exists worldwide,” says King, who compares white genocide to whales in danger of extinction.

Nate Silver shares his media diet– In an interview with AdWeek Nate Silver, who runs NYT‘s “FiveThirtyEight” election blog, said he consumes a wide variety of news sources. “If you’re keeping yourself in the bubble and only looking at your own data or only watching the TV that fits your agenda then it gets boring,” he said. “I think reading broadly, but skeptically. That’s key. You have to try to avoid the temptation to jump on the bandwagon with political news, especially on Twitter where things go viral every couple of hours. In a campaign you don’t have game-changing events every single day. Most of these small viral things burn out. So it’s kind of about waiting those things out but not blinding yourself to the news.”

“Leave Britney Alone” guy visits D.C.– Back in 2007 Chris Crocker gained a little notoriety when a YouTube video he created went viral. In the video, Crocker, eyes smeared with black makeup, hysterically cries to the camera, “LEAVE BRITNEY [SPEARS] ALONE!” It came at a time when Spears having something of a public meltdown. We found Crocker was in Washington at a bar in Dupont Circle. Earlier in the day he had visited the White House. Crocker wouldn’t let us question him at the bar. The gentleman who was with him (he identified himself as Crocker’s manager) said it would be best for Crocker to do the interview when he hasn’t been drinking. So we caught up him today and learned more. He’s in town promoting a documentary about himself, titled “Me @ the Zoo.” The Hirschhorn museum is hosting a public showing of the film tonight at 7:45 p.m. Below is a picture Crocker tweeted yesterday: “In the White House briefing room,” he wrote. Crocker told FBDC that he went on a private tour of the White House and described it as “surreal.” Asked about his D.C. experience as a whole, he said, “It’s a beautiful city.” But he didn’t know what to expect considering what he’d heard. “I actually used to have a tranny friend who lived in D.C. and she used to tell me how the park had needles,” he said, referring to McPherson Square.

Politico Reporter Wins Under Fishy Circumstances

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press announced that they are recognizing Politico’s Josh Gerstein for his “his efforts on behalf of press freedom and government transparency.” A press release announces that he is receiving the “First Amendment Award for his vigilance in preserving and expanding access to government information.” Other winners this year include C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb and Gannett’s Vice President and Senior Associate General Counsel Barbara W. Wall.

What’s fishy is this nugget at the bottom of the release from Politico:

POLITICO Managing Editor Bill Nichols is a member of the Steering Committee for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

Congrats Josh! You must work hard and not get a lot of sleep. But for an organization like Politico, that likes to control the optics of its reporters, this seems just a LITTLE sloppy. Now how does someone on the steering committee steer a person that he employs to win an award and have it be ethical? It’s a real head scratcher. But hey, at least they admitted it.

Spike Lee: My First Big Break

In the latest episode of mediabistroTV’s “My First Big Break,” we talk to legendary filmmaker Spike Lee.

While Lee is well-known for his movies, did you know that if it wasn’t for NBA superstar Michael Jordan and a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers, Lee–and Nike–might not be the icons they have become today? It all came down to a risky commercial shoot.

“So Michael Jordan could easily have said, ‘I can’t take a chance on this young gun, this young boy, just give me the reels of the top guys on Madison Avenue.’ But Michael Jordan didn’t do that,” the Red Hook Summer  director recalls. “For some reason, he decided to give me a shot. And the commercial I did with Michael Jordan ended up being some of the greatest campaigns ever in the history of advertising and Nike took off.”

For more videos, check out our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter: @mediabistroTV

Rep. Barney Frank Unloads

This is what happens when you’re retiring from Congress. Suddenly the media is your own Dr. Phil confessional for all the bullsh%t you couldn’t admit to before when you were a serious politician who had to be careful.

We knew that Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was gay. Check. We knew he once had a roommate who ran a prostitution out of his apartment. Check.

And now, thanks to his appearance on CNN’s Erin Burnett last night as reported by Mediaite, we know that he once tried a pot brownie and it made him sleepy.

What’s next, and do we even want to know?

Six Brits Stuff Feet Into Mouths

What happens when six British journalists get into a lift at the David Letterman show for the appearance of UK Prime Minister David Cameron?

Something rather embarrassing, actually.

David Usborne, U.S. Editor of The Independent, revealed on Twitter Wednesday that “Six Brit journalist in a lift at Letterman asking who the f– is Jonny Lee Miller other guest with Cam? Man in lift with them – Jonny. Oops.”

The Guardian‘s U.S. Editor-in-Chief Janine Gibson wrote Usborne a sharp-tongued reaction to the incident, saying,  “I hope he said: ‘I used to be married to Angelina fucking Jolie. LOSERS.’”

We can’t definitively name names yet except one — Usborne –  but possible U.K. journos on that elevator include: Michael Savage of The Times, James Kirkup of the Daily Telegraph, and Andrew Woodcock, political editor of the Press Association. They were all here visiting from the UK and covered the Letterman show that night.

White House Soup of the Day

The White House Soup of the Day, as reported by MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” is…

White Chicken Chile.

“I don’t know how much they’re hanging out in the White House today,” said host Chuck Todd, who appears to be having a lull of enthusiasm about today’s soup choice. “In Virginia, they’ll be back and forth. If they need a pick me up they can have White Chicken Chile. ”