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The Atlantic Names Alexis Madrigal Deputy Editor of

The Atlantic today announced the promotion of Alexis Madrigal to the newly created role of Deputy Editor of Madrigal, who’s covered science and technology for The Atlantic since 2010, will also oversee social media and The Atlantic’s newsletter strategy.

In addition to his promotion, Dr. James Hamblin was named a senior editor. Julie Beck will replace Hamblin as editor of its Health channel and Kathy Gilsinan will join the Global channel as an associate editor from World Politics Review.

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Afternoon Reading List 07.08.13.

The hut in the Philippines where the Internet started  Once upon a time, the Internet didn’t exist. Instead of Googling everything, people actually had to know things. The origins of the web can be traced in part back to a hut in the village of Leyte in the Philippines in 1945. As The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal writes, it was there that the young Navy radar technician Doug Engelbart picked up an issue of LIFE magazine and read an article titled “As We May Think” by Vannevar Bush, a science icon of the time, that presented Bush’s vision for a system to improve human understanding of the world (the article originally appeared in The Atlantic, Madrigal is sure to note). Engelbart, who died last week, went on, inspired by Bush’s essay, to work on groundbreaking technology that inspired generations of scientists. He invented the computer mouse and demonstrated what could happen when computers communicate with each other, showing hypertext links, video conferencing and hypertext links more than a decade before IBM released the first personal computer.

Why you should read it: Because you can, by just clicking the link. Engelbart was a major force in the early development of the personal computer and the web and worked hard so that doing that would be possible.

Rupert Murdoch is a happy guyRupert Murdoch has not just owned the news, but he’s being the subject of it lately as he and Wendi Deng have filed for divorce. But he’s not upset about it. As Michael Wolff wrote in his column for the Guardian, Murdoch is “happier than he’s ever been.” Those close to the media tycoon say Wendi is “a terrible person” and that she spends money and parties out of control, among other accusations. Murdoch also apparently believed that Wendi would upstage him after his death and that she “doesn’t deserve to be my widow.” Ouch. He believes he’ll be around for another decade.

Why you should read it: It’s an interesting look at Murdoch in the present. He’s had a storied past, and this piece looks into what may be ahead for the media mogul.

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Featured in Features

No more free labor — Hey, interns have rights, too. Slate’s Cullen Seltzer discusses the case of Glatt v. Fox Searchlight Pictures, in which a federal judge ruled that interns on the crews of two movies, one of which was “Black Swan,” were employees and are entitled to be paid with actual money. The phenomenon of interns willing to work for free to build their resume and network is not isolated to this case, but is very widespread. And though these interns agree to, and even compete for,  jobs that have no monetary return, Seltzer suggests that its not the interns that are suffering. While the employer is benefitting from free labor and the interns from experience building and networking (somehow that’s as good as money), it’s the worker, especially the entry-level worker, who gets shafted. The normally entry-level jobs are given out as unpaid internships, leaving those who need actual income with far less job opportunities.

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Cell Phone Abuse! “Alarm… Set! (Yeah yeah, fixing my shattered phone tomorrow. Oh Apple store… I am coming for u!)” — CNN Correspondent Brooke Baldwin.

Josh Marshall dings Politifact

“Awesome: Politifact manages to ‘fact-check’ a claim which is totally unsubstantianted [sic] and still look like idiots.” — TPM‘s Josh Marshall. Read the Politifact story here.  

You can’t take WaPo‘s White House scribe anywhere

“Your pooler also notes that David Nakamura, all around good guy and great co-pooler, accidentally spilled his Cobb salad on the plane’s brand new carpet. and promptly cleaned up the mess thoroughly.” — TWT‘s David Boyer in a Monday Pool Report. AF1 was en route to JFK where they were catching helos to Stamford, Conn. for two fundraisers. WaPo‘s David Nakamura needn’t worry. The oil should blend in seamlessly.

Blogger lashes out about masturbatory tweet

Last week DCStakeOut blogger and Institute of Public Accuracy’s Sam Husseini wrote a tongue-in-cheek tweet upon the death of Gore Vidal. Like Vidal, Husseini wrote that he, too, had a lot of sex. “Like Gore Vidal, I had 1000 sexual encounters by the time I was 25. Of course, I was the only one in the room for most.” We ran it in Morning Chatter with the headline, “Blogger (jokingly) boasts of sexual prowess?” And guess who flipped out yesterday on Twitter? “How is that boasting of sexual prowess?” he asked on Twitter. He said somehow we didn’t get that he meant that he’d been, ahem, polishing the family jewels, not sleeping with 1000 people. Thanks for that Husseini! We’re such idiots and wouldn’t have possibly gotten that without your help. When we joked that we needed to add an update and pronto, he snapped, “@FishbowlDC You do that. Learn to read while you’re at it. You’re literally the only person who didn’t get that.” Some might remember Husseini. He was suspended from the National Press Club in November of 2011 after he questioned Saudi Arabian Prince Turki al-Faisal in a way head honchos found “unseemly” and then became outraged when NPC officials somehow didn’t want him acting like an asshole brave journo toward their guests. He was eventually taken off suspension but not without club officials thinking him a nuisance. This was the second time he’d been suspended.

Journo alerts the masses on addiction story

“Doing a deep dive into the scientific literature on addiction. So fascinating. Also, feel free to holler if this is your field. #longwrites” — The Atlantic‘s Alexis Madrigal.

Headline from the AP in London: “Man Sets Fire to Home by Microwaving Socks, Undies.” Read the story here.


An Assignment in Paradise

How magical does this assignment sound? An arctic explorer. A bestselling author. A brain scientist. Most importantly: La Jolla, Calif. in mid October.

The Atlantic magazine and the University of California San Diego’s annual event, “The Atlantic Meets the Pacific” will gather newsmakers on October 7-9, 2012, in beautiful La Jolla.  This year’s event will delve deeply into the topic of disruptive technologies in media, energy, and health and will feature a series of headline interviews and panel discussions with newsmakers that include… Read more

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Is this Ezzy’s “panic face” as a Washington journo put it?

Newt debate prep

“Do you think Newt fasts on debate days? So he can feed on the moderators?” — John Berman, ABC News Correspondent.

Dylan Ratigan picks on Luke Russert

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan gave Capitol Hill Correspondent Luke Russert a hard time on his program Monday afternoon. Ratigan reflected on his Monday morning. While lounging in his bathrobe drinking his French press coffee, he began watching what he thought would be his network’s “The Daily Rundown” with Chuck Todd. But no, — whoa! — it was Luke filling in. “The kid stole the keys to the car, what can you say?” Luke reasoned. Dylan said he’d now get major grooming perks, saying, “We want to make sure you retain anchor-level hair and makeup for the rest of your career.”

Super humor…

“It wasn’t exactly a super-surprise, but talking about the collapse of the #supercommittee on @WTOP at 5:50.” — USA Today‘s Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page.

Late-night rumors with BigGov’s Andrew Breitbart

Dogging rumors, Andrew Brietbart decides to face them head on in a late-night tweet: “If I am gay – and/or cheating on wife – as leftists intentionally erroneously report, doncha think they could come up with 1 dude – ever?!”

Hairy journo

“I’m so bearded right now, I’m pretty sure my sideburns have their own mustaches.” — The Atlantic‘s Senior Editor Alexis Madrigal.

Scarborough strips Norquist of presumed power

“Grover Norquist has absolutely no real power in Washington, D.C. other than the idea that he carries.” — MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough in a phone interview on the program this morning. Norquist is President of the Americans for Tax Reform.

Strange, convenient or strangely convenient?

“At D.C. DMV you can get a Driver’s license, tag renewal and HIV test.” — ABC7 News. Read here. Even weirder: Those who get tested get a $5 grocery store gift card.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Congrats to Wolf

“Today marks exactly 21 years for me at #CNN — have loved every minute.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a Sunday tweet.

A journo’s food of the Gods

“Why do I ever eat anything other than avocado sprinkled with salt and wrapped in tortilla?” — The Atlantic‘s Alexis Madrigal in a Monday tweet.

Chef Geoff reacts to being on FBDC’s ‘Incest Desk’

“Not even sure what it means to make the @FishbowlDC ‘Incest Desk’” — Chef Geoff Tracy in a Monday tweet. We told him it’s a high honor.

Scribe spots mouse in Senate dining room

“Mouse was running around Dirksen Senate dining room. Guy stomped on it and killed it. Everyone was so grossed out.” — HuffPost Senior Political Reporter Amanda Terkel in a Monday tweet showing that Politico‘s Roslyn newsroom isn’t the only place that attracts mice.

Straight men can wear tight clothes too, reader says

“…Why can’t the man dress nicely in slim-fitting clothes and show off his body without being called gay? Plus, I’ve seen a ton of gay men who can’t dress for shit. Stop thinking that anytime someone wears a nice outfit that they’re gay.” — An FBDC reader with the handle @gaypornfanatic in response to our story on Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) appearing ripped on the cover of Men’s Health. Another reader, JeffreyM, says: “Single guy, no mention of a ‘personal life’, a ridiculous amount of time spent on his body, and some strangely anti-gay attitudes all add up to the House’s next Mark Foley or Larry Craig.” Finally, Capitol File‘s Editor-in-Chief Kate Bennett responds to the Schock story with this: “Um, can we talk about Rep. Aaron Shock‘s body for a minute?”

Quick convo between two journos on blind items

Washington Examiner Yeas & Nays intern Eddie Scarry: “Can someone tell me what the point of gossip ‘blind items’ is? Never understood.”

TWT‘s Emily Miller: “Blind items rock. You avoid perfect sourcing. Plus it’s a fun game for the readers to guess.”


Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


“This thunderstorm smells so good from the steps of the National Gallery. Rain on stone.” — The Atlantic‘s Senior Editor Alexis Madrigal in a weekend tweet with this accompanying photograph.

Fake Jim says F–k You to Sports Tweeters

“[Insert unnecessary sports-related tweet on my twitter work account to demonstrate to people that I'm interesting]” — Fake Jim VandeHei in a weekend tweet.

Cute journo kid speaks up

“6 yr old: ‘It’s Mother’s Day, so mom doesn’t have to talk. I will speak for her.’” — NPR’s Steve Inskeep in a Sunday tweet.

Why Murphy wore Bow Tie on ‘MTP

“Re: bow-tie ?’s 1.) Yes, tied it myself 2.) Wore it in honor of my friend the late Kam Kuwata, who loved MTP, the Dem party, and bow ties.” — GOP Consultant Mike Murphy in a Sunday tweet. On Sunday morning he appeared on NBC’s “MTP” and subsequently got a variety of questions about his bow tie including a remark from host David Gregory that he was wearing it.

Just in case you need this editor…

“My phone is extremely dead while I’m out running errands so I’m on the back up. Try e-mail/facebook if you need me.” — Politico‘s Asst. Editor for “2012 Live” Jedd Rosche in a weekend tweet perhaps to fellow editors who think he may want to sleep, eat, breathe or do laundry on the weekends.

Tschida’s bus complaint

“Love being careless, but when the bus just never arrives it’s ANNOYING!” — ABC7′s Wild Train rider Stephen Tschida in a delicious weekend transportation tweet.

The perfect day: Pedicure and National Review

“Got a pedicure today and read National Review instead of Cosmo - great issue, esp on healthcare, Syria, Libya. Left mag behind for others.” — GOP Pundit and Fox News Contributor Dana Perino in a weekend tweet.

The Observer

“As a Southerner I love my hats, but the ones at the Derby this year seem crazier than usual. I blame the British.” –  NJ “The Hotline’s” Jessica Taylor in a weekend tweet.

A Boy Bander Given

“At a bar in Cleveland Park cultivating a smug sense of superiority.” — Juiceboxer Matt Yglesias, liberal blogger and Center for American Progress fellow, in a weekend tweet.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

On Thursday WUSA9′s DC Community Web Producer Simon Landau writes, “Tomorrow is Friday. After that it will be Saturday!” (Though he may be baiting us with this, we’re giving him the award anyhow. Congratulations Simon on this pointlessness.)

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day II

“It’s a beutlerful day.” — Slate‘s Chris Beam playing off — we can’t fathom why — TPM Brian Beutler‘s name.

Scribe Takes Deeper Look Through His iPhone

Has The Atlantic‘s Senior Editor Alexis Madrigal been watching too much Tyra? The journalist recently set out on a mission to learn more about himself. The catch? Everything he needed to know was in his iPhone dictionary.

Some things he learned about himself through his dictionary phone: “I am a suffix lover. Here’s just a sampling of the words I’ve bent to my will: dumbassery, convenientish, boutiquey, boringness, homeish, nowish, thinktanky.”

Read the full post here, including a great visual of words he has tried to teach his phone.

Oh, F*ck Yeah: @MayorEmanuel Gets a Book Deal

The parody Twitter account @MayorEmanuel, launched during Rahm Emanuel‘s bid for mayor of Chicago, is getting a book deal.

Dan Sinker, a college professor at Columbia College, revealed himself to be the author of the account to Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic last month. The account began with a few profanity-laced tweets before turning into maybe the greatest campaign story ever told, finally culminating in Emanuel’s win on February 22, as @MayorEmanuel was sucked into a “MOTHERF–KING TIME VORTEX” and had to say his goodbyes to recurring characters Quaxelrod, Carl the Intern, and Hambone.

Co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone will author the book’s forward.

Sinker was asked in an interview with HuffPost if he could confirm that the book was actually happening. “Indeed,” he said, “Hemingway, Annie Proulx, Don Delillo, and @MayorEmanuel–Hey wait a second…”

According to Sinker, the book will come out this summer and will include all of the tweets sent by the account, “with contextual information where necessary.”