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Fishbowl5 With WSJ’s Deborah Needleman

Deborah Needleman is author of the newly released The Perfectly Imperfect Home. The book, complete with delightful watercolor illustrations, stresses organized, comfortable chaos. It addresses everything from hanging pictures and creating beautiful drink tables to lighting, adding delicious scents to your home and little tricks you’d never think of. Her book party last night at Room and Board on 14th St. NW was a proverbial girls night out. She’s a former Postie  — former photo editor of WaPo Magazine — so old friends (pictured after the jump) showed up to cheer her on such as Eun Yang, Megan Buerger, Janet Bennet Kelley and Jura Koncius. A few details on Needleman — she’s founding editor of Domino Magazine and now Editor-in-Chief of WSJ Magazine and of its coveted Off Duty section. Former WaPo colleagues Jennifer Barger and Holly Thomas (now with Refinery29) were on hand as were freelancer and former Roll Caller Ali McSherry, K Street Kate blogger Kate Michael, Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab and Komen’s Kiki Ryan.

1. Please envision your least favorite look for a home and describe. My least favorite look for a home is uptight. Decorating that is overly considered and where everything is just-so is more about impressing others, not welcoming them. I’ve been to places where the sofa is practically screaming out: don’t sit on me! You would just be squashing the cushions and wrecking the painstaking composition of decorative pillows. I like a house with a signs of life–and a bit of personality and whimsy–in it.

2. What is something that surprised you in writing this book? How long it took! I estimated it would take about three months, and it took more like two years. It wasn’t like I had to string a lot of paragraphs together, but sometimes writing briefly take a long time. That, and getting a job, which didn’t help.

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Roll Call Adds New, Deep Voice to HOH

For the past 13 months, Roll Call’s “Heard on the Hill” column has rotated reporters in and out like pay-per-hour guests at a Daytona Airport Travelodge.   In July of 2010, Emily Heil checked out for a gig in Features, leaving Beth Brotherton with newbie Ali McSherry.  After Brotherton dropped a few bucks on the nightstand this February, McSherry spent long, cold nights alone at Hotel HOH until she too packed her bags in March.  Because McSherry’s departure left the column at 0% occupancy, Heil returned for a few cheap thrills until Neda Semnani arrived in May.  You get the point.

But Semnani’s solo summer is soon coming to an end when “Heard on the Hill” welcomes lucky number 5 to its roster of writers since last year.  The new voice of HOH isn’t exactly what you’d expect – partly because it sounds like John Stanton (deep and low) saying things like ‘duck confit,’ ‘pomegranate reduction,’and ‘foie gras.’  But mainly because, at first blush, Warren Rojass CV doesn’t scream Cap Hill gossip columnist.

Currently the Dining Editor at Northern Virginia Magazine, Rojas will walk away from five years of free meals and booze to join HOH next week. Scratching your head yet?  Yeah, thought so. But despite the fact that he’s spent half a decade mingling with the region’s culinary culturatti, I’m betting big on Rojas. Prior to his 60-month food coma, Warren spent nearly seven years at Tax Analysts where he worked as an investigative and Cap Hill reporter for the organization’s publication, Tax Notes.

“I never aspired to be the world’s best tax reporter,” said Rojas.  “When I left for Northern Virginia Magazine, I was completely burnt out on tax policy.  But I’ve missed the investigative side of that position.”

Rojas won’t completely dismiss his foodie foundation for the new job.  In addition to HOH, he’ll pick up restaurant reviewer duties for the paper – a somewhat perfect synthesis of his eclectic experience.  As for “Heard on the Hill,” Rojas says it’s all about accountability.

“We’re going to shine a light on each individual Member of Congress,” Rojas told FishbowlDC.  “It shouldn’t come as a surprise when a member self destructs on Facebook or if their Twitter feed explodes.”

Warren Rojas begins at Roll Call next week. Until then, he’s keeping a low photo-less restaurant reviewer-style profile but you can follow him on Twitter here.

A Familiar Voice Returns to Roll Call’s HOH

While management continues sorting out what comes next, former HOH writer Emily Heil is back at the helm of the Capitol Hill gossip column HOH for the time being with a variety of Roll Call staff writers contributing to the column since Ali McSherry‘s recent departure. Today’s column has a triple byline that includes Heil, Rachael Bade and Melanie Zanona.

Today, Heil, who has moved into a feature writing position, pokes fun at Gawker’s “photographic evidence” of House aides drinking beer in the office over the weekend. She also touches on importance on Capitol Hill by way of Essential and Non-Essential T-shirts.

Bade wrote on how members sustained themselves during budget negotiations — many skipped meals.  Zanona, meanwhile, wrote on Rep. Kevin Brady‘s (R-Texas) staff phoning WCP to check in about a satire story of revenue-seeking proposals that included a “snowball fee.” The Brady staffer was serious. WCP was not.

Beware of the Offensive Acai Berry

No, you’re probably not fat.

Just because you get an email from a female journalist friend hinting that the Acai Berry may help you shed those five pounds you’ve never mentioned you wanted to lose doesn’t mean a thing.

This week at least a few female journalists in Washington had their personal email accounts hacked into, causing them to shoot hundreds of Acai Berry emails to friends and loved ones telling them that they could, ahem, stand to get on the berry bandwagon and slim down.

Former Roll Call scribe and now freelancer Ali McSherry had her email account broken into and she involuntarily sent out the Acai Berry missive. In the case of The Hill‘s Christina Wilkie, the bubbly email went out to several hundred contacts. She found it “sort of troubling” that more than a few female acquaintances took the email seriously.

“I was hacked yesterday afternoon,” Wilkie wrote to FishbowlDC upon being questioned about it. “It appears that I sent at least 500 people emails about Acai Berry, originating from servers in Wyoming, Florida, and Illinois. Passwords have been changed. After the necessary apology emails (and the occasional naif who thought I was really recommending Acai Berry), the biggest travesty was the fact that I have not, in fact, lost eight pounds.”

See the offending email…

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Roll Call’s McSherry Resigns; HOH Silent

The Roll Call reporter hemorrhage continues…

Sources confirm that “Heard on the Hill” (HOH) columnist Ali McSherry has resigned from her position after four years with the newsgroup.  McSherry’s departure leaves vacant the pub’s iconic column that boasts an impressive roster of alumni such as CNN White House correspondent Ed Henry. You’ll remember that Elizabeth Brotherton, the column’s lead writer, resigned last month to pursue a position as the new media senior writer and editor for Green Media Toolshed’s Netcentric Campaign Division.

Prior to taking the wheel of HOH, Ali served as a Senate reporter and  the paper’s chief feature writer.  No word yet on McSherry’s next move but we wish her luck.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


On the Couch: Publicist Wendy Gordon at a recent 80s party.

Scribe smells trouble

“C-PAC on one side of the hotel, steel workers union on the other. I see a midwestern white guy gang fight comin on.” — Roll Call‘s John Stanton in a Thursday morning tweet.

Gossip Girl gets dressed

“I think I have finally perfected the art of getting black tie ready in the office bathroom.” — Roll Call‘s Ali McSherry in a Wednesday night tweet regarding the Congressional Dinner.

Brazile’s two cents on media

“GOP’s Playbook: If the media doesn’t go alone, whine and always blame them for having a liberal bias. That’s my 2 cents. What do you think?” — CNN Contributor and liberal pundit Donna Brazile in a Thursday morning tweet.

Only in Washington, D.C. …

“#wpcf food working its way through system… may need Congress to pass a non-binding resolution, if you know what I mean” — C-SPAN Communications Director Howard Mortman in a Wednesday night tweet. To the right is the actual meal, a photograph taken by FBDC’s Matt Dornic.

“At press dinner in dc sen coons is speaker. Not sure they’re supposed to be this funny or close to the bone, but enjoying it.” — TPM‘s Josh Marshall in a Wednesday night tweet.

“He has never once used the word “literally” literally.” — ABC News’s Jake Tapper in a speech at Wednesday night’s press dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. He was referencing V.P. Joe Biden. But the zinger for Tapper came when Sen. Chris Coons (R-Del.) remarked that tonight “was not the first time @jaketapper was the second choice for a job offered to Christiane Amanpour.”

Journos partake in shirtless congressman jokes

“Political lesson: Put your shirtless pics in Playgirl, not Craigslist. #scottbrown2012″ – Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Wednesday tweet on Rep. Chris Lee‘s (R-N.Y.) resignation Wednesday. An item about him sending a woman a shirtless picture of himself on Craigslist appeared on Gawker earlier that day just hours before his resignation.

“Back story on Chris Lee is gonna be juicy. Lots of reporters were chasing it this fall. None of us could break it.” — WSJ‘s Jonathan Weisman in one of the more serious Wednesday tweets on this subject.

“Congressman Lee and I have a lot in common. I am also a very fit fun classy guy. Live in Cap Hill area. 6ft 190lbs blond/blue.” — The mysterious @DCJourno in a Wednesday tweet.

“All along I was wondering how it was that Rep. Lee had become the mayor of the Mayflower on 4square.” — Washington Examiner‘s J.P. Freire in a Wednesday tweet.


“Having dinner in NYC with @Contessabrewer” — Fox 5 anchor Matt Ackland in a Wednesday night tweet.

Finland declaration

The Sauna Society President attends last night’s Congressional Dinner. That would be Finland Embassy spokesman Kari Mokko, who declared, “There should always be someone from Finland at every event.”

(Japanese Fighting Fish…)

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


C-SPAN as a sleep aid

“No offense to C-SPAN, but if you have trouble falling asleep, it’s awesome.” — Ed Rendell, NBC News Political Analyst on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this morning.

Politico allows ‘fart’ into feature

“All calls for bipartisanship should be responded to with a fart in Joe Lieberman’s general direction.” GQ‘s Ana Marie Cox in a quote in a Politico feature on SOTU drinking game. (Farting? Wow. Pretty edgy prose for Politico editors…)

CNN’s Henry distances himself from Kardashian

“haha to be clear i was RT’ing Piers NOT Kim” — CNN Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry explained in a Monday tweet that he was RT new colleague Piers Morgan, not Kim Kardashian, a recent guest on Morgan’s show. (Morgan had writtten, “Come on, let’s help a damsel in distress RT @KimKardashian I’m soooo close to 6 Million followers! OMG Please RT and push me to 6 Milli.”)

Katie Couric does D.C.

“In D.C. for state of the union…watching Conan…Larry King, Sean White band called Iron and Wine. Nice show Conan!” — CBS News’s Katie Couric in a Monday night tweet.

Scribe on pins and needles waiting for Olbermann’s first words

“THE ANTICIPATION!! So this must be what it felt just before the first telegraph was sent #waitingforolbermann.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a Monday night tweet after fallen MSNBC host Keith Olbermann wrote, “At exactly 8 Eastern tonight I will issue my first tweet. Well, other than THIS.” Then later, “My humble thanks to all Friends of Keith for the many kind words. The reports of the death of my career are greatly exaggerated #FOK.”

Gossip writer has a request

“Can we please, please, please retire the word “nom”? It is meaningless and overused.” — Roll Call HOH writer Ali McSherry in a Monday tweet.

Is Politico paying him to write this?

“One of my favorite lines: ‘News…was first reported by Politico.’” — Politico reporter Jake Sherman in a Monday tweet.

FNC anchor boasts of ‘fair and balanced’ day ahead

“Having breakfast with Speaker Boehner and lunch at the White House. Nothing like a fair and balanced meal plan – SOTU comes once a year.” — FNC anchor Bret Baier in a Tuesday morning tweet.

Anticipating what POTUS won’t say

“Words no President has ever spoken in a State of the Union Address: ‘Please hold your applause till I finish speaking.’” — CBS White House Radio Correspondent Mark Knoller in a Tuesday morning tweet.

Incoherent quote (but we get the gist)

“Ms Holmes pls try to be truth [sic] on the tv when you are asked [sic] we are suprise [sic] when you are making your points.” – An Anonymous Tipster to FBDC tries to tell us (we think) that he or she doesn’t care for the words of conservative commentator Amy Holmes, who appeared on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” Monday night.

Reporter amused by Coburn’s fresh shave

“Tom Coburn shaved for his date tonight with Chuck Schumer! #cute #SOTU” — Politico‘s Meredith Shiner in a Tuesday morning tweet.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


The happy couple?

Examiner writer weighs in on John and Reille

“Alls I’m saying that the Edwards Family Thanksgiving 2011 is going to be a little more awkward this year.” — The Washington Examiner‘s J.P. Freire in a Thursday tweet. The Daily Beast and HuffPost both are reporting that former North Carolina Democratic Sen. John Edwards has proposed to Reille Hunter.

Reality check

GMA’s Robin Roberts to George Stephanopoulos on Thursday morning in prep for interviewing the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore”: “Do you even know what GTL is?” Stephanopoulos replied, “I do. Gym. Tan. Laundry.”

Journo declares his presidential candidacy

“BREAKING NEWS: I am going to run for president in #2012. Want to increase my profile/value of my personal brand.” — The Daily Caller‘s Daily Baller Mike Riggs in a Friday morning announcement on Twitter. (We can only assume this means shrooming will become mandatory for all Americans.) In a better quote that nearly escaped us, the Daily Baller wrote this morning: “”If you love me as much as you say, you’ll start the fucking shower.” –the gf is in a sassy mood!”

Scribe wrestles with spelling issue

“Spelling problem of this hour: mausoleum” — NationalReviewOnline‘s Kathryn Lopez in a Friday morning tweet.

Hayes gets honest

“Really looking forward to *watching* rather than *hosting* @maddow tonight. The former is a million times easier. (at least)” — The Nation‘s Washington D.C. Bureau Chief Chris Hayes in a Thursday tweet.

Opinionated Weigel

“Celebrating the life and career of @TimFernholz, sellout” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Thursday tweet. Fernholz is a new hire at NJ. His previous job was at The American Prospect. Weigel’s work has appeared in The American Prospect. (We reached out to Weigel to let him explain what he meant by the above quote. We’ll bring it to you should he respond.)

Lawmaker misses train, journo sees all

“Congresswomen, they’re just like us! Rep. McMorris Rodger just sprinted by me, thru the gate to catch a metro train. Too bad she missed it.” — Roll Call‘s HOH Writer Ali McSherry in a Thursday tweet.

A reporter gets introspective

“When I was a House Page, we would raise our right hand and take the oath too – was I really a Congressman?” — Cox Radio Congressional Reporter Jamie Dupree in a Thursday tweet.

A quote a certain Politico reporter is going to love

“There’s no turning back now – I have a cool new job. A press release says so, so it must be true.” — Publisher of Nationals Daily News Ian Koski in a Thursday tweet. He adds, “Finally cleaning off my old work laptop – feels a lot like ending a relationship. So sad!” Find out what the new job is after the jump… (See why Patrick Gavin is going to adore the quote here.)

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Scribe loses voice

“Losing your voice is not a very good thing when it’s your job to ask questions. #lameduckcold.” — Politico‘s Shira Toeplitz in a Tuesday tweet.

TV journo refers to himself as ‘bucktooth fathead’

“Hey must confess. Don’t follow anyone cuz I just don’t know how. I’m really a simple guy. Just me and a very sick puppy.” — ABC7′s wild train rider Stephen Tschida in a Tuesday tweet, explaining why he has 623 followers but so far, follows no one. Later he shows symptoms of enthusiasm about what he’s doing, saying, “Oh, and how do I get rid of this god awful picture? Look like a bucktooth fathead! Who posted it anyway?” (Tschida needs a Twitorial and we’re willing to give it to him in exchange for an interview.)

Reporter takes stock of shoes and forks

“The number of shoes I have under my desk is astonishing. As is the number of forks I managed to hide away in my drawers.” — Politico‘s Jessica Taylor (soon to be NJ) in a Tuesday tweet. We find it nearly impossible to believe she has as many as Roll Call‘s Ali McSherry, who recently filled a huge gray tub with shoes left at the office.

CNN’s Henry Uncovers Obama’s Hawaii Arrival

“CNN obtained FAA advisory saying 10-mile no-fly zone around Honolulu Wed nite, 30 miles of “restricted” airspace starting Wed thru Jan 2.” — CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry in a Tuesday tweet. CNN’s Sam Feist responds to that, saying, “Great reporting: @edhenrycnn figures out that Obama arrives in Hawaii Wed night b/c of quietly issued no-fly-zone there.” NBC’s Mike Viqueira weighs in on Henry’s presence in Hawaii in a Tuesday tweet, saying, “@edhenrycnn I think it would be most accurate to say that you are a slouch for being there with no POTUS in the first place. I’m jealous.”

Politics incites scissor gouging in reporter

“The Democrats endless wake for Dave Obey on the House floor is making me want to gouge my eyes out with scissors. #fb” — Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller in a Tuesday tweet in what we assume is an expression of angst and not something she actually wants to do.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


New hairdo alert

“Look at @joanWalsh’s fancy new hairdo!” — ABC News White House Reporter Jake Tapper in a Wednesday tweet referencing Salon‘s former Editor and now Editor-at-Large Joan Walsh, a frequent left-wing pundit on cable talk shows who likes to spar with D.C. media– all media, actually, including WaPo‘s baby liberal blogger Ezra Klein, whom she recently told to not get all “Beltway holier than thou.” She cooed to Tapper over the hair compliment, saying, “Awww, thank you.” Tragically we’ve yet to get a glimpse of the new do. The anticipation could be murderous. We don’t know if the above picture is what she looks like now. We had to give you an idea of her locks though. Stay tuned…

WaPo blogger reminisces about the holiday

“Last night of Chanukah..since i was a kid always turned off the house lights to watch the last round of candles burn down.” — WaPo‘s new conservative issues blogger Jennifer Rubin in a Wednesday tweet.

Reporter leaves cold for more cold and worries about catching a cold

“My office is cold, so I decided to work out of the Capitol. The Capitol also is cold. Therefore, I think I am destined to get a cold.” — Roll Call HOH’s Elizabeth Brotherton in a Tuesday Facebook update.

Scribe wants an online babysitter

“If you see me tweeting/Facebooking in the next three hours, please just murder me, thanks.” — The Daily Caller intern Alec Jacobs in a Wednesday tweet. Have things gotten this bad?

Gossip gal hates the music

“The music at the Google party is so bad!” Roll Call HOH’s Ali McSherry in a Wednesday night tweet.

The Daily Baller is WHAT?

“It’s 7:20 p.m., and I am balls-deep in and This is the new “follow the money.” — The Daily Caller reporter Mike Riggs in a magnificent Wednesday tweet showing us that yes, we chose the right nickname for him.

Compassion at a glance

“I’m not sure the guy asking me for money for a Metro fare card to Rockville appreciated my answer of ‘I’m not the f-ing bank.’” — Washington Examiner Features Editor Jacque Jo Bland in a Wednesday tweet.