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Schieffer Brings Journo Friends to Fort Worth for Annual Symposium

If you’re lucky enough to ever have a conversation with Bob Schieffer, chances are he can’t go two or three minutes without mentioning Fort Worth, TCU or the Bullfrogs.

Well it was all TCU for Schieffer this week. The venerable “Face the Nation” anchor was back in his hometown of Fort Worth for the annual “Schieffer Symposium” at Texas Christian University’s School of Journalism, aptly named the Schieffer School of Journalism.

Bob was joined by some of the industry’s best- NBC’s Ann Curry, NYT‘s Maureen Dowd, Michael Eisner and the Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol- for a conversation on the state of journalism.

Of course, Schieffer’s old paper, the Fort Worth Star Telegram, was there to cover it. Check out some of their report after the jump…

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Washington Biz Journal‘s Prom Night


Washington business leaders packed the National Building Museum last night for WBJ‘s annual “Book of Lists” fete. Dubbed “prom night” by WBJ‘s staffers, the glam, Mardi Gras-themed gala boasted six open bars, catering by Jose Andres, photo booth, and a head spinning number of opportunities to pass a business card.


WBJ Publisher Alex Orfinger spent most of the evening greeting guests like Mark Ein and Winston Lord at the event’s entrance. Inside, FishbowlDC caught up with editor Doug Fruehling and Jen Nycz-Conner (pictured above) as well as Ann Curry-lookalike, reporter Melissa Castro. And though we didn’t sample the “Listini,” a mix of Smirnoff Cranberry, Chambord, Sierra Mist and cranberries, we’re pretty sure it did the trick for most guests.


For more on the “Book of Lists,” click of here and check out the WBJ team getting down to business (after party at the Irish Channel) after the jump.

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Dittus to Throw Thomas a Party

images-11.jpegimages-14.jpegHelen Thomas, the Grande Dame of White House reporters, is set to celebrate her 50th anniversary of covering the White House at the Kalorama home of Gloria Dittus.

Dittus, founder of Dittus Communications, is throwing Thomas an upcoming party on Jan. 19 to not only celebrate her anniversary, but toast Thomas’s new tome, Listen Up, Mr. President: Everything You Always Wanted Your President to Know and Do, which she co-wrote with veteran political writer Craig Crawford, a blogger for CQ/Roll Call Group and contributing analyst for MSNBC and CNBC.

Members of the host committee include: Reps. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), CNN’s Candy Crowley, NBC “Today” show host Ann Curry, NPR’s Cokie Roberts and PBS’s Judy Woodruff.

NBC’s Ann Curry Interviews Her “Inspiration” Helen Thomas

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

A little while back NBC’s Ann Curry was spotted at the White House interviewing venerable correspondent Helen Thomas. Her interview aired on this morning’s “Today Show,” as part of a series called “Mentors and Inspirations.”

Morning Reading List 09.16.09

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What know and what we’re reading this Wednesday morning…



Slate’s Jack Shafer on WaPo‘s Katharine Weymouth: “One of the things Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth has got to learn is that she can’t pretend that the newsroom floats in its own accountable-only-to-Brauchli ether at the same time she is telling editors (plural) enough with dwarf-leg stories.” Read on.

Yesterday in WaPo- “Controversy Over How, Why Post Piece Was Killed, If Publisher Weymouth Involved.”

New culture editor at NYT- Jon Landman, the deputy managing editor.


Norah O’Donnell is in NY, co-anchoring the 9am hour of the “Today Show.” She tweets, “I may cook on TV!” and that she and her husband Chef Geoff have just finished their baby food cookbook, out in 2010.

In what NBC is calling a “world exclusive interview,” Ann Curry will sit down with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran. This is his first interview since the June elections and will air on “Today” tomorrow and “Nightly News” Friday.

It appears there may be more cuts looming at NBC News- NYO reports another round of voluntary buyouts are being offered. What will that mean for the DC bureau?


Facebook has crossed 300 million users worldwide.

This is your blog, courtesy of mediabistro.


Sarah Palin has officially signed on with the Washington Speaker’s Bureau (via PoliticalWire).

When asked about the latest ACORN scandal, ABC’s Charlie Gibson told Chicago talk radio hosts that he hadn’t heard about it and “maybe this is just one you leave to the cables.”

Which brings us to this piece “Divide between right, mainstream media” by Mike Allen and Michael Calderone in Politico… “The right-wing media’s single-minded focus on a handful of targets over the past months and its success in pushing those stories into the mainstream have underscored the sharp divide between traditional news organizations and the bloggers and talk show hosts aggressively pursuing an ideological agenda.”


Remember when former President George W. Bush called former NYT reporter Andrew Clymer a “major league asshole?” He does, and now he’s offering his advice to Kanye West in a very entertaining piece on the Daily Best. “…I congratulate you on being chosen for our club, The Cussed Out by Higher Authority Who DidnÂ’t Believe Microphones Work Club. Should we ever meet, I will show you the secret handshake, but I can tell you it involves an extended middle finger.”

Also on the Daily Beast today- a collection of the best OTR-gone-public comments.

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Morning Reading List 09.09.09

Special thanks to Cooper “Smalls” Dornic for modeling.

Good morning FishbowlDC! Congrats to Kiki Ryan for landing a new gig at Politico! We ask ourselves…is Politico that desirable or is Jeff Dufour that undesirable??? Kidding Jeff!

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What we know and what we’re reading this Wednesday morning…



A New York Times journalist held by the Taliban in Afghanistan was freed Wednesday during a dramatic airborne raid by foreign commandos in which his Afghan colleague was shot dead, the newspaper said.

Publishing Waterloo? Both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times are planning to introduce San Francisco Bay Area editions, hoping to win new readers and advertisers there by offering more local news, in what could be the first glimpse at a new strategy by national newspapers to capitalize on the contraction of regional papers.


CNN’s Christiane Amanpour is getting her own CNN yakker. Program debuts Sept. 21 on CNN Intl. and Sept. 27 in the U.S.


Bombs and Blogs: Over the course of 10 months in eastern Afghanistan, an Army specialist nicknamed Mud Puppy maintained a blog irreverently chronicling life at the front, from the terror of roadside bombs to the tyrannies of master sergeants.


FLEX: President Obama’s health care bill is all anyone is talking about. But the president and his wife, Michelle, are speaking out about their own family’s health, each appearing next month on the cover of two health magazines.

DC Mag is online: “It’s environmentally friendly. You can save it, bookmark pages, and perform quick searches. Click through to enhanced content or your favorite advertisers’ websites. Most importantly, you can send it to friends, clients and colleagues.”


The Newseum is launching a new TV program for public television. Some video clips from the pilot with Ann Curry and Charles Sennott are available here.


Examiner’s Kiki Ryan to Politico. Ryan filled Patrick Gavin‘s spot when he was recruited by Politico earlier this year…but Gavin also held court at FishbowlDC which got me thinking that Politico should take Christine too. Gift with purchase?

HAT TIPS:, Variety, Daniel Lippman, NY Times

Ann Curry Explains Twitter to Helen Thomas

Photo by Curry.

That, apparently, was Helen Thomas‘ reaction when asked by NBC’s Ann Curry if she would join Twitter.

The “Today Show” was in DC this week to interview the veteran White House reporter. The photo was taken by Curry and is on her Facebook page.

Morning Reading List 07.17.09

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Happy Birthday to Andy Barr and Anna Christopher! What we know and what we’re reading this Friday morning…



Josh Cohen, senior business product manager for Google, has a message for newspapers: If you don’t want your content to show up in search results and on Google News, it doesn’t have to. Newspaper developers can block Google’s robots if they just insert a couple lines of code into their sites.


Coverage numbers for Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s hearings this week, courtesy of TVNewser.

CNN’s Susan Roesgen‘s contract will not be renewed and she will be leaving the network, TVNewser reports. She was criticized for her coverage at the tax day tea parties in April, when she said the event she was covering was, “anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing, conservative network Fox.”

LAT: In a new television spot, CNN proclaims it is “No. 1, with more viewers than Fox and MSNBC.” The ad goes on to say that CNN has held the top spot for seven years in a row. This came as a news flash to Fox and MSNBC, considering that both top CNN in the ratings.

It’s CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo vs. Erin Burnett at MarketWatch’s Media Web.

To commemorate the Apolla 11 mission, FNC will air “Apollo 11: One Small Step to Our Future” tonight at 10pm, hosted by Greta Van Susteren and including an interview with Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11′s lunar module pilot and the second man to walk on the moon.

What is NBC’s Ann Curry up to?


“Breakroom Live” is getting yanked by Air America, Mediaite reports. The show, daily at 3pm, is a live Webcast starring Air America stalwarts Sam Seder and Marc Maron. The hosts announced the move on Twitter, and engaged in a final show that was only slightly bitter.

The Drudge Report Power List.


National Journal kicked off Health Care Week today, complete with a new health care topic page online.


As announced over Twitter, @cqpolitics: CQ’s Tim Starks wins Nat’l Press Club Award for Political Journalism.

HAT TIPS: mediabistro, Politico

NEW NOTES and some good news in JOBS after the jump…

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Morning Reading List 06.18.09

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Roll Call celebrated a 54th birthday this week. Happy birthday to CNN minx, Meryl Conant (clearly added by MD)!! What we know and what we’re reading this Thursday morning…



One of the new bidders for the Boston Globe says he will work with the union.


CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla is the new father of twin girls.

NBC’s Ann Curry, CNN’s Rick Sanchez, FNC’s Clayton Morris and Today show producer Ryan Osborn talked social media and foreign reporting yesterday at the 140 Characters Conference in New York. TVNewser has the dets.


Bob Sullivan‘s blog “The Red Tape Chronicles” hit a milestone this week: its 100,000th reader comment. Congrats Bob! (h/t WebNewser)

C-SPAN’s has a redesign.


NYT: The visas for many of the foreign journalists in Iran are expiring this week, depriving the world of independent sources of information about the violent protests that erupted after the disputed presidential election.

Larry Kramer on The Daily Beast says the media can profit from Twitter’s big week, Jack Shafer on Slate says we shouldn’t get carried away about Twitter’s role in Iran’s demonstrations.

YouTube is still blocked in Iran.


Fox News anchors are responding to comments that President Obama made in an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood earlier this week- “I’ve got one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration,” Obama said. “You’d be hard-pressed, if you watched the entire day, to find a positive story about me on that front.”

Steve Doocy: “Look, we are just balancing things out. When you watch the other channels, the news channels, it’s all — you know, you don’t hear a lot of the criticism.” And Greta Van Susteren on her blog: “I don’t think the President is afraid of Fox – he is a very smart and tough man – but I do think he holds a grudge. There is a huge Fox audience that he represents since he is the President of all Americans.”

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Morning Reading List 06.08.09

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What we know and what we’re reading this Monday morning…



Chicago Tribune: Tribune Co. and its creditors are in the early stages of negotiating a plan of reorganization in U.S. Bankruptcy Court that likely would transfer control of the troubled media conglomerate from Chicago billionaire Sam Zell to a group of large banks and investors that holds $8.6 billion in senior debt.

NYT: Free newspapers have been hit especially hard by the economic downturn because they rely entirely on advertising, which is more volatile than revenue from newsstand sales and subscriptions. Analysts say ad revenue at many free newspapers has fallen by more than a third in recent months, compared with a year earlier.

Boston Globe: The union representing more than 200 Boston Globe delivery truck drivers today approved $2.5 million in wage and benefit cuts, leaving only one major union to ratify concessions that the Globe’s owner, the New York Times Co., says it needs to continue to operate the paper.


The Daily Beast brings us the 7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk.

Also- Marc Ambinder‘s “The Sunday Shows in Seven Sentences Or Less.”

That was CBS Early Show anchor Maggie Rodriguez emceeing the opening ceremonies at the 20th annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Saturday.

NBC’s Ann Curry was in Iran for a Dateline special “Inside Iran.”

Check out MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough’s Q&A about his new book “The Last Best Hope” in NYT Magazine here.

The landscape of local media is changing in this economic environment. Baltimore Sun takes a look here.


Stephen Colbert (in Iraq this week visiting troops and taping his show) is guest-editing Newsweek- “A Reader’s Guide to the Colbert Issue” from Newsweek here.

NYT: Just days after changing editors, the New York Observer laid off a significant chunk of its employes on Friday, including as much as a third of its editorial staff. The Observer did not disclose the number of people let go, but one person briefed on the matter said it was 15, including 10 in the newsroom, while another said the total was “in the low teens.”


WaPo: A North Korean court sentenced two U.S. journalists to 12 years in a labor camp Monday. Laura Ling and Euna Lee, television reporters from Current TV detained in March along North Korea’s border with China, received harsher sentences than many outsiders had expected.

The Morning Media Menu was joined today by mediabistro’s associate director of education Jessica Eule to discuss this summer’s upcoming classes. Listen in here.


Richard Wolffe was a guest of Howard Kurtz on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday, where Political Ticker points out he denied that writing his book meant trading objectivity for access. “It certainly meant that I would have an access and a relationship with him and his inner circle that gave me an insight into him and his campaign that was I think better than anybody else,” Wolffe said. Read on here.

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JOBS after the jump…

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