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Thanks for the Mammaries

Here in the Fishbowl we like to keep our readers abreast of all the important media happenings around town. It’s fair to say we’d walk over mounds of twin peaks to bring you news.

We’ve confirmed that Anqoinette Crosby, the woman who, at one point, caused quite a stir in the newsroom with her “Post Now Video Cast” series, is out. So is the series, which ended in April. She was on contract and the newspaper’s deal with her has reached the end of its newsrack. On Crosby’s website a story about her boasts that she was WaPo‘s “first internet TV anchor in the newspaper’s 134-old history.”

Lest we forget, WaPo‘s newsroom staff was in an uproar back in January, embarrassed by an experimental product they considered poor with the anchor’s body parts stuffed into ultra-snug clothing.

Thanks for the mammaries, WaPo. We wish her the breast.

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Staying Abreast of WaPo Newsroom Uproar

After he got through the horror of seeing the word “boobs” in print (in a quote, we might add), WaPo Assistant Managing Editor/Personnel Peter Perl fired off this disgusted missive to me late yesterday afternoon. This was before, as FBDC reported earlier today, WaPo went ahead today and issued that newsroom survey about the new “Post Now” video feature starring Anqoinette Crosby.

Subject line: Remarkable

“I would not know where to begin exactly in expressing how offensive your writing was today.  The sexist nature of the piece about Anqoinette Crosby was quite stunning to me, as if it was written by a teenaged boy circa 1958. I think it is a sad commentary on your work and your character.


Peter Perl”

Dear Mr. Perl: You have every right to write in and I appreciate your honesty. No doubt you were just as aghast when then-Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) showed some cleavage on the Senate Floor and your own paper covered it in a story headlined, “Hillary Clinton’s Tentative Dip Into New Neckline Territory” complete with a near boob shot. But let’s see how appalled you really are after those newsroom surveys start rolling in. A Washington, D.C. reporter put it better than we ever could: “People need to get a sense of humor (and a bra!).”

Crosby Critiqued in WaPo Survey

FishbowlDC reported yesterday that Anqoinette Crosby and her new feature “Post Now Video Cast“  is causing quite a stir in the WaPo newsroom.  Complaints about Crosby addressed everything from performance to appearance.

Though some readers perceived Fishbowl’s post as “sexist,” it seems WaPo brass may have taken note.  Today a source sent FishbowlDC a link to a survey being conducted about the buxom broadcaster.  The survey asks questions like: “The anchor’s presentation reflects the image of The Washington Post. Agree or Disagree?”

WaPo’s New Feature Has Newsroom in Uproar

Twin turbo (the engine, of course)

WaPo‘s editorial staff is anguished and angry over a new feature called “Post Now Video Cast” that the publication is touting. In it, Anqoinette Crosby anchors a newscast.

“Almost everyone thinks it sucks. It’s an absolute embarrassment. My God, have you seen her twin turbos? The dancing bears are rolling in their graves,” an inside source told FishbowlDC. Sources say the premier episode is a source of “teeth gnashing” in the newsroom and referred to the newscaster as “the chick with the boobs.”

Other complaints: 1) The set is not even WaPo‘s newsroom. 2) The video screen is weirdly placed – a source suggested that Crosby’s arm (and perhaps her ample chest) block it. 3) The pacing is odd.

Each day, Crosby (a.k.a. “AQ”) will report on a variety of news multiple times a day. Yesterday was the ice (hailed widely as a “piece of crap”). Today it’s the Chinese prez visiting the White House and AQ breaking it down. Though not as dominant as Day 1, the “girls” are on display and AQ is sporting tall, leather black boots.

Crosby’s experience? She hosted that infamous “Dancing Bears” video which got categorically slammed by WaPo‘s own Ombudman Andy Alexander. She’s a car enthusiast. She worked as a consumer reporter for MotorWeek and her website says she has “enjoyed some of the greatest adventures driving some of the fastest, hottest cars on the planet.” Her website calls her an “international, award-winning journalist.”

If inside reviews are scathing, outside remarks are damning. WCP “Loose Lips” Columnist Alan Suderman writes, “WaPo, I love you, but you’re killing me with this garbage. Like a car wreck, I can’t not look.” And WCP‘s Real Estate reporter Lydia DePillis adds, “This actually makes me want to cry.”

WaPo Adds On-camera Gig to Dot Com

WaPo management introduced Anqoinette Crosby to the newsroom this afternoon.  Crosby, who has appeared on PBS, NBC 4 and WUSA 9 is joining the Post as their first-ever anchor and on-camera reporter for   Memo announcing Crosby and the new role below:

“We are pleased to introduce Anqoinette Crosby to The Washington Post as our first anchor and on-camera reporter for She will be leading the launch of Post Now Video Cast that will present latest news and interesting features from the Post multiple times each day. She will also be enhancing our live video coverage and producing original video content for the web.

You can expect to see her across all areas of the site and in the newsroom as she works to increase our video content by interviewing reporters and editors as well as presenting the top news throughout the day.

Anqoinette has over 10 years of multimedia experience, with a strong foundation in broadcasting. Her previous reporting and producing assignments include a 6-year stint as the consumer reporter at PBS’ MotorWeek where she created a popular car lifestyles segment called “Gear.”

Most recently, she has been appearing on NBC/4′s The Daily Connection and last year hosted and produced car shows for WUSA/9 and WMAR/2. Her freelance reporting has been for CONUS News Service and Fox TV’s America’s Most Wanted as well as for local news markets in Baltimore and San Francisco.

Anqoinette, who graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, will report to Steven King.

Please welcome her to the newsroom and expect to see her asking questions of you in the near future.

Raju Steven”