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Carlos Dangerously-Named Journos

Anthony Weiner admitted yesterday to using the online alias Carlos Danger to carry on a strange Internet affair with a 22-year-old woman. If you’re anything like us, that got you wondering how Weiner came up with such a great alias. Already having graced the news media by having the last name Weiner, he’s provided another amazing name to fill headlines and Twitter jokes.

But lets face it, sometimes we all need an alias, whether it’s to ghost-write a book or set up a Swedish bank account to hold mounds of embezzled money. And if you haven’t found your inner-Carlos Danger yet, don’t worry, it’s not hard at all. Yesterday afternoon, Chris Kirk of Slate posted a Carlos Danger Name Generator that figures it out for you. We of course had to figure out the alter-egos of the FBDC staff, as well as a few journos around D.C. Enjoy.

Silvestre Sly: Betsy Rothstein, FBDC

José Jeopardy: Peter Ogburn, FBDC

Pascual Death: Justin McLachlin, FBDC

Lorenzo Distress: Austin Price, FBDC

Now see the rest…

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Mediabistro Course

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Newswomen Identify With Angelina Jolie

The overnight story of Angelina Jolie having a double mastectomy has resurrected similar stories of national newswomen who relate only too well to the actress.

“Thank God she did it and thank God she talked about it and thank God she got it out there,” said Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin. “She is a great role model!”

Griffin revealed on Fox News radio that some nine weeks ago she had her ovaries and uterus taken out because of the link between breast cancer and other types of cancers.

Also following Jolie’s news is ABC “The View’s” Barbara Walters, who admitted that she, too, had her ovaries removed. As reported by Hollywood Life, she told co-hosts on the show that she had the surgery to prevent cancer. Her sister died of the disease.

Listen to Griffin on Fox News radio here.



Barbara Walters Wants to Sit on ‘Sunny Field’

ABC Host of “The View” Barbara Walters is scheduled to announce on this morning’s program that she will retire next summer. She will remain executive producer of the show she created in 1997.

“I do not want to appear on another program or climb another mountain,” she said in a release from the network. “I want instead to sit on a sunny field and admire the very gifted women—and okay, some men too—who will be taking my place.”

“The View” airs at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

New TV Series: How Do I Get a Job At…?

Mediabistro TV has launched a brand new series called “Score That Job,” which becomes the fifth original series to go into production. Starring  Mediabistro’s career expert, Vicki Salemi, the series tackles the question, “How do I get a job at…?”

Salemi, who has interviewed the likes of Katie Couric, Barbara Walters and Tony award winner Bernadette Peters, relentlessly grills HR execs and hiring managers and uncovers the truth about how to land a job at some of the most popular hip media companies out there. Salemi is undoubtedly an experienced interviewer. When she first began, she was a freelancer working for College Bound Teen magazine and had a day job in HR. “Angelina Jolie was my first celebrity interview ever in 2004…I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, Ben Affleck, Meredith Viera, she’s incredibly smart and savvy, Lady Gaga in 2008, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matt Damon, Madonna, and Girard Butler, it goes on and on.”

What are Salemi’s interviewing tips? “The key to a great interview is persistence and preparation,” she told FishbowlDC in a phone interview this afternoon. “Being on air [means] it flows more like a conversation. If I’m conducting a phone interview, the interview can go a different way or move in a different direction. When the cameras are on, you are in the hot seat. It’s also not letting them get away with anything, really pushing, getting granular. I think the best questions sometimes come up organically.” What’s more, she added, ask open ended questions. “I learned this from sorority rush. Ask, ‘how did you feel at this time, what was your biggest barrier?’” For the adventurous journalist, she recommends taking an improv class, which she did last year.

But not every interview goes well. What then? Read more

Interview Queen Has Chicken Pox

ABC “The View’s” Barbara Walters has chicken pox?

The most famous interviewer in the U.S. outside of maybe Oprah just can’t cut a break these days. The news on comes just a week after the 83-year-old famed journalist stumbled and cut her head at the British Ambassador’s home during Inauguration weekend.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg gave an update on today’s program:  “We want to give you an update on Barbara. You all know that she fell and cut her head 10 days ago, and then was running a temperature, but it turns out it is all the result of a delayed childhood. Barbara has the chicken pox. She’d never had it as a child.  So now she’s been told to rest, she’s not allowed any visitors. and we’re telling you, Barbara, no scratching,”

Brain Tumor Kept Martin Bashir Out of Work

It was reported in 2008 that MSNBC’s Martin Bashir has a brain tumor. The illness is still there and causing problems.

“I have a brain tumor,” Bashir told FishbowlDC last night when asked why he was absent from his TV program Friday. “It’s fine but it causes a problem from time to time,” he said.

The Daily Mail first reported Bashir’s tumor, quoting “a family friend” who at the time said “there are no signs that the tumour is cancerous, or that it will grow.”

Bashir was attending the Electronic Arts inauguration after-party at the W Hotel Monday night. The event hosted singer John Legend along with music producer Pharrell Williams, actress Malin Akerman, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

We spotted Bashir hanging out alone in the outdoor rooftop area. He told us the inside area had become “congested.” He also said that earlier at the party, he was approached by someone from a “Republican think tank” who questioned him on something “aggressively” and he was wary about speaking to the press.

He’s not the only TV journalist who suffered from health-related setbacks over the weekend. ABC News’ Barbara Walters reportedly fell on Friday while in Washington covering inauguration events. She ended up cutting her temple and being sent to the hospital. ABC’s “The View”s Whoopi Goldberg said today that “doctors stitched her up and she is doing fine, but they want her to take it easy.”

Cy-Fi: Toure Proves He’s From the Streets

Where we watch MSNBC’s The Cycle and Fox News’ The Five so you don’t have to…

On The Cycle yesterday co-host Toure — a black man with about as much street cred as Barbara Walters — delved deep into the controversial stop-and-frisk police practice that goes on in parts of New York City. (It’s somewhat less controversial in West Village.)

Toure’s colleague Krystal Ball introduced the segment by first telling viewers that Toure has “two kids and a loving wife.” (Viewers are never spared the fact that Toure is married… to a woman!) Ball then kicked it to Toure himself who says he “took the opportunity to make a package very seriously” about stop-and-frisk in Brooklyn. He said it’s “something that my neighbors deal with and something that I fear.”

The video package, straight out of a Scruff McGruff anti-crime PSA, begins in black and white with all 120 lbs. of Toure walking down a sidewalk. “Dramatization” displays in the upper-left corner, presumably for the sake of any color blind people watching. Another black man steps into the frame and yells “Police! Get up against the wall!”

Summoning the acting finesse of Mariah Carey in Glitter, Toure pushes himself up against a brick wall as he’s tenderly frisked by another man. The mock policeman (who we later learn is a retired officer) asks Toure where he lives and what his name is.

And cut. That’s it.

The black and white filter fades away and Toure tells viewers what just happened: “It’s called stop, question and frisk and it happens hundreds of thousands of times each year.”

In the next scene, Toure talks to some guys who probably have experienced this. The conversation happens on a stoop outside of an urban apartment and Toure looks like he couldn’t be less comfortable if he were standing on his head.

The package ends and Toure in-studio says, “It’s a complicated issue. I think about the time I got stopped for real… and it made you feel like you were guilty until proven innocent.”

From there, viewers are left feeling like that they’ve just relived the L.A. Riots; assuming the riots happened in the Hamptons and no one was actually assaulted.

Watch the segment here.

Correction: Sparkle, Glitter — is there a difference? Well, actually there is and we flubbed the name of Mariah’s movie. It is indeed Glitter, not Sparkle.

The Whorld of Paul Wharton: Take #2

This weekend’s edition of “Paul Wharton’s Style,” the new TV show airing Sundays at noon on DC50, opens with Paul’s TV team preparing for a blowout party. Paul Wharton is seen breezing through his offices with heads turning as he passes by. When he meets with the team planning his blowout, he finds out that the soirée will be catered by his favorite Washington restaurant, Georgia Brown’s. Paul is so excited and squeals, “I think this is going to be the closest thing I’m going to have to a wedding.” While they finalize plans, Paul sachets away to get his “hair right and outfit tight.”

Cut to the evening of the party where Paul says, ”I was right on time..  If my party started two hours late.” It looked to be an exciting time and everyone was having fun. And then Paul’s “best friend”, Omaraso Manigault, from “The Apprentice,” showed up. We’re sure the cameras missed the eye rolls of party-goers when they saw one of TV’s greatest villains walk into the room. It was hard to tell who was wearing more makeup: Paul or Omarosa. (But, I can tell you who wore it better – Wharton Whins.)

All-in-all, the party seemed like a success. Mini-banana cream pies were passed around the party because it’s his favorite dessert. It’s not terribly surprising that a dessert featuring bananas and cream is favored by one of Washington’s more flamboyant entertainers. Partiers were entertained by 10 flat-screen televisions with the face of Paul Wharton on each one.

After a commercial break, we meet Paul in New York City where he sits down with ABC “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd. Paul talks to her about how she remains starstruck by Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg. Shepherd is a big bore. More importantly, any second that the camera is off Wharton, we start to hate the show. Wharton is the high-octane jet fuel that rockets the program forward. Keep the camera on Wharton.

While Paul is on his NYC getaway, he drops by Sadie’s Kitchen, a restaurant run by friends. Paul heard they make the best mac and cheese on the East Coast, so Paul wants a taste. The next scene is Paul pounding on the table shouting for Grandma and mac and cheese. We’ve heard of acid flashbacks, but never mac flashbacks. Wharton is served two versions of mac and cheese that declares that it might be the best he’s ever had. He then bellows, “MAC AND CHEESE FOREVER!!!!” as the show comes to a close.

We are being 100 percent un-ironic when we say that “Paul Wharton Style” is one of the most entertaining shows on TV. You should be watching this. If we had one criticism of the show this week, it’s that we didn’t get enough Paul. It was way too much of boring Sherri Shepherd. Any moment that Paul isn’t on the screen, we start getting itchy and anxious for his return.

A piece of unsolicited advice? Keep the Paul in Paul Wharton Style.

Fmr. TV Newsman’s Home to be Auctioned Off

Today at 2 p.m. there will be a trustees’ sale of former TV newsman Howard K. Smith‘s 4.39-acre home in Bethesda. The ad says the “property is believed to offer future townhome development opportunity.”

The auction is being held at the Circuit Court for Montgomery County at the Court House Door, 50 Maryland Ave., Rockville, Md.

The home is 7, 258 square feet and consists of six bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths.

Smith, a former foreign news correspondent for CBS and anchor and commentator for ABC, was known for his controversial ways. For example, from the Museum of Broadcast Communications: “Following the 1977 arrival of Roone Arledge as head of ABC News, Smith found himself being used less and less. In 1979, he resigned from ABC, denouncing Arledge’s evening newscast featuring Peter Jennings, Max Robinson, Frank Reynolds, and Barbara Walters as a ‘Punch and Judy Show.’” More on Smith… “In 1940 he joined United Press as their correspondent in London and Copenhagen, and in 1941 joined CBS news, where he replaced William Shirer as CBS’s Berlin correspondent. The last American correspondent to leave Berlin after war was declared, he reached safety in Switzerland with a manuscript that described conditions in Germany, which became the basis for his best selling book Last Train from Berlin.”

Rotten Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Very Gross Things we Think you Ought to Know…)











Today’s Edition of Fish Food takes a look at some of the grosser parts of the news. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Bloody Mitt RomneyYahoo‘s Dylan Stableford reports on what might have been if Bloomberg Business Week had gone through with their original idea for the Jan. 13 issue. The magazine actually went through the process of creating the cover on the right, featuring a bloody Mitt Romney, but decided to run a cover with Microsoft’s Steve Balmer instead. Bloomberg Editor Josh Tyrangiel says the decision was based on their perception that “the Romney story seemed to have already hit its peak.”

Barbara Bathroom Habits – Bravo TV’s “Watch What Happens” welcomed on Sherri Shepherd, co-host of the view this past weekend. Host Andy Cohen puts Shepherd through her paces and asks her a series of uncomfortable questions. When asked to say something embarrassing about ABC’s Barbara Walters, we braced ourselves. Considering Walters’ past, this could have gotten ugly. Walters has already admitted that she had an affair with Sen. Edward Brooke back in the 70′s. Fortunately, we were spared from any mental images of Walters doing the nasty, but what we did hear wasn’t much better. Shepherd says that Walters “never goes to the bathroom.” Here’s the video if you want to watch it, weirdo.

Shep Smith Just Ruined Lunch - POTUS welcomed various TV anchors to dine with him before his State of the Union Address on Tuesday. It’s a long-observed tradition in which the sitting President invites the pretty faces to join him for lunch. This year, the invite list included CBS’s Scott Pelley, ABC’s Diane Sawyer, NBC’s Brian Williams, and several others. HuffPost reports that one member of the media who was present was FNC’s Shep Smith. Smith confirmed this to his audience on Tuesday afternoon by bringing us the menu and how great it was. We honestly couldn’t tell you what was served, though. We were too busy trying not to get sick watching Shep’s sickly hacking cough and gaunt cheekbones as he described the menu. If you think you can stomach it, check out the video of a skeleton wearing a poorly made Shep Smith mask Shep describing the cuisine.