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Jay Carney Toasts Brendan Buck’s Move from Boehner’s Office to AHIP

brendan-buckIn celebration of his move as press secretary for Speaker Boehner to America’s Health Insurance Plans, Brendan Buck joined with friends Monday evening to toast to his new gig. We hear White House press secretary Jay Carney even stopped by, which is pretty funny given their past Twitter feuds.

The night was hosted by Michael Steel – also of Boehner’s staff. In attendance: Washington Examiner’s Rebecca Berg, POLITICO’s Mike Allen and Christine Delargy, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl and Jeff Zeleny, RNC’s Sean SpicerKevin Smith, Doug Heye, Rory Cooper, CBR’s Brent Swander, Yahoo News’ Olivier Knox, BuzzFeed’s John Stanton, CNN’s Brianna Keilar and Erin McPike, Kevin Sheridan, WaPo’s Paul Kane, Roll Call’s Tom Williams, Crossfire’s David Chalian, NBC News’ Frank Thorp and Shawna Thomas, CBS’s Walt Cronkite, Sue Davis, Scott Mulhauser, Kirsten Kukowski, Brad Dayspring, Laena Fallon, Juleanna Glover, and Becca Glover.

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Incest Desk: On Sunday Politico‘s Senior Political Reporter Jonathan Martin appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” as part of the roundtable. The uncomfortably cozy part is that the executive producer is his wife, Betsy Fischer Martin. On a scale of 1 to 10 we give it a 8. The rap on Martin from bookers is he has shown up late to TV interviews and sometimes misses them entirely, so in some cases has fallen out of favor. But not with MTP.

Press Sec. makes plea for patience

“I have almost 5,000 unopened emails. Please bear with me.” — Becca Glover, Press Secretary for Chairman Darrell Issa‘s House Oversight Committee.

Sports bra/spandex spotted in Capitol basement

“Overseen in Capitol basement: Woman wearing a sports bra and spandex shorts. Really? During votes w/ senators coming and going, no less.” — NJ‘s Amy Harder.

Journo employs devious tactic

“I’m too bored to disagree with you, so I’m going to let you win the argument so easily it will be totally unsatisfying.” — The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball.

Reporter feels left out in the cold

“Am I the only journalist who did not watch #TheNewsroom last night?” — HuffPost‘s Sabrina Siddiqui.

Scribes cope with D.C. traffic

“On Sherman Ave, that scene out off Planes, Trains &Autos – ‘YOU’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!’” — The Washington Examiner‘s David Freddoso.

“Note to self: it’s impossible to overestimate traffic in DC or to underestimate how drivers handle it. #WhyDidITake9thStreetTunnel??” — CNN radio reporter Lisa Desjardins.

Spotted: FNC’s Bret Baier Either slowly jogging or quickly walking with a stroller on Foxhall Road. He was wearing an Under Armour type shirt, pushing a stroller and looking chunkier than he does on TV. — Peter Ogburn

Consultant sees positives in travel snafu

“My LAX Virgin flight is an hour delayed. But LSG SkyChef guy just loaded the galley with the speed of a NASCAR pit crew. Impressive.” — GOP Consultant Mike Murphy.


CNN’s New Guard Greets Fox Newsers

A peculiar welcome wagon awaited Brit Hume and Karl Rove outside Fox News’ Washington bureau on Wednesday night.  Before they could enter the studios for their respective hits, both Fox Newsers were forced to pass by some 200 guests of CNN’s New Guard fete.  Awwwwkward.

“Rove looks like he could use a drink,” remarked one party goer.  “Call him over,” suggested another.

But unfazed by the clinking of glasses and rumble of voices, neither FNC personality gave more than a glance at the crew who had congregated on the patio of Johnny’s Half Shell, right in front of Fox’s North Capitol Street headquarters.

Sipping vino and noshing the night away, under glowing CNN logos were ‘new guarders’ such as DOD’s Doug Wilson, UN Foundation’s Heather Wong, Wally Adeyemo from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, W.H. Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest, State Department new media guru Alec Ross, CIA spokeswoman Marie Harf, Doug Heye, Ayotte press secretary Jeff Grappone, Reid communications director Adam Jentleson, Jen Psaki, Thune’s Kyle Downey, Duke University’s Ronnie Chatterji, Rand Paul spokeswoman Moira Bagley and Becca Glover from Rep. Issa’s press shop.  They mixed and mingled with CNN’s Sam Feist, Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash, Edie Emery, Megan Grant, Donna Brazile, Jill Chappell, Sarah Baker, Jen Scoggins, and media types such as The Hill’s Judy Kurtz, Kelly DiNardo, WaPo’s Amy Argetsinger, and soon-to-be Roll Call’s Abby Livingston.

At the end of the evening CNN bid their guests farewell with a gift: network-branded umbrellas, in case of rain.

Tighten Up, Issa.

Remember how in February Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) launched “an inquiry” into Kurt Bardella‘s actions and ultimately fired the  spokesman?  Bardella then joined up with Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller for a brief stint in the role that his Capitol Hill replacement, Becca Glover, had vacated less than 60 days prior.

Now, remember how Issa re-hired his wayward press secretary in August (5 months later)?  Hold that thought.

When news first broke that Bardella was returning to the loving arms of Issa and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, a spokesman told Politico’s Mike Allen:

“Kurt Bardella has accepted a position as a professional staff member with the [House] Oversight Committee. He will work under the committee’s general counsel and is not a spokesman or taking media inquiries.”

I bet you can guess what comes next: Bardella is back to working the press.  This morning the non-spokesman spokesman pitched several reporters on an op-ed penned by Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL).  Adding incest to insult, the piece he peddled was published by his former employer, the Daily Caller:

From: Bardella, Kurt
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:33 AM
Subject: FW: Obama’s Postal Bailout: Chairman Ross Reveals $20 billion price tag in the Daily Caller

Fyi…we got new figures from OMB last night which this op-ed is based on…kb

Chairman Ross in The Daily Caller: High Tab on Obama’s Postal Bailout Plan

“The administration has informed the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that under the normal rules for estimating the cost of legislation, commonly known as “budget scoring,” the president’s plan would not reduce the federal deficit by $19 billion over 10 years as advertised by the White House; in fact, it would increase the deficit by $10-20 billion over that same period…

Technically, Issa’s office didn’t lie.  No one claimed that Bardella wouldn’t proactively contact the press – they only said he wouldn’t be taking media inquiries.  Regardless, today’s reunion has ruffled the feathers of some  journalists who were already outraged by Bardella’s re-hire and flimsy job description.

“So unethical. Not only is Bardella emailing press – he’s emailing Daily Caller sh*t around,” said a Fishbowl source who received this morning’s note.  “This is too much,” added the reporter.

UPDATE: Despite two confirmed sources, Issa’s office rejects the notion that Bardella made contact with anyone in the media, claiming the email sourced by FishbowlDC was sent only to Capitol Hill staffers.  To support the case, Frederick Hill, Issa communications director, sent us a screen shot of this morning’s correspondence, complete with BCC email addresses.  Though one could easily debate that a screen shot from a single email doesn’t validate or disprove any of the claims, we’ve included the image anyhow (after the jump).  In response to the allegations, Hill offered the following statement:

“This is a screenshot of the e-mail that Kurt Bardella sent out at 9:33 AM published in your story.  It includes the individuals to whom the e-mail was sent.  None of the individuals to whom it was sent are reporters. While it’s certainly possible some reporters could have received this e-mail – not from Bardella – but as a forward from other individuals, any assertion that a reporter received this e-mail directly from Bardella is false and at odds with the evidence.”

Image after the jump.

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Photograph by Politico’s Patrick Gavin posted this week. The dark clouds are meant to convey, however jokingly, congressional battles.

Bio of the Day

NJ‘s Susan Davis: “I’m a reporter. Despite that, people seem to like me.”

(Bios will be taken from Twitter and publication websites. If you have someone you’d like us to feature, write me at Your anonymity will be protected.)

Journo says father doesn’t pass gas

“Shopping for a Father’s Day card, I was shocked by the lack of quality, options. Come on, Hallmark. My Dad is not a farting, sexist drunk.” — WJLA-TV reporter Mike Conneen in the most comical tweet we came across on Wednesday.

Ezzy in dream world

“Had a dream in which dream-me realized I could save items I wanted to blog later by starring them in Google Reader. Pro tip, subconscious!” — WaPo liberal blogger Ezra Klein in a Wednesday tweet. We think he was awake when he wrote this, but we can’t possibly be certain.

Crystal ball prediction

“Anyone else feel like at this point a TMZ-Politico merger is almost a foregone conclusion?” — The Nation‘s Washington Bureau Chief Chris Hayes in a Wednesday tweet.

Chuck Todd questions sense of TV banner

“There’s a TV banner (thankfully not NBC fam) that said “Ex-Porn Star Joins Weiner Scandal”; Can u “join” a scandal? Really? Sign up sheet?” — NBC’s Chuck Todd in a Wednesday tweet.

Weiner’s inevitable future in TV?

“Then there is the inevitable foreshadowing of what might be a career in television: Weiner could cash in on his notoriety by moving to TV, as have others caught in similar scandals before him. He has been, after all, a ubiquitous presence on cable TV, coming across as an antsy, energetic liberal who is always willing to take on Republicans and conservatives.” — NJ‘s Billy House in a story about Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s (D-N.Y.) financial disclosure forms for 2010.

Definition of a successful press day

“We just got like 20 TV  Google alerts for @DarrellIssa within 1 minute. Wow, that’s a lot of coverage for the hearing today.” — Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) flak Becca Glover in a Wednesday tweet.

Radio host is all Weinered out

“I am seeking therapy for my compulsive behavior in following the Weiner story more closely than events in Yemen.” — NPR’s Scott Simon in a Wednesday tweet.

David Gregory was into rap (but not the ‘nasty’ stuff)

“A lot of suburban white kids like me were into that stuff,” — NBC “MTP” Host David Gregory told the Washington Examiner this week after Monday night’s GOP presidential debate. Growing up in LA, Gregory said he was big into rap, but stressed that he was never really into the “nasty stuff.” Read the full item here.


More on Bardella’s Replacement…

Late last night we reported the news from Becca Glover‘s memo that she accepted the post for California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee back in January.

At the time, Issa Spokesman Kurt Bardella‘s demise was not on the radar. Glover, formerly spokeswoman for The Daily Caller,  started her new job on Capitol Hill Monday. But she was never intended to be Bardella’s replacement. Rather, a press aide. But that all changed when the news of Bardella’s sneaking emails to NYT reporter Mark Leibovich surfaced. Suddenly her superiors had a new intention for her job as Deputy Press Secretary.

Clarification: Glover was hired one month prior to Bardella’s firing. While it is true that she was never intended to be Bardella’s replacement and suddenly leaped into a role she didn’t anticipate earlier this week, her title was always officially Deputy Press Secretary. The above has been altered to reflect this clarification.

Glover Accepted Press Post Back in January

As many know by now, The Daily Caller‘s Spokeswoman Becca Glover has accepted a deputy press position at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. What some may not know, however, is that she accepted her job back in January, well before Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) fired his Spokesman Kurt Bardella. Bardella was officially let go on Tuesday after Politico reported that Bardella had leaked emails from journalists to NYT reporter Mark Leibovich.

*The Hill posted a story on Glover’s previous public relations experience earlier today.

It’s Becca’s Birthday

A Happy Birthday wish to The Daily Caller‘s spokeswoman Becca Glover Watkins.

We hope you have the day off.

Alex Pappas Leaves Daily Caller for Examiner

Alex Pappas is the reporter on the far right.

The Daily Caller newsroom is heavy hearted as news circulates about reporter Alex Pappas‘ departure for the Washington Examiner where he’ll be covering local news.

“We’ll miss him,” said Spokeswoman Becca Glover Watkins in a note. A colleague lamented, “We lost one of the greats.”

Leaving The Daily Caller isn’t easy for Pappas. Find out why…

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Whose Shoes: Revealed

The brown sandals do not belong to the following female journos who were among the guesses: Erin McPike (RealClearPolitics), Jay Newton-Small (Time), Helen Thomas (formerly with UPI), Helene Cooper (NYT).

The shoes belong to: The Daily Caller‘s Spokeswoman Becca Glover. They are Cynthia Vincent by Target. She believes the nail polish is Silver Skates by OPI.