Urinals come in different shapes and sizes. Mike DeBonis, who mans WaPo‘s local news blog, prefers to pee in the ones that go all the way to the floor.

Is he afraid of missing?

“Four stars for Mintwood Place,” DeBonis tweeted late Saturday night, when most folks have urination on the mind. “Two of those stars are for the #fulllengthurinal.” Mintwood Place is an upscale restaurant in Adams Morgan and was actually given a three-star review by WaPo last month. Brent Davis, who works at Mintwood Place, tweeted in agreement. “Ha! It is a rather nice urinal,” he said.

“Um, that’s twice in one week that Mike DeBonis has expressed his affection for #fulllengthurinals,” independent D.C. blogger Ben Harris noted. “Just sayin.”

Indeed, just seven days earlier, DeBonis tweeted his affection for this particular type of pisser… Read more