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What’s Roland Tweeting?

It’s time for yet another edition of “What’s Roland Tweeting.” As we’ve said before, as long as CNN’s Roland Martin is on indefinite suspension from CNN for remarks he made on Twitter, we will fill you in on what’s going on in his world – or at least his Twitter feed. Today, finds a very inspired Roland. Someone recommended that Martin watch the Ben Affleck movie, “Company Men.” While we have never seen this flick, we understand it is focused around corporate downsizing. Roland is driven to share life lessons that he took away from the movie. So, we present to you the life lessons taken away from the movie Company Men, Top-Ten style…Who knew that Roland had an inner Suze Orman?

1. Never live above your means. Tomorrow’s paycheck isn’t promised.
2. You are a line item on a corporate balance sheet. Loyalty? Yea right. Always look out for yourself FIRST!
3. Downsizing ain’t that hard. It happens to everyone. Learn to like a smaller life.
4. NEVER overextend yourself. Don’t owe on your house, cars, country club AND credit cards. Eliminate debt!
5. ALWAYS have a Plan B. Never entrust your entire life with one company. Think multiple revenue streams.
6. ALWAYS assess your skills & think of multiple jobs you’ll B able to do. Don’t get locked into1 area of expertise.
7. Your boss isn’t your friend. If it comes down to you or him/her, It’s ALWAYS business. Never personal. Accept it.
8. If your spouse needs to keep up with the Joneses, tell them to go & marry a Jones! You don’t need the drama.
9. Be honest with your kids. Don’t hide the truth of layoffs & income change. They need to know what it feels like.
10. Your life is NOT over with a job loss. Follow #1-9 & u will survive, thrive & have an amazing life. So go live!

Thanks, Roland! You’re like some even newer-age Deepak Chopra! We feel confident that these words will live on to inspire generations of young professionals.

In other “What’s Roland Tweeting” news, last week we actually got his attention. (Let’s call this Meta-What’s Roland Tweeting). He thought that THIS contributor was stealing the idea from our editor, Betsy Rothstein. When we informed Martin that we report directly to Ms. Rothstein, he tweeted back to us.


We aren’t sure how we feel about Roland being “in on the joke”, but that won’t stop us from bringing you another edition of “What’s Roland Tweeting!”

Fishbowl5 with Tommy Christopher

The chatter has turned increasingly loud among Washington reporters that Mediaite‘s White House correspondent Tommy Christopher desperately wants to be invited on one of those fun-loving, free-wheeling panel-like shows on MSNBC. Shows like “Up with Chris Hayes,” or “NOW with Alex Wagner” and to an extent Ed Schultz‘ “The Ed Show.”

“Tommy Christopher is clearly abusing his Mediaite platform to pimp himself out and try to get booked on MSNBC,” The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Poor told FBDC in an email. “What’s pathetic is that it is as if he didn’t think anyone would notice.”

Christopher told us that “of course” he wants to do TV hits because “any sane person would.” As for Poor’s comments: “[He] has an obvious personal ax to grind. That individual has TC Derangement Syndrome, and based on his past homophobic remarks and history at virulently anti-gay MRC, it probably has to do with my unqualified support for LGBT rights. Poor is only punching up at me to raise his own profile. More power to him.”

Colby Hall, founding editor of Mediaite who now works at Clear Channel, shared a similar sentiment. “Jeff Poor is a classic example of an Internet troll who can only attract attention by slagging the hard work of others,” he told us. “At least Poor’s online behavior fits the billing that comes from his family name. Or maybe that’s an example of self-fulfilling prophecy.” (Poor said it is actually Hall who  “trolls” NYT‘s Brian Stelter, “accusing him of stealing scoops.”)

Putting that bitchfest aside for a moment, Christopher writes on a host of topics for Mediaite. But most recently he has dedicated his prose to long, syrupy, features on Hayes and Schultz. They were broken into three parts each.

Here’s how Christopher described Schultz in a profile: “very friendly, open, gregarious,” “warm and easy, and free of the prima donna vibe you might expect from a liberal cable news star.”

In his profile of “Up,” Christopher, who constantly tweets about Hayes’ “uppers” fan club like he’s a member, gave the type of faux-reluctant compliment a man gives his fiance: “True to its title, [the show] forces a growing number of people to get Up With Chris Hayes.” While the piece on “Up” is spaced into three parts, it’s a mind numbing eight pages long. Muah, muah, muah!

When describing one episode of Wagner’s “NOW” he wrote, “I haven’t had many opportunities to catch my former White House colleague’s show, but if this crackling, funny panel segment is any indication, I’ll start making a point to.” XoXo, Tommy Christopher.

We’re fascinated with Christopher’s fascination with MSNBC, so we posed questions to him about it. The good news is, when Christopher gets bit, he bites back.

The questions…

See Christopher’s thoughts on Olbermann being an “asshole” to him and about Hayes hypothetically throwing feces at his cameraman (his words, not ours).

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Summer Superlatives: Sexiest Male

It’s the fourth and final day of FishbowlDC’s 2011 Summer Superlatives.  Though the results are under lock and key, the winners from our first nine categories are already locked-in. By this time tomorrow, the entire Class of 2011 will have been decided and each unknowing honoree will be a mere 48 hours from FishbowlDC glory (winners and results will be announced Monday).

But before we get going today – a tiny twist.  Due to an overwhelming tally of Twitter Feud nominations for one Ms. Betsy Rothstein and an underwhelming number for anyone else, we scrapped the category.  Instead we’re bringing sexy back like you read about and splitting the Sexiest category by gender.  Up first, the dudes…

This motley crew of spicy stallions proves “sexy” is in the eye of the anonymous tipster.  Like your studs surly and British?  Got it.  Devastatingly handsome? Yepper. Youthful?  Conservative?  Quirky?  Liberal?  Beefy?  Lean?  Check.  Check.  Check.  We’ve got something for everyone but only your vote will determine which one of these sultry sex gods will take home the title (and coordinating Speedo) of FishbowlDC’s Sexiest Male of 2011. Will it be MSNBC and The Grio’s Jeff Johnson, Politico’s Patrick Reis, The Hill’s Hugo Gurdon, Washington’s own George Clooney Kevin Madden or Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson?

A Fishbowl Fourth of July

For some of us, a Washington Fourth of July is about as desirable as a hot sparkler in the eye.  It’s not that I’m unpatriotic but bridge and tunnel crowds depress me and fireworks don’t impress me (note: the rhyming was unintentional).  Still, in honor of Independence Day FBDC caught up with some Fishbowl faves to find out how they plan to celebrate this year. Fortunately, not everyone in the Fishbowl is jaded like me:

Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan: “I usually go watch the fireworks from the base of Memorial Bridge (and try to take poorly done photos of the reflections in the Potomac) but I’m in the market for a better spot this year.”

Washington Post’s Amy Argetsinger:  “Seneca Lake, N.Y., with amateur pyrotechnics, a bonfire, and Finger Lakes wine.”

Politico’s Julie Mason:  “I keep waiting for my invite to the South Lawn, but so far the inbox is forsaken.  I am going to a roofdeck party in Columbia Heights (unless I hear from someone with a pool, Sam Youngman).  I plan to celebrate the 4th by disregarding all the people on Facebook, Twitter and cable piously reminding everyone else ‘what this day is really about.’  We know what it’s about. It’s about friends with pools.”

New York Times’ Mark Leibovich: “I’m just gonna talk/tweet/blog endlessly about how fascinating Aspen is, even though I’m not there…”

USA Today’s Susan Page:  “Carl and I will be watching the fireworks, as usual, from the pedestrian walkway on Key Bridge. Fabulous view, nice crowd – and you only have to arrive a half-hour before they begin to get a good spot.  And I’ll be celebrating the 4th of July by doing my part to address the soaring deficit: I have reluctantly decided to renounce my rights to all corporate plane tax breaks.”

Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson: “I’m spending the Fourth in Maine with my kids, as usual. We stage a highly-dorky but mildly amusing reenactment in which I play King George and my wife George Washington. I lose every year.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


U.S. Senator just wants to tweet in peace

“Quit complaining abt my Twitter shorthand I know how to spell But Twitter limit is 120 characters” – Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley. (It’s actually 140 characters, senator, but we’ll let you off the hook.)


“Looks like im bumped by Clinton on msnbc.” – lover of all things Fishbowl, WaPo‘s Ezra Klein. And we were so looking forward to it.

Distaste for Creed somehow matches distaste for James O’Keefe

“In prank journalism, Art Levine is to James O’Keefe what “Exile on Main Street” is to the Creed reunion album:” – Foreign Policy‘s Charles Homans.

Intern worships Oprah

“Seriously Arizona, you are my Oprah.” – Daily Caller intern Caitlin Emma. For those not following the NCAA college basketball tournament, the University of Arizona beat Duke, the top team in the country, and sent them packing.

And while we’re on the subject of the Daily Caller

“Leaving Florida with two dozen tattooed, sun-burned, drunk people. D.C., here I come.” – Caller reporter Mike Riggs, who spent the week in his home state. Welcome back.

And while we’re on the subject of returning to D.C.

Betsy Rothstein returns to the Fishbowl on Monday and this is my last day doing the morning quotes (and since the tweets out of D.C. weren’t so great yesterday), I’m giving myself a quote:

“Will we be able to say the word ‘winning’ ever again? Cause that was like an actual word once that I occasionally used” – FishbowlDC’s Alec Jacobs, referring of course to Charlie Sheen.

Still not sure why this was so funny…but it was

“Can’t believe lobsterfest is over.” – Fox News contributor and former press secretary for President George W. Bush, Dana Perino.

The FishbowlDC Interview With @DCjourno

In the just over three weeks he’s been tweeting, Washington has wondered about the identity of @DCjourno, who describes himself only as “an important political reporter in Washington.” The stinging parody account takes aim at Washington media, and the resemblance to real journalists is uncanny and to some, scary. “Just always a little too close to the bone,” said one reporter, relieved to have so far been spared mention. ABC’s Jake Tapper admitted there was a “subtle genius” to the account.

But others don’t think he’s genius at all. As one D.C. Editor put it, “Just read his stuff. An “important political reporter in Washington.” Bullshit. I’ll bet you my car nobody’s ever heard of this guy. Anyone who thinks [NJ's] Marc Ambinder is worth writing about can’t be over 23.” The journalist added, “It has a faux insider feel, like someone who watches too much Morning Joe.”

Some see a self-loathing. Still others just find him loathing. “I don’t give too much credence to people too chickensh*t to put their name behind something because, obviously, once we know who they are, we’ll soon realize that they’re just as douchy as the rest of us,” said a longtime Washington journalist. “Likely: Even more douchey.”

@DCjourno recently told the NYT, “Several of my followers still don’t understand that I’m a parody. They think I’m just a cool D.C. journalist, which really says it all.”

And it’s easy to see why he has some people fooled. Just like the journalists he mocks, he’s always speaking with “senior administration officials.” He suggests good people to follow, including WaPo‘s Ezra Klein (“Few understand health care better than Ezra,” he tweeted sarcastically) and Politico‘s Mike Allen (“Follow foreign policy guru @mikeallen for updates on Egypt. He’s tweeting from the frontlines in Rosslyn”). He always directs his followers to “must reads” and “smart takes.” In fact: “If anyone out there sees a tweet that i can re-tweet with “Interesting … ” in front of it, DM me!”

Tapper suggested his followers check out the stream to see what really went down at former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs‘ farewell party. Apparently, “Gibbs telling the Mark Knoller/vodka-filled-plastic-guitar Vegas story.” Later: “Ambinder talking abt 19th century German philosophy. Gibbs goes, ‘Marc, we know you’re smarter than us. U gonna hit this jameson or not?’” And later still: “Alright, Vietor just challenged me to a dance off with your pants off. Zeleny is the judge. Have a good night, everyone.” Slate‘s Dave Weigel said that @DCjourno was “winning the evening” with his fake live-tweets.

The guessing game has grown more intense as @DCjourno’s follower count has risen, now to more than 3,000 people. CNN’s John King, USA producer Abby Livingston tweeted: “More ppl care about who is @dcjourno than who authored ‘o.’” ABC News’ Political Director Amy Walter agreed: “Ha. So true.”

Asked if he’s @DCJourno, The Daily Caller‘s Mike Riggs adamantly denied it to FishbowlDC, saying, “As much as DCJourno pretends to be in this world, but not of it, whoever’s writing those tweets cares deeply about Beltway culture and the assholes who maintain it. I don’t. Or at least, not enough to glorify its participants through caricature. I’m flattered that you think me even-tempered enough to maintain such a ruse, but I’m not your man, and I don’t know who is.”

@DCJourno wouldn’t give us any clues whatsoever about his identity, but did agree to an interview by e-mail. He wouldn’t, however, allow any follow-up questions. We tried to press him on a couple of things, but no such luck.

Are you actually a D.C. journalist, or more of an observer? I am an actual D.C. journalist, hence the Twitter handle, @DCjourno.

Why are you anonymous? Will you ever reveal yourself? I’m definitely not anonymous. Pretty much everyone in this town knows me now.

Are you a man or a woman? Man.

Find out what @DCJourno likes to do in his spare time and why he’s so looking forward to Tammy Haddad‘s garden brunch…

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TBD Hates on FBDC for Hating on Haters

Andrew Beaujon

Perhaps it’s the slow news week or maybe a cry for attention…  Whatever the cause (though I assume it’s the latter), Arts and Entertainment Editor Andrew Beaujon jumped on the Betsy-bashing bandwagon today with a “hard-hitting investigation” that asked the tough question: does Betsy Rothstein (FishbowlDC)  hate the people she covers?  The basis of the hypocritical hit piece was an aggregation of Rothstein’s Twitter spats over the past year.  In his article, Beaujon hates on Betsy for hating on people who hate on her. Whatever the motivation, the outcome was success for the traffic-starved site as a slew of hateful tweets highlighting Beaujon’s hit on Betsy’s “hatred” toward haters poured in.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and WaPo‘s Ezra Klein are just a few of the journalists who chimed in over Twitter to piss on the ever-tarnishing Golden Rule:

@KeithOlbermann: Wonderful reading: tweets & tribulations of the self-inflating Betsy Rothstein of @FishbowlDC

@LoriMalloryTO: @KeithOlbermann @FishbowlDC That was fairly awesome. She’s like the Soup Nazi of Twitter, but without the talent. #NoSoupForYou!!

@ezraklein:@FishbowlDC Aww, Bets, aren’t you just the sweetest piece of pie in the mid-Atlantic?

@ezraklein: @fishbowldc‘s Betsy Rothstein is a charming individual:

@KeithOlbermann: That’s the best you’ve got? My dad died last year, want to work that in somehow? Psycho.

@ezraklein: @FishbowlDC But to be fair, it’s only because I think you’re a bad journalist and don’t trust you. Don’t take it personally!
@ParkyBill: @fishbowldc is proof that “stupid is the new smart” in Republican DC. Mmm! Figs!

@alisavino: unfollowing @FishbowlDC Betsy’s childishness is too grating on my sanity. she is emblematic of the very worst of DC

@ezraklein: @FishbowlDC Of course journalists and journalism are worthy of coverage. But you’re a gossip writer. It’s different.

In a matter of an hour Betsy (FishbowlDC) was taunted, teased and bashed. She was labeled “psycho,” “self-inflating,” “stupid,” “worst of DC,” “a bad journalist,” untrustworthy and  talentless.  Geez- I can’t imagine why her tweets aren’t sugary sweet.

Which leads us back to TBD’s story about Twitter feuds.  Beaujon admits that Rothstein rarely instigates the supposed spats so  what exactly is he criticizing?  That Betsy doesn’t abstain from the act of self-preservation?  That she fights back under attack?  Or maybe the post was more about an unknown editor of a lonely beat at a quiet website finally getting his day in the spotlight…

Keep it klassy, folks.

The Never-Ending News of Nelson Lewis

L to R: Nelson Lewis, actress Rose McGowan and Mankini

I wish we knew how to quit you, Nelson…but the wild web of  fake titles, stolen identities and lies just keeps growing.

We told you last week the wacky story of W. Nelson Lewis (26), the former Fox News guest greeter and Laura Ingraham Show producer who was recently arraigned in District Court for allegedly impersonating 55-year-old Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA).  Sporting a congressional pin, Lewis was arrested by the Capitol Police on November 17, 2010 after claiming to have been assaulted.  He later admitted that the claim was false.

FishbowlDC’s Betsy Rothstein contacted Kingston who described a long friendship with the Lewis family and a past internship for Nelson in his office. But the Congressman denied any connection to the congressional pin Lewis was wearing when arrested.

“My thinking is it’s one of those youthful indiscretions that just got out of hand,” Kingston reasoned with Rothstein. “It was a one-time event, harmless in intent. I’m friends with him. I don’t know the circumstance of this, but my impression is he’s out drinking one night, running his mouth, unfortunately the hole got a little bit deeper. There’s no ill intention.”

Unfortunately for Nelson, the story didn’t end there.  Over the next few days, a slew of other Lewis-fabricated titles and identities surfaced.  In a recent interview with Kate Michael‘s “District Dish” video series, Lewis referred to himself as a Bahamian diplomat – “His Excellency” - and entertained Michael’s co-hosts with stories about his activities as a features writer for Rolling Stone.  Both the Bahamian Embassy and Rolling Stone have adamantly denied any connection to Lewis.

“He shared with me that he had been named Minister Plenipotentiary for Artistic Endeavors for the Embassy of the Bahamas, giving me his new business card and e-mail address and inviting me to cover artistic events he was co-hosting, including one at the OAS,” said Kate Michael. “At no time did we have any indication that his claims might be false.”

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Swag Bags Like Whoa @Time & People Magazine Party

timepeople swag.jpg

More on the party to come but we couldn’t help but gush over Time and People magazines celeb-caliber swag bags that guests walked with after last night’s swanky party at the St. Regis Hotel. Media-types like CNN’s Edie Emery, Michelle Jaconi and Jill Chappell, NBC’s Betsy Fischer, Andrea Mitchell, Luke Russert, Savannah Guthrie and Mark Whitaker took home patent leather Le Sport Sacs filled with goodies such as a Little Honey travel pillow,Tip Toes foot petals, Murad sunscreen, Clinique Happy Dr. Bronner’s pure castille soap, Tokyo-milk perfume soap, Coola face cream Clinique Men’s face scrub and shave cream, Clinique quick blush, gloss wear, lip smoothie, power mascara, kohl shaper, eye serum and moisture surge, Jock’s Soaps complexion bar, half-dozen Georgetown Cupcakes, EO hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes, Paddy Wax, Envirosax tote, Ecosystem journal, Luxe Link, Company Store Egyptian cotton towel, Joesph Abboud silk necktie, Sygg black panther water bottle and a DVD of HBO’s “By the People” documentary.

And even though the drinks and food flowed freely, the mags sent guests home with snacks like Starbucks Via, Attune probiotic bar, Vita Coco, Bloomsbury Emergency Chocolate bar, Justin’s nut butters, Green’s + chocolate energy bar, Larabar gift set, Serendipity’s frozen hot chocolate mix, Funky Chunky popcorn, Veggie straws, Snikiddy’s baked fries, Theo chocolate gift set and Boost daily health booster.

As my co-editor Betsy Rothstein said this morning, “you have to mention the Tip Toes, the ball-of-foot cushions. Such a rare assortment of items I never knew I wanted so badly.”


time people bardisplay.jpg

2010 New Year’s Resolution Roundup

resolution graphic.gif

With only three days left in 2009 (good riddance), time to make your New Year’s resolution is quickly running out. Whether you embrace or reject the annual tradition, it’s tough not to form some sort of secret pact for self-improvement when a new year is just around the corner. Work harder, live healthier, be friendlier…

Setting the goals is simple. It’s keeping up with those pesky promises that proves so difficult. That’s why FishbowlDC salutes the brave journalists who shared their good intentions with us. For better or for worse (ahem…Jake Tapper), the “2010 New Year’s Resolution Roundup” is now live:

“To stop answering yes when people ask me if I also play defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings.”

- Jared Allen, The Hill

“To know every member of congress by name, face and state.”

- Luke Russert, MSNBC

“I’m starting a cliche jar on my desk. Every time I’m busted using a cliche in a story, I have to do five push-ups. Ten if it’s a bad business term. I figure that either my writing will improve, or I’ll get in a better shape. Talk about a win-win… oh, man, well, there’s the first 10…”

- Jen Nycz-Conner, Washington Business Journal

“The first year of the Obama administration was too hectic timewise for me to take my son and Dad to the new Yankee Stadium, but in 2010 it’s the Bronx or bust!”

- Ed Henry, CNN senior WH correspondent

“Read more fiction. Make time to cook. Stop my long-running habit of intentionally sneezing on other journos’ keyboards when they stroll out of the press gallery.”

- Todd Zwillich, The Takeaway / WNYC New York / Public Radio Intl.

“Less time on my blackberry and twitter.”

- Jake Tapper, ABC News WH correspondent

“To be the best husband, father and son I can be. Also, to not yell at so many field hockey referees during Catholic University’s 2010 run to their first NCAA tournament.”

- Chris Cillizza, Washington Post

“Although I don’t actually believe in NY resolutions, I do intend to be the first person in the Capitol press galleries every morning since ’2010′ is my beat and all.”

- Erin McPike, National Journal

“I’m totally corny about these kind of things, so here it goes: I want to think more positively in 2010 and be less critical of others. I’d also like to spend more time talking to friends instead of talking to them, then intermittently looking down at my blackberry during our conversation.”

- Shira Toeplitz, CQ-Roll Call

“To survive the stream of lunatics that visit FishbowlDC’s Anonymous Tip box on a daily basis. To not become one of those crazed D.C. journalists.”

- Betsy Rothstein, FishbowlDC