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POLITICO Launches Annual 10-Day Journalism Institute

POLITICO today announced the launch of its Journalism Institute, a 10-day annual program for college students interested in pursuing a political journalism career in Washington. Bill Nichols will direct the program alongside Kara Kearns, who will assist in its organization.

Senior editors and reporters from POLITICO will lead much of the program’s content. It is also tied to the American University School of Communication and the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education.

The POLITICO Journalism Institute will launch July 31 and the deadline to apply is June 27.

For more, click through for POLITICO Executive Editor Rick Berke‘s announcement to staff. Read more

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Politico Lois Romano’s Sparse Bylines

It’s coming up on Lois Romano‘s one-year anniversary as a senior political writer at Politico. Curiously, she has a grand total of 45 bylines since her move there last February from The Daily Beast.

Anyone familiar with the culture of Politico‘s newsroom knows that their writers are expected on an average day to file multiple stories, both long and short form. A search on Politico‘s website for Romano’s byline renders just over two pages of results. By comparison, a search for reporter Ben White‘s byline offers up more than 12 pages over the same time period (February 2012 to the present). In that time, White published 241 stories.

Romano’s and White’s colleague Jake Sherman published a staggering 386 items. Glenn Thrush, another Politico reporter, filed 156. Thrush also churned out three e-books he co-bylined in that time.

Lois is a well-known and respected reporter in Washington, having spent 28 years at WaPo. After that, but before joining Politico, she spent just under a year at The Daily Beast.

Why such a low number of bylines at a publication notorious for burning out reporters with its high productivity demands? We’ve requested comment from both Romano and Politico‘s Ombudsman and Editor-at-Large Bill Nichols. We also wrote Editor-in-Chief John Harris to inquire whether Romano has perhaps been on leave, whether for medical reasons or otherwise.

On average, Lois published four stories each month, peaking at nine stories in August last year.

Update: Harris got back to us… Read more

Politico Announces Changes in Gargantuan Memo

Politico‘s Editor-in-Chief John Harris sent a vast memo to staff this afternoon saluting them on their successes and detailing changes to come.

The takeaways: Politico Pro Managing Editor Tim Grieve (the one with a bit of a hilarious temper issue) will now be dealing mainly with platforms not people. (If you hear screams of Halleluja coming from Rosslyn this afternoon, this is why). Like Grieve, Craig Gordon also has the title of Politico Managing Editor. Looks like he’ll be manning the daily operation because he will be “managing content” (i.e. TALKING with people, so hopefully he’s a human being.). Both men will report to Danielle Jones who has been promoted to Deputy Editor-in-Chief. We love this line: “As is obvious from these descriptions, Craig and Tim will work together hand-in-glove, since there is no platform without great content, and no content without a great platform.” (Craig, we hope your self-esteem is intact.) The other big whopper is that beloved Bill Nichols will move into an “editor-at-large” role in which he will serve as the publication’s ombudsman. VandeHarris, for their part, will continue to do what they do — they will fearlesly lead the team and write whenever possible. But read between the lines: “John will continue to dedicate most of his time to directing editorial coverage; Jim will continue to dedicate most of his time to the broader strategic direction of the company; and both of us will continue to write as often as we can.” We’re hearing strong murmurings that the pair is beginning the process of moving off strict day-to-day editorial management.

See the full memo. It’s a long one. Get some popcorn… Read more

Politico Reporter Wins Under Fishy Circumstances

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press announced that they are recognizing Politico’s Josh Gerstein for his “his efforts on behalf of press freedom and government transparency.” A press release announces that he is receiving the “First Amendment Award for his vigilance in preserving and expanding access to government information.” Other winners this year include C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb and Gannett’s Vice President and Senior Associate General Counsel Barbara W. Wall.

What’s fishy is this nugget at the bottom of the release from Politico:

POLITICO Managing Editor Bill Nichols is a member of the Steering Committee for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

Congrats Josh! You must work hard and not get a lot of sleep. But for an organization like Politico, that likes to control the optics of its reporters, this seems just a LITTLE sloppy. Now how does someone on the steering committee steer a person that he employs to win an award and have it be ethical? It’s a real head scratcher. But hey, at least they admitted it.

Get Ready: New ‘Cool’ Stuff at Politico

Politico’s Managing Editor Bill Nichols sent out a praiseworthy internal memo this morning with lots of kisses. SWAK. SWAK. SWAK. For starters, Breaking News team editor Gregg Birnbaum gets a huge round of applause from top brass not to mention a promotion. Well, of course that depends on what you think a promotion is. He now gets to edit Charles Manson Dylan Byers on his media coverage and will become Deputy Managing Editor as they bring on a deputy for the Breaking News team.

In other news, Politico plans to use Birnbaum to implement new ways to present “cool” content in the coming days. There’s also a new phrase we’ve not seen before — “Politico DNA.” Uh oh. Are they going to start injecting us with a special serum?

See the full internal memo, and Gregg, best of luck with Dylan. We hear he’s quite a handful who may or may not look like Patrick Dempsey (“McDreamy”) in real life…

Read more

Politico Brings on Quarter Century NYT Editor

Politico is boasting the years that Anne Cronin, a new Deputy Managing Editor, has worked at the NYT. It’s 25. She will work “in concert with” Bill Nichols, says an internal memo, to manage the print edition. Writes Editor-in-Chief John Harris, “During her years at the Times, she was a graphics editor for the newsroom, a story editor at The Week in Review, a News Desk editor and a features editor for the Metro staff.” She left the NYT in 2006 to do a myriad of jobs including freelance editing for Lincoln Center’s website.

Want a bit more on Cronin? See her less is more website here.

She begins today.

See the memo…

Read more

Politico’s Laura McGann Moves Managing Finesse to Lobbying and Campaign Finance

Politico‘s Congressional Bureau Chief Laura McGann is heading up a brand new team that centers on lobbying and campaign finance. Some may also know her work from Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab, where she was prior to Politico. She’s also the former founding managing editor of The Washington Independent and worked at TPM.

On an unusual note, she has a dog named FOIA.

So far McGann’s team members are Ken Vogel, Robin Bravender, Anna Palmer and Dave Levinthal.

The search is on to fill McGann’s former position.

See the internal memo from Managing Editor Bill Nichols.

Read more

Politico’s Epstein Joins White House Beat

Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein gets to – gasp! – set her alarm clock slightly later since she’s joining the White House team. We hope this means she gets to sleep in until 5 a.m.  Replacing her on the Breaking News desk is Mackenzie Weinger, a Politico summer intern who also completed internships at NJ and Roll Call.

Congratulations to all.

See the internal memo from Managing Editor Bill Nichols.

Read more

Politico Behaves Unprofessionally

Politico prides itself on winning the morning, right? And the afternoon, the evening and sometimes the twilight.

Well, this time they stole the morning when Politico CLICK Editor Caitlin McDevitt wrote up an item on FNC’s Greta Van Susteren and her husband, John Coale, attending Kim Kardashian‘s wedding this weekend. FishbowlDC broke the news on Thursday afternoon. Politico‘s McDevitt ran her item Friday morning with no mention of where she lifted the news, giving off the perception that she had broken the story. Sure, she quotes Coale, but just because you quote someone does not mean you are breaking news. The Atlantic also ran news of Van Susteren and Coale attending the wedding and cited FBDC.

Politico knows better — or does it?

We’ve noticed lately that Politico CLICK has a growing problem with sourcing — the problem being that they choose not to.

We reached out to Editor John Harris and posed three questions.

1. Is it a Politico policy to not cite other publications that have broken the news you are writing about?
2. Do you plan to rectify this and give FishbowlDC the credit that it should have on this item?
3. Are you aware that CLICK is now accumulating a growing number of posts that blatantly steal from other publications and if so, what do you plan to do about it?

Harris replied to FishbowlDC: “I just don’t know anything about the item you wrote or what Politico wrote. I’m copying managing editor Bill Nichols and Click editor Caitlin McDevitt. Bill will respond, if he thinks best. Thanks for checking in.”

Other items Politico CLICK has taken at a five finger discount as of late include the following: After The Hill‘s Judy Kurtz broke the news that Rob Lowe‘s son was coming to Washington to intern for Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Politico CLICK followed up by rewriting the item and “confirming” the news. They did not cite The Hill. In another item on Betty Ford‘s funeral, they wrote the item like they were there and cited no one. The item is weak, but still, it wasn’t theirs. They cobbled it together from other news reports. Which ones? Who knows? And in their minds, who cares?

McDevitt responded to FBDC by email on the Van Susteren/Kardashian item: Hi Betsy, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. POLITICO had this information from our own reporting — an e-mail exchange with John Coale on Thursday — before the Fishbowl item was published. But since you did report the news first, we’ve updated our post to reflect that. Thanks, Caitlin McDevitt

A word of advice: Hold onto your news Washington journos. Thievery at Politico is on the rise. But if you bring it to their attention, perhaps they will be receptive, as they were with us today, and add the proper citation.

Politico Reporters/Editors: The Chosen Ones

We’ve learned specifics on which Politico reporters received the exclusive invite to the boss’s house on Sunday. As many know by now, Politico‘s Robert Allbritton and wife, Elena, held a post WHCD brunch at their Georgetown home, but only a small select group of journalists of the approximately 200 they employ were invited.

The List: Editor-in-Chief John Harris and Executive Editor Jim Vandehei, Bill Nichols, Danielle Jones, Kim Kingsley, Sara Olson, Bill Hamilton, Julie Mason, Jonathan Martin, Craig Gordon, Katherine Lehrer, Manu Raju, Tim Grieve and Mike Allen. Photographer John Shinkle and reporter Amie Parnes were there to cover the event. It’s unclear but doubtful that they would have been invited otherwise.

To the masses who didn’t get to eat fried mushroom puffs and caviar this weekend, don’t worry. They’re sure to send out a praiseworthy internal memo soon or offer catered lunch in the conference room.

UPDATE: We missed Politico’s chief political columnist Roger Simon, who also got to enjoy those mouthwatering mushroom puffs at the brunch. He attended with his wife, Marcia Kramer. “The food, which was catered by Wolfgang Puck, was terrific,” Simon remarked to FishbowlDC.