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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Schieffer’s crush on Paltrow intensifies

CBS “Face the Nation” Host Bob Schieffer completes Politico‘s “Answer This” interview in which he answers the question, “What would you attempt to do if you knew that you could not fail?” His reply: Gwyneth Paltrow. Read the full interview here. Re-read FBDC’s Matt Dornic‘s FishbowlDC interview with Schieffer from Friday in which he also discusses Paltrow. In that interview he called Paltrow his unfulfilled item from his bucket list. Even journalists like Gawker’s vulgar Jim Newell are starting to talk. “Bob Schieffer seriously wants to bang Gwyneth Paltrow.” Come on Newell, this is Schieffer for God sakes. Show some respect.

National Review campaign correspondent Jim Geraghty (who, in dim lighting, could pass for Newsweek‘s Eleanor Clift‘s cousin) remarks, “Oh, Facebook, just stop it.”

Is Roland Martin game for Dancing With the Stars?

“I say we start a campaign to get @rolandsmartin on #DWTS next season!” — An Orlando-based Roland Martin follower named LaRon Hickman. Looks like the “Washington Watch” host and CNN Contributor doesn’t object — he did proudly retweet the notion.

Washingtonian Editor reads at least three newspapers

“Today’s my 1st day as a 3 newspaper household (NYT, WP, WSJ), which I realize is 3 more than the 17 neighbors in my building get combined.” — Washingtonian Editor Garrett Graff. Congratulations?? We hope he doesn’t become a hoarder. A better question: How many of those neighbors read Washingtonian?

Late-night ‘retard’ insensitivity with Dan Riehl

“OK, I know sum [sic] people hate the word, but Barry looks like the class retard in this pic.” — BigGov Contributor and blogger Dan Riehl. See the picture of President Obama here.

This won’t go over well at the office…

“I think it’s funny that @FoxNews’ resident anti-LGBT pseudo-shrink @KeithAblow has the word “blow” in his last name.” — Syndicated columnist and progressive radio personality Karl Frisch.

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Cheney To “Face The Nation” Sunday

CBS’ Bob Scheiffer has booked former Vice President Dick Cheney exclusively for this Sunday’s “Face the Nation.” He tweets:

Dick Cheney is on Face this Sunday. Don’t know what he’ll say, but I guarantee he’ll make news. It’s been that way since our 1st intv in ’75

9 minute ago from twhirl

Schieffer and A-List Media Panel Grace Fort Worth, Texas

From a FBDC guest blogger (and proud mother of a certain DC journo) in Fort Worth, Texas:

Each year, Bob Scheiffer invites noted members of the media to his namesake journalism school at TCU. As always, Wednesday night’s event was entertaining, interesting and timely. This year’s panelists, David Brooks, Trish Regan, Gwen Ifill and Mark Sheilds, with Schieffer moderating, shared their perspective on President Obama, the stimulus package, Afghanistan, the recent firing of Rick Wagoner and the changes facing journalism.

As one might expect, they didn’t agree on all of the topics, but the consensus was that President Obama is a very calm, self confident decision maker and politician. They discussed whether or not Obama has “bitten off more than he can chew” in his policy initiatives.

Some of the more insightful moments were when Ifill noted that comedian Jon Stewart, not the mainstream media, took on CNBC’s Jim Cramer. Brooks discussed the constitutionality of the government taking over corporate duties and the intricacies of Afghanistan and the nature of the Taliban. Shields reflected on the great loss of investigative reporting if papers continue to fail, and cited Walter Reed Hospital in Washington as an example. Regan explained the nature of the banking and Wall Street environment to the Main Street of Fort Worth.

Questions from the audience ranged from the media’s treatment of Obama to the governments authority “to fire” corporate executives. The Schieffer Symposium brings the very best media analysts to Ft. Worth, and our community is very fortunate to have this event each year! At $15.00 per ticket, it’s a wonderful learning experience. Past guests have included: Tim Russert, Tom Brokow, Judy Woodruff and Bob Woodward.

Our guest blogger’s wish list for next year: Maureen Dowd, Charlie Gibson, Ted Koppel and Frank Rich.

Also check out the AP’s Schieffer Symposium coverage here and the Star Telegram’s here.

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