Sealed With ANOTHER Kiss. Come on, Bud. Really?

Back in June of last year, we wrote about The Hill columnist Brent Budowksy kissing Matt Drudge‘s ass. At the time, he wrote a column praising Drudge, saying he “may be the most influential media figure today.”

Well apparently Budowksy still thinks that. Earlier this week he again wrote about Drudge which, naturally, Drudge linked to (hence writing it in the first place, a fairly timeless formula.) This time, it’s “Drudge defines the debate.” It’s Budowksy telling it like it is: “The blunt truth is, Matt Drudge has probably had more influence deciding the political narrative in Washington than any individual in America…”

Budowksy has a long history of these oddly glorifying articles about Drudge. This is getting embarrassing already.

Read here, here, here, here, here, and here.

We’ve requested comment from Budowsky on this matter.

UPDATE: Budowsky responds. It’s verrry long, so we’re putting it after the jump and highlighting the gist just in case reading the whole thing in one sitting gives you hives.

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