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Rare Teaches Parrot to Talk

In the spirit of promoting the new conservative publication, Rare, or just f–king around on a recent Cox Media Group corporate retreat in Orlando, Editor-in-Chief Brett Decker stopped at a McDonald’s to order a gallon of Diet Coke and bumped into these parrots eating pistachios and French Fries. Naturally he taught the blue one in the middle to say “Rare is cool.” He also threw the coke in a certain mayor’s face, saying, “Sorry Mayor Bloomberg. This is Florida — a free state.”

See the actual parrots below.

Rare Set for April Newseum Launch

Rare, the new conservative media hub, launches April 15 at the Newseum.

Pushing the literal concept of “rare” in a release Editor-in-Chief Brett Decker said Rare will do its best to stir the pot, promising “a refreshing, positive alternative taking on subjects others avoid like the plague. The existing media-entertainment complex can’t be allowed to define the parameters of debate over what this country should be.”

He also commented on the recent internal friction at CPAC. “Controversies at the recent CPAC conference about who’s in or who’s out of the conservative movement demonstrated the wide range of views that make up the red center of America, but what once was a strong coalition has broken down into a bitter family feud in which angry members don’t talk to one another across the dinner table” he continued. “We will provide a platform that serves, connects and resonates across conservative thought to get at the heart of what our enormous national base of readers has in common.”

TWT Seeks Editorial Page Editor With Interpersonal Skills

In today’s edition of TWT there is an intriguing ad for a new editorial page editor and editorial writer on page A4. Wes Pruden, formerly TWT‘s controversial Editor-in-Chief, was brought back in to temporarily get things in order after the relatively recent departures of Editorial Page Editor Brett Decker and Deputy Op-ed Editor Anneke Green.

The ad reads: “Qualified candidates must have  excellent interpersonal skills, a huge drive to succeed, an outstanding work ethic, character, integrity and professionalism, and be a team player.”

This directly contradicts the sentiment in Green’s resignation letter from December in which she went after the bosses for their lack of professionalism. Read more

Decker Looks for Rare Hires

Every week comes news of more layoffs at media outlets across the country as journalists cling to their jobs or hope to find new ones. Providing a rare ray of sunshine this week is Rare, Cox Media Group’s new conservative news outlet, which is in hiring mode. We first reported on their arrival to D.C. Tuesday.

“Out of the gates we’re looking to build up our network of outside contributors, and there are a couple of full-time slots,” Rare Editor-in-Chief Brett Decker told FishbowlDC. “A full-blown caffeine addiction isn’t necessarily a job requirement, but these will be very fast-paced gigs with aggregating, reporting, writing and social media components — and preferably all with an edge. Sort of like Lois Lane meets Matt Drudge with a little George Will and Dennis Miller mixed in.”

Decker says there are no litmus tests for this team.

See Rare‘s first hire. Read more

Ex-TWT’s Decker Lands New Rare Job

Former TWT Editorial Page Editor Editor Brett Decker has secured a new job with Rare, a conservative web site to be launched by Cox Media Group. Decker will assume the position of Editor-in-Chief and will be based in Washington. Rare will launch on April 15, 2013 at the Newseum.

Decker quit his job at TWT in November of 2012. He appeared on newspaper boxes like the one above all over the D.C. metro area for months even after he left TWT.

So why a new conservative site now after last year’s electoral thumping?

“I think the timing is perfect for a new conservative outlet to shake up the establishment,” Decker explained to FishbowlDC. “With the economy in the toilet, just about anyone should have been able to beat President Obama in the 2012 election, but Republicans blew it in spectacular fashion. Serious soul-searching needs to occur to figure out what the hell went wrong so it can be fixed. Some of these discussions won’t be easy.

“I came to Washington amidst the excitement following the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress,” he continued. “Conservatism was so ascendant back then that even the Democratic President, Bill Clinton, said ‘the era of big government is over.’ How we got from that point to today’s age of trillion-dollar deficits and $16.7 trillion in national debt is a collapse that needs to be discussed frankly if conservative ideas of fiscal responsibility, bureaucratic restraint and individual liberty are to be relevant again. That’s what we’re going to do at Rare.”

See comments about Decker from Ambassador John Bolton and rocker Ted Nugent. Read more

Human Events Publisher’s Wife to Groom Dogs

The annual Fashion For Paws benefit is two months away and Joe Guerriero, publisher of Human Events, really wants people to attend. Not for him, but for his wife, who will be primping and prepping the dogs backstage.

“I never do this type of stuff, but as many of you know, my wife Jenn is an avid dog lover and dog trainer,” Guerriero wrote this morning in an email blast to a handful of media types, including FishbowlDC. “Last night she strong-armed me into reaching out to some folks I know in hopes there might be some dog lovers among you.”

Later in the email Guerriero urges recipients and their friends to purchase tickets to the event and explains that until last year, he wasn’t aware “that the show brought out a veritable ‘who’s who’ D.C. crowd.”

Noteworthy names CCd on the email include… Read more

TWT Editor Who Trashed Bosses in Resignation Letter Lands New Job

Anneke Green is a shining example of a journalist who told off her bosses and went on to get a new job. And quickly.

Green, who infamously trashed her bosses as “unprofessional and dishonest” in a recent resignation letter, has joined the White House Writers Group as a Senior Director. She comes to the firm from TWT, where where she was Deputy Editor for Op-Eds.

“Anneke will bring new value to our clients through insight gained from her many accomplishments,” said Clark Judge, Managing Director of the White House Writers Group in a release. “Her experience in journalism, politics, and publishing, as well as being a former ‘white house writer,’ makes her a great fit for our firm.”

Green’s work history includes… Read more

Conservative Pubs: WATCH YOUR BACKS!

Conservative news outlets around Washington may want to chain their top reporters down to their desks these days, as is moving in on their territory. Reporters from a number of publications such as The Daily Caller and The Washington Times are receiving enticing offers, with some scribes seeing their salaries increased by as much as $25k with yearly bonuses of $5k. will provide full benefits starting in February. Until then, they’re offering a reimbursement plan.

But there’s a catch. Sources tell FishbowlDC the would-be hires are being asked to sign four-year contracts. To his credit, Steve Bannon, who is heading up the hiring process in Washington, is succeeding despite rubbing some the wrong way. Some who have dealt with him say he tells you what he needs to and skimps on the truth. So far, however, he has snagged The Daily Caller‘s ever controversial Matthew Boyle and over the weekend TWT’s Kerry Picket announced on Twitter that she is going to work for as an investigative reporter.

Reporters around town being wooed for include: Katie Pavlich of Townhall, Lachlan Markay of Heritage, Charlie Spiering of the Washington Examiner, Caroline May of The Daily Caller and Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard.

Some have described a cultish feel to the process, with phrases such as “This is the way Andrew would have wanted it” being bandied about in conversation. But some in conservative media circles aren’t taking any of this all that well. “I predict this cast of misfits once fully assembled are now going to walk around events in DC slinging their cocks around like they’re the new cool kids,” said one scribe. And another: “They look like a bunch of a folk that were rejected from working at BuzzFeed, who was like, ‘Can they post cat pics?’ And then said, ‘nevermind’ to hiring them.”

Picket, a well-known conservative reporter who wrote TWT‘s The Water Cooler blog, is well regarded within Washington’s media… Read more

Outgoing TWT Editor Seeks Foster Parent for Siamese Fighting Fish

As we reported Wednesday, The Washington Times‘ Editorial Page Editor Brett Decker is on his way out. Gone. Finito. Forced out. Among the details he must deal with as he packs up his belongings is what to do with General Tso.

That’s his Siamese fighting fish, not his lunch.

“The company has made its decisions and it’s time for me to ramble on,” Decker tells FishbowlDC. “Life goes on. My biggest concern now is finding a foster parent for General Tso, my Siamese fighting fish who lives on my desk at work. I can’t take him home and leave him unsupervised with Chop Suey, my cat. So in short, yes, a lot to worry about amidst the transition.”

Asked if he wanted FishbowlDC to assist in finding him suitable foster parents for General Tso, he said…

Also, meet the formidable Chop Suey after the jump… Read more

TWT’s Brett Decker Calls it Quits

TWT has announced the resignation of its Editorial Page Editor Brett Decker. He has held the position since 2009. Among his predecessors are the late Tony Blankley and Tony Snow.

At least outwardly everyone is playing nice, although the release couldn’t sound more stiff and political. President and CEO Larry Beasley “thanked Mr. Decker for his contributions in furthering The Times’ reputation as a leading voice of conservative thought and opinion, and said The Times will continue to build on that reputation as it adapts to serve its readers in today’s fast-changing digital news environment.”

TWT is on the prowl for a new Editorial Page Editor. Until then… Read more