In the D.C. dining scene, Graffiato’s Mike Isabella‘s porcine cuisine reigns supreme. Sunday night, DC diners had the opportunity to stuff their faces with pork at Cochon 555. The ¬†competition-style event gives 5 chefs 5 different breeds of heritage pigs and let them create a pork-centric menu for diners willing to pay for the all-you-can-eat event. Diners grazed throughout the evening, which took place at the Newseum, and vote for their favorite chef at the end of the night.

Not only did diners get a chance to eat like maniacs, there were cocktails, wine and beer at every turn to make sure every attendee could wake up the next day with a nasty mix of hangover and meat sweats. The competing chefs,¬†Mike Isabella, Jeff Buben, Kyle Bailey, Haidar Karoum, and¬†Bryan Voltaggio each rolled out several dishes, including desserts that had people rolling out of the Newseum in a food coma. Some highlights included Voltaggio’s chocolate truffles with lard caramel and crushed pretzels, Buben’s Porky Sticky Buns, Bailey’s “Pigs in a Blanket,” Karoum’s “Thing-a-ma-Pig” candy bar, and Isabella’s “Fat Arancini,” a porky rice ball that was breaded and fried.

In the end, Isabella’s table, which had been transformed into “Isabella and Sons” meat shop, complete with little butcher hats, was crowned the winner. A picture of his entire menu is after the jump…

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