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POLITICO Magazine Celebrates Latest Issue

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Photo credit: Rod Lamkey for POLITICO

Last night in the library at DAR Constitution Hall, POLITICO Magazine celebrated its latest issue, which named the top 50 persons challenging American politics, that we featured last week.

The room was decorated with an 18-foot tall “50″ constructed out of 365 POLITICO Magazine covers. The evening wrapped prior to President Barack Obama’s 9pm statement on ISIS.

POLITICO Magazine’s “50″ listees in attendance: Laura IngrahamScott ReedLawrence Lessig, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, “House of Cards” creator Beau Willimon (Sipping diet coke and gathering material for his next season. Overheard telling Christine Delargy at the bar that he just wrapped taping “HOC” in Baltimore that night.)

Not in attendance: Listee Pope Francis
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RCP Editor Scolds Mayor for Butchering Twain

RealClearPolitics Washington Editor Carl Cannon is not just a history buff. He’s a history buff on the warpath, especially when it comes to misquoting Mark Twain.

The usually mild-mannered Cannon doesn’t fight on Twitter. He holds back on just about all fronts. But this week he went after do-gooder New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker in a way that has us thinking journalists and politicians better leave the country if they screw up their history.

America Rising, a conservative opposition research group founded by Mitt Romney‘s campaign manager Matt Rhoades, detailed the exchange here.

What Booker wrote: “‘Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions. Small people do that but the really great make u feel that u 2 can become great’ Twain”

Cannon snapped, “I wish @CoryBooker would quit tweeting these fake Mark Twain quotes. It’s not Watergate (or Benghazi), but it is annoying.”

We reached out to Cannon to see if he’s forgiven Booker or if he plans to send him a book of Twain quotes. So far, no response.

UPDATE: Cannon told FishbowlDC that any ill will with the mayor has been patched up. “Well, you know I get along with everybody, and if you saw the last couple of tweets between me and the mayor, you’ll see that we’re all good,” he wrote by email. “I certainly didn’t mean to single him out: Trying to keep quotes accurate has become a hobby of mine. It was always hard to do—harder now in the days of social media—and I’ve written about it a fair amount. This might be the first a piece I wrote on the topic…back in the Pleistocene Age.” Read here.

RCP Implements Dual Publicity Strategy

Perception is everything, right? And lately, Real Clear Politics has been trying something new.

As Washington Editor Carl Cannon sends out his sometimes sleep-inducing morning history lessons, a regular publicist named Christina Paulos is now sending out an exact replica of the news outlet’s original news content minus the nod to history buffs. Hey, we get that some readers may want relatively long reads on the minutia of how and when Jackie Robinson made his debut at Fenway Park (this included multiple days worth of Robinson coverage), when Abraham Lincoln took a bullet, when the Titanic sank and the origins of the song, “This Land is Your Land.”

But unlike Cannon’s, RCP‘s original content morning email from Paulos, whose official title is “Marketing and Communications Coordinator,” is… Read more

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Good news. Bad News.

“D’oh. My 6 yr old just sent a text to a cable executive.” — Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher. Update: It’s not as bad as it could have been…”My 6 year-old to a cable news VP: ‘You.            To’” (Our advice for next time? “Daddy says your network sucks.”)

Washington editors remark on facial hair study

“Attention Men: Study says women think facial hair makes you look older, more aggressive, and less attractive.” — RealClearPolitics Executive Editor Tom Bevan. He links to a story in The Mommy Files section of the SF Chronicle. RCP Washington Editor Carl Cannon: “@TomBevanRCP Women in facial hair study lived in Polynesia and New Zealand. Sampling error, perhaps?”

Um, really?

“When they heard I woke up this morning, the Forward proclaimed it Super Jewsday.” — Wired’s Spencer Ackerman.

Loesch carries on in attack against Boehlert

“Hey @EricBoehlert , where on MMfA did you apologize to all those accusing you of antisemitism? Don’t want to miss it!” — Big Journalism Editor and CNN Contributor Dana Loesch.

Unusual radio hit

“I was on ‘Black Man With A Gun’ radio show with @kennblanchard. Podcast at the bottom of this page.” — TWT Senior Opinion Editor Emily Miller. Visit here.

Publicist questions sanity of ‘Bachelor’ contestants

“Oh my. This is the 1st episode I’ve seen of this season’s #bachelor. All these women need to be institutionalized. Separately.” — Publicist and former ABC “This Week” Producer Courtney Cohen.


Kardashian Splitsville React-Washington Style

Even John Coale didn’t see it coming.

The sudden newsflash of Kim Kardashian splitting up with her husband after 72 days is rocking Hollywood and, of course, Washington as evidenced by the lame posts in WaPo and The Hill. WaPo enlightened us with the fact that FNC’s Greta Van Susteren, who took Kim as her date to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner two years ago, is staying mum on the matter. The Hill reported on it because how is Kim Kardashian not Hill-related?

Coale, Van Susteren’s husband, attended the wedding with his wife. He’s in what can only be described as a state of sudden faux shock. “You bet!!!” he wrote when I asked if he was in a state of shock. “They seemed to really be in love, but what the f#*k do I know?” Coale said he has seen the couple in Manhattan since the wedding and everything seemed “just peachy.”

Here’s what journalists around town are saying amid the obviously more important 2012 presidential campaign coverage. columnist and radio host Derek Hunter: Kim Kardashian’s marriage is over. I honestly didn’t know it had started. But Vegas odds makers are breathing a sign of relief today because, even though it only lasted 72 days, it still beat the “under” of 60, which most people took.

Matt Dornic, FBDC, QGA: Like Tareq and Michaele, and Parker Spitzer, Kim and whatshisname will forever be remembered as one of the greatest romances of our time. I hope the media provides them the privacy and respect they deserve to film this incredibly difficult and personal time for international broadcast next year.

The Hill‘s Sam Youngman: I really thought those two would make it. She divorced Reggie Bush, right? What? Oh, well…

The Daily Caller‘s TV reporter Jeff Poor: Kim Kardashian? I didn’t realize she was married until this week.

TWT Senior Opinion Writer Emily Miller: I’m devastated. I thought it was true love. I kid. I don’t know how Kim will find another man who fits into a family of people whose names all oddly start with a “K”, will accept a donated $2 million engagement ring, wants to be on a reality show and is up for making $18 million to be married for two months. Men like Kris Humphries are hard to come by in this day and age.

Trailmix Blogger and political TV contributor Craig Crawford: A couple thoughts. 1. Kim Kardashian got famous with a sex tape. Maybe Cain is onto something. 2. Kardashians burping in each other’s faces is about as appetizing as Rick Perry drooling on himself. And 3. At least the Kardashians got a longer shelf life than Michele Bachmann‘s Iowa straw poll bump.

NJ Spokeswoman Taylor West: If a sham marriage set up entirely to enrich two shameless fame-whores doesn’t end in true love, what hope do the rest of us have? But hey – at least she didn’t run off with a member of Journey.

Anonymous WaPo reporter: Pathetic. Even Weigel’s relationship with us outlasted that sham marriage. [Referring to Slate's Dave Weigel, formerly with WaPo.]

Politico‘s Patrick Gavin: This is the best news Doug Heye has heard all week.

RCP Washington Editor Carl Cannon: My first reaction was that Ms. Kardashian is taking the NBA lockout too literally. Then I noticed from news reports that Kris Humphries had expectations of his California-born bride contentedly settling down in Minnesota and making babies. I don’t really know the lady, but that curious expectation strikes me as a powerful advertisement for the wisdom of long engagements.

HuffPost‘s Christina Wilkie: I’m pretty sure the whole sad story can be summed up in one poignant tweet, written by a clearly brokenhearted bride on the day she filed for divorce: “Our store #KardashianKhaos is opening tomorrow at 9am at @TheMirageLV We are so excited!! Kardashian Khaos has arrived!”

The Blaze‘s Eddie Scary: I hope they can work through this and keep their marriage intact. I need something to believe in.

Current TV’s David Shuster: I feel kind of badly for Kris Humphries.  I mean, the guy has never been known for his rebounding.

GASP! No Historical Note from Carl Today

It’s a historical tragedy of huge proportion and we hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. But this morning RCP‘s Washington Editor and our resident history buff Carl Cannon had to forgo his daily historical diary to run a defense briefing at Charlie Palmer Steak. But history is apparently addictive. He couldn’t stop himself from giving Dwight Eisenhower a birthday shout-out. (Only in Washington…)

Good morning. It’s Friday, October 14, 2011, and I can’t write one of my historically themed essays this morning because I’m on my way to Capitol Hill to interview House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon at an RCP-sponsored breakfast event at Charlie Palmer’s. I thought about not sending out a note at all this morning, but then I realized it’s Dwight Eisenhower’s birthday. The five-star general who directed the liberation of a continent and became this nation’s 34th president was born on this day in 1890 in Denison, Texas, the third of seven sons. Happy birthday, Ike!

RCP to Host A.M. Briefing At Charlie Palmer Steak

RCP Washington Editor Carl Cannon is hosting a one-on-one with House Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) Friday morning at Charlie Palmer Steak.

Also participating: Au Prof. Gordon Adams, Former U.S. Asst. Sec. of State for Public Affairs PJ Crowley, Center for Strategy and Budgetary Assessments Senior Fellow Todd Harrison and CQ Roll Call‘s defense writer Megan Scully.

Word on the street is if you RSVP you can eat. And if breakfast is anything like Sunday brunch, fare could range from Hickory Smoked Atlantic salmon to scones, danish and cheddar and chive biscuits — and of course, steak and eggs, which at this upscale locale is: “Charcoal Grilled Angus Rib-Eye/Four Minute Egg/preserved truffle potato puree/caramelized root vegetables/cabernet natural.”

The event runs from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

RCP to Party Like It’s 2012

Always wanted to take tequila shots with Carl Cannon?  Funnel beers with Erin McPike?  Or challenge Scott Conroy to a fierce game of flip cup?  Now’s your chance! On October 6th, Real Clear Politics will host “The Election 2012 Launch Party.”  The event will be held at Cap Hill’s most raging party pad, Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar, from 6.30 – 8.30 pm.  But before you go, pick up a fresh pack of Fruit of the Looms…we hear the wet t-shirt contest begins at 8 pm sharp. Ladies get in free with college ID. Invite only.

Protesting Howiella

Typically I wake up to emails such as Politico Mike Allen‘s Playbook, RealClearPoliticsCarl Cannon‘s morning history lesson and Roll Call Morning Headlines. But this morning, the first email to jar me awake from dreams of WaPo‘s Ezra Klein was from my cohort, FishbowlDC’s Matt Dornic. It concerned the nickname “Howiella” that I have been using for The Hill‘s new gossip writer Judy Kurtz, daughter of The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief Howie Kurtz.

The tone? Pointed. He doesn’t mess around when protesting. Hopefully he won’t resort to drenching himself in oil like these protesters pictured above, but you never know with Dornic.

Subject line: Judy Kurtz

I don’t like Howiella so please accept this message as my formal motion to reconsider her nickname. In its place I recommend one of the following:

Howie Lite
Howdie Doody

In a subsequent email, he added, “Howdie Judy.” We both confessed that our favorite new nickname is Howeesha. My second favorite is Howlma.

Dear Readers: We want to know what is your favorite. Most likely you’ll see all of the above sprinkled into our copy. But we want to know where your tastes lie on this front. Write us at or to me directly at

Tricks of the Trade With TWT’s Emily Miller

Today’s “Tricks of the Trade” is with TWT Senior Opinion Writer Emily Miller. Credentials: She’s a former reporter for Human Events, where she often got in lawmakers’ faces for ambush reports, and previously wrote for Politics Daily. She’s also a former flack to ex-House Maj. Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas).


1. Favorite Interview Technique: Take the elevator in the Capitol. Members and senators are less likely to be staffed, and they are, well, trapped. It’s where I caught Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) with high-priced defense lawyer Abbe Lowell right after asking for a continuance in his ethics trial because, he claimed, he couldn’t afford a lawyer.

2. Most Compelling Question You’ve Ever Asked: “What happened?”

3. Best Self-Editing Approach: To the chagrin of all my editors, I write long. Very long. A 500-word editorial is submitted as a book chapter. This FishbowlDC Q&A will need to be read after the jump. I have to trick myself to get closer to the column size. I open a second document with the same title and add “part 2.” Then I cut out all the paragraphs that I want to save for the second part in the series. (Shhh! Don’t tell me that there never is a “part 2” for news stories.)

4. What to do When an Interview is Tanking: I make a joke – it gets some people to let down their guard. The trouble is, a lot of politicians have no sense of humor. So when they don’t get the joke and I have to explain it, they are embarrassed and laugh harder. Then they are even more willing to show their good nature by continuing the interview. If an interview is tanking because the guy is simply parroting boring talking points, I just stop asking questions.

5. Approaching Lawmakers and other “Important People”: For goodness sakes, smile! I see reporters approaching politicians looking as if they are going to rip their heads off and eat their eyeballs for dinner. Other reporters ask how I can get picked on so often in press conferences. What they can’t see is that I’m smiling when I raise my hand. In a sea of frowns and grimaces, it’s human nature to pick the friendly face. Even cranky Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid likes a laugh; he calls on me all the time even though I’ve never written a single positive thing about him.

6. Most Surprising Thing to Happen During an Interview…

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