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RCP Claims a Boost in D.C. Presence

RealClearPolitics is proclaiming an expanded Washington presence. Today the company announced that Meg Szabo is joining the team in the newly-created position of Marketing Director in Washington DC.  Szabo joins RealClearPolitics from the National Journal Group where she was the Senior Manager of Brand Marketing.

RealClearPolitics reports that it has continued to grow its editorial staff as the site prepares for the presidential election year and cites hires from six months ago up to a few recent additions. In February, award-winning journalist Carl Cannon joined the company as Washington Editor. Shortly after Cannon’s hire, they brought on Alexis Simendinger as White House Correspondent. Also new to RealClearPolitics are Political Reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns and Assistant Editor Nicholas Hahn.

Dry quote from brass…“We’re excited to add Meg’s name to the list of top-notch professionals who’ve joined RealClearPolitics recently,” said Tom Bevan, co-founder and Executive Editor of RealClearPolitics. “We look forward to continuing to build our team of reporters, expand our exclusive coverage of politics and elections, and grow our presence inside Washington DC and all around the country.”

Political Editor Believes in the Afterlife

Those who receive the RealClearPolitics morning email alerts are well-acquainted with the daily musings of Washington  Editor Carl Cannon, who used to write a similar offering when he was the executive editor of the now defunct Politics Daily, which has been gobbled up in some version by the 200-tentacled beast otherwise known as AOL-HuffPost. Cannon’s writings are home-spun, Chicken Soup for the Soul-type thoughts on the day and can range from anything from a compliment for Politico‘s Mike Allen to today’s note involving the afterlife.

Cannon mentions that the late President Ford’s birthday is today with wife, Betty, now joining him. He specifically writes that she joins him in the “afterlife.” So we were naturally curious — does he really believe in that sort of thing? “Well sure, don’t you?” he replied when I asked. (We’re not sure if FishbowlDC editors have an afterlife that can be described out of water, so we’re relying on Carl’s expertise on this one.) Noteworthy: Perhaps Cannon has a special connection to the Fords. In 1999 he won the prestigious Gerald R. Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting of the Presidency.

Asked if he was referring to reincarnation, Cannon replied, “I certainly wasn’t referring to reincarnation, which is not something I know much about. My own religious tradition is Christian (Protestant) but I chose a more neutral word than ‘heaven’ in a deliberate attempt to avoid proselytizing. In secular circles, I realize that heaven is considered a Christian notion, but that’s too constricting an understanding of the concept. Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Islam all have some conception of a soul or an afterlife. The Torah counsels the faithful about the “Olam Ha-Ba,” the world to come; and there are several instances in the Old Testament in which the Hebrew greats—Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, among others—are said, after they had passed on, ‘to be gathered to their people.’

“Isn’t that a comforting way of thinking about death … and life? I believe it’s what Thomas Jefferson had in mind in his poignant condolence letter to John Adams upon learning of the death of Adams’ beloved wife Abigail…(see this after the jump…)

An excerpt from this morning: Good morning. It’s Thursday, July 14, the birthday of Gerald R. Ford, the healing president who has been gone these past four-and-a-half years, now joined in the afterlife by his wife Betty. It’s also Bastille Day, if you’re French, which I’m not. This is a somewhat sad morning for France, actually, as the U.S. women’s team wore the French women down in the World Cup yesterday, prevailing by a score of 3-1, thereby earning a spot in the Sunday final against Japan.

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Things You Might Have Missed…

Daredevil dog, courtesy of Foreign Policy

Terrorism has gone to the dogs: Deputy Managing Editor Rebecca Frankel‘s photo essay about the kick-ass canines known as “war dogs”  went viral yesterday when it was discovered that one of the subjects of her ongoing feature helped take down Osama bin Laden. Fun Fact:  Did you know that in early 2010, the U.S. Army had over 2,800 active-duty dogs deployed?  Don’t miss FP’s amazing stories and photo gallery dedicated to these patriotic pooches.

Happy Hour: Christine Delargy finally proved her theory that ‘weeknight boozing’ and ‘winning the day’ are directly related.  While partaking in an after-work libation at Morton’s last night, the CBSer spotted one John Boehner smoking a few cigs and enjoying a bottle of red wine.  The result of the random encounter was today’s scoop that the Speaker of the House chose not to watch the first GOP presidential debate.

Huckabee Hoopla: On May 5th, RCP’s Erin McPike reported that Fox News brass gave former Governor Mike Huckabee, a contributor to the network,  until the end of the month to decide whether he will retain his contract or make a run for the presidency.  In response to the story, Fox News VP Bill Shine issued a statement saying, “There’s no truth whatsoever to this report.”  Today, RCP’s Carl Cannon fired back in defense of McPike.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


“Hey Veggies, I’m giving up meat for #Lent. Went out for 40 days on this bad boy. Wish me luck.” — MSNBC’s Luke Russert in a Tuesday night tweet with this accompanying serious piece of meat above.

Downfalls of not knowing the lingo

A short scene from MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” this morning. Jeff Greenfield is senior political correspondent for CBS News.

Mika: What if Blago is never caught?

Jeff Greenfield: Who?

Mika: What if Blago, Blago, Blago Voyavich?

Jeff Greenfield: I’m sorry, I don’t know your strange ways.

Politico‘s Highlights Magazine headline of the day

In Politico‘s new Kids’ Section, anything can happen. Today’s headline from a story by Amie Parnes is: “Obama in ‘Unfamiliar Fishes’ book.” The short post features news of Obama’s favorite dish, which is apparently the heart healthy Hawaiian fish that is “breaded, fried meat with rice, macaroni and brown gravy.” This is not a cookbook.

Cokie on NPR: ‘Not a good season.’

“The state of journalism is fabulous. It’s not a  good season for the executives at NPR but the journalists keep churning it out.” — Senior News Analyst of NPR Cokie Roberts on this morning’s “Morning Joe. ”

Ash Wednesday: redundant?

“Is it just me, or does Ash Wednesday seem redundant this year? Either way, my home state of Illinois is giving up the death penalty on this first day of Lent – and will become the 16th state to abolish capital punishment.” — Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger, who has assumed former Executive Editor Carl Cannon‘s morning duties of sending out the morning e-mail.


“#onlyinwashington you get: 10 reporters gabbing @ a bar about Issa, only to figure out that he’s 10 feet away and heard them.” — RealClearPoliticsErin McPike in a Monday tweet referring to House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) who fired his Spokesman Kurt Bardella last week after it was reported that he leaked journalists’ emails to a NYT reporter.

A GOP pundit gives praise to NYT

“Pleasant surprise: The NYT does a pretty fair and balanced job covering the video prank against NPR. Good story.” — Former Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer in a Wednesday morning tweet.

A special Happy Birthday to….

Shani Hilton, the woman who refused to comment when we asked her if she had anything to do with writing @DCJourno, who is all but extinct at this point despite being featured in NYT. She’s pals with a number of Boy Banders who include Wired‘s Spencer Ackerman, who remarked, “Happy happy birthday to @shani_o. So happy she moved to DC.” We are too. Shani is Associate Editor of the Center for American Progress’s and Washington correspondent for Colorlines magazine.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Happy Belated Birthday to…

It’s a tiny bit late, but here’s a a birthday shout-out to Politico CLICK writer and ex-FishbowlDC Editor extraordinaire Patrick Gavin. We hope he had a pleasant birthday Thursday. We’re sure he’d prefer cash, booze, a nice button-down or a day off the pressure of Winning the Morning, but as a present we’re offering readers a chance to click (get it?) to his early morning story about C-SPAN footage showing up in a movie that won an Oscar. Nerdy, indeed. We also know he loves cats, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough particularly loves that he loves cats, so that explains the above.

Politics Daily‘s Cannon’s Farewell Morning Note

Executive Carl Cannon, who’s moving to RealClearPolitics in the wake of the HuffPost-AOL merger, writes his final somewhat emotional email message to readers today. We wish him well and will miss his morning messages. Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger will take over his duties for now. “Today, I’d like to make another brief point: This my last morning note for Politics Daily. I am moving on; next week I’ll be at Real Clear Politics. I’ve loved our early morning conversationsand that’s what they were. Many of you have written back these past two years, some to point out typos, many to comment on the Politics Daily stories I touted, others to add a bit of knowledge to my brief homily. Thank you, and thanks for reading PD. It has been a terrific little online newspaper, if I say so myself, a product of Melinda Henneberger’s vision and the dedication of a talented group of writers and editors who are as dedicated and decent as any I have ever met. Melinda will now start sending this note.”

Fineman on fire

The recent Q & A Cafe between Host Carol Joynt and HuffPost‘s Howard Fineman airs tonight at 8 p.m. on DC Cable’s Channel 16. Joynt offers a preview: “More than half the conversation focuses on modern media, the AOL purchase of Huffington Post, Howard’s decision to leave, in his words, “the burning building,” that was Newsweek, the fun he has exploiting the social networks in the sport of covering politics and that, yes, there are increasing numbers of people at HuffPost who actually get paid.”


In case you missed it this week, The Hill‘s Christina Wilkie noted that the March 9 U.S. Capitol Historical Society’s has disinvited the media to its reception for new members. This is the first time the Society has ever done such a heinous thing. They were on orders from Speaker Boehner’s office. Ouch. Memo to Boehner: Why do you hate us so much? Read here.

A Sheen fix

“Face it folks, you just feel better when you say it. #Winning” — Actor Charlie Sheen in the past 24 hours.

Politico reporter detests kids

“Damn. This season of the Wire is about kids and schools? Damn kids.” — Politico‘s Byron Tau in a Thursday tweet. Tau is Politico Ben Smith‘s assistant. He explains further, “I just don’t like when they act. It’s unbearable watching children on TV or in movies.” He links here.

Separated at Birth: Politics Daily’s Carl Cannon and…

Today’s uncanny edition of Separated at Birth features Politics Daily executive editor Carl Cannon, who we reported will soon be making a move to, and his twin, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Other ideas? Comment here or e-mail Or write us on Twitter: @FishbowlDC.

Politics Daily Loses Exec Editor to RealClearPolitics

Executive Editor Carl Cannon is leaving AOL’s Politics Daily for Word has it that Politics Daily could fold in the next 10 days as soon as HuffPost‘s acquisition with AOL closes.

Arianna Huffington and Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger are not known to be close. But it was the TheWrap‘s Sharon Waxman who alluded to the possibility of Politics Daily falling by the wayside in a Feb. 8 story in which Huffington declared that AOL would not “skew left” and that staff losses were coming. On Politics Daily, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong was vague and noncommittal: We’re going to work through this in the next 30 to 45 days. “Our job is to put the best things together… My guess is that the majority of AOL’s brands that can stand on their own will continue to stand on their own. Those brands where there are synergies will be put together.”

Henneberger did not return email requests for comment. Cannon confirmed his departure.

Politics Daily to Celebrate 1st Birthday

nmg_confetticelebration.jpg Politics Daily is throwing a birthday party for itself on April 30 at the National Press Club. The party is by invitation only; no party crashers allowed.

It’s not a typical party as D.C. parties go. Editor in Chief Melinda Henneberger and Deputy Editor Carl Cannon are inviting guests to “Join In The Civilogue”.

AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong will introduce the evening, and explain why AOL is investing in the future by supporting old-school journalism.

Columnists David Corn and Peter Wehner will engage in what organizers are calling a (civil!) debate on “Afghanistan: Where Do We Go From Here?” moderated by Politics Daily military writer David Wood. Religion writer David Gibson will speak on “Pope Benedict XVI and The Gates of Hell: How Will the Catholic Crisis End?” followed by a Q and A.

Immediately following discussion on the “Gates of Hell” will be a cocktail reception. (The image shown here is the one on the e-mail party invitation.) The party, though it coincides with Prom weekend, is not affiliated in any way with the WHCA Dinner.

The Two Funniest Journos in Washington Are…

web.jpg What passes for funny amongst journalists? Nipples. The word f–k. Ann Coulter’s boobs. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) being the hue of burnt sienna. And the National Press Club turning the Edward R. Murrow room into an RNC bondage bar.

Journalists performing stand-up in the National Press Club ballroom for the Commedia del Media charity journo comedy competition Thursday night did imitations of British accented broadcasters and one wondered why CNN didn’t allow one of its own to participate in the competition. Few knew that Sue Bennett, a producer for HBO “Real Time With Bill Maher,” was in the audience scouting the talent. NBC, CBS and FOX were also there filming the performances.

Commedia del Media raises money for charities such as Reporters Without Borders. Of the seven competing journalists, two tied for first place: Former CNN scribe and’s Jamie McIntyre and FOX Business Network correspondent Rich Edson. Judges voted for McIntyre, but the decibel machine revealed that McIntyre and Edson tied at 105.6 decibels.

Edson performed well-practiced impressions of British broadcasters and a raspy-voiced Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.). Though he said he was nervous, many thought his delivery was near-perfect.

McIntyre tweaked CNN, saying, “They told me one of those cameras is for the Fox News Channel. I’m not used to having so many people watching.” He also razzed cable news broadly. “I like to call it news whiz,” he said, comparing it to the cheese. “It’s a simulated news-like product. You could use it for news if you didn’t have any real news.”

McIntyre spilled that a CNN reporter was to perform stand-up last night, but cracked that the event wasn’t serious enough for the network. He said most networks are “thin-skinned” and prone to “hurt feelings.”

Though he never named the journalist who was to perform Thursday night, FishbowlDC learned that the would-be comedian was Capitol Hill correspondent Brianna Keilar. Keilar dropped out a few weeks ago with the CNN Speakers Bureau declaring her unavailable for the evening. Sources say she had wanted to perform.

McIntyre, the former CNN Pentagon scribe, blamed himself for the correspondent dropping out. He said in 2006 he competed in a Funniest Journalist on the Planet contest in Manhattan in which he took comedic jabs at then-CNN host Lou Dobbs. At the time, CNN was none too pleased, McIntyre said, and a network higher-up phoned to scold him as he drove home to Washington.

Mother Jones D.C. Bureau Chief David Corn was among the event’s three judges. A tough judge, he was. “Actually I don’t like comedy at all,” he said before the routines began. “It takes me a lot to laugh. I do think [RNC Chairman] Michael Steele is really funny. He is my favorite comedian. He cracks me up. He kills.”

Former Time reporter Matt Cooper was emcee for the evening. Before the event, he paced and paced, carefully studying his notes. Cooper, whose cadence resembles that of an actual comedian, spoke of horrible crowds in the Metro, saying, “I’m like, ‘Get off the f–king Metro people.’ Let me be depressed by myself.” He also took a stab at (or else, complimented) Politico saying, “As you know, this extraordinary nuclear agreement was signed. …Later they said the world still needed to come together to fight the global threat of Politico for world domination.”

He remarked on his figure, saying, “I’ve tried to lose some weight. I’ve gone from f–king fat to fat.”

Cooper imitated former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) asking aide Andrew Young to pretend Rielle Hunter’s baby was his. “I’m going to owe you a solid when this is over,” he said in an Edwards drawl. …And I think your wife is going to understand more than you think.”

Aside from McIntyre and Edson, other performers included WaPo’s Melissa Bell (who spoke of men in India pinching women’s nipples as a sign of affection), former NPR reporter Jamila Bey, Politics Daily’s Walter Shapiro, McClatchy’s Nancy Youssef and Department of Transportation public relations officer Doug Hecox.

Hecox on the census: “I’m just waiting for John Boehner where he checks the box orange. The story is not that he’s orange, it’s that he’s really burnt sienna.”

He brought up Coulter’s jugs, saying that he’s going to dress up as President Ann Coulter for Halloween, his favorite holiday. But, he said, he feared that his breasts would be too large. “I’m not saying she’s flat chested,” he said. “I’m saying they both lean too far to the right.”

Shapiro recalled watching 60 hours of cable TV for a story. “It was interesting watching the two IQ points slough off my dandruff,” he said.

Youssef described herself as “Muslimish.” She said, “I drink, I fornicate, but I don’t eat pork.”

The evening closed with Sylvia Traymore, whose imitations included The View’s Whoopie Goldberg, actress Monique, and singer Dionne Warwick. Largely with her back turned to the audience, she stripped off her long-sleeved shirt to reveal a sleeveless top to become First Lady Michelle Obama with well-sculpted arms. She then began furiously brushing her hair into an Obama coiffe. Then she turned and pursed her lips, depicting a typical FLOTUS facial expression (see picture after the jump).

Christina Davidson, the event’s organizer, took to the stage to congratulate the winners and lobby for next year’s journo comedians. “If you have the balls for this, talk to me,” she said.

Journalists in attendance included Politics Daily’s Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger, her husband, WaPo education reporter Bill Turque, Politics Daily’s Editor Carl Cannon, NYT’s James Risen, Politico’s Kiki Ryan, The Hill’s Susan Crabtree, WTOP’s Bob Madigan and travel writer Carl Hoffman (boyfriend to WaPo’s Bell).

Emcee Matt Cooper keeps audience laughing between performances.

All photographs by Shauna Miller. More after the jump…

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Politics Daily’s Emily Miller Moves to TWT

Emily Miller color headshot.jpg Emily Miller , who has written “Emily’s Post”, a gossip column, for Politics Daily for the past year, has signed a freelance contract to write opinion pieces for TWT, such as this one that ran last week. Her Politics Daily contract is up soon and she is not staying.

Miller remarked: “I really enjoy writing opinion pieces, it’s very natural for me after so many years in politics.”

Brett Decker, editorial page editor of TWT, said: “We’re excited to have Emily Miller join the Washington Times Opinion team to help expand our award-winning coverage of Washington politics. Our readers will have their eyes opened by her insider scoop exposing what’s really happening in the corridors of power.”

Politics Daily Senior Washington Correspondent Carl Cannon wrote to FishbowlDC: “Emily’s contract was up for renewal after a year, and she decided that Politics Daily wasn’t a perfect fit for her, so she’s moving on to other endeavors. Emily brought millions of readers to our pages and worked hard for us, and Melinda and I are grateful for her contribution to our first year as a news site — and we wish her all the best.”

Update: The National Enquirer opening a D.C. bureau with Miller at its helm is still on the table. Miller has been pushing for the Enquirer to receive the award. Pulitzer’s will be announced Monday.

Congratulations to Miller.