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Washingtonian Editor Resurrects Olbermann’s Online Angst


Washingtonian Editor-at-Large Carol Joynt has had the distinct pleasure of brushing up against and perhaps resurrecting ESPN’s Keith Olbermann fiery online temper.

In 2010 he actually suspended his Twitter account to cut down on the negativity regarding the way he handled the rape allegations swirling around WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In 2012, he banished his “Worst Person in the World” segment. The following year he brought it back.

Many Washington journos have encountered Olbermann’s online anger issues and frequently think of the encounters as more a badge of honor than anything else. This was Joynt’s virgin fight with the sportscaster.

What set him off?

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Carville to Pen Column for The Hill

Blustery and comical Democratic pundit James Carville is joining the ranks of ex-Clinton pollster Dick Morris and FNC’s Juan Williams and will start writing a bi-weekly column for The Hill. In a conversation with Washingtonian‘s Carol Joynt, Carville boasted about being on the front page of today’s paper.

“James’ voice is among the most recognized in politics,” said The Hill‘s Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon in a statement. “We are so pleased to include his unique take on current affairs. James will be an ideal complement to our diverse and prominent line-up of contributors.”

The column’s first post… Read more

Did NYT’s Mark Leibovich Swipe Book Title?

Washingtonian Editor-at-Large Carol Joynt finds it pretty amusing that This Town, the rager of a book by NYT‘s Mark “Leibo” Leibovich that’s getting gobs of attention in Washington this week, is actually the name of her blog.

In a blog post published on the 4th of July titled “Mark Leibovich I’m Flattered You Lifted the Name of My Blog for Your Book,” Joynt details her blog, also called This Town, which she began writing sometime in 2011. She says he began using it several years back for a column she wrote for Washington Life under a pen name “Michael Strange.” She also says it’s the name of a Sidney Blumenthal play. Who knew?

She writes, “Do I plan to read this new book? I prefer British murder mysteries and spy thrillers over books about DC, especially when the focus is the city’s many real life phonies, users, hustlers and self-promoters who steal from the poor. (That’s my daily work!)”

See the full post. We requested comment from Leibovich.

UPDATE:  Leibovich replied, “I honestly had no idea. …Oh well.”

A Candid Christopher Lawford Kennedy at the Ritz (the Right Ritz After the Wrong One)

For someone who speaks about the vital importance of “emancipating himself” from his family and who doesn’t even speak to many family members these days, author Christopher Kennedy Lawford sure has a lot to say about the benefits of being part of Camelot.

Lawford, the only son of actor Peter Lawford and Patricia “Pat” Kennedy, showed up to the Georgetown Ritz today to be interviewed by Washingtonian Editor-at-Large Carol Joynt, who moderates Q & A Café apart from her magazine duties. The lunches are typically loaded with old school socialites, women who lunch and retirees looking for something to do. Sometimes the room is sparse. Today it was bustling. A Kennedy — even a socially removed one — can still draw a decent crowd.

Joynt begins by razzing Lawford for showing up at the wrong Ritz. Hey, it happens. Talking to Lawford is like talking to someone loaded up on an enthusiasm steroid. Whatever project he has worked on, he’s off to the next and wants to tell you his plans and thoughts for the next decade. Thankfully he’s not stiff about it. For instance, he speaks of a book he’s working on about understanding women: “And then I read Lolita and thought, what’s the use?”

Joynt, in her own subtle way, knows how to go for the jugular, at least the jugular for a room full of socialites who don’t want to see anything get too uncomfortable. She drops a big name and tells Lawford she ran into Maryland’s former Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend the other night, who told her, “It’s one thing to write things about yourself, it’s another to write about your family.” The interviewer wants to know how the Kennedy clan reacted to his writing so many books over the years, the clincher being his memoir, Symptoms of Withdrawal. His next book was Moments of Clarity, which chronicled a variety of addicts. His current book, Symptoms to Live is a day at the beach compared to the memoir.

“It’s the last thing I intended to do, quite frankly,” Lawford tells Joynt of being an author. But Lawford is a little like V.P. Joe Biden in that he’s “frank” about everything, so it isn’t saying much.

Lawford’s first anecdote of the afternoon is one that shouldn’t make patrons fall sleep in their gazpacho and encrusted salmon adorned with fried crisps. In 2005 when the memoir came out, he recalled, he had plenty of recovery. But it was also the year he separated from his wife and the year he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. His career was also taking a nosedive.

“I was 15 years sober and was like, this is it?” he told a rapt audience. “I was wandering around ranting in my bathrobe wondering what had happened to my life.”

Chuckles all around the room.

He went on, addressing Joynt’s question. Read more

Psy Requsted A Smoking Hotel Room

Here’s a teensy detail we caught about Psy and his intense smoking habit. One of the stipulations for his attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was that they book him a hotel room where he could smoke. He stayed at an undisclosed hotel in Georgetown, said one of his handlers.

“All he asked was for a hotel room where he could smoke cigarettes. Done and done,”  wrote Washingtonian Editor-at-Large Joynt in an item on her personal website this week, explaining that Jennifer Maguire, wife of CBS News Washington Bureau Chief Chris Isham, facilitated the network’s invitation to the South Korean rapper and dancer.

As we reported earlier today, Psy and his handlers are just a tad prickly about his being photographed while lighting up.

Aasif Mandvi: ‘Conan Had Best Joke of Night’

The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi gave fellow comedian Conan O’Brien a big thumbs up today, insisting he had the best joke of the night.

“Yeah, I thought he was good,” said Mandvi. “It’s a tough gig talking to people while they’re eating and following President Obama. I thought he was very funny and had the best joke of the night — the Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow joke.”

The joke involved comparing Obama and House Speaker John Boehner getting together to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. “Nothin’s gonna happen,” he cracked.

The highlight of Mandvi’s weekend? “I guess meeting Michelle from Downton Abbey. I’m a huge Downton Abbey fan.”

Mandvi’s impromptu review of O’Brien’s performance was told to FishbowlDC today at the Thomson-Reuters/Yahoo! News post prom night brunch at Hay Adams, where a variety of journalists were buzzing around the room.

Spotted in the mix: BuzzFeed‘s Evan McMorris-Santoro and publicist Ashley McCollum, who, while making fun of her own boat shoes, said it made her feel so good being at such a posh party. Also dotting the room was WaPo‘s Erik Wemple (from the ERIK WEMPLE BLOG) and Jack Shafer (where does he work again, Reuters?) as well as The Hill‘s Emily Goodin and Judy Kurtz (Howiella!) and Washingtonian‘s Carol Joynt. A journo who shall remain nameless and genderless somehow sneaked his or her way into the party without being on the list (yes, crashing a party, even at the opulent Hay Adams, can happen.)

Quotable: “If this wasn’t here I’d be shitting my pants.” — FBDC’s Eddie Scarry standing on the balcony of the Hay Adams, safely inside the wrought-iron railing.

The Dirty Politics Behind Tammy Haddad’s White House Correspondents’ Brunch

Some people are feeling the sting of Tammy Haddad‘s mobster-like tactics this year as emails go unreturned and guests who’ve been attending her White House Correspondents’ Garden Brunch for years are getting the cold shoulder. As the invitation says, the party supports CURE Epilepsy and the Miss America Foundation — no doubt, incredibly worthy causes, especially the first one.

“I’ve been to every one of her parties and I’ve written a check for every one of her fucking charities,” groused one ignored journalist who wasn’t invited this year after being a steadfast guest at the annual party for many years. No explanation offered.

The party, like many in Washington, is a cozy mix of politicians, aides, operatives socialites and journalists. Speaking of charity, last year President Obama‘s then-aide David Axelrod, now an MSNBC Contributor, and his wife, Susan, came to the party. (The Axelrod’s have a daughter who has epilepsy.) Actress Lindsay Lohan, who gets arrested every once in awhile, was there, as was supermodel Elle Macpherson.

“I dropped out of the whole thing when Obama got elected and I began to despise the whole Politico-MSNBC nexus,” said a guest who has attended Tammy’s soirée over the years. “Too ass kissy for me. And the sucking up to Axelrod’s wife? Made me want to puke. I honestly can’t even stand being around it, especially when I think of all the people I genuinely like who I never get to see because I have no time. And I’m hanging out with tools instead? No way.” Read more

Bye-Bye! McLaughlin Bails On Brunch

John McLaughlin has had enough.

This year he won’t be attending what has famously been known as “The McLaughlin Brunch” or hangover brunch on the Hay-Adams Hotel rooftop held on the Sunday after the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. This year, the event is being hosted by Thomson-Reuters and Yahoo! News.

Publicist and blogger Janet Donovan, the party’s longtime organizer, is beside herself.

See the story by Washingtonian‘s Editor-at-large Carol Joynt.

Lanny Davis Challenges TNR Editor to ‘Fact Chack’

Last week The New Republic‘s Senior Editor Isaac Chotiner expressed his extreme distaste about a story on Lanny Davis, a crisis counselor and former special counsel to Bill Clinton by Washingtonian‘s Editor-at-Large Carol Joynt. On Twitter Chotiner chided Joynt for writing such a puff piece on Davis.

Joynt took Chotiner’s commentary in stride and didn’t really fight back. Chotiner told FishbowlDC: “The reason I reacted to that piece is because Davis is a figure who has represented terrible dictators.”

We sought out Davis to see what he thought. Did he think Joynt went too easy on him? Would he tell us even he did?

Much to our surprise, Davis fired back against Chotiner. Only he has a funny way of writing in that he doesn’t carefully proof his copy. At one point in a long tirade against Chotiner, he uses the phrase “fact-chaecking” or “fact chacking” whichever you prefer. He also presents an interesting challenge to Chotiner — namely to admit he has his facts wrong.

Have a look.

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TNR Editor Claws at Washingtonian Writer

TNR Senior Editor Isaac Chotiner left teeth marks in Washingtonian Editor-at-Large Carol Joynt for what he perceives to be a suckup story on lawyer, crisis counselor Lanny Davis, former special counsel to President Bill Clinton. The piece isn’t sharp-edged, but it is in-depth and includes details about Davis’s clandestine dealings with reporters — mostly off the record, he says. Hard to imagine a crisis counselor would screw up his own interview with Washingtonian, not exactly known for hit pieces, despite being beaten up in the media in the past. Few, if any, publication in Washington is immune from the occasional puff piece that results in beneficial source greasing. Does Chotiner recall TNR’s recent largely squishy love note on WaPo‘s Ezra Klein? Sure, it included goofy pictures Ezzy shouldn’t have enjoyed. But that’s about all.

Joynt didn’t appear to mind the critique, but got finicky about Chotiner’s spelling error.

Not surprisingly, this yanked up the heat on their bickering.


Of course we enjoyed this question in Joynt’s interview… Read more