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WaPo’s Connolly to McKinsey & Co.

FishbowlDC has confirmed with WaPo that longtime National desk writer Ceci Connolly is leaving the Post for a consulting gig with McKinsey & Company. Connolly, who has been with WaPo since 1997, notified her colleagues of her new job via the below email:

“Friends, Pardon the group email but I wanted to tell you all my big news. After 13 great years on the National staff of the Washington Post I’ve decided to take on a new adventure, serving as a senior adviser at McKinsey & Co. to the firm’s new Center for US Health System Reform and its global Health Systems Institute. It is a phenomenal opportunity to grow, learn and have an impact on health care worldwide. I have been blown away by the brainpower at McKinsey and felt that its non-ideological, fact-based approach is the ideal environment for an old-fashioned news gal like me.

Throughout 25 years in journalism, I have been blessed with fascinating assignments, warm colleagues and generous sources. Six presidential campaigns, epic health care battles, Hurricane Katrina, two blogs and the machinations of Capitol Hill gave me all I could have ever hoped to write about. Whether bumping along the frost heaves of New Hampshire, talking politics with Juan and Brit on Fox and Gwen on PBS, racing to catch Air Force One (and Two) or sneaking a bite of black market lobster in Cuba, it has been an amazing journey. I hope to catch my breath for a few weeks, do some cooking and play a little golf. I’ll send out my McKinsey coordinates soon.”

h/t Emptywheel

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Kathy Griffin Bleeps Through D.C.; Journos Get Cameos

Picture 6.JPG
PR rep Hilary Rosen, Politico’s Patrick Gavin and Kathy

HuffPost’s Arianna Huffington and Kathy (Kathy needs a translator.)

CNN’s John King and Dana Bash: Kathy’s Political Advisers

If anyone expected comedian Kathy Griffin to behave appropriately in her D.C. episode of Bravo’s “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List,” they were in for a rude awakening. In other words, d–k jokes were the norm, not the exception.

Griffin tried her damnedest to keep her f-bombs in check (read: she didn’t try that hard). Plenty of D.C. journalists appeared on Griffin’s show Wednesday night. CNN’s Dana Bash and husband and colleague John King served as Griffin’s “political advisers.” Griffin called them the “power couple.” She said she and King have a past – not that kind of past. The couple explained Rep. Jim Clyburn’s (D-S.C.) role as House Whip – so not someone who is into actual whipping.

There was WaPo’s Karen Tumulty, Ceci Connolly, Politico’s Patrick Gavin, HuffPost’s Nico Pitney and HuffPost’s Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington. (“I’m prepared to do some serious ass kissing to get her to mention my rally on her blog,” Griffin told viewers of Huffington. “I can’t always understand what she’s saying, but I stand by her and whatever she just said.”)

Roll Call‘s HOH writer Emily Heil could be heard in a phoner as Griffin was driven in a black Town Car to her “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” rally in downtown Washington. The comedian cracked on Roll Call, saying, “Maybe not the New York Times, but a very important trade paper wants to interview me,” she told her staff in the car.

Griffin told Heil: “I’m meeting with Barney Frank, you know, leave it to the gays to have two first names and then I’m meeting with a big queen named Jim Clyburn.” (Frank is the openly gay Financial Services Chairman; Clyburn is the House Democratic Whip.)

(Griffin got into some hot water with the Human Rights Campaign after a front page story appeared in Roll Call with Griffin calling Clyburn a “big queen.” Griffin went against her strict policy of never apologizing for her jokes and called up Clyburn’s aide to smooth things over. She said an apology like this wouldn’t happen again. She told the aide the “queen” comment was a big joke. The aide could be heard laughing.)

Griffin’s fears on coming to Washington and more cameo pictures after the jump…

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Sunday Show Preview for 01.10.10


NBC’s Meet the Press: Gov. Tim Kaine (D-VA), RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell & Chuck Todd

CBS’ Face the Nation: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) and a roundtable with NYT’s Peter Baker and CBS News’ Jan Crawford.

ABC’s This Week: Christina Romer, Chair of Council of Economic Advisers and roundtable with ABC’s George Will, Liz Cheney, Bloomberg News’ Al Hunt, PBS New Hour’s Judy Woodruff and Robert Reich of The American Prospect.

CNN’s State of the Union: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Christina Romer of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Dem. Strategist Donna Brazile, Liz Cheney

CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz: WaPo’s Anne Kornblut, Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg News and TWT’s Amanda Carpenter followed by WaPo’s Mike Wise and Buzz Bissinger of Vanity Fair

CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria: Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Michael Mullen, “The Edge of Disaster” author Stephen Flynn, Exec. Dir. 9/11 Commission Philip Zelikow and NYC Deputy Commissioner of Counter-Terrorism Richard A. Falkenrath.

NBC’s The Chris Matthews Show: Time’s Joe Klein, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, NYT’s Elisabeth Bumiller, David Ignatius of the Washington Post

Washington Week with Gwen Ifill and National Journal: NYT’s Peter Baker, Tom Gjelten of National Public Radio, Nat Journal’s Jim Barnes and Ceci Connolly of WaPo.

Bloomberg’s Political Capital with Al Hunt:

Washington Watch with Roland Martin: Austan Goolsbee, staff director and chief economist on the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) with panelists Robin Givhan of WaPo, Air America’s Ana Marie Cox, XM’s Joe Madison, Black America’s Deborah Mathis, Roll Call TV host & Philadelphia Tribune columnist Robert Traynham and News One’s Smokey Fontaine

CNN’s Amanpour: General David Petraeus

We’ll update as we get ‘em.

DC’s Women in Media Support the Rebecca Project

Juleanna Glover and Richard Wolffe with Rebecca Project’s Malika Saada-Saar and a party guest.

Juleanna Glover opened the doors of her Kalorama home Saturday night to some of DC’s most powerful women in media to benefit the Rebecca Project for Human Rights. This is a group founded by executive director Malika Saada-Saar and Autumn VandeHei to advocate for women who have survived addiction, incarceration and poverty.

Women who have benefited from the Rebecca Project, the “Mother Leaders” attended the party, sharing their stories with special hosts Carol Browner, Tammy Haddad, Betsy Fischer (who had to leave early for a “Meet the Press” pretape with Secretary Hillary Clinton), Norah O’Donnell, Amy Holmes, Robin Sproul, Sally Quinn and Jessica Yellin.

It was most certainly a ladies night… CNN’s Dana Bash and Edie Emery, WaPo‘s Liz Spayd and Ceci Connolly, Politico‘s Nia-Malika Henderson and Kiki Ryan, Politics Daily‘s Emily Miller,’s Carrie Dann, Congress Daily‘s Erin McPike, Time‘s Jay Newton Small, The Hill‘s A.B. Stoddard, Washington Life‘s Janet Donovan, Christina Sevilla, Miss DC 2008 Kate Marie Grinold and Katie McCormick Lelyveld from First Lady Michelle Obama’s office attended. And the Glover sisters- TWT‘s Liz Glover, Becca Glover and Kristin Glover.

These ladies were joined by Politico‘s Jim VandeHei, host Autumn’s husband, O’Donnell’s husband Chef Geoff Tracy, NYT‘s Mark Liebovich, WaPo‘s Perry Bacon, Richard Wolffe, Winston Lord, Mix 107.3′s Tommy McFly, Lee Brenner, Mark Paustenbach, Pepper Watkins, Marc Adelman, Michael Feldman and White House economic advisor Austan Goolsbee. Also Susanna Quinn and Jack Quinn, and Shanti Stanton and Matt Stanton.

In remarks at the party, Saada-Saar thanked VandeHei and the women involved, “Our organization stands on the shoulders of many people.” “We come together to honor the work of these women, to honor the work of mothers and to really recognize what happens when we as women and mothers come together across the divides of race, class, education, lived experience and honor ourselves,” she said.

The event was sponsored by Goldman Sachs’s 10,000 Women, and Brown-Forman generously donated the party’s wine and martinis. Attendees could donate online or by pledge cards.

For more on these women’s stories, check out Emily’s Post on Politics Daily, and for video of Saar’s remarks, check out Politico Click.

Photos by Emily Miller.

NPR’s Michel Martin, Autumn VandeHei and Amy Holmes.

CNN’s Dana Bash and Jessica Yellin.

More photos after the jump…

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UPDATED Sunday Show Preview

NBC’s Meet the Press: Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey, Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS), Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA), NYT‘s David Brooks, WaPo‘s E.J. Dionne, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Republican strategist Ed Gillespie and NBC’s Tom Brokaw

CBS’ Face the Nation: Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Rep. Ike Skelton (D-MO), Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and Republican political consultant Ed Rollins

ABC’s This Week: DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, RNC Chairman Michael Steele and a roundtable with Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, Republican Pollster and Consultant Frank Luntz and ABC’s Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts and George Will

Fox News Sunday: Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and a panel with Fox’s Brit Hume, Fox/NPR’s Mara Liasson, Fox/Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol, Fox/New York Post‘s Kirsten Powers

CNN’s State of the Union: Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey, Virginia Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell (R), Republican pollster Bill McInturff, Democratic pollster Peter Hart, CNN’s James Carville and Mary Matalin and former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev

CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz: Time‘s Joe Klein, AP’s Beth Fouhy, “Googled” author and The New Yorker media columnist Kevin Auletta

CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria: Aspen Institute’s Walter Isaacson, “The Years of Lyndon Johnson” author Robert Caro, WSJ’s Peggy Noonan, “Creating Black Americans” author Nell Irvin Painter and former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf

NBC’s The Chris Matthews Show: The Atlantic‘s Andrew Sullivan, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, New York Magazine‘s John Heilemann and WaPo‘s Kathleen Parker

Washington Week with Gwen Ifill and National Journal: WaPo‘s Ceci Connolly, NJ‘s James Barnes, Politico‘s John Harris and ABC’s Martha Raddatz

Bloomberg’s Political Capital with Al Hunt: House Minority Whip Eric Cantor

Washington Watch with Roland Martin: RNC Chairman Michael Steele, DNC Chairman Gov. Tim Kaine, Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), commentator and author Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, WaPo‘s Michael Fletcher, Democratic strategist and pollster Cornell Belcher; Politico‘s Nia-Malika Henderson, syndicated columnist and author Deborah Mathis, Comcast Network’s, Roll Call TV’s and Philadelphia Tribune‘s Robert Traynham and News One’s Smokey Fontaine

Will update as we learn them.

Sunday Shows So Far…

• We told you late yesterday David Plouffe will be joining David Gregory on “Meet the Press” this Sunday. President Obama’s presidential campaign manager will be discussing his new book, “The Audacity to Win,” which hits stands next Tuesday. We also learned today Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will join the program.

Bob Schieffer will be joined by White House senior advisor David Axelrod and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) on “Face the Nation” Sunday.

• And on “Washington Week” with Gwen Ifill and the National Journal, you can expect to see Slate and CBS’ John Dickerson, WaPo‘s Ceci Connolly, McClatchy’s Nancy Youssef and NJ‘s Marilyn Serafini.

Sunday Show Preview

NBC’s Meet the Press: Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), NBC military analyst and former US Southern Command Commander-in-chief Ret. Gen. Barry McCaffrey and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Ret. Gen. Richard Myers and a roundtable with Atlantic Media political director Ron Brownstein, WSJ‘s Paul Gigot, BBC’s Katty Kay and WaPo‘s Bob Woodward

CBS’ Face the Nation: Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), WaPo‘s David Ignatius and Brookings’ Michael O’Hanlon

ABC’s This Week:

Fox News Sunday:

CNN’s State of the Union: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Sen. Robert Casey (D-PA), Assistant Surgeon General Ann Schuchat and CNN political contributors Claremont Institute’s William Bennett and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile

CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz: The Baltimore Sun‘s David Zurawik,’s Sharon Waxman, former CBS VP of Morning Broadcasts Steve Friedman and White House Communications Director Anita Dunn

CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria: Richard Haass, CFR’s Stephen Biddle, Pakistani Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani and De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer

NBC’s The Chris Matthews Show: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, WaPo‘s David Ignatius, CNN’s Gloria Borger and Chicago Tribune‘s Clarence Page

Washington Week with Gwen Ifill and National Journal: ABC’s Martha Raddatz, NYT‘s Peter Baker, WaPo‘s Ceci Connolly and USA Today‘s Joan Biskupic

Bloomberg’s Political Capital with Al Hunt: White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers

Washington Watch with Roland Martin: Ret. Major General John Hawkins, Brookings’ Michael O’Hanlon and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) and a panel with Chicago Tribune‘s Clarence Page, American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan, conservative columnist and political analyst Tara Wall and Politico‘s Nia-Malika Henderson

CNN’s Amanpour: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

Will update as we learn them.

FishbowlDC’s Brag Book: Meet Stephen Langel

Hey FishbowlDC! Meet our brag book buddy, Stephen Langel! Langel most recently hit the Hill as the health care policy reporter for Roll Call. If you ask us, NOW is a pretty good time to snatch up this reporter. We’ve even got one of his articles posted after the jump. Check it out.

Doing my job.jpgWonder how Langel writes such caliente pieces? Well, Stephen hails from Miami, Florida. He graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Communications and from University of Florida with a J.D. He’s been covering politics and policy on the Hill for a decade, including every step of the health care debate over the past several years.

What working journalist do you most admire and why? Louis Jacobson – a reporter’s editor and a great friend. Mary Agnes Carey, who is a great reporter and an even greater person. Ceci Connolly – for her understanding of the nuance of complicated health care issues. Robert Pear for his unparalleled contacts and kind demeanor.

Proudest moment in your career? My ability, throughout my career to match or beat competitors who have more staff, resources and name recognition than I or my publications do.

What is something that most people don’t know about you? I love golf, but it doesn’t love me.

What’s your guilty pleasure? I have an unending loyalty to several teams – the Florida State Seminoles, Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins – who frustrate me to no end. Also, Reality TV. I know I should hate it, but it’s so easy to find villains on these shows, that I get hooked.

What/who is your dream interview? God. No bigger get than that.

Anything else we should know? I am nothing without my wonderful friends on and off the Hill who have been terrific sources for me. I owe them everything.

If you’re looking for happenin’ health care policy reporter, now is your chance. Hit up our man, Stephen Langel via email at or by letting us know you’d like the hook up. We’ll gladly put you in touch. And don’t forget to check out one of Stephen’s stories after the jump.

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Sunday Show Preview

NBC’s Meet the Press: President Barack Obama, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), WaPo‘s Eugene Robinson and Politico‘s Roger Simon

CBS’ Face the Nation: President Barack Obama, RNC Chairman Michael Steele

ABC’s This Week: President Barack Obama and a roundtable with Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile, Republican strategist and former Bush advisor Ed Gillespie, WSJ‘s Peggy Noonan, former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich and ABC contibutor columnist George Will

Fox News Sunday: ACORN CEO/Chief Organizer Bertha Lewis, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), FedEx Chairman and CEO Fred Smith, CISCO Chairman and CEO John Chambers, Office Depot Chairman and CEO Steve Odland and a panel with Fox News contributors senior analyst Brit Hume, NPR’s Mara Liasson, NPR’s Juan Williams and WSJ‘s Paul Gigot

CNN’s State of the Union: President Barack Obama, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), CNN contributors Republican strategist Mary Matalin and Democratic strategist James Carville and Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI)

CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz: Conservative commentator Amy Holmes, WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza, HLN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell and WaPo‘s Amy Argetsinger

CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

NBC’s The Chris Matthews Show: NYT‘s Helene Cooper, Time‘s Rick Stengel, NYT‘s David Brooks and WaPo‘s Kathleen Parker

Washington Week with Gwen Ifill and National Journal: WaPo‘s Ceci Connolly, NYT and CNBC’s John Harwood, The Economist‘s Greg Ip and ABC’s Martha Raddatz

Bloomberg’s Political Capital with Al Hunt: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

Will update as we learn them.

Morning Reading List 09.14.09

Good morning FishbowlDC! Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line.

Congratulations to WaPo‘s Ed O’Keefe who married Valerie Hallow this weekend. What know and what we’re reading this Monday morning…



Upcoming TV interviews (via Playbook): The President sits down with Bloomberg News and CNBC’s John Harwood. Christina Romer, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, is doing the financial and news cable channels right after the speech from Wall Street. The CEA’s Austan Goolsbee pre-taped a “Morning Joe” interview yesterday. Treasury Secretary Geithner is sitting down with Katie Couric, anchor and managing editor of the “CBS Evening News,” and ABC’s Diane Sawyer, for “Good Morning America,” to air tomorrow.

Steve Kroft‘s interview with President Obama aired on last night’s “60 Minutes.”

Tonight’s Jay Leno‘s prime time debut on NBC.

“Even if the Leno show fails, this still points to the way the future of television is changing… Audiences are smaller and smaller in television.” -Time‘s James Poniewozik on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” yesterday.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” is on the west coast this week. Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough pretaped today’s show from the Ronald Reagan Library with Nancy Reagan, Pat Buchanan and a live studio audience.


Unauthorized pop-ups on


With hope to make some money, Newsweek is changing its subscription policy.


WaPo‘s Howard Kurtz and Paul Duggan‘s take on the CNN coast guard debacle on Friday. “The “news,” such as it was, quickly hit the media echo chamber.”

And Dana Milbank‘s take.

Related? AP: Nearly two-thirds of Americans think the news stories they read, hear and watch are frequently inaccurate, according to a poll released Sunday by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. That marks the highest level of skepticism recorded since 1985, when this study of public perceptions of the media was first done.

Tom Ricks and the military’s new philosophical embeds in CJR: The doctrine of counterinsurgency has received almost uniformly positive press coverage, at times making it appear to be the only possible avenue for the U.S. military, and in the process that coverage has cast it in the most positive light.

And Newsweek‘s Jon Meacham in NYT: Our Reporter, Ahmadinejad’s Prisoner.


“I spent all day… working the phones, pestering, cajoling, asking as many questions as possible and they really did not have much detail.” -WaPo‘s Ceci Connolly on difficulties in dealing with administration officials on the health care plan on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” on CNN. Connolly made the Sunday show rounds- she also appeared on the “Chris Matthews Show.”

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