Race is in the news for so many reasons right now. Hello, Paula Deen! How are you? So the plan this week was to read what everyone was saying about it, mostly so you didn’t have to. We made the mistake, however, of starting with The National Review. Sorry, we had to cut ourselves off and didn’t get to anyone else. Here’s a sampling of what we found:

Math Problems

For a moment, Jonah Goldberg does a good job showing how collectively insane Republicans have become over immigration reform and how they’ve been trounced by Democrats because of it. Then, he started trying to attack the current proposal, with math no less. “Liberal wonks raced to defend the bill on the wage issue by noting that average wages wouldn’t necessarily go down for existing workers. (If ten people make $100 a day, and you add an eleventh who makes $50 a day, the average goes down even if everyone’s wages don’t.)” We missed the part in the immigration bill where employers are forced to pay immigrants 50 percent less than native born citizens. What happens if you pay 11 people equal wages for equal work? The same amount you were paying those previous 10? Numbers are not our strong suit, but we think that works out pretty well. What does it say about you, though, when you automatically assume adding an immigrant worker to the pool means they will—no must—earn less than all the white people around them?

Never let the fact that something is working well be an excuse to leave it alone…

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