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Mediabistro Morning Roundup – 9.2.14

From TVNewser to FishbowlNY, here are your top stories from across Mediabistro.

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Chelsea Clinton Set to Leave NBC News After 3 Years as Special Correspondent

chelsea-clinton-articleChelsea Clinton announced today on Facebook that she will leave NBC News where she’s served as a special correspondent since 2011 to continue her work with the Clinton Foundation and as she and husband Mark Mezvinsky prepare to welcome their first child. People magazine was the first to report the news, just before the former First Daughter’s public post.

And with her departure, Clinton does not close the door to future opportunities with the peacock network.

“While my role with NBC News may be coming to an end, I look forward to working with the NBC family well into the future,” she said. Read more

How Badly Do You Want to Interview Chelsea Clinton? ‘Stay on the Subject Being Promoted’

NBC is trotting out Special Correspondent for NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams” Chelsea Clinton for interviews.

If you’re booked (and that is definitely an if), you will send all your intel, numbers, backup numbers and website, and understand that even if you get the slot you’re interview could be subject to change. What’s more, if you go over the 10-minute allotted time, PLEASE REMEMBER the operator may disconnect you. If you forget, you’re still getting the axe if you go over. And by the way, please stay on the subject being promoted. (A pleasant emoticon softens the blow of that last rule.)

Airing this Friday at 10 p.m., Chelsea visits Key West to interview author Judy Blume on her first feature film being created from her book, Tiger Eyes.

See the enticing (eye roll) email from an NBC press manager… Read more

Shuster Invokes Use of P-Word

Current TV sub and radio host David Shuster is no coward when it comes to using the p-word. “This is the first time in nearly four years that I’ve used the word ‘pimp’ (or any derivation of it) on-air,” he wrote on Facebook over the weekend, referencing the infamous program that initially got him suspended from MSNBC when he said then-presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton was pimping her daughter, Chelsea, on the campaign trail.  “Anyway, the segment we did tonight was the funniest of the week,” he continued. “Pay particular attention, if you like, to the double entendres. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

This use of pimping didn’t involve Chelsea Clinton, now a special correspondent for NBC’s “Rock Center.” This involved prostitutes pimping for GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

‘Pimpin’ for Paul’: David Shuster reveals Nevada prostitutes who have the hots for Ron Paul – Countd “The working girls at the Moonlite Ranch, who reportedly love a good caucus, met and decided to endorse Paul’s candidacy.”

Our favorite reaction comes from a Shuster Facebook friend who writes, “Love ya D….but really?”

A Pissing Match Between Two Media Scribes

A fight between two grown men in media is always worth watching.

In one corner: WaPo‘s Erik Wemple. Dirty blond curly hair. Medium build. In the other: The Baltimore Sun‘s David Zurawik. Balding. Glasses. Skinnyish.

Are you rrrrready to RRRRumble?

Over the weekend, Wemple castrated Zurawik by critiquing his critique of NBC’s newest star, Chelsea Clinton, on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” Wemple called him “childish and misanthropic.” He said Zurawik’s take on Chelsea was “rehearsed.”

Z’s quote: “Steve Capus, the president of NBC News, in his shameless hype for this journalistically bankrupt decision, said it’s as if Chelsea has been preparing all her life for this thing. Based on the first show we saw, if that’s true, it’s been a largely wasted life. And as mean as that might sound, I don’t take it back, really.”

On Monday Zurawik fired back with a complete ass kissing of CNN “Reliable Sources” host Howard Kurtz, saying that WaPo used to have “best media reporter in the country in Howard Kurtz” in the first line of the story. Now they have that shithead Wemple, he lamented. He also tried to reattach his testicles by making a big stink out of Wemple not calling him for comment. He called Wemple a “water carrier” for the Clintons and suggested that calling him for comment might have at least made him seem like a reporter. As if that would have made Wemple’s analysis of Zurawik’s analysis any different.

(Brief memo to Zurawik: First of all, on which planet is self-pimping Kurtz the best media reporter in America? Kurtz is a longtime media reporter, but the best? Does the best attribute anti-Obama administration quotes to Nancy Pelosi that aren’t hers? Does the best think he’s talking to a congressman when he’s talking to an aide and then try to cover the whole thing up? Does the best wait five days to cover the Weiner sex scandal, reasoning that it’s sometimes prudent to wait? We know you’re a regular on Kurtz’s Sunday show, but WTF Zurawik?)

Getting back to the pissing match, Wemple was riled by Z’s accusation of being in bed with the Clintons. “So I’m now a ‘water carrier’ for the Clintons?” Wemple asked in an interview with FBDC. “It’s clear that Z, the ultimate reporter, perhaps didn’t check out this item and this item.”

He continued, “It’s instructive to follow his logic: If I cite any objection to Z’s stating that Chelsea Clinton has lived a ‘largely wasted life,’ I am carrying water for her. Not, mind you, just sticking up for basic decency. Because anybody who dissents from the notion that Chelsea Clinton has lived a ‘largely wasted life’ is just a suckup for the Clintons.”

The fight continues…Please note, Zurawik phoned us back last night with a reasonable excuse for his tardiness and we returned the call today. If and when the conversation happens, we’ll bring you his remarks. Stay tuned…

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Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things we Think you Ought to Know…)

Ben Smith Goes Viral – We are still scratching our heads trying to figure out the Ben Smith move from Politico to BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed, best known for it’s collection of viral content recently named Smith as Editor-in-Chief. The readers of Buzzfeed are known for launching internet memes and immediately latched onto the possibility that someone as straight-laced as Smith would be joining their world of corgis on surfboards and planking. Thus, Buzzfeed Ben was born. View more of their creations here

We’re All for Good Causes And All – But, this seems a little crazy. This Thursday is “Free to Tweet” Day across the twitterverse. It’s a celebration of the Bill of Rights Day where you can express your appreciation for the First Amendment. Students between the ages of 14 and 22 can use the hashtag #freetotweet to be entered into a contest to receive one of 22 $5,000 dollar scholarships. The contest goes on for 24 hours, and students are encouraged to participate as often as they can in that time frame to share their love of Freedom of Expression. That sounds like a worthwhile venture. Don’t study. Just tweet for 24 hours. I am almost positive the Founding Fathers had something else in mind for the First Amendment.

Chelsea Clinton Makes Her NBC Debut – On last night’s “Rock Center” on NBC, Chelsea Clinton made her debut as part of the network series called “Making a Difference.” Her first report was filed from her home state of Arkansas and profiled a woman trying to help children living in poverty. After the report, she joined Brian Williams in studio. When asked why she decided to shed her private lifestyle to enter the world of TV reporting, she said her recently deceased Grandmother, Dorothy Rodham, told her that “being Chelsea Clinton had happened to me and that I had a responsibility to do something with that asset and opportunity.” Didn’t Uncle Ben tell that to Spider-Man? “With great power comes great responsibility?” View her debut in the video below.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Meghan McCain: Welcome to the Jungle

With Twitter being like a schoolyard and some tweeters acting as bullies, there was no way MSNBC’s newest contributor was going to get away with her flub so easily. Last night on Twitter Meghan McCain gave the feeding frenzy  — more than 120,000 followers — a piece of bloody red meat as she did the unthinkable: She called herself a “correspondent” as opposed to the “contributor” that she is. She deleted it and said she meant to say contributor. “Enough re-tweets are out there to show the original,” relayed a Washington reporter to FBDC. “Kinda funny. What was sad was her blaming it on auto text correct.”

But is that really what’s sad?

After Current TV’s David Shuster politely wrote to ask whether she was a contributor or a correspondent, she tweeted back: “@DavidShuster contributor – apologies, autocorrect :-)

Daughter of a senator. Author of a splashy book, Dirty Sexy Money, and America You Sexy Bitch (yes, we’re serious) slated for July 4. Recipient of job offer after job offer for what many see as the direct result of being the outspoken daughter to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). Soon Chelsea Clinton will face the same wrath on NBC’s “Rock Center” and it won’t be pretty. The journo masses don’t take kindly to sudden colleagues who haven’t earned their stripes. Or, at least earned them in ways they see as weak or inappropriate. They don’t like it when things come too easily. For anyone, but especially young journalists with famous last names.

The haters included Iowahawkblog’s David Burge who wrote, “Meghan McCain, Luke Russert, Chelsea Clinton. NBC has more hereditary idiots than an Middle East dictatorship. #ThePlaceForNepotism.” Then came Houston blogger, Christian, and mother Melissa Clouthier, who wrote, “Why do I feel more justified than ever for my scorn of Meghan McCain? Ugh. What an idiot.” (Unclear whether she’s the idiot or if that’s McCain.) And Sen. Jim DeMint‘s (R-S.C.) Speechwriter Amanda Carpenter snipped, “Worth noting–must be nice to be a president’s or candidate’s daughter if you want to do TV. Jenna Bush hired by NBC, Meghan McCain MSNBC.”

Names she was called and ways she was described Monday: Nasty witch, goddess, no one takes her seriously, not qualified. But in the end, perhaps her father’s words held the most impact. He wrote her a special note on Twitter: “Great job in providing a rational viewpoint on MSNBC today. I’m very proud.”

Last night after outrage over her mistake waned, she gave her “Twitterfam” the opportunity to ask her 10 questions. She wrote, “Alright twitterfam – 10 questions…. starting now! Ask me anything you want, haven’t done this in a long time.”  She answered the following seven questions. Perhaps the most fitting is the song she sang to herself Monday morning.

Favorite Muppet: Animal, I have a thing for drummers.

Last song you listened to and sang along? This morning when I was getting ready – Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle”.

Are you a vegetarian? If not, do you feel guilty? I’m not a vegetarian. No, real women eat meat.

Who’s playing her in Game Change? Find out…

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Journalists – Are They Nosy?

Well, of course. That’s a given.
But have D.C. news makers gone too far in the nosy department on the details of Chelsea Clinton‘s wedding?

Here’s how WaPo‘s fashion guru Robin Givhan spells it out in a weekend column in which she manages to not only insult a town of journalists (they’ve resorted to the equivalent of “dumpster diving”) but also Chelsea – saying her dress won’t be remarkable except to those who love her (how lovely for her).

(Givhan writes, “Her gown will undoubtedly be lovely, as most wedding dresses are, but it will probably be unremarkable to all except her closest friends, family and betrothed. That’s as it should be.”)

wedding gown mosaic.JPG.jpeg
Chelsea Clinton’s endless wedding gown options…

Stephanopoulos Discusses “This Week”‘s Move To The Newseum

newseum 0012.JPG

Media writers, unite!

We joined George Stephanopoulos for lunch this week to discuss “This Week”‘s upcoming move to the Newseum (first show: April 20).

Of course, we wanted to know what’s going to happen to “This Week”‘s legendary green room (each week, a chef whips up tasty, customized omelettes). Sadly, that won’t make it to the Newseum, but they will have catering that provides scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, fruit, and bagels and lox (no omelettes). With Wolfgang Puck’s “The Source” nearby, good food is never far away (budget willing). (And fear not: Green Room Courtney will still pose for pictures). “This Week”‘s roundtable, however, will be moved to the Newseum studio.

Stephanopoulos said he’s enormously excited for the move, especially for the great view of the U.S. Capitol that the Newseum’s studio provides (the Capitol will be over his left shoulder in the shot).

We asked how this move fits any hopes that “This Week” has to eventually top perennial ratings champ “Meet the Press.”

    The hope is this will just give viewers another reason to watch.

Loads more after the jump…

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Morning Reading List, 02.11.08

Good morning Washington.

Quickly navigate Morning Reading List:


  • You are not fans of Maureen Dowd’s writing.


  • Washington Post reports, “Discovery Communications has hired former AOL advertising executive Kathleen Kayse to run the Silver Spring cable giant’s digital ad sales operation. Kayse is a Time Warner veteran, having held a number of positions there, including publisher of People magazine.”

    Top of post


  • Diamondback Online talks to Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee and Nixon-era whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg.

    <LI"Fuzzy Election Math, Before and After

  • The Examiner reports,Mark Tapscott, editorial page editor of The Washington Examiner, will receive the Conservative Political Action Conference’s journalist of the year award today for producing what American Conservative Union Chairman David A. Keene called a ‘consistent, conservative, articulate editorial page.’”

  • Amy Argetsinger says to ignore Chris Matthews. From an online chat:

      Philadelphia, Pa.: Is there any way to attempt to correct Chris Matthews from pronouncing Illinois “Illinoise”? Especially when we know it’s accidental…it’s quite embarrassing for the rest of us and it happened over and over again yesterday….
      Amy Argetsinger: He’s just doing it to get attention. Ignore him.

  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “The Washington Post Co.’s latest online venture targets a black audience, drawing from its own media properties but linking to too little else.”

  • Deb Howell asks, “Was a Museum Director Treated Fairly?

  • Newseum taps Roberts for opening

  • Romenesko has the memo from Bill Keller regarding Marty Gottlieb’s “New Gig”

  • Zero Zero, an “active gallery,” has opened in Georgetown. Georgetowner reports. The owners are currently “keeping busy by involving themselves in the planning stages of the first ever DC Photography Week, which should be captivating us this fall.”

  • The Wall Street Journal reports, “To secure the Democratic nomination for president, either Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama will need to secure 2,025 delegates. Depending on which account you accepted Friday morning, Ms. Clinton was either leading the delegate race, with more than half the needed total, or trailing Mr. Obama with both candidates shy of the halfway mark. At least five different news organizations are tracking delegate counts, and as this blog and others noted after Super Tuesday — and others pointed out earlier in primary season — the numbers have been all over the map. By Friday, the Associated Press’s count (used by The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and others), was scoring Ms. Clinton ahead, 1,045 to 960. CBS News had a Clinton lead of 1,069 to 1,001; at ABC News, it was 1,069 to 990; and CNN called it 1,037 to 933. Meanwhile, NBC News had Mr. Obama in the lead, 861 to 855.”

    Top of post


  • Media barred from covering Rove speech at prep school

  • Olbermann Backs Burns on Countdown

  • TV Guide and Extra were behind the scenes at FNC on election night. Check it out here.

  • “Some Obama supporters are up in arms this evening over a remark by CNN’s Jessica Yellin that was meant to be off-camera, but was caught on a live mic.” Politico’s Ben Smith explains.

  • TVNewser has the updated debate ranker.

  • Jake Tapper reports, “Clinton Campaign Not Looking for Shuster to Be Fired, After All”. His Extreme-ness writes, “It’s hard to read about MSNBC’s relationship to the mothership Clinton campaign these days without being reminded of Vichy France.” Outside The Beltway writes, “I’m no fan of Shuster. Indeed, he’s a total and utter hack and MSNBC should be ashamed they can’t find a more serious journalist to put on their air. But these remarks aren’t worthy of tut-tutting, let alone firing.” Ann Althouse says, “NBC wimped out over ‘pimped out.’”

  • Clinton on Shuster: “No Temporary Suspension or Half-Hearted Apology is Sufficient
  • Shuster isn’t the only one with a pimp quote. Olbermann Watch explains.

  • Uh-oh…Reliable Sources made a goof.

  • Saturday Night’s All Right For Voting

  • Business Week reports, “The days of old when there was just network news and newspapers for people to go to for their information are long gone, and people who deliver the news have become much more numerous. They are no longer just newscasters, but rather news and current affairs personalities; toward that end, America has their favorites and, of course, their least favorites. Leading the list of favorites, just under one-quarter (23%) of Americans cite Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly as one of their three favorite news and current affairs personalities, followed by the host of ABC’s World News Tonight, Charles Gibson and CNN’s Anderson Cooper (17% each).”

  • From Eat the Press: “MSNBC: The Place For Politics (And Taped Programming)”

  • Moderator and a Panelist Ousted at ‘Fox News Watch’

  • Two in ‘Famous Fathers Fraternity’ Talk Politics

  • TVNewser says, “Don’t Cut Off Joe When He’s on the Phone”

  • DCRTV overheard Imus telling listeners today that he’ll be back on in DC soon.

    Top of post


  • Mixed Media has an “Edwards Aide on Anti-Edwards Bias”

  • Slate reports,Chelsea Clinton has no trouble talking, as it turns out, though she doesn’t seem to enjoy it much. The former First Kid took audience questions for nearly an hour at a small campaign event today at the University of Maryland, where she was articulate, knowledgeable and almost completely without affect.”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Google Inc. hasn’t received formal objections from European Union regulators about its proposed $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick Inc., three people familiar with the case said, indicating the EU is close to approving the deal.”

  • Norman Pearlstine, managing director of the Carlyle Group LP, talks with Bloomberg’s Matt Miller in New York about Microsoft Corp.’s unsolicited bid for Yahoo! Inc., the strategies of Time Warner Inc. and News Corp., and outlook for the credit market.”

  • Info World reports, “Technorati CEO sees opportunity in the changing Web”

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  • The New York Post reports, “The FBI is poking around the celebrity magazine world on the West Coast, investigating allegations of kickbacks and pay-for-play schemes, according to a source who was contacted by investigators. The source was told that the probe, which appears to be at a preliminary stage, involved ‘paparazzi and In Touch’ magazine. The source was contacted by an agent named Dennis Webster in the FBI’s Los Angeles office.”

    Top of post


  • FierceMarkets, Inc. is seeking a Telecom Reporter for Steady Freelance Gig.

  • National Public Radio is looking for an Editor (I, II, or III), Digital News.
  • PBS is looking for a Director, PBS Engage.

  • Exchange Monitor Publications, Inc. is looking for Reporters.

  • Agra Informa Inc. is looking for Freelance reporters.

    Top of post

    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext