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Morning Chatter

“I look forward to your Twitter following giving me a hard time for the next three weeks.” — CNN’s Piers Morgan to TWT Senior Opinion Editor Emily Miller, who appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” last night to discuss her new book, Emily Gets Her Gun. Morgan is a heated anti-gun activist.

THE SIX MUSKETEERS? “This was a Wolf Blitzer idea.” — PBS’s Gwen Ifill. (From L to R: Scott Pelley, Ifill, Chris Wallace, Diane Sawyer, Wolf Blitzer and Savannah Guthrie.)

The Observer

“On the way to the airport I saw an AZ Highway Patrolman taking a leak in the steak house parking lot. #human” — Jimmy Zuma, Washington Correspondent for The John C. Scott Show and a columnist for the Tucson Sentinel.

Uh oh. Who screwed up?

“So…ABC News says George Zimmerman is in custody and AP says he isn’t. Who’s right?” — Eric Deggans, soon-to-be NPR’s TV critic. When others suggested the facts may pertain to the words “in custody,” he wrote, “I think using the term ‘in custody’ for anything other than arrest is seriously misleading.”

And this…“CNN now reporting that NO GUN was involved in Zimmerman incident. Whuh? Could the media have gotten it wrong about Zimmerman again?” — Breitbart‘s John Nolte.

And this…“So many of y’all clicked the Zimmerman story link it crashed our server!” — TV One morning host Roland Martin.

In conclusion… CNN reporting this morning as of 8:28 a.m. that Zimmerman was detained but not arrested: “After he was initially detained by officers, George Zimmerman was interviewed at the house by detectives, Lake Mary police spokesman Zach Hudson said.”

Overheard in the scrum

“Actual question in press scrum with Rep. Tom Rooney: ‘You seem very somber. Is this tough stuff?’” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel.

On a lighter note…

“News you can use: CNN goes live with Secretary of State Dennis Rodman calling North Korea leader Kim Jong Un ‘likeable.’” — NPR’s Ken Rudin.

Everything sounds more exotic in French

“Pour voir @HillaryClinton parler de la #Syrie à la Maison Blanche, c’est ici” — AFP‘s Tangi Quéméner. Loosely translated from 6th grade French, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton‘s coming to the White House.

Important Q to Ponder: “Getting my first professional haircut in 12 years tonight. Do I have to bring a picture of a celebrity or something?” — Chris Wilson, interactive graphics editor for TIME.

White House reporting lingo

“Wolf Blitzed just left from his interview with POTUS went well” — American Urban Radio‘s April Ryan.

3 Shocking Headlines

  • “Hiding in N. Virginia, a daughter of Auschwitz” — WaPo Magazine by Thomas Harding.
  • “Iowa is issuing gun permits to the blind” — HuffPost by Ryan Grenoble.
  • “Thatz Not Okay: Saving Old Titty Pix; My Daughter, Victoria’s, Secret” — Gawker by Caty Weaver.


“With my ankle healing but still quite tender, it’s kinda sick that all I want to do is roll it around in the direction it hurts.” — Alejandra Owens, managing editor of AARP’s blog.


“Love reporters who say ‘coming to you live’ like its a big deal. 100s of reporters in warzones but good on you for being at a Metro station.” – Fake Gene Weingarten, Twitter’s alias for WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten.


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Jay Carney Appreciates Your Questions, But He Probably Won’t Answer Them

For those of you out there that deal directly with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney in his daily briefings, this probably comes as no surprise, but he’s deflected your questions almost 10,000 times over the last two years.

The man’s got skills.

Yahoo NewsRachel Rose Hartman and Chris Wilson analyzed more than 400 of Carney’s briefings and identified 13 distinct ways he answers questions without actually answering them, almost all of them variations of feigned ignorance.

Our favorites, though, are when he turns the question back against the reporter who dared ask it, with lines like “as you know,” (translation: you already know the answer, stupid reporter) and “I said yesterday,” (Translation: I told you that already, duh).

The story comes complete with an interactive feature where you can see all of Carney’s non-answers, organized by category. It’s embedded below.

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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“I won’t go on Twitter today, I won’t do it.” — MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Co-host Mika Brzezinski after discussing her new self-revealing book on weight, Obsessed, in which she discusses her own issues and focus on being thin. She’ll appear at Politics & Prose on Thursday at 4 p.m.

Quintessential JMart Tweet: “cong pork” 

“Clyburn, talking Port of Chston, notes that cong pork is gone but — ‘They did not eliminate presidential earmarks’” — Politico Senior Political Reporter Jonathan Martin. And a weekend Q for him to ponder: “Do I have to figure out what Niall Fergie thing is or can I go on w my Saturday?”

A reporter’s Cheerios dilemma

“I’m not completely clear on what General Mills wants me to do when a Cheerios commercial includes the hash #nomnom in the corner. #nomnom!” — Yahoo! News’ Chris Wilson.

Spotted: Matthew Perry en route to D.C.

“Looks like @MatthewPerry on my flight to DC. Wonder if he wants to come on @WMALMornings to talk hockey while in town?” — WMAL and Brietbart‘s Larry O’Connor on Sunday afternoon.

Journo adds romance to life with lateness

“I purposefully cut it close when I have a train to catch. It’s more romantic that way.” — WaPo‘s Dan Zak.

Journo Love (and Hate)

With a job like mine that focuses on the worst (read: right wing) media, I sometimes forget what a national treasure @NPR is. just the best.” — Media Matters fellow Oliver Willis.

Famous last words

“What an eventful week of media news. Let’s try to behave next week, mmkay?” — HuffPost Social Media Editor Ethan Klapper.

Coffee obsessed

“Trying to figure which I like more: my first cup of coffee or my tenth.” — Breitbart editor John Nolte.

A producer’s perfect day

“Seersucker dress…check. Giant hat…check. Rainbows…check. Perfect day for a horse race.” — Fox News Senate producer Kara Rowland.

Politico Playbook Publish Time: 8:17 a.m.

Editor resentful of Howard Kurtz

“1 more reason to be angry w Howard Kurtz: Story abt his firing pushed my story abt Natasha Trethewey out of Fri paper” — WaPo Book World’s Ron Charles.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.







Weigelicious Birthday Cake Balls

A very special birthday shout-out today to Slate‘s Dave Weigel. Among a smattering of birthday wishes, he enjoyed “amazing” birthday balls from Slate editorial assistant Elizabeth Weingarten who made the birthday balls (shown here). She is not related to WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten (better luck next time, Gene). But she is related to the Chicago Tribune’s Editorial writer Paul Weingarten.

Getting back to Weigel, we hear he has quite a party in the works called “Weigel XXX” not to be confused with a former party dubbed “Weigelpalooza.” The invitation sent by Slate Senior Editor Chris Wilson reads: “As motivation for Dave Weigel not blog[ging] himself to death before attaining the ripe age of 30, we’re throwing him a birthday bash on Thursday at One Lounge DC in Dupont starting at BLANK. The first twelve guests to the door will win an autographed copy of Chris Wilson‘s best-selling 2008 campaign book ‘Obamamania.’ So don’t be late.” So far, 56 people have RSVP’d yes.

AFP‘s Olivier Knox saluted Weigel by wishing someone else a happy birthday first. He wrote, “Happy birthday to Olivia Newton-John! (And @daveweigel).” House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor‘s (R-Va.) press office also gave him a public birthday wishes.

Weigel appears to mostly be having a good day. He chattered away on Twitter as usual: “I wanted a day free of blog post-eating tech failures for my birthday. Alas. Will settle for cash. Also, will settle for the tech failure happening 5 minutes into writing, instead of right when I type the last line.”

We asked how he was feeling on his 30th. He replied, “What? WHAT? I can’t hear you over these damn punk kids, with their rock and roll music and their Silly Bandz and their premarital hand-holding. Also, I don’t miss my twenties at all so far. It probably helps that I was a cautionary tale, and not a wunderkind.”


Slate‘s New Wave Journalism


Are they potential Internet hipsters? This morning, Slate launches what it hopes will be a wave of the future feature called Slate Labs.

Yahoo! serves as the exclusive launch sponsor.

The new feature houses the magazine’s interactive features, games, and experiments and will serve as a testing site for new projects in developing stages. The lab has existed all along, but until now has been for employees only. “We’ve got really brilliant readers at Slate, and we look forward to turning some of them into collaborators,” Slate Editor David Plotz told FishbowlDC.

Today, for example, Slate Labs debuts a political forecasting game for the 2010 midterm elections called Lean/Lock. View it here.

Plotz says the idea behind Slate Labs is to “show our experiments – even before they are ready – and invite readers to suggest their own projects or tweak ours.”

But, Plotz insists, they must proceed with caution. After all, they can’t just mindlessly turn their servers over to anyone who wants to play…

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Slate’s Live Panel on Searching for Saddam

saddam.jpgSlate hosts a live panel discussion Friday morning in conjuction with the New America Foundation. The panel is based on the Slate series, “Searching for Saddam”, that tells the story of how innovative U.S. soldiers captured Saddam Hussein by using Facebook-style social network theory.

Slate’s Chris Wilson (author of the series), New America’s Peter Bergen, and others will discuss the high-tech hunt Hussein that took place in 2003 and how the lessons from that search continue to change and influence U.S. war practices.

Searching for Saddam takes place at the New America Foundation, 1899 L St. NW, Suite 400, Washington, D.C. Slate will live stream the discussion on its Web site,

Taking Out The Trash

What we almost missed today…

Helene Cooper taught us a new word on NBC’s “Chris Matthews Show” Sunday. “There is a group of women who cover the State Department and foreign policy in Washington right now and they meet secretly and call themselves the ‘diplo-babes.’” Way to tell us something we don’t know, Helene.

Christopher Beam and Chris Wilson continue to spoof President Obama’s Facebook page on Slate.

• Also from Howard Kurtz‘s Media Notes today: Progressive radio returns to Washington this month as Air America takes over 1050 AM, which had been Federal News Radio, under a deal with Bonneville International. The station, which plans to add local programming, launches months after Redskins owner Dan Snyder pulled the plug on ratings-challenged OBAMA 1260.

Morning Reading List, 10.10.08


Good morning Washington.

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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Morning Reading List, 05.07.07

morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Most of you thought the debate format looked like a game show (in a bad way).

  • NPR announced that Talk of the Nation “will offer a live, two-hour edition from the National Naval Medical Center, in Bethesda, MD, on Tuesday, May 8, examining traumatic brain injury as a result of war and the role of combat doctors.”

  • On the latest episode of the Corn & Miniter Show, Richard Miniter is back from Iraq and special guest Ana Marie Cox joins the discussion. Check it out here.

  • You really should hang out with the National Journal’s Jim Barnes, Isobel Ellis and Jake Welch more often.

  • Post: “Parents, not the FCC, should take the lead in shielding children from graphic images.”

  • Salon’s Glenn Greenwald is none too happy about the Politico’s relationship with the Reagan library (and the MSNBC debate).

  • The AP reports, “Thomson Corp.’s reported bid Friday to acquire Reuters signals that it wants to go head to head with Bloomberg in the lucrative market of delivering real-time financial data and news to customers like investment banks.”

  • Debates: Quotes & Criticisms

  • AP reports, “Time Warner Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Richard Parsons said several private equity firms have approached him about selling AOL although the company remains focused on its new strategy.”

  • The Independent reports, “There was an almost audible sigh of relief” when ABC News “said it would not reveal the identities of scores of clients of the alleged ‘DC madam’ because they were not well enough known to be ‘newsworthy’.”

  • Washington Business Journal reports, “Local real estate titan and philanthropist Robert Smith and his wife, Clarice, will give $5 million to the Newseum to sponsor its 3,500-square-foot theater.”

  • NewTeeVee reports that YouTube is starting to help “some of its indie video content creators make money.” The company is launching “a program that puts the creators of some of the more popular YouTube channels … on the same playing field as large media partners like CBS.”

  • Debates: MSNBC #1 In Prime Demo; 1.7 Million Viewers Watch GOP

  • Fox News beat MSNBC in primetime viewers and during their actual debate coverage on Thursday night. Between 8-9:30 p.m. Fox had more than 2 million viewers compared to 1.7 viewers for MSNBC. (But TVNewser provides a bit more context)

  • “On ‘Buying the War‘”

  • TVWeek reports, “HBO Chairman-CEO Chris Albrecht was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery and domestic assault early Sunday morning in Las Vegas, according to a report by Bloomberg.”

  • MediaWeek reports, “In its fifth quarter as a stand-alone company, CBS Corp. profits dropped nearly 6 percent in first quarter, due to taxes from selling radio stations in Kansas City, Mo.; Columbus, Ohio; Fresno, Calif; and Greensboro, N.C. The company’s TV, outdoor and publishing divisions boosted revenue up 2 percent to $3.6 billion. Operating income was down 1 percent to $521.3 million.”

  • One ABC Blotter reader had this to say on the Madam story: “Apparently, it was the right number to call if you’d been Gumped in D.C. and were Akin to be Feld for an Hauer.”

  • U.S. News’ Chris Wilson looks into Pres. Bush’s “Commander Guy” line.

  • Campaigns and Elections published their C&E Case Study e-book, the largest e-book ever published by C&E.

  • On Ted Koppel’s recent appearance on NPR’s weekly news quiz show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, he answered three questions on a topic definitely not related to his job: the 2005 movie Sahara, starring Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey.


  • The World Wildlife Fund is looking for a Communication Officer for Aquaculture.

  • Department of Treasury/Financial Management Service is looking got an experience Writer/Editor.

  • The Brookings Institution is looking for someone in Communications/Public Affairs.

  • Congressional Quarterly is looking for an Editor for CQ Budget Tracker.

    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext

  • The Revolving Door, 01.23.07

  • Judd Legum is leaving the Center for American Progress to work as the research director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

  • NPR is looking for a Kroc Fellow.

  • Over at the Washington Times, David C. Lipscomb is the Metropolitan Desk’s new editorial assistant. He replaces Gary Emerling, who was promoted to D.C. political reporter. Tom LoBianco is a new reporter, covering Maryland politics on the Metropolitan Desk. Metro reporter Matt Cella has been promoted to assistant Metropolitan editor. C.D. McGonigal is the Photo Department’s new photo editor.

  • Robert “Rob” Redding, a former Washington Times reporter, is studying at the University of Louisiana.

  • Mary Parsons, who served as Art Director of The Atlantic Monthly from July of 2000 through December of 2005, will be the new art director of the American Prospect.

  • From the release:

      U.S.News & World Report today announced the appointment of Kimberly Palmer as an associate editor for the magazine’s “Money and Business” section and’s Money. Starting January 29, Palmer will report to Tim Smart, assistant managing editor, “Money & Business,” U.S. News & World Report.

      Palmer, who will cover general business news, management, corporate profiles and personal finance, is the fourth addition to the U.S. News staff since New Year’s Day. Earlier this month, U.S. News announced three new hires in its growing Web site division: Matthew Belvedere as director of video and audio production; Jay Keller as news editor,; and Chris Wilson as associate editor,

      Palmer comes to U.S. News from Government Executive magazine where she has covered business and government contracting, white collar crime, and “Buy American” policies since 2004. Prior to Government Executive, Palmer wrote for The Wall Street Journal and RedEye, an edition of the Chicago Tribune. Palmer holds a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College and a master’s in public policy from the University of Chicago.

  • David Bosco is stepping down as senior editor at Foreign Policy Magazine to write a book on the UN Security Council, to be published in 2008 by Oxford University Press. He’ll remain a contributing writer for FP. While he researchs and writes, he’ll be a visiting scholar at American University’s School of International Service.

  • NYT’s Adam Liptak has a new column “about the legal world” according to the byline, that will appear on Mondays.

  • The Press-Enterprise is looking for a reporter.

  • Government Executive is looking for a staff correspondent.

  • Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive is looking for an Opinions and Comments Editor.

  • Washington City Paper is looking for reporters.