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Joan Rivers Gets Saucy at Reagan Airport

Comedian Joan Rivers was a hot mess of candor at Reagan National Airport over the weekend. Our resident paparazzo Colin Drummond caught up with her and asked about the deeper meaning of the paper stars she was handing out to fans.

“This makes you an official deputy and you go over to someone and say, ‘You look like shit,’” Rivers told him, hidden behind dark sunglasses and looking like a frumpy mass of coat and scarf who deserved one of her own stars.

Drummond also asked how Rivers feels about the White House potentially having a white first lady again. She replied, “I think every president should have a uterus.”

Watch here.

Anna Wintour Diva Tactics Get Squashed

Vogue Editor Anna Wintour was the last person to show up to the White House State Dinner last night.  This would make her, of course, fashionably late. Our spies tell us she had to take the long walk up the street as the Diva wasn’t allowed to be driven inside.  The only cars that drove straight inside where George Clooney, Harvey Weinstein, and the music acts. “Wonder if Anna wore her signature shades inside,” cracked Colin Drummond, our resident paparrazo. As you can see above, she at least removed them for a little while.

Update: And now the video in which Drummond asks, “Anna, is there such a thing as being fashionably late?” When she laughs it off, he replies she is, “just a little bit.”

George Clooney Comes to Dinner

After snagging George Clooney at Union Station last night, Colin Drummond (who’s now setting up shop at caught up with him today and found out from George himself that he’ll be attending the State Dinner tonight at the White House.

No word on whether he’s bringing his girlfriend Stacy Kiebler. All bets are on his father, Nick Clooney. Colin shot this picture of George outside the Senate Dirksen building today.

By the way, we hear that this dinner is expected to be loaded with big names.  Word has it John Legend and his Sports Illustrated model fiance Christine Teigen will be at dinner tonight as well.

Morning Chatter

CLOONEY ARRIVES: Washington’s favorite paparazzi journo Colin Drummond captures George Clooney arriving at Union Station last night. See more at

Chuck Todd’s mea culpa

“Look I apologize. Someone was talking in my ear in the middle of your question. I’ll admit that. Hit me one more time.” — NBC’s Chuck Todd to Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC last night. O’Donnell had asked, “What’s in it for Rick Santorum in Mississippi?”

Journo gets accused of being hateful

“So far tonight I have been told that I hate Santorum, I hate Romney, I hate Gingrich and I hate Ron Paul.” — Cox Radio Congressional Correspondent Jamie Dupree.

Reporter witnesses wallet snatching on Metro

“Just witnessed thieve [sic] steal young woman’s wallet in foggy bottom metro station. Cop didn’t show up til too late. #Obamaeconomy #holderdoj” — The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle.

From CNN Wolf Blitzer’s fan club…

“I love when Wolf Blitzer gives us a ‘Significant major major development’ – it’s so exciting! #elections” –  DC Grrl. She works in WaPo‘s marketing department.

Henry Vomit

“Shep had some fun w/Campaign Carl during a live shot by claiming Mitt Romney — standing behind Carl — was wearing ‘Mom jeans’ — FNC family member and Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry.

Conservative blogger obnoxiously baits the first lady

“I was raised on down home food — meat, greens, beans, yams, biscuits, etc. — and still still skinny. My health secret? MARLBOROS, baby. My skinny kids eat Mickey D’s. Does the First Lady have a problem with that?” — Conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain as classy as ever.

A Clint Eastwood reality show? Ugh

“Say it ain’t so, Clint. Say it ain’t so.” — ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper in reaction to Clint Eastwood getting a reality TV show.

Blogger gets migraine

“Ick, migraine’s here. Haven’t had one like this in a really long time. Again, ick.” — DCGOPGirl.

Train ride from hell

“Of course I’m in the @amtrak car with the loudest squeaking chairs ever and the crying babies. and train is sold out. #goodtimes.” — Publicist extraordinaire Dannia Hakki who put on the FBDC party at The Lost Society. ABC7′s Stephen Tschida is having flashbacks just reading this.

Fish Poll Results: Yesterday we asked readers what they thought of “Game Change.” We learned that 32.88 percent of you “loved it,” found it “fair to everyone” and agree that it “accurately portrayed the book.” Interestingly, 26.03 percent “hated it” and thought it inaccurately portrayed the book and another 26.03 percent of you “haven’t read the book” but nonetheless liked the movie.

Drew Barrymore: Not So Environmentally Conscious

Actress Drew Barrymore came through Washington this week to promote her movie, “Big Miracle” where she plays a devout environmentalist, as she supposedly is in real life.  The big problem? She flew into Washington Dulles’ private airfield, Signature, from New York on a not so environmentally friendly private jet with three friends and her fiancé, Will Kopelman.

“I thought as an environmentalist your not suppose to be polluting the world with unnecessary bad fuel,” said Q & A Celebrity’s Colin Drummond on the scene when her plane landed. “That’s why Leo DiCaprio, Warren Buffett and Sean Penn all fly commercial.”

While in Washington Barrymore stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, which offers extensive greening programs that “make planning a green meeting or event easier than ever.” They include reusing guest room linens, on-site recycling and composting, and oxygenating meeting spaces with green plants.

Journos Bid Farewell to Rick Perry

In the past 24 hours we’ve been probing reporters about what they will miss most about Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s Presidential campaign. Most knew within mere seconds. Enjoy!

MSNBC Political Analyst Karen Finney: “Rick Perry gave us some of the best debate moments of the cycle. I will miss his stammering, non-sensical, more bizarre than the thought of Newt in an ‘open’ marriage – moments.”

Politico‘s Roger Simon: “There was a Perry campaign?”

CNN Commentator Hilary Rosen: “I’ll miss the low expectations from the pundits before debates. No one is left to over-perform!”

NJ‘s White House and Congressional correspondent Major Garrett: “I will miss Perry saying ‘Luv you, brother.’ I’d never before heard a presidential campaign sound like the fraternity rush chairman right before the first Friday night keg is tapped.”

Q & A Celeb’s Colin Drummond: “Think I’ll miss his huge entourage who acted as if they were actually guarding the President.”

Informal Herman Cain advisor John Coale: “Being on the edge of my seat waiting to see what he says next.”

ReutersSam Youngman: “His debate performances, his smile and his, uh. His… uh, I’m sorry.”

Metro Weekly Co-Publisher Sean Bugg: “Since I don’t find bumbling incompetence quite as funny as everyone else seems to, not very damn much.”

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith: “I will miss Rick Perry, a great retail pol who was a ton of fun to cover.” and BigGov columnist Derek Hunter: “I would say I will miss 3 things and pretend to not remember the 3rd, but I can’t even think of the first 2 to pretend to forget the 3rd. You can’t miss flying on a plane that never really got off the ground. Perry was a great concept, but a horrible candidate who only seems ready to run when it was too late to matter.”

SiriusXM P.O.T.U.S. Channel’s Julie Mason: “I have been unabashedly keening and lamenting this departure all damn day. The presidential campaign just got 65 percent less fun with 85 percent less charisma. I will leave assessments on hair to others.”

Roll Call‘s Jonathan Strong: “Waiting for his next spectacular flub in the debates.”

Anonymous Capitol Hill reporter: “The mind numbing WTF moment that occurred every time he dove into the shallow end of foreign policy.”

Roll Call‘s HOH writer Neda Semnani: “I for one will miss his boots, Freedom and Liberty. Warren says he will miss his verbal face plants. I will just miss him in debates generally. But, let be serious, we will all miss his hair — his beautiful, beautiful hair that was obviously sculpted by angels.”

The Daily Caller‘s Jamie Weinstein: “Like everyone I think, I’ll miss his eloquence and erudition. And his hora proficiency.”

RealClearPoliticsErin McPike: “The self-deprecation. And I actually got an old-school back-slap from him when he was hustling into an Iowa event last month. His demeanor made for really good color, and that makes good copy.”

TWT Senior Opinion Editor Emily Miller: “I’ll miss Rick Perry scaring the heck out of everyone on Capitol Hill with his push for a part-time Congress.”

TWT‘s Anneke Green: “All we DC insiders are mourning the lost opportunity to be ruled again by the sovereign Republic of Texas. For three long years, we’ve suffered the abolishing of beer pong, cowboy boots-n-tuxes, and … and… What was the third one?”

SHannitysHair: “First and foremost, I will miss his GREAT hair. Seriously though, I will miss his conservative voice in the campaign….even though he tends to get tongue-tied at times. Who among us didn’t chuckle inside at his “oops” moment? There was one other thing I wanted to share. I forget. #oops”

Human EventsTony Lee: “His unpredictable Twitter feed, exclamation marks included. You never knew what he was going to tweet. He tweeted he was not quitting the race, a picture of himself at a shooting range, and even a challenge to CNN’s Peter Hamby to make the Perry running team.”

Yahoo! NewsChris Moody: “His campaign aides were always great about hanging out after events to shoot the breeze with reporters. They’ll be missed at the bar.”

From an unidentified WTOP management type, suit-wearing person: “Three things… the candor, the commercials… and… um, ahh”

Human EventsJason Mattera: “The blank stares and blonde moments.”

Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.


Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Thought You Ought to Know…)

Santorum’s wife cries a lot: Karen Santorum is a pure loyalist to her husband, Rick. Earlier in the week, NJ‘s Naureen Kahn wrote about Karen’s weeping on the campaign trail as it pertains to people bashing her husband for bashing gays. “‘Rick doesn’t hate anyone,’” Karen said of gays. “‘He loves them. What he has simply said is marriage shouldn’t happen’ between them.” Mrs. Santorum broke in tears as she spoke of gay activists vilifying her hubby (who has, ahem, compared being gay to bestiality). From the story: “It was a really hard time,” she said, breaking into tears. “We weren’t expecting it. We had lost a baby so that’s all I could think about–I can’t go through his again. I was very angry. “

WaPo‘s Rubin on CNN King’s reputation: WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin, who writes the “Right Turn” blog, says tonight’s CNN debate is a chance for John King to redeem himself. In June she called him the “worst moderator in the history of televised debates.” We’ll see if he redeems himself (in her eyes) tonight. Read here.

The Rev runs into Paparazzi at Reagan Airport: MSNBC’s Sharpton is one smooth operator when it comes to dealing with the pap. On Monday he was confronted with goofy questions while walking through the airport. “I’m back in the area and just wanted to send you this video of Al Sharpton at Reagan National Airport after leaving MLK memorial,” Colin Drummond, of Celebrity Q and A, wrote FBDC. Drummond asked if Michael Jackson ought to be memorialized. He also asked, “If Jesus were alive, what would he drive?” (Jesus would walk, says the Rev.)

Hey Yo-Yo!

Yo-Yo Ma, the cellist, didn’t quite know what to make of Colin Drummond‘s pap-like questions this weekend. He was in town for the Kennedy Center honors.

Seems Drummond, of Q and A Celebrity, rather enjoyed saying the name Yo-Yo. And who can blame him? He shouted out, “Yo-Yo, how are you doing Yo-Yo Ma? Yo-Yo!” Drummond asked if Yo-Yo is good friends with President Obama and wondered how he gets invited to all these Washington events. Yo-Yo replied cautiously, saying he just follows his family around wherever they go. He adds, “I’m trying to be good friends with my family.”

Newt Hits the Road

Washington’s resident Paparazzi photog Colin Drummond of Q and A Celebrity spotted presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich leaving Reagan National Airport this morning. More important than Newt, check out the bleary-eyed aide dressed in matching clothes who doesn’t know quite what he’s doing here.



Newt Cozies Up With the Paparazzi

Newt Gingrich may despise journalists as debate moderators, but the pap? He’s all smiles and jokes with them at National Airport last night as Celebrity Q and A’s Colin Drummond questions him about Abraham Lincoln being a Packers fan.