Another day, another call girl surfaces to discuss alleged sexual encounters with Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) with The Daily Caller, which we may soon have to rename, The Daily Call Girl.

Does this stuff ever get old?

And get this — the story has a double byline that includes Executive Cigar Smoker and Editor David Martosko and a woman we’ve never heard of before named Conchita Sarnoff.  (Conchita, not one of the prostitutes, has written for HuffPost and The Daily Beast. At the end of the piece she’s described as “an American writer publishing her first book on child sex trafficking in America in the fall of 2013.”)

Details. Details. They interviewed the woman in the flesh (meaning, in person). She’s in her late thirties. They’re calling this alleged Menendez call girl “Beth” — not her real name. Maybe the best detail in the whole five-page piece? She claims she has been paid to provide sexual favors for Washington lobbyists and “several” U.S. senators, including some who are no longer living. Our minds went wild. Read more