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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers



“You know who would be hysterical on this Congressman Weiner business? Congressman Weiner.” — Slate‘s John Dickerson in a Wednesday tweet.

“Amazing that Anthony Weiner has dislodged Sarah Palin from the cable universe. That’s one powerful Weiner.” — WSJ White House Reporter Jonathan Weisman in a Wednesday tweet.

“Couldn’t Weiner put on some gray shorts, get to the same, uh, level, and then take a photo and compare?” — Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein in a Wednesday tweet.

“75% of the things said to me today would be characterized as sexual harassment had ‘Weinergate’ not made it ‘acceptable.’ — Politico‘s Meredith Shiner in a Wednesday tweet.

“Ok, so Rep. Weiner can’t answer with certitude…what about magnitude?” — D.C. Attorney Donald Edmond in a Wednesday tweet.

“Are these your underpants?” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an interview with Weiner.

Anthony Weiner made about six penis jokes while talking to reporters, standing outside the House floor. He has NO RESPECT for the office.” – TWT Opinion Writer Emily Miller in a Wednesday tweet.

“And if this latest photo controversy ends with the CIA showing pictures of Congressman Weiner‘s crotch to members of the Senate’s military and intelligence committees, we quit.” — Wednesday night edition of HuffPost Hill.

“For once, ‘boxers or briefs?’ would be relevant.” — Slate‘s Christopher Beam in a Wednesday tweet.

“Since Rep. Weiner ‘can’t say with certitude’ if that’s his junk or not, does that mean some poor sap might be Weiner’s ‘wiener doppelgänger’” — Derek Hunter, conservative writer and radio host who helped found The Daily Caller, in a Wednesday tweet.

“So will all of this mean that, once the dust settles, Rep. Anthony Weiner is going to become … a sex symbol?!?” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a Wednesday tweet.

“The one thing Anthony Weiner might be thankful for: SNL is off for the summer.” — MSNBC’s Courtney Hazlett in a Wednesday tweet.

“I can’t imagine a #weinergate scenario that is actually worse than what is happening for Rep. Weiner.” –  The Daily Caller‘s Jonathan Strong in a Wednesday night tweet.

Savannah prepares to say goodbye to Chuck

“Can’t believe it – only two more days w @chucktodd on @dailyrundown. We’ll see you for a packed show at 9a.” — NBC’s Savannah Guthrie in a Thursday morning tweet. She’s leaving “The Daily Rundown” with co-host Chuck Todd to move to the third hour of the “TODAY” show.

Look who’s jealous of Weiner!

“Rep. Weiner has increased his twitter followers by 11k. A pic that ‘started out’ of me in briefs will be tweeted shortly.” — Mediaite‘s Dan Abrams in a Wednesday night tweet.

Incest Desk Alert

Kurt Bardella just sent me a press release: ‘Darrell Issa to Elizabeth Warren: Clear your calendar’” — WSJ‘s Victoria McGrane in a Wednesday tweet. HuffPost Hill writes: “Feel like I fell through a worm hole.” (h/t to HuffPost Hill for this item.) In explanation: Bardella is the former and fired flack to Rep. Issa (R-Calif.).


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Tart Tweet: HuffPost Hill Slams Hazlett

Today HuffPost Hill writes on Twitter the following brusque commentary on NBC’s Today Show Celebrity Correspondent Courtney Hazlett:

“Wondering how many Middle Eastern bureaus MSNBC could afford if it traded in Courtney Hazlett.”

Fishbowl5 With Karen Finney: the Anti-Parrot

Finney.jpgIf you don’t know Democratic pundit Karen Finney you’ll want to get acquainted, because if you’re on political talk TV you’ll likely appear alongside the new MSNBC contributor somewhere down the road. Asked about the toughest part of being on TV and she mentions having to get up at ungodly early hours. “For early morning hits you really have to get up a couple of hours ahead of time just so you look and sound like you’ve been awake,” she said. “4:30 am can be brutal!” Most recently she was spokeswoman and director of communications at the Democratic National Committee. Finney is a former scheduling aide to former President Bill Clinton. She also worked as deputy press secretary to then-First Lady Hillary Clinton and was an aide on her Senate campaign. She now writes her own talking points. “It’s definitely a challenge to say something different from what everyone else is saying so you don’t sound like a parrot but get your points across,” she said. Her thoughts on former V.P. hopeful Sarah Palin’s new role as a FNC contributor: “There’s no shame in using note cards. “I like them all” is only going to cut it a few times as a response, so get questions in advance when you can, and write key phrases from your answers.”
Ouch. Let’s continue…

1. How did you end up becoming a pundit? In some ways it’s a natural progression from talking with reporters as a press person. Started making the shift when Hillary’s book, “Living History” came out and was one of the few Democrats willing to go on Fox. Once you show you can defend yourself without getting boo’d as the lone democrat in front of a live studio audience of 150 people who all disagree with you, you are on you’re way.

2. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever said or done on TV? This was more frustrating than embarrassing but there was a time during the campaign I had to go on TV to talk about a right-wing book of lies about Obama but was given talking points that were not nearly as tough as I wanted to be.

3. You look very relaxed on air. How do you achieve this? I love to talk politics, so I try to approach it like a conversation on a topic I love just with lights and cameras and worry less about trying to spin or hit all the talking points. But I’ll admit I do get nervous sometimes.

4. What’s your tactic when you’re being hammered by the other side on air – do you fightback or do you listen? A little of both, most of the time the arguments from the other side are so predictable I have a sense of what they are likely to say. I try to wait my turn before hammering back – but when it’s clear the other person is parroting talking points or flat out lying – that’s when I just can’t help but interrupt.

5. You worked for both President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton in various communications roles. What can you tell us about the Clintons that we may not know? Ha. Unlike most folks in this town I don’t dish on the people I work for! They are both pretty good – Hillary especially – at the electric slide. A little dance party broke out in the East room after the Mandela state dinner.

An extra question (come on, it’s about her Mom):

You mentioned your mother on air in your recent appearance on Washington Journal. Do you let her critique your work – does she comment on your hair or clothing? If you’ve met my mother – it’s not really a question of “letting” her critique me. Actually, it’s very sweet, she’s very diligent about watching and either calling or emailing me her feedback. Most of the time I agree with her. Courtney Hazlett actually emailed me one time to tell me I needed more powder, which was great!