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Inside Politico Staff Shuffle

HuffPost ran an item Monday on a “mini exodus” at its rival, Politico. The item broke the news that media writer Michael Calderone is leaving. HuffPost has also had losses: Larry Roberts, considered a coup of an editorial hire for the Investigative Fund, run separately from HuffPost, quit after a short time to join Bloomberg, and Dan Froomkin, who was hired to run political coverage, went from a management role to reporting after a few months.

A closer look at staff moves at Politico turned up noteworthy details:

• Four people have left in two weeks but were given huge raises to leave. Patrick O’Conner, for instance, was courted for weeks by Bloomberg and nearly doubled his salary in the bidding war.

WaPo and others are making serious runs at several Politico reporters, too. A Politico reporter tells Fishbowl that Bloomberg sought to hire Carol Lee, Politico’s White House reporter, and failed.

FishbowlDC asked Jim VandeHei, Politico’s executive editor, for comment on the recent loss of reporters. His response: “I think we do a good job of hiring great reporters and teaching them to think smarter, work harder and write sharper. So I am not surprised other news organizations make bids to steal some away. It would be silly for us to get all worked up about it because we have been doing – and will continue to do – the same thing, which is try to lure the best reporters away from our competitors. The truth is, it’s a great time to be a talented reporter in this town. Bloomberg is hiring tons of people; The Washington Post seems to be hiring again and we have more than a dozen openings. Our challenge is finding people who have the right reporting instincts, writing chops and ambition.”

On the HuffPost item that ran Monday, VandeHei said: “We are a competitive threat. Their media writers take shots at us most weeks it seems. It doesn’t take an Investigative Fund to figure out the motivation.”

HuffPost’s Mario Ruiz, V.P. of Media Relations for HuffPost commented to FishbowlDC: “Danny was merely reporting on the fact that four reporters recently left Politico. In fact, we’ve always had a very good relationship with Politico. We often link to their stories and drive a lot of traffic to them; indeed, we get emails from them thanking us for featuring their stories so prominently. As for Dan Froomkin, this was a promotion, since he’s now freed from the managerial responsibilities that were taking him away from his passion: reporting and analysis. And regarding Larry Roberts, The Huffington Post Investigative Fund is an entirely different entity that HuffPost. Larry was replaced as the Fund’s Executive Editor by another senior member of the team, as you can see from Calderone’s story last week.”

HuffPost’s “Elite” Live Book Chat Today at 2 p.m.

DanFroomkinBigSmile.jpg wedel.jpg

HuffPost hosts a live conversation today between “Shadow Elite” author Janine Wedel and HuffPost Washington Bureau Chief Dan Froomkin.

It’s a chance to ask questions – intelligent ones if you want.

Later Wedel is set to appear on MSNBC’s “The Dylan Ratigan Show” at 4 p.m. EST to discuss the recent controversial Supreme Court ruling to eliminate limits on campaign funding advertising by corporations and unions.

Wedel’s book is Arianna’s second book club pick. The book has “initiated a crucial debate during the past month over the survival of democracy in America,” claims HuffPost.

Read why Huffington chose the book:
“My first HuffPost Book Club selection of 2010 is Janine Wedel’s Shadow Elite: How the World’s New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government, and the Free Market. It’s a gripping, disquieting book that exposes and explains why it’s been so hard to bring about any real change in our country — why Washington no longer seems capable of addressing the problems our nation faces. Fingers have been pointed at everything from gerrymandering to partisan polarization to the misuse of the filibuster. But, according to Wedel, the real problem is much deeper — and more disturbing — than any of these.”

Go here for the chat.

FishbookDC’s Summer Superlative Candidates: The “Mosts”


The long-awaited moment is finally here. We reviewed your nominations and narrowed them down to those that were well-supported or well-deserved. Below are your 2009 candidates for the “most” categories. Voting will begin (for real this time) tomorrow. Until then, start planning your votes.

Most Likely to be a Headline
FNC’s Bret Baier
Air America’s Ana Marie Cox
NYT’s Maureen Dowd
NBC’s David Gregory

Most Mysterious
Politico’s Mike Allen
TWT’s Stephanie Green
“DCRTV Dave” Dave Hughes
Examiner’s Jeff Dufour

Most Ambitious
ABC’s Jake Tapper
TWT’s John Solomon
Washingtonian’s Garrett Graff
ABC’s Rick Klein
WaPo’s Ezra Klein
CTV News’ Saadia Van Winkle
Mix 107.3′s Tommy McFly

Most Likely to Join the Administration
HuffPo’s Nico Pitney
Time’s Richard Stengel
Newseek’s Howard Fineman
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews
The Atlantic’s Chris Bodenner
HuffPo’s Dan Froomkin

Most Competitive
Roll Call’s Jackie Kucinich
National Journal’s Erin McPike
CQ’s (soon to be FP) Josh Rogin
WaPo’s Chris Cillizza
Politico’s Glenn Thrush

Morning Reading List 07.15.09

Good morning FishbowlDC!

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line.

Happy Birthday to Arianna Huffington and Paul Kane! What we know and what we’re reading this Wednesday morning…



Arthur Sulzberger and NYT Co. CEO Janet Robinson have issued a memo to the newsroom about the company’s debt, and explains the steps that the company is taking to ensure its ability to pay back approximately $1.1 billion to creditors.


Cable ratings from TVNewser: Fox News Channel ranked at #3 in prime time and #6 in Total Day in all of all of cable last week.

And from 10am-3pmET Monday, when the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings were ongoing, Fox News was the most-watched network for coverage. FNC even beat CNN and MSNBC combined, in younger viewers during that time period. Check out the numbers here.

Also, Evening News ratings.

Both Al Roker and Willie Geist will be getting up even earlier– starting July 20th, Roker will host “Wake Up With Al” on the Weather Channel from 6-7amET and starting July 27th, Geist will host “Way Too Early” on MSNBC from 5:30-6:00amET.


HuffPost comes to Dan Froomkin‘s defense, pointing out that Nielsen numbers suggest he wasn’t the only one at WaPo to lose some audience online.


Nominations for the 30th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards were announced yesterday. PBS picked up the most nominations with 41. CBS News followed with 23; ABC News has 13; NBC 10; CNN 8; BBC America with 3; and MSNBC has 2. “60 Minutes” leads all shows with 15 nominations. “World News with Charles Gibson” has the most nominations for the evening newscasts with 7; “Nightly News with Brian Williams” picks up 5, including for Breaking News coverage of the death of Tim Russert; and the CBS “Evening News with Katie Couric” has 3 nominations, including for Couric’s “Campaign Questions” series during the 2008 election. More details via TVNewser.


More on Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings in Howard Kurtz‘s Media Notes today.


Politico points out the proposed WaPo “salons” wouldn’t have violated White House ethics rules.

HAT TIPS: mediabistro, Politico

THE REVOLVING DOOR and JOBS after the jump…

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Morning Reading List 07.14.09

Good morning FishbowlDC!

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line.

What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



There may be widespread cuts coming to WRC, NBC’s channel 4, after a newsroom reorganization and switch to new digital technologies, according to WaPo.

Did you know that Fox Business Network’s Peter Barnes is also a children’s book publisher? He’s profiled in WaPo.


NYT’s Brian Stelter reported that web traffic (or more accurately, lack of) may have been the reason behind WaPo’s sudden dismissal of columnist Dan Froomkin. He’s since moved off to HuffPost and Arianna Huffington is confident. “I have no doubt that Dan, both as an editor and as a writer, will be a traffic magnet for us.”


Since his arrest by Iranian authorities last month, Maziar Bahari‘s employer, Newsweek has been making pleas for his release. The magazine’s editor-in-chief Jon Meacham again called for Bahari’s release with an article detailing the foreign correspondent’s work in an effort to dispel allegations that he is a subversive or spy. (h/t FishbowlNY)

Is BusinessWeek only worth $1?


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushed for the release of the two US journalists currently detained in North Korea. “The two journalists and their families have expressed great remorse for this incident,” Clinton said Saturday. “And I think everyone is very sorry that it happened. What we hope for now is that these two young women would be granted amnesty through the North Korean system and be allowed to return home to their families as soon as possible.” (h/t Politico)

Shenanigans: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) is starting an all female (bipartisan) congressional softball team. Their first game is this evening at 7:35pm at Guy Mason Field and the journos are getting involved too. The first pitch will be thrown by Cokie Roberts and CNN’s Dana Bash will serve as the announcer.

Is DC the real winner in this recession?


Think you work harder than Bill Burton? WaPo‘s Michael Shear reports: “In a city where work can border on obsession, the Obama staffers stand out. They are not quite the walking dead, but their eyes are frequently ringed with the bags that accompany exhaustion. “This is a place, because of the stress, the schedule and the sheer hours, that just chews people up and spits them out,” said press secretary Robert Gibbs, whose alarm clock is set to 4:30 a.m., though he ignores the early ring more often these days.”

HAT TIPS: mediabistro, Politico

THE REVOLVING DOOR and JOBS after the jump…

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Froomkin Shares Dets About His New HuffPost Gig

We told you yesterday that Dan Froomkin was joining HuffPost as the Washington bureau chief, regular columnist and blogger.

Today Froomkin shares some dets about his new gig on Nieman Watchdog blog.

This is a wonderful opportunity for me. It’s a marvelous platform – Arianna Huffington has built a large and thriving community of readers by adhering to the best principles of old and new media. And my new job gives me a chance to branch out a bit, while holding firm to my commitment to accountability journalism. Now I’ll have a chance to work as part of a great team, and do a bit more of my own reporting as well as commentary and media criticism.

Froomkin also called the response from his WaPo departure “extraordinary,” proving to him “how much readers hunger for a new – or perhaps I should say old – method of political reporting.” Read on here.

Froomkin In As HuffPost’s DC Bureau Chief

HuffPost has just hired Dan Froomkin to be its Washington bureau chief and a regular columnist and blogger. According to Salon, “Froomkin will oversee a staff of four reporters and an Assistant Editor, guide The Huffington Post’s Washington reporting, and write at least two posts per week to be featured on its main page and Politics page.”

Froomkin was unexpectedly let go from WaPo about three weeks ago, to the dismay of the blogosphere and various friends and colleagues throughout DC and beyond.

WaPo Unexpectedly Lets Froomkin Go, Blogosphere Reacts

We’re not gonna lie… we were a little skeptical of this story on Politico earlier today.

WaPo liberal columnist and blogger Dan Froomkin got an unexpected boot today, Patrick Gavin reports.

WaPo Media Communications Director Kris Coratti told Gavin: “our editors and research teams are constantly reviewing our columns, blogs and other content to make sure we’re giving readers the most value when they are on our site while balancing the need to make the most of our resources. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes features must be eliminated, and this time it was the blog that Dan Froomkin freelanced for”

Froomkin told Politico he’s “terribly disappointed,” and so are some of his fans. Check out some reactions on the blogosphere:

Wonkette: Washington Post Fires Froomkin!

Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish: The WaPo’s Best Blogger Is Fired

Glenn Greewald, Salon: The Washington Post fire its best columnist. Why?

Daily Kos: Froomkin purged at WaPo

Gawker: Washington Post Fires Token Liberal

Taking Out The Trash

What we almost missed today…

• Tonight’s primetime press conference is a costly one. B&C reports that according to the latest ad pricing data from Nielsen, this 8-9pm Wednesday slot generates around $21.5 million for the big four. Maybe that’s why Fox is only carrying it on cable.

• NYO’s Felix Gillette reports today that the NBC Washington Bureau is considering renting out some space, possibly to neighboring American University.

• E&P reports the Newspaper Association of America is cutting its staff by 50% and will no longer print its magazine Presstime.

• Al Jazeera is coming to a TV near you. WaPo reports that through an agreement with MHz, Al Jazeera English “will become available today to households throughout the Washington area, and to cable and broadcast viewers in 20 other cities in a few months.”

• The Roosevelt Institute has pulled together a bunch of media types and progressive advocacy people as contributors for a new progressive economics blog, New Deal 2.0. Regular contributors include The Nation‘s Chris Hayes, The New Yorker‘s Hendrik Hertzberg, NYO‘s Joe Conason, The American Prospect‘s Robert Kuttner and more.

• Just who does Dan Froomkin think should be covering tonight’s press conference? Find out here.

Taking Out The Trash

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c
Moment of Zen – First Dog Puns
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Economic Crisis Political Humor

What we almost missed today…

• The press has been panting after President Obama’s new puppy and hence a “Moment of Zen” for Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart. WaPo’s Howard Kurtz makes an appearance.

• WaPo has launched “Personality Pages” to “create an ecosystem around a writer/columnist with contextual information, links to content created by that person, and other features like RSS feeds,” according to a memo from managing editor Raju Narisetti. Politico reports “so far, 20 staffers were contacted about the program, with half responding: Joel Achenbach, Chris Cillizza, Marc Fisher, Dan Froomkin, Carolyn Hax, John Kelly, Howie Kurtz, Dana Milbank, Lisa de Moraes, and Rob Pegoraro.” Milbank’s up first and you can check out his prototype here.

• And finally today, TMZ has arrived in DC. First scoop, the pooch.