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Separated at Birth: DCRTV’s Dave Hughes

We couldn’t resist watching the latest in “DaveTV”, the online TV show that DCRTV’s Dave Hughes produces from his rape dungeon home office. It’s a case study in an unstable maniac who thinks that anyone gives a rat’s ass what he has to say about the media, or anything else for that matter. His knowledge is thin. He’s notorious for blatantly swiping content from any and every Washington media outlet (except for Washingtonian‘s Carol Joynt since he’s her acting ass kisser publicist). His laugh will give you nightmares. His beard looks like someone ran over a squirrel and stapled it to his face. But, there was something oddly familiar about that look. Then, it struck us! Hughes is The Lorax from the Dr. Seuss books and film.


Happy Belated Birthday

DCRTV’s Dave Hughes posted a Happy Birthday message to himself yesterday over on his website. It’s a sure sign that you have a fulfilled life full of meaningful relationships when you have to remind everyone that it’s your birthday. Since Mike Allen didn’t tell us about it in Playbook, we missed it. So, Happy Belated Birthday, Dave. So, here are our Top 3 Birthday Wishes for you..

1 – We hope that you get another glowing profile like this one from Washingtonian. We can only hope that WaPo will get around to including you in their weekend section. If not, GQ may come calling for tips on how to maintain a “Squirrelly and Discolored Metal Beard.”

2 – That someone gives you a huge gift box with a bow on top that is filled with new sources and story ideas so that you don’t have to go regurgitate other people’s content without giving them credit.

3 – That someone buys you a mall gift card so you can replace those filthy looking military fatigues that you have on all the time.


Just in case you missed his birthday wishes to himself, Dave continues the celebration today.



Stinking Up the Joynt

Washingtonian‘s newest blogger Carol Joynt spent the last three years feeding scooplets about herself to outlets like DCRTV, FishbowlDC and countless other Washington sites. Over the last year and a half we’ve received numerous requests to cover her events, some of which we have. But by all indication, DCRTV’s frightening proprietor Dave Hughes has been the most generous in indulging Joynt’s requests for publicity (although we never actually saw him at a Q & A Cafe — not sure the Ritz lets those types in). And, when Joynt headed to the Washingtonian, Hughes didn’t disappoint: He got an early heads up about Joynt’s move from New York Social Diary and wrote it up.

So Joynt gets to Washingtonian and her first in-depth profile is about…guess who? That’s right, Hughes, the “journalist” who lifts more copy than anyone in Washington. See here, here and here. Is that going to be Capital Comments’ legacy, you scratch my back I scratch yours? Or, kiss up to Carol and the magazine will repay you kindly? That visual is troublesome — and we don’t want to contemplate scratching Hughes’s back literally or otherwise.

We reached out to Joynt for comment on why she chose Hughes as her first subject. She claims Hughes wasn’t first to get her news because of her but rather because of a Washingtonian press release. We hardly think Washingtonian has Hughes on speed dial. What’s more, when Joynt sent FBDC the news, there was no release. So, sorry, we call B.S. on that one.

In her story, Hughes astonishingly says people steal stories from him. Joynt, in a subsequent email to FishbowlDC, says all media reporters accuse one another of stealing. But the truth is, not everyone steals. Contrary to Hughes’s vivid imagination and Joynt’s sweeping the matter under the rug by saying everyone does it, here in the Fishbowl we literally countdown the seconds from when we post something local to when it suddenly and mysteriously lands on DCRTV.

Self-pimping and back scratching are all part of a long tradition at Washingtonian‘s Capital Comment, so perhaps Joynt will fit right in. See how Editor Garrett Graff maneuvered his work into favors in a piece by Wonkette from 2007.

To be sure, Joynt insists writing on Hughes was no special favor. “Nah, no favor,” she wrote by email. “He’s posted about me but principally about my show, which is legit, and going to Wash is legit, too. He got that from their press release. Q&A stuff he gets in emails sent to my list. He’s a good story because all the people in local radio and TV read him religiously. Besides, my experience with Washington media is that everyone is routinely accusing everyone else of theft. They can take it up with each other.”

Some journalists around town were skeptical of Joynt’s hire. A Georgetown “friend” remarked to FBDC on condition of anonymity: “Carol’s a dear friend but anyone who’s spent time with her knows that Carol’s all about Carol. I’m surprised Cathy Williams didn’t know that. There’s worry amongst some of Carol’s Georgetown friends that the improvements desperately needed to resuscitate the Cap Comment section won’t happen and that she’ll  damage the magazine by filling it with vanity projects and source greasing like this one.”

With a friend like that, well, who needs friends?

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Editor has aha moment

“I would rather be watching Curb & Entourage than writing an op-ed & editing incoming articles for the site. Thank God for DVR (and ONDEMAND)” — The Daily Caller‘s Jamie Weinstein in a Sunday night tweet.

Beauty queen says strangers are staring

“Dear people on the street who keep looking down at my feet: yes, I realize that I’m 6’3″ in these shoes. Keep walking shortie.” –  Jen Corey, a.k.a. Miss DC 2009, in a Monday tweet. (Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. But if you want to hate her for the above tweet, that’s another story.)

Bio of the Day

Politico White House blogger and WHCD board member Julie Mason: “I used to be punk, now I cover the White House.”

Journo deals with online crazies

“@CajunDave That story is old and you are obnoxious. You have now gone the way of LovelyLady. BLOCKED. buhbye.” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart in a Monday tweet. What prompted the block? CajunDave wrote: “@CapehartJ It’s hard for white folks to not be racist,sometimes.”

Dave Hughes, please

“Plus, more on Angie Goff jumping from 9 to 4 and FishbowlDC better not steal it
from us without credit.” — DCRTV’s Top Thief Dave Hughes in a Monday post. Dave, no offense, we love you more than life, but we don’t want or need your sloppy seconds.

Ezzy gives thanks

“Thanks to the incredible @bashirlive team for keeping me from falling flat on my face this week.” — WaPo liberal blogger Ezra Klein in a weekend tweet. You go Ezzy! Love, Your Fans at FBDC.

Famous last words…

“And NOW, I swear, am going on my own vacation. No tweeting for me.” — NBC’s Chuck Todd in his most recent tweet. So far so good. He hasn’t tweeted since Thursday.

A journo’s impressive boat experience

“Drove a friend’s 24-foot motorboat for first time today. The rich are different from you and me. They own 24-foot motorboats.” — Politico‘s Roger Simon in a weekend tweet.

DCRTV Down But Not Out

FishbowlDC has long had a  love/hate relationship with DCRTV…okay, maybe it’s heavy on the hate sometimes but we don’t actually harbor any hard feelings for the website or its founder, Dave Hughes.  That’s why we’re disheartened to report that had a stroke of bad luck and has been offline since Thursday.  According to Hughes, his site is getting hit with “a denial-of-service attack.”  If you’re like us, you have no clue what that means but we’re guessing it has something to do with Weiners and hackers.  In any case, it doesn’t sound good (unless you’re into that).

In short, fans and frenemies of DCRTV fear not.  Dave is alive, well and will be back to his wicked ways soon enough. Until then, check him out on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube (his video update from today below).

Get well soon, DCRTV.

DCRTV Has Record Week in Thievery

DCRTV’s Dave Hughes is a recidivist when it comes to swiping copy and not properly attributing it. It happens so much it’s hard to keep track of it all. We’re giving him an orange jumpsuit in honor of it all.

Yesterday he ripped off another story that he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Thank God for his eyes, which apparently stay peeled to FishbowlDC and other pubs around town so he can report all about the WJLA’s husband and wife team that my co-editor Matt Dornic reported on yesterday. Earlier in the week we wrote about how Dave ripped off copy but did so incorrectly, moving Washington Examiner‘s Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott from his nonexistent job at the American Spectator to the Examiner.

(No links for thieves.)

Copy Thief on the Loose

Memo to DCRTV Dave: We know you’re going to steal our copy and that of most other media outlets around town. But the least you can do is get the information right. The other stuff, like thought process and ethics, could come later.

Here’s what happened: Once again, a Dave Hughes special in which he lifts copy, doesn’t cite and gets it WRONG. As we reported Monday, the American Spectator‘s Philip Klein is coming to work for the Washington Examiner‘s Commentary section and Mark Tapscott is remaining where he already is. Imagine that, at the Examiner as the Editorial Page Editor.

Hughes’ mistaken copy:

(No links for thieves.)

Local Weatherman Issues Comb-Over Advisory – Who Should Watch Out?

In a most thoughtful weather advisory, ABC 7′s weatherman Doug Hill looks out for everyone, even the hair challenged. Who needs to watch out? Below we devise a usual suspect list of lawmakers, political types and journalists for whom the wild wind could affect on a day like today.

“With the winds expected to gust over 40 mph today, I had to issue my ” CombOver Advisory” on WTOP. Wind Advisory from 9 am thru 4 pm via NWS.” — Hill writes in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Men who need to watch out if in Washington today for having comb overs or just hair that might fly out of control: Donald Trump, Rod Blagojevich, HuffPost‘s Dan Froomkin, Reps. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) and Tim Johnson (R-Ill.), Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), and DCRTV’s Dave Hughes (who could scare small children in or out of a wind storm). Note to readers: If you think of more, please write in and tell us at

> Update: New suggestions: Newsweek Columnist and MSNBC Analyst Jonathan Alter and (of course) MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews.

> Update: CBS White House Radio correspondent Mark Knoller.

Dave Hughes

Anatomy of a Story on TWT Sale

hughes.jpgWaPo‘s Ian Shapira breaks down the story of the pending sale of TWT this afternoon in a Story Lab feature. What’s noteworthy: the conversation Shapira had with DCRTV’s Dave Hughes (pictured here), who explains how he came to “report” that TWT was “perilously close” to shuttering. Hughes wrote the item completely blind — as in, based on a completely unknown source who just sends him stuff blindly. Did Hughes think to check facts or call TWT? Nope.

After Hughes’s salacious item published, a TWT editorial staffer remarked to FishbowlDC: “The site looks like it was put together by a f–king third grader. For Christ sake, the guy wears a hoodie and a goatee. This is clearly not a journalist.”

An excerpt of Shapira’s story:

It turns out that Hughes’s reporting consisted of receiving an anonymous email. In an interview, Hughes, 52, of Reston, said he occasionally receives reliable tips about the Times from the same email account. Hughes said he has no clue who the source is. “I just get this source sending me this stuff blindly,” he says. “I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman. I just know the email address. I don’t know who it is. I get people like that all the time.”

Read the full story here.

Read a frighteningly spectacular 2006 FishbowlDC Interview of Hughes here in which he utters the word, “woof!” as it pertains to his beard and admits that he owns many, many pairs of camouflage pants. Check out Hughes’s hoodie after the jump…

Read more

Your 2009 FishbookDC!!!

After a fierce competition and some surprise wins during the final hour, we’ve wrapped up FishbowlDC’s Summer Superlatives. Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting….your 2009 FishbookDC!!!

Biggest Rebel: Roll Call’s John Stanton


Biggest Heartthrob (Female): WUSA-9′s Angie Goff

final angie.gif

Biggest Heartthrob (Male): NBC’s Luke Russert


Hardest Working: Roll Call’s Shira Toeplitz


Most Ambitious: ABC’s Jake Tapper


Most Competitive: WaPo’s Chris Cillizza

final cillizza.jpg

Most Mysterious: DCRTV’s Dave Hughes


Cutest Couple: NPR’s Geoff Bennett & HuffPo/People’s Beth Perry


Class Clown: CQ’s Craig Crawford


Most Likely to Join the Administration: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews


Most Likely to be a Headline: Air America’s Ana Marie Cox

final ana.gif