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The DC Premiere of ‘Page One’

The invitation is out. The premier of “Page One,” a documentary that takes you inside the walls of the NYT, is set for June 15.  And if you can secure an invite, you won’t want to miss it.

The date is June 15. There will be a reception and screening with a discussion following at the Newseum. NYT‘s David Carr, who stars in the film, will take questions.


Press Screening of ‘Page One’

Tomorrow afternoon some lucky journos in Washington will attend an afternoon screening of “Page One: Inside the New York Times.” The film, directed by Andrew Rossi, opens July 1 at E Street Cinema.

The movie is described as a “fly-on-the-wall documentary” that takes viewers inside the NYT newsroom to reveal the inner workings of the Media Desk. The film chronicles the transformation of the media industry. As described in a release, “PAGE ONE gives us an up-closelook at the vibrant cross-cubicle debates and collaborations, tenacious jockeying for on-the-record quotes.”

The film is 91 minutes and Rated R, which leads us to believe there may be nudity, implied sex scenes and frequent swearing. Rossi and NYT writers David Carr and Brian Stelter will be in Washington on Wednesday, June 15 for interviews.

WaPo and CNN’s Howie Kurtz: Should he be Gonged?

gong.jpg While WaPo media columnist and CNN host Howard Kurtz claimed to be “just poking fun” on his CNN show “Reliable Sources” on Sunday, a segment sent shock waves around town as several D.C. journalists were steamed watching him go after Politico‘s Patrick Gavin. He even slapped on screen an e-mail Gavin once wrote to him.

In that e-mail, Gavin proposed that Kurtz have him on as a guest to discuss the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. “Maybe in the next decade,” Kurtz said sarcastically on his Sunday show.

Kurtz has gotten flak on this mattter from Mediate, Gawker, Media Matters and The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan.

Why did Kurtz do it? He was irked by a story Gavin wrote two weeks ago detailing the Top 20 guests Kurtz has had on his show in the past decade. The story said the show had a “clubby feel” to it in that Kurtz has the same 20 guests on again and again. The story said Kurtz has never had a D.C. media writer (such as former City Paper and now TBD’s Erik Wemple and Yahoo! News’s Michael Calderone). Gavin wrote that Kurtz has D.C. gossip columnists on his show from WaPo, but no other publication. Gavin admitted to falling into both categories.

Question for Kurtz: Are all ordinary e-mails to you now fair game for your show and column?

After taking criticism from Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar(“Oy @HowardKurtz, you read @PWGavin’s email on air?? What about those ‘unwritten rules’ you seemed so protective of last week??”), Kurtz tweeted on Sunday: “@pwgavin is a good guy and entitled to his criticism (however misguided). We were just poking a little fun today on the teevee.”

Oddly, Kurtz’s actions come on the heels of him publishing this WaPo column over the weekend, writing, “Everything is supposed to be “transparent” these days, but is every word you utter — or e-mail, or text, or tweet, or mutter within earshot of a reporter — now fair game? And couldn’t that drive our discourse toward the pathologically cautious and mind-numbingly banal?”

Question #2 for Kurtz: In the past when Gavin has pitched to be on the show have you responded favorably and/or encouraged him to continue pitching you?

Kurtz tone has markedly shifted from his Sunday program, even saying he’ll have Gavin on before a decade passes. He does dispute Gavin’s numbers story concerning his guests. He replied to questions (see after jump for a complete list of questions) posed by FishbowlDC today: “I tried to deliver my response with a light touch and I hope people didn’t take it as anything more than that. Patrick’s e-mail to me wasn’t off the record, and as he himself says, he’s pretty unabashed in trying to book himself on television shows. I would never reveal anything anyone told me off the record. I admit to being proud of the way that Reliable Sources reaches out to a wide range of guests, including some who have never or only rarely been on TV. Our numbers were different than Gavin’s, and in any event I felt free to mention anyone who has been on numerous times. I encourage journalists to approach me about being on the program — including Patrick in the past — and yes, we’ll probably have him on without waiting a decade.”

So far, Gavin isn’t retaliating. He had no further comment for FishbowlDC other than what he remarked to HuffPost over the weekend. He tweeted Sunday: “Oooo…finding some fun old emails from @howardkurtz (fear not, Howie: Won’t go there…)”

Read about Kurtz’s interview with ex-WaPo blogger Dave Weigel and big blunder Kurtz made on the story after the jump…

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Sunday Show Notes

• Conflicts between the White House and Fox News remained a topic of discussion on the Sunday shows this weekend. This is after White House communications director Anita Dunn appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” last week and said of Fox, “Let’s not pretend they’re a news network…”

On “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” senior advisor David Axelrod said of Fox News, “It’s not really news. It’s pushing a point of view. The bigger thing is that, other news organizations, like yours, ought not treat them that way… We’re going to appear on their shows, we’re going to participate. But understanding that they represent a point of view.”

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with John King and said, “While it’s clear what the white house and what Anita said, the concentration of the white house isn’t about what Fox is doing.”

On FOX News Sunday former adviser to President Bush Karl Rove said, “This is a White House engaging in its own version of the media enemies list. And it’s unhelpful for the country and undignified for the president of the United States to so do.” (h/t TVNewser)

And B&C‘s Marisa Guthrie weighed in on Howard Kurtz‘s show on CNN: “Fox News doesn’t thrive on access from the administration. They’re the opposition. They thrive on agitation.”

Related– NYT‘s David Carr: The Battle Between the White House and Fox News and AP’s David Bauder: Picking a fight: Obama vs Fox News.

• That was CBS political analyst John Dickerson filling in for Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation.”

• In MTP’s “Take Two” on the web, White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, Maria Shriver, John Podesta and David Gregory discuss the impact of Gloria Steinem– this convo ties into NBC’s reporting on “A Women’s Nation.” Shriver also addressed her recent apology for being caught talking on her phone while behind the wheel.

• And does MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow belong on “MTP”? Someone certainly thinks so…

FishbowlDC’s Brag Book: Meet Tara Taghizadeh

Meet brag book’s latest Tara Taghizadeh. This entertainment reporter was most recently employed at Gannett News Service as the entertainment reporter. She’s also worked for National Geographic, US News Ventures, Post-Newsweek Tech Media and Ryan Publishers in London.

What working journalist do you most admire and why? David Carr of The New York Times, Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker, Jack Shafer at Slate, and Andrew O’Hehir and Heather Havrilesky at to name a few. They never disappoint. I always look forward to reading their stories and walk away having learned something.

Proudest moment in your career? I have been fortunate enough to interview various authors and celebrities, but I suppose my interviews with fashion designer Liz Claiborne and the comedian Lewis Black were memorable. Claiborne was quite intimidating, and Black (whom I consider one of the best comedians in the biz) was an absolute pleasure to interview.

Another proud moment: When I was at National Geographic, I was freelancing on the side for a wonderful book publisher called Counterpoint in DC, where I had the opportunity to work on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s book, “Invisible Allies,” which they were publishing. It was a real thrill to be a part of the process of publishing the work of a literary giant like Solzhenitsyn.

What is something that most people don’t know about you? I have lived in seven countries and three continents.

Check out some of Tara’s recent work here and here, her LinkedIn profile here and you can reach her by email here.

Tara’s Q&A is continued after the jump…

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Morning Reading List 06.015.09

Good morning FishbowlDC!

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Happy Birthday to Dana Bash! Former Fishbowler Patrick Gavin is filling in for Politico‘s media blogger Michael Calderone this week- don’t read! What we know and what we’re reading this Monday morning…



The AP announced at the IRE Conference in Baltimore this weekend plans to distribute watchdog and investigative journalism from nonprofit organizations to its 1,500 member newspapers. More details in this press release.

Potential buyers of the Boston Globe are emerging.

Related- NYT‘s David Carr: What Price Would You Put On The Boston Globe?


From The Daily Beast- the 7 Best Moment From Sunday Talk.

NYT‘s Maureen Dowd takes a look at the new look of TV, high definition. MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell: “But people like authenticity. And if it means they see more of my wrinkles and freckles, and where I tried to wipe clean where my kid spit up on my shoulder, so be it.” CBS’ Bill Plante: “You go in knowing every mole and random facial hair will be visible to somebody watching closely.”

FOX News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace is featured in a Q&A with the Boston Globe‘s Doug Most. He talks about why he’s a registered Democrat (because he lives in D.C.), his favorite TV show (“24″) and his most memorable interview (this one). More at TVNewser.

HLN anchor Robin Meade and former President George H.W. Bush were skydive partners Friday in Maine. They celebrated his birthday and also sat down for a lengthy interview, with questions on the economy Judge Sonia Sotomayor and his son’s legacy. TVNewser has the highlights here.

Is MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough the new face of the Republican Party? Christopher Buckley explores that idea on The Daily Beast.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper will sit down with UNHCR ambassador Angelina Jolie and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for interviews to air on World Refugee Day June 18th.


Why are Twitter-ers annoyed with CNN? WebNewser has the answer.

“Twitter is the teeny bopperification of America, the dumbification of America.” That was CBS Sportsline’s Gregg Doyel, debating CNN’s Rick Sanchez yesterday also on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Howard Kurtz.

More from Kurtz in today’s WaPo: “Twitter users are exchanging more than just 140-character bursts of blather about their daily lives: They are guiding their friends and followers to the latest news, information, gossip, snark, and a pulsating, real-time debate. Old-style news outlets would kill for that sense of belonging.”

HuffPost’s Nico Pitney has been liveblogging about the situation in Iran, with the latest pics and video. Read in here.


From NYT, Conservative Magazines: Their Vision Isn’t G.O.P’s. “At The Weekly Standard, the point is “to air our views,” said Fred Barnes, executive editor of this newsy, inside-the-Beltway magazine. “A lot of people want to write for us about the future of the Republican Party. We’re not that interested in that. We’re not that interested in the future of Republicans or conservatives. We’re interested in Obama.’”


In light of Laura Ling and Euna Lee‘s situation in North Korea, NYT‘s Brian Stelter takes a look at the new dangers facing today’s journalists.

Why did White House senior advisor David Axelrod leave journalism? In a commencement speech at DePaul University near Chicago, he said of his start in media, “Journalists heped save the republic, and I wanted to be a part of that. But, over time, things changed. By the mid-1980s, journalism was becoming more business than calling. The front office began to take over the newsroom. The emphasis went from veracity to velocity, from reporting to receipts.” (h/t Chicago Sun Times)


NYT‘s Frank Rich: “The Obama Haters’ Silent Enablers.”

Politico’s Calderone: “Obama, W.H. woo the Gray Lady.”

AP: Another Obama relative has a book deal. A memoir by George Obama, the president’s half brother and a resident of Huruma, Kenya, will be published by Simon & Schuster in January 2010. George Obama, 27, shares the same father with his famous, older half sibling.

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FishbowlDC Interview: Rising Star – ABC News’ Jake Tapper

JT.jpgUnless you live under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard the name “Jake Tapper.” As a White House correspondent for ABC News and one of news media’s fastest rising stars, Tapper has quickly established “golden boy” status in Washington. We got to know the golden boy a little better in this FishbowlDC interview:

What has been the biggest surprise about your gig as a WH correspondent?
How collegial the atmosphere is, how intellectually stimulating the stories usually are, how under-the-microscope reporters are.

If you could describe Robert Gibbs in only one word, what would it be?

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?
I follow 200+ people, so I wouldn’t want to slight anyone. But I do love the pun wars of @oknox and @jetjocko.

What single person has played the biggest role or had the biggest influence on your career?
David Carr when he was at Washington City Paper convinced me to take the plunge and become a full-time journalist. Diane Sawyer and Good Morning America were the first ones to put me on the teevee on a regular basis. Diane, Charlie Gibson, David Westin, Peter Jennings and Ted Koppel all provided invaluable help and guidance.

Will Stephanopoulos overtake Meet the Press?

You’ve been called “the new David Gregory.” Flattering or annoying?
Inaccurate. We’re quite different.

Your career wasn’t the most obvious path to WH correspondent: from the Washington City Paper to VH1 and the Sundance Channel. Was your diverse background a help or hindrance in the pursuit for your current gig?
Almost any experience outside the DC-media-political-industrial complex is a plus, whether it’s being an attorney like Savannah and Chip or working for an alternative weekly, or any of the rich and diverse experiences of some of my colleagues.

What does your morning reading list include?
All the emails that the brilliant members of the ABC News team have sent throughout the night, the NYT, WP, and WSJ, The Note, Playbook, Huffpo, Drudge, TPM, Instapundit…I get on the web and surf.

How many emails do you receive a day? How many do you answer?
Too many; not enough.

What is one of life goal that you’ve yet to check off your list?
There aren’t any. I married a wonderful woman, have an amazing kid with another one on the way, have a job I enjoy and great friends and family — they’re all checked off.

What subject line in an email grabs your attention?

Who would you cast as Jake in “Tapper,” the movie?*
I would suggest Daniel Day Lewis/Scorcese but the studio would insist on Seth Rogen/Apatow. We’d compromise and go with Paul Rudd/Ramis. It wouldn’t do very well, but that would be my fault.

*Tapper posed the same question to his “followers” on Twitter and “friends” on Facebook. Here are their suggestions:

Removing those actors who are no longer living, their suggestions are: Rin Tin Tin, Leslie Nielsen, Toby Maguire, Brad Pitt, Woody Allen, John Cusack, John Cryer, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Christian Slater, Will Ferrell, John Malkovich, Brad Chase, Vince Vaughn, Matt Dillon, Jake Gyllenhal, Billy Boyd, Matthew Fox, Jack Black, Fred Savage, John Edwards, Ben Stiller, Borat, James Marsden, Josh Charles, Kermit the Frog, Sam Donaldson, George Stephanopoulos, Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Luke Wilson, Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Damon, Dominic West, Steve Carrell, Kevin costner, Paul Rudd, Norm McDonald, Chris Noth, Aaron Eckhart, Rob Livingston, Viggo Mortensen, Jeremy Piven, Bill Pullman Nicolas Cage, Gerard Christopher, Ben Affleck, Zach Quinto, Ed Norton, Jeremy Northam, Christian Bale, Chris Cooper, Tom Hanks’ son, Jason Sudeikis, Mel Gibson, and Morgan Freeman.

Morning Reading List 06.10.09

Good morning FishbowlDC!

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What we know and what we’re reading this Wednesday morning.



Boston Globe: The New York Times Co. has hired an investment bank to manage the possible sale of the Boston Globe, and the company plans to request bids for Boston’s major daily in the next couple of weeks, according to two people who say they may make offers on the newspaper.

Poynter has the letter Globe staffers sent to Sulzberger- “We believe you don’t want us to take a 23 percent pay cut.”


TVNewser reported first yesterday that Steve Doocy‘s son Peter is joining Fox News.

Check out CBS Early Show executive producer Zev Shalev on the Morning Media Menu here.


Not everyone is enjoying Newsweek’s latest issue, guest edited by funny man Stephen Colbert.

Washingtonian is looking for your nominations for Washington’s best-dressed. You can stuff the ballot box with Matt’s name here.


Check out Carl Bernstein on The Daily Beast here.

Who decides what’s news? Politico takes a look at “media gatekeepers” here.


From WaPo: Staff writer Tara Bahrampour has been named the senior recipient of the German Marshall Fund of the United States’ 2009 Peter R. Weitz prize for excellence and originality in U.S. reporting on Europe and the transatlantic relationship.

FishbowlNY is all over the Mirror Awards- Vanity Fair and The New York Times both took home two of the six prizes. David Carr and David Barstow took home prizes for the Times, while VF‘s Seth Mnookin and David Kamp each snagged an award. The New Yorker‘s Ian Parker and’s Clive Thompson also won.

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Morning Reading List 04.20.09

Good morning FishbowlDC!

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Its day 91 covering the Obama administration and week 12 for us. Happy Birthday to Politico’s Carol Lee. What we know and what we’re reading this Monday morning…



Former Senator Rick Santorum makes $1,750 per column at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Politico’s Mike Allen addresses critics over the paper and site’s “torture memo” story here.


On the Daily Beast, 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk.

ABC’s Sam Donaldson on This Week says he’s like to ask Fidel Castro before he dies if he killed President John F. Kennedy. “In his dying breath I’d like to be at [Castro's] bedside and say, did you do it? Meaning November 22, 1963.”

Is PBS “recklessly promoting” Al Jazeera? Via Romenesko: Fox News’ Eric Shawn is concerned about public TV’s “WorldFocus” airing reports from Al Jazeera English, while PBS ombud Michael Getler isn’t so bothered. “I think it is a plus for American viewers to see and understand what is on Al Jazeera English, and that viewers of public broadcasting are quite able to make up their own minds about whether what they are watching has news value or is propaganda.”

Radio talk show host and regular cable news guest Michael Smerconish was on CNN’s Reliable Sources this weekend to talk about his new book “Morning Drive: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Talking.” Check out his dish about Fox News’ Glenn Beck, NBC’s David Gregory and CNN’s Larry King here.

NYT‘s David Carr: Cable news stations have been criticized for “event-izing” all manner of minor news occurrences — President Obama’s first news conference comes to mind. But the Tax Day Tea Party was all but conceived, executed and deconstructed in the hothouse of cable news wars.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer returned to his grad school at Johns Hopkins last week to deliver a speech “President Obama and the World.” More at Yeas & Nays.

Is the Nanny getting a cable news show? Find out at Washington Whispers.


A lesson in proper Facebook etiquette via FishbowlLA.


DCRTV checks out former WUSA anchor Mike Walter‘s documentary “Breaking News, Breaking Down.

TWT’s “Anguish of story can haunt journlists“: Journalists who peer into the abyss of war, crime, and natural disasters as part of their jobs can end up as emotionally scarred as the victims they never imagined joining. “Journalists can experience powerful frustration and demoralization,” said Dr. Frank M. Ochberg a psychologist who specializes in trauma.

Also from TWT- a sitdown with “State of Play” director Kevin Macdonald. “There have been plenty of Washington-set political thrillers, so he tried to make his new by ‘approaching the characters in a different way” and “showing Washington in a different way.’”

More on “State of Play” from DCRTV: Longtime DC sportscaster Frank Herzog gets a part. Also, Chris Matthews, Lou Dobbs, Jim Vance, Jule Carey, Chris Gordon, Eun Yang, and Denae D’Arcy play TV “reporters” in the movie.


Richard Wolffe on the Daily Beast: “Inside the Obama Family PR Machine.”

HAT TIPS: Mediabistro, Romenesko, Playbook, Calderone

AWARDS, JOBS and REVOLVING DOOR after the jump…

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Morning Reading List 03.31.09

Good Morning FishbowlDC!

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Its day 71 covering the Obama administration and week nine for us. What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



WaPo managing editors Raju Narisetti and Liz Spayd took your questions on the paper’s changes in yesterday’s online discussion “Ask the Post.” “We do worry about the impact of change and try to make sure we are communicating the changes in advance and doing it with readers such as yourself in mind.”

NYY plans to eliminate several weekly sections, including its stand-alone City Section, as well as possibly the regional weeklies in New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, and Connecticut, and the Friday Escapes section. The timeline is unclear, but a staffer said that City has only four issues left.

USAToday launched “Hotel Check-In,” an online business traveler community.

AP: List of newspapers that have cut publication days to save money.


NYT’s David Carr: Cable News Stokes Political Fever. “There is no question that the stakes are high in this presidency, and it’s hardly an epiphany that in order to feed the 24/7 beast, cable news has to turn every little thing into a big event. But something else is at work here. Gorged on ratings from a historic election and still riding on leftover adrenaline, the cable networks have steadfastly remained in campaign mode. And the hyperbolic rhythms and requirements of a cable news world have never seemed less relevant to the story at hand.”

Shenanigans: HARPO productions confirmed to Shenanigans that Oprah sat down with Elizabeth Edwards over the weekend at her home. This lovely interview is due to air May 11th.


CBS’ Mark Knoller proves the Secret Service wrong. Find out how here.

NPR ombudsman assures us that the network is not cutting all newspaper subscriptions.

VF: “In an ailing radio industry, with a graying audience and a pro-government landscape, Rush Limbaugh should be shuffling off into irrelevancy. Instead, his outrageous attacks have everyone debating whether he’s the G.O.P.’s de facto leader, while the party shapes its ideology to fit his needs.”


FishbowlNY: goes global. “The Global Edition is, in fact, a folding in of sorts of the International Herald Tribune website, also owned by the Times Co., and by the sounds of it it may not be a total coincidence that the change happened directly on the heels of the Times’s cutbacks last week.”

Journalists who work primarily on the Web are more hopeful about the future of news than their traditional media colleagues, according to a new survey. But even they have an “uneasy optimism” about the future, the study showed.


The Daily Beast’s Big Fat Story is “Magazines In Crisis, the Incredible Shrinking Newsstand.”


AP reports North Korea will put the two American journalists detained in North Korea on trial for illegal entry and hostile acts. No word yet on when the trial might take place.

VF’s Christopher Hitchens on how he was beaten up by Facist bullies in Lebanon.

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