UPDATED 2/20/07: David Hammond, Steven Poole and Eric Klinenberg join the list!

Jack Shafer has more friends than we originally thought. With a little help from Wonkette, some from Shafer, and a whole lot of reading, we have Shafer’s updated rankings.

#1. David Corn (“David Corn, my current #1″)

#2. Greg Easterbrook (“In the 20 years he’s been my friend“)

#3. Chuck Shepherd (“My Friend“)

#4. Anne Applebaum (“a friend and former regular Slate contributor”)

#5.Dirk Olin (“my friend … now editor-in-chief of JudicialReports.com)

#6. Dennis Cauchon (“My friend“) Previously 5

#7. Dave McKenna (“McKenna is a friend.”) Previously 6

#8. Paul Farhi (“I saw a Baltimore Orioles game with Farhi in the early ’90s.”) Previously 7

#9. Jonathan Chait (“my friend“) Previously 8

#10. Jeff Riggenbach (“my old friend“) Previously 9

Slots 11-39 when you click below…

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