Roll Call-CQ Editorial Director Mike Mills lays out the new landscape for the publication in an e-mail to staff.

It’s lengthy, so here’s the summary:

- Announcements to come regarding expanding the pub beyond the Beltway to let people know “what’s really” happening in Congress.

- David Hawkings leaves Managing Editor post at CQ Weekly to become editor of new free e-mail newsletter called The CQ-Roll Call Daily Briefing.

- Fred Barbash replaces Hawkings as CQ Weekly’s Managing Editor.

- Steve Gettinger returns to CQ as deputy managing editor of CQ Weekly. He’ll work alongside Barbash.

So far, still no “change agent from the outside” addition as Mills said he wanted at the time of Roll Call Editor Charlie Mitchell‘s resignation. We’ll keep you posted.
Read the internal memo after the jump…

> Clarification: Mills has said he would find an “outside change agent” for the position of Roll Call Editor. This does not apply to CQ publications despite the operation being called CQ-Roll Call. According to Mills, Roll Call, CQ Weekly and CQ Today will remain separate and distinct — they are not merging into CQ-Roll Call.

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