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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Abby Cornish has vegan shoes.” — CNN’s Soledad O’Brien regarding the actress, not NPR’s Audie Cornish as we originally thought due to a lack of caffeine.

Whoa! What?

“Chicks with big tits always seem to say the right things.” — Undisclosed D.C. publicist. (Of course we’re going to go ahead and assume the person was hacked. We haven’t heard back.)

Journo Hate Mail

The Hater: “@kirstenpowers10 you dumbass political whore please explain to the rest of us how Paul Ryan ran up this national debt?”

FNC Contributor Kirsten Powers: “Really?”

HotAir’s Mary Katharine Ham: “It’s always nice when they say ‘please, whore.’ Blech.”

Martosko, Markosko, Marsoko?

“Hey, at least Dave Weigel spelled my name right. Oh, wait …” — The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko on Slate‘s Dave Weigel‘s screwy spelling of his surname this week in a story. He wrote: “Markosko” (We’re sure it wasn’t personal. He got it right in the first reference. As of this moment, the spelling of Martosko’s last name is still “Markosko.”)

Politico Playbook Publish Time: 9:32 a.m.

Speaking of which….today Mike Allen makes fun of WaPo: “WASHPOST ON IT! Front page TODAY (also leads homepage, in case ya missed everyone else’s stories the past couple days)” You can read the rest of today’s edition here.

The Media Critic

“Shorter National Journal now: how may we troll you today?” — Media Matters research fellow Oliver Willis. Three minutes later: “We need a good distracting celebrity scandal. What’s Lohan or Spears up to?”

Technological difficulties

“(sniff, sniff) microsoft email not working for some reason … this is a crippling setback, and I’m not sure how to act – champagne, anyone?” — Bill Starks, News Assignment Manager, WUSA-TV9.

Daily Caller Persists With Sen. Menendez

You’d have thought that the hooker confusion from earlier in the week would’ve been enough excitement for The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko, who has spearheaded the publication’s hooker coverage ever since original hooker beat reporter Matthew Boyle left for

But no.

Today Martosko and Charles Johnson, team up (yes, these things sometimes require teams) to write about a book that came out last year. The headline: “BOOK EXCERPT: Bob Menendez ran political machine in New Jersey’s corrupt ‘ground zero.’” The story contains quotes about Menendez from 2005 and discusses an investigation led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie about a nonprofit that rented property from Menendez in the book that came out last year. “Through the courtesy of St. Martin’s Press, The Daily Caller is republishing those pages,” Martosko and Johnson write.

The story basically reiterates… Read more

5 Questions for The Daily Caller

The plot thickens with the case of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and his alleged penchant for Dominican prostitutes. While this story, originally reported by The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle, who is now with Breitbart, has been stewing for a few months, things really heated up on Monday evening. WaPo reported that the prostitute in question told authorities in the Dominican Republic that she was paid to make up the story and she has never met Menendez. Ruh roh. WaPo reports, “The woman said a local lawyer had approached her and a fellow escort and asked them to help frame Menendez and a top donor, Salomon Melgen, according to affidavits obtained by The Washington Post.”

So, it looks like the Menendez story is bullshit. Or is it? The Daily Caller wasted no time in rebutting the story by WaPo saying that, essentially, they got the wrong hooker. The argument, by outgoing Daily Caller Executive Editor David Martosko, says that the women that THEY interviewed were 24 at the time, while WaPo claims the escort was 23. Martosko also says neither of the prostitutes they interviewed went by the name “Nexis de los Santos Santana,” as WaPo identifies her.

So, what the hell is going on? We have a few questions. Read more

Daily Caller Executive Editor to Daily Mail

The Daily Caller‘s controversial Executive Editor David Martosko is leaving to be the U.S. Political Editor for the Daily Mail. He’s off to London for training. Soon he’ll open the Washington office of the largest news outlet in the world.

Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson sent word out today to staff.

Martosko has written several of the prostitute-related pieces surrounding Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) as of late. The latest of which involved a woman they called “Beth”, a woman who was interviewed in person by The Daily Caller.

While the development is a huge mark of success for Martosko, recent weeks and months haven’t been so promising for Martosko inside The Daily Caller. The staff long grumbled about his management style, which they found annoying. Interns often didn’t want to be alone with him and complained about him. No specific bad behavior was told to FishbowlDC, just a general feeling that they didn’t want to be alone with him.

Martosko, meanwhile, has been searching for a new job as management has been internally weighing possibilities of a new editor to help run the newsroom. He arrived at the paper 20 months ago with a long rap sheet and little to no journalism experience when the publication’s Executive Editor left to live abroad.

Congratulations to Martosko.

UPDATE from Martosko: “I’m truly excited about joining The Daily Mail. It’s the biggest newspaper website in the world, and every click is hard-earned and well-deserved. That said, I’ll miss The Daily Caller. It’s bursting with first-rate talent, and Tucker Carlson has been a fantastic guy to work with. I highly recommend a career at The Daily Caller, but only for journalists who don’t have many sacred cows, don’t take themselves too seriously, and don’t mind an occasional hail of arrows fom the cheap seats outside our newsroom.”

UPDATE #2: Despite numerous and persistent reports to the contrary over the course of the past month from inside The Daily Caller, Publicist Nicole Roeberg has insisted that we add a statement she sent late in the day. See it after the jump.

See the internal memo…a lovely sendoff from Carlson… Read more

Say Hello to The Daily Caller’s Latest Menendez Hooker: They Call Her ‘Beth’

Another day, another call girl surfaces to discuss alleged sexual encounters with Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) with The Daily Caller, which we may soon have to rename, The Daily Call Girl.

Does this stuff ever get old?

And get this — the story has a double byline that includes Executive Cigar Smoker and Editor David Martosko and a woman we’ve never heard of before named Conchita Sarnoff.  (Conchita, not one of the prostitutes, has written for HuffPost and The Daily Beast. At the end of the piece she’s described as “an American writer publishing her first book on child sex trafficking in America in the fall of 2013.”)

Details. Details. They interviewed the woman in the flesh (meaning, in person). She’s in her late thirties. They’re calling this alleged Menendez call girl “Beth” — not her real name. Maybe the best detail in the whole five-page piece? She claims she has been paid to provide sexual favors for Washington lobbyists and “several” U.S. senators, including some who are no longer living. Our minds went wild. Read more

What Do You Want in the New Year?

By Betsy Rothstein and Eddie Scarry

We asked Washington journalists to tell us something they want or something they want to happen in 2013. There’s a few New York-based political scribes sprinkled in here. Here’s what they told us.

CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett: “I want political courage and skill commensurate with that demonstrated by our armed forces and diplomats in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other places of peril since 9/11.”

The Daily Caller‘s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson: “I’d like to catch more trout. And I plan to.”

The Weekly StandardMatt Labash: “I’m hoping this is the year in which  the internet finally craters. It’s had a good run, but nobody ever shuts it off.  So after all this relentless exposure – after everyone having their say, then saying a lot  more – we now get sick of people in minutes that used to take us years to get sick of otherwise. Which is why I’m pulling for less connectedness, and more solitude. Less digital. More analog. More wondering what people think, instead of knowing, then being disappointed. Less concern about trending topics. More concern with staying unconcerned about what everybody else is concerned about. Also, I think 2013 is going to be the Year of Joey Lawrence. He’s due. And with the internet disappearing, we’re going to need something/someone to fill the void. To teach us how to live again. To show us the old ways.”

WJLA’s Rebecca Cooper: “My wish list for 2013: 1) Jayne Sandman’s body WITHOUT Jayne Sandman’s workout schedule; 2) Pamela Sorensen’s social schedule WITHOUT Pamela Sorensen’s late night hours; 3) Dana Bash and Susanna Quinn’s Super Mom abilities WITHOUT Dana Bash and Susanna Quinn’s early morning wakeup calls; And – the thing I would most like in 2013: 4) to see my friends who cover politics without having to go to New Hampshire or Iowa in winter or Tampa or Charlotte in August to see them.”

Raptor Strategies’ David Bass:  “Shock and awe.”

FishbowlDC and Current TV’s Full Court Press Co-host Peter Ogburn:  ”Peace, love and harmony finally coming to the nation’s capital. Also, I’d like to see a fistfight between Tim Grieve and David Martosko.”

FishbowlDC and The BlazeEddie Scarry: “I’d like Politico to be the first news organization to genetically engineer a reporter with a Blackberry for genitals. Makes anonymous sourcing of political operatives that much easier.”

Queen Levine (a.k.a. radio correspondent Mark Levine): “In 2013, I’d like to see mediabistro get just a few basic facts right. Jon Stewart has proven you can be snarky and a journalist. (If you want to just make shit up, that’s fine too, but then you gotta know you’re doing it and be funny. Like the Onion. Good luck in 2013! And let me know if you need help understanding any of the hard words above. Like ‘journalist.’” (We suspect Levine’s snappy answer is in response to the drama queen’s appearance on our year-end list. He never misses a chance to brag about himself. Long live the queen!)

Current TV’s David Shuster: “In 2013, I want the baby Kera and I are having to come out healthy and happy and to possess a little more tact and patience than me — In other words, be like his/her mother.”

The Hill’s Managing Editor Bob Cusack: After about a year in the works, I finished a new screenplay this month (It’s not about politics). I hope to sell it in 2013. I also want to see Barney Frank get on Twitter in the new year.

Tommy Christopher, Mediaite White House Correspondent: “Besides fetch? In 2013 I really want a federal assault weapons ban (including semiautomatic handguns) with Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s NFA grandfather clause, and a federal firearms registry with a psychological fitness test, to happen.”

The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Poor: “Just off the top of my head, I’d like to see…1) Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher go away — go back to selling men’s suits or something 2) Political journalists to stop acting enamored with Robert Griffin, III and Bryce Harper as if they’re life-long Washington, DC sports fans 3) Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert to find Jesus or some other form of organized religion of his choosing and have a little love in his heart 4) Someone to remind me why BuzzFeed Politics exists.”

SiriusXM’s Julie Mason: “In 2013, Gov. Rick Perry needs his own talk show, a la Huckaboom (but sassier). There must be world recognition of the massive journalistic skills of Josh Rogin, Josh Lederman, Andrew Harnik and Meredith Shiner. We should also pause, as a nation, to admire Suzanne Malveaux‘s new, longer hairstyle. Because that shit is awesome. Also, my favorite shows need to quit the nine-month hiatus between seasons. That is really annoying.”

WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin: “Real entitlement reform. Gumming up the Obamacare works. Republicans champion immigration reform.”

WJLA’s Steve Chenevey: “Can we extend the telecommuting concept to journalism? I’m all for home studios in 2013. Would love to get PR pitches more than a day in advance. And the freedom to critique viewers on their choice of outfit for the day. Not that I would ever do that, but overly opinionated viewers never seem to surprise me.”

See more wishes… Read more

12 Things We Never Tire of in the Fishbowl

By Betsy Rothstein, Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry

We know you have one more year-end list in you. Or maybe you don’t. But wake up anyhow because here’s ours — the 12 things that never, ever make us want to take an afternoon snooze.

12. NBC Luke Russert‘s loud and fratboyish ways. Even House Speaker John Boehner has noted his decibel level and called him “loudmouth.” Though he’ll never get White House Soup of the Day quite right when he subs for Chuck Todd on “The Daily Rundown,” among our favorite moments with Luke this year was when he had a stop and smell the roses moment at a Nats game and took a picture of a spellbinding dragonfly, which he later posted on Twitter. Perhaps more poignantly though was when he covered a Capitol Hill presser and asked House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi if she was too old to remain in the Democratic leadership. The crowd of female lawmakers openly booed him. Pelosi told him he was offensive, even if he didn’t quite get it. Among the most entertaining comments sprang from CNN’s Hilary Rosen, who wrote on Twitter, “Note to Luke Russert: Mitch McConnell is 70, Harry Reid is 73. Oh and Bob Schieffer is 75. Think they should step aside? #NewGuysRule?” The question wasn’t an inappropriate one to raise, as lawmakers themselves had been discussing it out of earshot of Pelosi. Perhaps, as some noted, the time and setting and brash way in which Russert executed his questions were troublesome. Still, we especially enjoyed the commenters on Politico. There was the irate Wendy: “Luke Russert got his ass handed back to him. Any more questions, punk?” And the more sensible Chance: “Reporters should be asking tough, offensive and even stupid questions.”

11. Video journalist Michelle Fields flashing her breasts on national TV to get a job for Fox News. Her large male online contingency didn’t mind it much, either. In the meantime The Daily Caller gave her the axe for being lazy. Somehow Executive Editor David Martosko‘s lectures didn’t work? Favorite 2012 memory: There was the January manifesto from a convicted rapist that Michelle showed off on Facebook. But we’re torn between that and the more recent BuzzFeed party, where she unashamedly performed dramatic hair flips as our own Eddie Scarry snapped pictures.

10. Most things Matthew Boyle. The 20-something dogged journo never ceases to amaze. There was the time he insisted that the President of the Free World should allow him over for an interview. The more recent jaw-dropping moment from Boyle came when he fled The Daily Caller for because he wants to be the next Andrew Breitbart. He started this adventure by taking his own photograph for the site, giving himself the unfortunate look of a triple-chinned Michelin Man. In his opening story out of the gate, he wrote an atrociously unedited right-wing rant about “magic vaginas.” We’re still not sure what those our, except we think they don’t involve Sandra Fluke. It was perfect. And terrible. And because we love Boyle in our own special way, we’d like to kidnap and deprogram him before it’s too late and the goose is boiled. Stick to breaking news Boyle and it’ll be just fine. And whatever you do, don’t stay there long.

9. Inside stories from The Washington Times. Always weird, unexpected, mind-boggling happenings at the ominous building off New York Avenue. Who can forget when former writer Julia Duin publicly accused then-editor Sam Dealey of verbally abusing her by canning her on the very day she decided to bring her daughter to work? She was also reportedly on crutches that day. And then there’s the more recent spate of stories concerning the impending layoffs coming in early 2013. The newsroom has dubbed their CEO Larry Beasley “Evil Santa” for a number of reasons, including recently moving a new sofa into his office while deciding whom to lay off. He also recently displayed a Santa doll holding a Christmas tree with the word “joy” on it. As the journalists await possible pink slips, they’re anything but joyful.

See the remaining eight entries of things that never bore us… Read more

French Maid Spices Up Daily Caller Book Party

What was initially thought to be a special appearance by David Martosko‘s personal secretary at last night’s Daily Caller book launch party ended up being nothing of the sort.

To the left is a photo of Nandi, who works with Emperor Vodka, which sponsored the soiree. “I’m just here for pictures,” she said, graciously posing for cameras. Nandi, whose arms are reminiscent of Angela Bassett‘s What’s Love Got to Do with It, said this was her first time working with Emperor. Fun first day on the job!

The Daily Caller hosted the party in its Farragut Square newsroom celebrating The Lizard King, an ebook written by their own Jamie Weinstein and Will Rahn.

“I have no good answer,” said Rahn when asked who should read his book. “It’s a transformative book,” he said (“transformational” also works). He compared it to reading the Bible. “Is this off the record?” Rahn asked at the conclusion of our interview.

Weinstein was a little more willing to talk about the book, though we get the impression he thought he was on TV. “Truth-seekers will like it,” Weinstein said. He emphasized that the book is actually a manuscript provided by a White House insider and that he and Rahn are simply the vessels through which the book is being delivered. “Once in a while, history falls upon you and I think it happened to us,” he said, adding that it “may be one of the most important books since [Fox News host] Sean Hannity’s book.”

The Daily Caller‘s bar was stocked with wine, soda, alcohol and a beer tap that poured Pabst Blue Ribbon. Edibles (vegetables and a few hors d’oeurves) were a little on the slim side.

As guests trickled in, a couple faces stood out in the crowd: Politico‘s Byron Tau and Tim Mak. The DC and Politico have been known to publicly quibble in the past. One Daily Caller staffer said the relationship between the two publications “on paper” is often not the case between individual reporters. He said there are several Politico employees he regularly drinks with. Both Tau and Mak chatted with The DC‘s Alex Pappas for a while, as well.

In the crowd we also spotted a distinguished gentleman with a badass eye patch. It turned out to be Will Rahn’s father, ex-husband to WSJ‘s Peggy Noonan.

The DC‘s editor Tucker Carlson was seen talking with RollCall‘s Jonathan Strong, a former Daily Caller reporter. Strong said work for him has been slow and “a little boring,” given he covers Congress, which is currently out of session.

Notables: The Daily Caller‘s Alex Treadway, Sarah Hoffman, Taylor Bigler, Jeff Poor, Caroline May, Brian Danza, Chris Bedford, Neil Munro, Pat McMahon, Nicole Roeberg, and Vince Coglianese; The Free Beacon‘s Adam Kredo and CJ Ciaramella; RollCall HOH‘s Neda Semani and Warren Rojas; Fox News contributor Jim Pinkerton; WaPo‘s Alexandra Petri; U.S. NewsSteven Nelson; The Daily Beast‘s Eli Lake; and Donald Rumsfeld‘s former chief of staff Keith Urbahn. Conspicuously absent were Matthew Boyle and Martosko, who had kid duty. We rode the elevator with him down to the garage. He puffed away on what may have been an illegal cigar the whole way down and said Rahn and Weinstein would know he was there “in spirit.”


  • “He’s a bit of a self promoter.”– Keith Urbahn on his former boss Donald Rumsfeld, who was Defense Secretary under former Prez George W. Bush. Urbahn spilled that Rummy is currently working on a new book. UPDATE: Urbahn writes in to tell us he was talking about his other former boss, The Daily Beast‘s David Frum.
  • Asked about former and recently fired Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields, Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson said, “I haven’t seen her much on TV lately. That ended for some reason.” Fields was not in attendance.
  • “I don’t want to be written about.”– Steven Nelson, after FishbowlDC inquired about his job at U.S. News, which he only recently started.
  • “I’m holding out for the chance that Matthew Boyle shows up.”– FBDC’s Peter Ogburn.


Reader Calls us ‘Idiots’

We get a lot of poisonous mail here in the Fishbowl. Sometimes the hate comes in waves and other times one sharp jab stands out in the mix.

This week we wrote about The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko, who, at the moment, is more obsessed with his cigars and biweekly cigar columns than anything else. During the first night of GOP Convention speeches Tuesday night, he ignored NJ Gov. Chris Christie and mentioned some of the others in his Twitter remarks. One thing he didn’t ignore that evening was an offer for readers to get cigar alerts. So we wrote about his impeccable timing.

A reader wrote in, “You people are idiots. Martosko has his pigmotional tweets automated, like everyone with a big audience. Morons.”

For starters, we’re the “idiots” and “morons?” Maybe so. But when the Executive Editor of a daily online pub feels the need to promote his cigars bullshit on an important evening of speeches, it should be noted. On a brighter note, we adore the word “pigmotional” and hope you won’t mind if we borrow that. And a “big audience?” Hilarious! We love self-promoters and braggarts! As my cohort Peter Ogburn remarked to me, “He could at least TRY to hide that it’s him.”

Thanks for writing in Martosko!

Editor’s Convention Timing is #$@%ing Impeccable

The Daily Caller‘s Executive Editor David Martosko had near perfect pitch timing last night during opening night of the GOP Convention speeches in Tampa. As the rest of the political reporting universe was writing about Ann Romney (ooh, she’s so stunning!), Nikki Haley (pretty necklace), Chris Christie (big, big speech!) and the rest of the gang, Martosko chose smack in the middle of Christie’s keynote to mention how readers can sign up to be on a cigar list complete with prizes.

“Sign up for The Daily Caller’s #Cigar Hunter list for emails and prize giveaways –> [visit here],” he wrote at 10:40 p.m.

As some readers know, Martosko recently began penning a biweekly cigar column. And he apparently can’t get the smokes off his mind because he mentions them wherever he goes, including extensively in a red meat speech he gave recently in Colorado at an anti-politically correct ATF party.

In other Martosko news, because there are really never enough Martosko tidbits to share, rumor has it he’s staying with former TWTer and bestselling author Rich Miniter on his boat. Boat buddies! That’s so special. We can only imagine the smoke coming out of the underground cabin.

For his perfect timing and tone, we’re giving Martosko this tuning fork. If nothing else, he can use it on Miniter if he gets out of hand. We reached out to Martosko — so far he’s at a loss for words.