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5pm Premiere for Bloomberg Politics’s ‘With All Due Respect’

Don’t forget, 5pm marks the premiere of the much anticipated launch of Bloomberg Politics’ “With All Due Respect,” to be hosted by Game Change and Double Down authors John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. This evening’s program features a live interview with 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

On the eve of the show’s launch, the website for Bloomberg Politics also launched. Visit it here.

The program, which is filmed and produced out of New York, will host a DC viewing party tomorrow, and we’ll make sure to update you on it come Wednesday.

In recent months, Bloomberg Politics has been on an impressive hiring spree, adding Monocle’s Sasha Issenberg, Slate’s David WeigelEsquire’s Mike Nizza, ABC News’ Tom Johnson, and “The Daily Show’s” Pat King to its roster. The program will be taped and produced out of New York City.

“With All Due Respect” premieres tonight at 5pm on Bloomberg TV and will be streamed on the Bloomberg Politics homepage.

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Slate’s David Weigel Headed to Bloomberg Politics

WeigelIn a post to Slate Tuesday afternoon, political reporter David Weigel announced his September 19 departure for Bloomberg Politics, days ahead of the expected October 6 launch of the Bloomberg Politics site, to feature a daily politics show with Mark Halperin and John Heilemann.

“This is still my favorite magazine and I’m only leaving it because Bloomberg’s putting together — I will try to avoid corporate-speak — an ambitious political magazine run by the sort of geniuses who made Bloomberg Businessweek into a great print mag, and New York‘s political coverage a daily must-read,” wrote Weigel. Read more

Morning Reading List 10.08.12.

1. Tucker, bow-ties, page views and the NYT — On Sunday NYT media writer Brian Stelter had a story that’s likely to creep under the skin of some in Washington media. It’s an extremely favorable yarn about The Daily Caller‘s success with a news peg on last week’s 2007 video of President Obama, which some dismissed as over-hyped. The piece states that traffic-wise the outlet has surpassed The Hill and is gaining on The Washington Times. They regard WaPo as among their chief competitors. Memorable line: Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson — “It took me 20 years to realize that wearing a bow tie is like wearing a middle finger around your neck.”

2. Rich Man Poor Man — WaPo, for all its digital irritations, has a great infographic out this morning detailing members of Congress and their wealth. With the click of a mouse, we can see a lawmaker’s net worth and how, for better and worse, they handle their finances. We’re hardly nerds but we could play with this for at least an hour. See here.

3. Our Ezzy turns heads –  Columbia Journalism Review has an absolutely glowing profile out on WaPo‘s Ezra Klein. Via the Politico Playbook, we learn that author Matt Welch writes that Ez is “handsome enough to make the ladies turn their heads, and affable enough that their boyfriends compete for his attentions, too.” The headline on the story by Matt Welch is perfection: “The Boy in the Bubble.” We particularly love that Welch unleashes a Boybander explosion in the second graph and quotes one of Klein’s best buds: “He is just a good explanatory reporter and writer,” says David Weigel of Slate. But this is peculiar: There is one small graph on Klein’s JournoList, which Welch says Ez still defends though he doesn’t offer any quotes from him on it. “If anything, his professional rise has only accelerated in the wake of this kerfuffle,” writes Welch, unable to contain his unstoppable admiration for his story subject.

Righty Journos Chuckle at MSM’s Expense

The one jab that never fails to elicit laughs from conservatives is the one about MSNBC and how “nobody” watches it. There was a lot of that at last night’s Media Research Center gala.

MRC, a conservative media watchdog org, celebrated its 25th anniversary and presented its tongue-in-cheek Dishonors awards at the National Building Museum.

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham presented the first two awards, one of which was the “Obamagasm” award. The nominees were MSNBC’s Chris Matthews (“Isn’t it a surprise when you see him talking about Obama and he still has his clothes on?” Ingraham said.), ABC’s Diane Sawyer (“of the perpetually heavy breathing voice”) and CNN’s Piers Morgan (“Britain’s own alien life form”). Matthews won for declaring in July that President Obama is “the perfect father, the perfect husband, the perfect American.”

The second award — the “Vast Right-Wing Knuckle-Draggers” award went to MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, for saying in September 2011 that the GOP wants to build “a time machine, to go back in time…” Ingraham described Roberts as “Thomas no-one’s-ever-heard-of-me Roberts.”

Media bashing was given a rest for the William F. Buckley award for Media Excellence. It was presented by conservative columnist Cal Thomas as a tribute to Andrew Breitbart. The audience gave a standing ovation at the conclusion of Thomas’ remarks.

Two more anti-media awards were given out: The “Damn Those Conservatives to Hell” award (to NBC’s Ann Curry, for her interview with Republican V.P. candidate Paul Ryan in April) and the “Barbara Streisand Political I.Q. Award for Celebrity Vapidity” (to actor Sean Penn, for saying on CNN in October 2011 that the tea party wants to “lynch” Obama).

Finally, MRC President Brent Bozell handed out one last award: “The Worst Reporter in the History of Man” award. This one was chosen by cheers from the audience. It was initially a tie between former CBS anchorman Dan Rather and ABC’s Katie Couric. After a second round of cheers, Couric was named the “winner.” An embarrassing photo of Couric dancing at a private party in 2006 was projected on banners hanging from the ceiling.

The banners were a fixture for awkward photos throughout the evening. To the right was the spaced-out image of RNC Committee Chairman Reince Priebus that displayed when he spoke on stage.

Notables: The Daily Caller‘s Neil Munro, The Heritage Foundation’s Lachlan Markay, Fox News contributor Steven Crowder, The Washington Examiner‘s Philip Klein and Charlie Spiering, Slates David Weigel, The National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg, The Weekly Standard‘s Stephen Hayes, GOP mega donor Foster Friess, WMAL’s Chris Plante and CRC publicists Ashley Morris and Kelley Hudak.

Quotable: “I better put this down.”– An MRC goer who was spotted drinking directly from a champagne bottle. She put the bottle down when she saw us attempting to snap a photo.

The FishbowlDC Interview with Yahoo! News’ Chris Moody

Say hello to Yahoo! News’ Chris Moody. He’s a political reporter covering the 2012 presidential race. He has traveled to 20 countries, and before covering politics, he worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska. Moody is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Government at Johns Hopkins University and he lives in Washington, D.C.

Moody grew up in Southern California. He spent his childhood in LA and his teenage years in San Diego.

As he explains his adult life until now, “During and after college I spent a long time hitching/backpacking around Asia, parts of Central America, Europe and the Western US and then came to DC after I got my fill. Showed up in DC with a suitcase and slept on a friend’s couch while I looked for a job. Got some freelance work here and there and then was hired to run the social media program for a think tank. After two years, I got my chance at The Daily Caller covering Congress.”

We’ll share just one item from his bucket list: “There’s a trail through the jungle between Myanmar and Thailand that is known for smuggling refugees out of the totalitarian country. I’d like to spend some time with them.” Read on.

If you were a carbonated beverage which would you be? Any kind as long as it’s preceded by a mouthful of Pop Rocks.

How often do you Google yourself? Um, hello, I use Yahoo!, obviously…

Who is your favorite working journalist and why? So sorry, but I gotta divide this one up: For long-form features I think Reason’s Mike Riggs and National Review’s Bob Costa are doing sensational work. ABC’s Jake Tapper is reinventing what it means to be a national TV reporter in the new media environment, and Slate’s David Weigel deserves serious props for his ability to masterfully explain What It All Means on a consistent basis.

Do you have a favorite word? churlish.

What word or phrase do you overuse? I may have dropped “dude” outside the Senate chamber during interviews with members a few times.

Who would you rather have dinner with – CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, The Daily
Caller’s Michelle Fields or NBC’s Tom Brokaw. Tell us why. Brokaw. He’s been in the game the longest, and I think he would have some fascinating stories to tell.

What is the most interesting conversation you’ve had while on the campaign trail and who was it with? Well, RuPaul and I shared a moment in New Hampshire this week that was generally fabulous.

Tell us a funny story from the road. Can be long or short. After police kicked me out of a fancy hotel in Palm Beach for trying to cover Herman Cain a few months ago, I drove up to Orlando to try my luck there and spent a day at a place called The Holy Land Experience, where he was giving a speech. It’s near Disney World, and they re-enact the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ daily. Cain spoke immediately after Jesus returned to take back the faithful in a cloud of glory. It was, by far, the best campaign event of the cycle to date.

What’s the most revolting thing you’ve eaten in your campaign travels? And the best? The worst: Any time you’re scarfing down fast food at midnight because you haven’t eaten anything all day, you feel a pretty standard sense of shame. The best: On New Years Eve in Des Moines–that hotspot of revelry and bacchanalia–a bunch of reporters and I enjoyed some of the best steak I’ve ever had. It was pricey, but worth it.

Which candidate would you most like to fight with? Break bread with? Go jogging with? Fight: If I had to choose, I’d fight Buddy Roemer, but it would be a friendly match with the pretense of mutual respect. The guy’s intense. He could totally throw down and it would be awesome. Eat: I’d break bread with Gary Johnson, because it is assumed that our senses would be heightened at the time. Run: This is an easy one, but I’d jog with Rick Perry so we could shoot stuff with guns.

Based on what you know so far, who gets the nomination? The master overlords haven’t sent me my marching orders yet. But I should get them next Wednesday.

Which campaign staff has been the most pleasant to deal with? Newtmann Caingrich’s people are pretty chill.

Without naming names, tell us some shitty thing that has happened in the
course of your coverage. Every time you don’t call a reporter back, a beautiful fairy dies a horrible death. Just saying.

What’s the name of your cell phone ring? 4 minutes and 33 seconds, by John Cage.

It’s 3 a.m. and you get up to use the bathroom or get a drink of water. Do
you check your BlackBerry? Sadly, yes. (WHAT IF SOMEONE TWEETED TO ME???)

What word do you routinely misspell? teh.

What swear word do you use most often? After hanging out with Rick Santorum for a while, I’ve become partial to “horsey-assy,” although I’m still not sure if it’s meant as a cuss word.

Moody’s most embarrassing work experience involves Rep. Barney Frank. You don’t want to miss this one…
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Breitbart’s Big Gay CPAC Party

Sophie B. Hawkins performs for Breitbart and friends...

Andrew Breitbart and gay conservative group, GOProud, kicked off CPAC last night with a wild production at Eighteenth Street Lounge in Dupont Circle. The event, which boasted a performance by Sophie B. Hawkins, drew a slew of media types and one Michael Steele, former chairman of the RNC.  Like Steele, FishbowlDC was lucky enough to be ushered to the front of a long, winding line down 18th St. NW.

Once inside the party, we caught the former RNC  Chairman grooving to “Damn, Wish I was Your Lover,”  Hawkins’ hit song from the early 90s.  The songbird wooed the room with a thirty minute set before expressing her adoration of Sarah Palin.  “I’m proud of Sarah Palin.  She had me at hello,” the lesbian singer told the crowd who wore stickers with nifty slogans like “Our Gays ARE MORE MACHO Than Their Straights.”

Hawkins went on to say, “I’m liberal in bed but conservative in the head.”

On the other side of the venue, Andrew Breitbart jammed out with an entourage of admirers.  The conservative icon was cool and classy as starstruck party guests followed him around the bar and journalists approached for interviews.  Chatting  up A.B. were Slate’s David Weigel (who was nothing but nice), RCP’s Erin McPike and Drudge Report’s Joe Curl.  Also spotted:  Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch, Fox News contributors Margaret Hoover and Steven Crowder, James O’Keefe, The Daily Caller’s Chris Moody and Jeff Winkler, TWT’s Eli Lake, Wonkette’s Riley Waggaman, TPM’s Evan McMorris-Santoro, Michael Moynihan of Reason magazine and FishbowlDC intern Alec Jacobs.

L: Pass to Breitbart’s Big Party R: Breitbart being interviewed by

L: Breitbart’s Chucks R: “Our Gays are more macho than their straights” GOProud sticker.

Awwwkward Weigel Party Encounter

I had to do a double take in the sparsely populated lobby outside the Congressional Dinner Wednesday night at The Hill’s after party.

Was it Charlie Sheen? Of course not. Sheen’s in rehab. This was Slate’s David Weigel. Hair trimmed. Relatively tidy. Dark suit. White button-down. Chatting with Ron Bonjean, who runs a public affairs firm, and NYP‘s Geoff Earle, I lost track of the wiley Weigel. When I turned back — poof!– he was gone. Where did that rascal go?

Later he resurfaced. A partygoer (the one who convinced me to approach him at last summer’s HuffPost Party again persuaded me to see if the ice had thawed.)

I approached with mild trepidation (read: not enough to rethink doing it) with a party publicist. Weigel was asked if he wanted to “meet her friend,” meaning me. He said emphatically, “No.”

But there we were. I have no ill will toward the guy and he’s undoubtedly one of FishbowlDC’s staple characters – even if he has coldly blocked me on Twitter. I wanted to see if we talk one human being to another. I didn’t reach my hand out this time (the last time was met with icy handshake refusal.) This time I peppered Weigel with questions. I’m going out on a limb here to say this was marked improvement. We had never reached the talking stage.

Me: Hi.
Him: Howdy.
Me: So what do you think of Olbermann’s new gig?
Him: I haven’t thought about it. I don’t think about him.
Me: Really, why not? (My voice infused with serious surprise considering how many times Weigel has appeared on the ex-MSNBC host’s “Countdown” program.)
Him: I’m focused on C-PAC this week.
Me: What are you most looking forward to seeing at C-PAC?
Him: [Shakes his head] Nothing.
Me: Huh?
Him: You should talk to someone else about this.
Me: Why?
Him: Because I talk to people other than you and you talk to people other than me. …Pathetic.
Me: What’s pathetic?
Him: Nothing.
Me: No really, what’s pathetic?
Him: [Grumbling noise. Can’t make out the words.]
Me: But we’ve never had an actual conversation. This is our first.
Him: We’ve talked on email.
Me: We have. But I don’t consider that an actual conversation.
Him: Blank stare.

This is sticky…

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Dust has no bounds

“The Smithsonian needs to dust their exhibits so I’ll stop sneezing on their factoid cases.” — Syndicated columnist, comedian and FishbowlLA Editor Tina Dupuy in a tweet during a weekend Washington visit. She hadn’t read Roll Call’s recently fascinating piece on dust at the Postal Museum or she’d have been up to speed. Later she added, “The Smithsonian is clearly not sponsored by Swiffer.” (Find Tina’s site here.)

Did someone say Shuster?

“Frankly I think CNN could’ve let Sanchez off with a MSNBC-style mysterious disappearance a la Shuster.” – TPM’s Brian Beutler referencing former (or still temporarily suspended with no end in sight) MSNBCer David Shuster on CNN’s firing of Rick Sanchez.

A grand invitation

“Anyone else want to see Social Network at 9:10 tonight?” — Slate‘s David Weigel in an invitation to EVERYONE on Twitter Friday night.

Rahm – one hell of a flack

“One of the great press secretaries we’ve ever had.” — WaPo‘s Dana Milbank on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday referencing former White House COS Rahm Emanuel.

Editor stumbles on bad luck

“What an awesome weekend of being sick & then being well just long enough to get clipped on my bike. #myfacelooksawesome .” — Phoebe Doris, web editor of The American Prospect in a weekend tweet.

Scribe plans to be annoying

“Heading to Madison, WI. Gonna annoy some people by asking them about politics during Packers game.” — Scott Conroy of RealClearPolitics in a weekend tweet. To which GOP Pundit and communications strategist Kevin Madden replied, “So long, front teeth.”

NBC’s Todd talks ‘palace intrigue’

“BTW, something to ponder #westwing palace intrigue folks, Rahm’s departure means Bill Clinton doesn’t have a WH direct line when he wants.” — NBC’s Chuck Todd in a weekend tweet.

Slate’s Plotz: So What Does He Do?

Slate‘s Editor David Plotz is the subject of a lengthy interview this week in the latest installment of mediabistro’s SWDYD (So What Do You Do?). In it, he discusses the hiring of David Weigel and why it wasn’t a pass off from WaPo – both Slate and WaPo are owned by the same company.

Plotz goes into detail about his management philosophy – it’s not based on a– kissing or fear. He also admitted to being distracted by a 50-foot billboard of a Michelle Obama lookalike hanging outside his workplace window.  “I had to lower my shades, and kept them lowered until they removed the billboard a few months ago,” he said.

The FishbowlDC Interview with the Wile E. Weigel

weigelpic.jpg Say hello to Slate‘s David Weigel. Emotions have cooled since we published Weigel’s scathing e-mails on conservatives from the Journolist listserv and he was subsequently forced out of The Washington Post. “Here’s an insane thought,” I wrote him last week. “Want to do the Fishbowl interview?” He accepted, no arm-twisting required. In reaction to publishing the scribes e-mails, Weigel’s fanatical followers called us “neo con asswipes,” ranted and told me to light myself on fire, and they charged that publishing his e-mails was personal.

It wasn’t, and neither is this. We wanted to learn more. And that we did.

Weigel’s into comic books and video games, though he says he was never “passionate about comic books because I was cheap.” Growing up, his favorite thing to do was read. He spent two and a half years living in England when his father was transferred there for work. He preferred role playing video games like Final Fantasy (not sure we want to know more on that, but we thank him for the information). Nowadays, it’s Rock Band, and, of course, his new job at Slate, where there are no special rules for him where the Internet is concerned.

If you were a carbonated beverage which would you be? This is a transparent attempt to distract from the more pressing question of what kind of tree I’d like to be. Anyway, Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.

How often do you Google yourself? Fairly often, at least once a day. It’s a good way of finding out if I need to respond to something, or if an article is really succeeding.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said to an editor (or vice versa)? You know, I can’t think of a conflict that was interesting enough to hit this spot. I have had the occasional disagreement about whether some article or another was a piece of crap or not, but the disagreement ended with said article ceasing to be a piece of crap. I’m pretty mellow in this regard.

Who is your favorite working journalist? Christopher Hitchens.

Do you have a favorite word? Sure, “acquiesce.”

Who would you rather have dinner with – First Lady Michelle Obama or Bestselling Author and former V.P. candidate Sarah Palin? Obviously Palin! SheÂ’s newsier, unless you’re a tremendous fan of organic vegetables. I hope she doesn’t use this as the basis of a Facebook post about me “stalking” her or something.

What’s the name of your cell phone ring? It’s a 15-second clip from “Hustlin” by Rick Ross.

When did you last cry and why? When Abigail died (spoiler!) in the John Adams miniseries, which I finally saw last week.

Find out what made Weigel really lose his temper after the jump…

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