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Carville to Pen Column for The Hill

Blustery and comical Democratic pundit James Carville is joining the ranks of ex-Clinton pollster Dick Morris and FNC’s Juan Williams and will start writing a bi-weekly column for The Hill. In a conversation with Washingtonian‘s Carol Joynt, Carville boasted about being on the front page of today’s paper.

“James’ voice is among the most recognized in politics,” said The Hill‘s Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon in a statement. “We are so pleased to include his unique take on current affairs. James will be an ideal complement to our diverse and prominent line-up of contributors.”

The column’s first post… Read more

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Journos Who Could be Porn Stars

Which Washington journalists have names that could easily be those of porn stars? As it turns out, quite a few. Now before everyone flips out (not that Washington journalists would ever do that), we’re talking about their actual names and not insinuating that these esteemed members of the media either look like porn stars or would ever partake in the profession.

10. Jason Dick, CQ Roll Call. — We start with the painfully obvious. Anyone with “dick” in his or her surname name deserves an automatic slot on this list. Growing up in a small town in Arizona wasn’t easy with a name like his, especially because his mom taught at his junior high. “From about 4th grade on, ‘Izza’ became my middle name,” he told FishbowlDC. “By the time I got to high school, I took a kind of Cyrano-like pride in the nicknames. My favorite one is derived from my grandfather, who was a professional boxer in Arizona in the 1920s. His nickname (and now mine to several close friends): Cactus Dick. His mom might have had it worse…“Although at least her students were creative about it,” Dick said. “She was an English teacher who marked her paperback books in the classroom with the name ‘Dick’ on masking tape. Her students one day peeled them off and placed them accordingly with the titles of young adult fiction that she stocked. The results were pretty hilarious. A sampling: ‘The Chocolate Dick’ (The Chocolate War), ‘A Separate Dick’ (A Separate Peace).”

9. Eddie Scarry, The Blaze. — Anyone with such a fake, racy name like this has to make the list. Early on when we first met Eddie, we asked, “Is your name for real?” He assured us it was. In fact, it’s a region or city in Ireland. He’s not quite sure which. “Fuck if I know,” he replied when we inquired about the history of his porno-sounding name. “I’m part Irish and there’s a place in Ireland called Scarry.”

8. Dave Weigel, Slate. — We know what you’re thinking. You guys in the Fishbowl ALWAYS pick on him. You just don’t like him. Well, the former might be true, and so may the latter for that matter, but the fact is, “Teri Weigel” (pictured at right) is an actual adult film star, so there’s semi-solid reasoning here. She’s also a nude model and Playboy Playmate. Do not Google Teri Weigel — NSFW.

7. Ginger Gibson, Politico. — Ginger is a very adult filmesque name. It reeks redness and hotness. No offense, Ginger. We know you’re a serious-minded political reporter. We’re the ones with the dirty minds, although we’re kind of surprised that Taylor Bigler, Daily Caller‘s resident horny-minded slideshow artist, didn’t come up with this first.

6. Taylor Bigler, Daily Caller. — I was on the fence on Bigler, honestly, but colleague Peter Ogburn was adamant that BIGler was suitable for this list. Not that he watches porn (constantly) but he might be a better judge.

See the remaining 5 journo-porn names...Above graphic by Austin Price

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What You Should Think, Straight From The Hill

This week, we sat down and read The Hill‘s opinion section, mostly so you don’t have to. Here’s a sampling of what we found:

“Scare Quotes” 

How do you write a nearly-700 word column and say everything, yet nothing all at the same time? Ask The Hill‘s editors, because they published a piece yesterday from Republican “pollster” David Hill that did just that. We put “pollster” in quotes because that’s what Hill (not to be confused with the name of the newspaper) did over and over again—around words like “organized” (in reference to religion) and “rich people” and “average” (in reference to “not rich”) and “global warming” and “climate change” and even “good thing” (in reference to a poll answer). Oddly, he left gay marriage, the one phrase we usually expect a Republican to wrap up in those scary punctuation marks, naked and alone. This belies a bigger issue with the piece, in that Hill doesn’t seem to know exactly what he wants to say. He starts by listing a host of left-wing accomplishments under President Obama and then warns that more! is! coming! but he doesn’t actually know what the more will be. How could he? But he also can’t seem to lay it on the line and make a solid prediction (or, for that matter, let “words” stand on their own without the quotes). Instead, he just throws everything from gun control to what he calls a “newly impassioned green movement” against the wall on the odds that something will stick.

Politicians = Politicians

Mark Mellman, president of the left-leaning Mellman Group, breaks down for us why Republican senators were apt to vote for immigration reform, but why he thinks the House won’t. It comes down pretty simply to demographics. Young and minority voters tend to be packed into cities, so that particular block—in favor of reform—impacts only a few House districts while almost every senator has to deal with it at some point or another. His argument, while it could’ve been laid out a little more clearly, comes to a sobering point: what we saw happen in the Senate with immigration reform doesn’t signal any kind of new era of bipartisan cooperation, nor does it mean Congress will actually start resembling anything like a functioning institution in the near future. It just means they’re politicians. But then, we already knew that.

Pass the Damn Thing!

Ah, but wait. While Mellman thinks the House won’t come together on an immigration bill, we also have a piece from Dick Morris, former adviser to Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and pollster to President Bill Clinton, that says otherwise. Morris thinks Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will pass some kind of reform, because he has to.  Good luck, though, guessing what said law will look like when the process is all said and done. No matter which way Boehner moves his bill, to the right or the left, he’s going to run the risk of alienating crucial votes and riding right of the rails, says Morris. It’s almost like Morris thinks we’ve elected a Congress that’s incapable of… being a Congress. Why would we expect them to ever do something so complicated as pass legislation? Still, the leadership of the national Republican Party has made it clear that it now believes consistently demonizing a huge group of voters—namely Latinos, who, go figure, identify strongly with the immigration issue—isn’t a good thing to do any longer if they want to continue to be a national political party. So Morris puts a pretty fine point on it: “It is important that Boehner remove the issue from the national stage by passing the bill and ending an irritant that keeps Latinos voting Democratic.” Good thing he clarifies this is all about staying in power. We’d have been real confused if a Republican had hinted at having any kind of… we don’t know… social justice or humanitarian reasons for seeing a need to fix the unfair and odious immigration system we have now. Phew! That was a close one.

Human Events Publisher’s Wife to Groom Dogs

The annual Fashion For Paws benefit is two months away and Joe Guerriero, publisher of Human Events, really wants people to attend. Not for him, but for his wife, who will be primping and prepping the dogs backstage.

“I never do this type of stuff, but as many of you know, my wife Jenn is an avid dog lover and dog trainer,” Guerriero wrote this morning in an email blast to a handful of media types, including FishbowlDC. “Last night she strong-armed me into reaching out to some folks I know in hopes there might be some dog lovers among you.”

Later in the email Guerriero urges recipients and their friends to purchase tickets to the event and explains that until last year, he wasn’t aware “that the show brought out a veritable ‘who’s who’ D.C. crowd.”

Noteworthy names CCd on the email include… Read more

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

WISH YOU LIVED HERE? “My view while riding the Bay Trail today.” — Markos Moulitsas, editor of Daily Kos, who lives in Berkeley, Calif. and is a weekly columnist for The Hill.

“Because I was wrong at the top of the lungs,” — GOP Pollster and Pundit Dick Morris‘s explanation for why he was canned by Fox News, as told to CNN’s Piers Morgan last night.

Journo Love

“I am always in awe of the gorgeous & talented [PBS Political Director Christina Bellantoni] @cbellantoni, looking ravishing in blue tonight as a co-host of this Congressional dinner.” — Roll Call‘s Meredith Shiner. The Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner was held last night. CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett was the emcee.

“Politico girls wear color.”Politico‘s Ginger Gibson, who appeared in the above photograph with her coworkers Rachel Bade (center) and Juana Summers (right) at the Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner.


“Would have been far more fun to have actual polling experts make fun of Dick Morris instead of someone who clearly knows nothing. #thisisCNN” — Media Matters’ Justin Whitehouse, reacting to Morris’ appearance last night on CNN.

And now, a little praise for Piers

“Thanks to @piersmorgan for broadcasting my tweet: ‘If Dick Morris can be fired for being wrong and dumb, that means no pundit is safe.’” — Politico‘s Roger Simon.

The roller coaster continues…

“You’re all part of the problem, people tweeting about Dick Morris. Just know that.” — Logan Dobson, research analyst, The Tarrance Group, a GOP polling firm.

“Dick Morris is still an asshole who needs a good solid ass-kicking #CNN” — GOP Consultant and HuffPost and StoneZone blogger Roger Stone.

How often does Gavin Newsom Google himself?

“Never. For me, digging into all the negative stuff out there is just too distracting.” — California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom in a Politico “Answer This” questionnaire by Patrick Gavin in which he also admits that he never skimps in cost on hair gel. Hey, at least he admits it. Read the full interview here.

Politico Playbook publish time: 9:13 a.m.

Wanted: Publisher

“WWR seeks publisher to turn history tweets into a book of colorful presidential stories/facts. Big marketing platform.” — Paul Brandus, author of WestWingReports, columnist, The Week.

Cat defiance

“Cat blatantly peed outside litterbox in front of me. Dislike of emergency litter (dirt) or anger over yesterday’s vet visit?” — Anneke Green, former TWTer who now works for the White House Writers Group.

Conservative Radio Host Laura Ingraham: “Dept. of Who cares? What’s on Michelle Obama’s playlist?” Ingraham was reacting to this feature in People mag.

Speaking of FLOTUS…

“Last week, we picked Napa cabbage in the garden. Now, we’re using it to make kimchi in the kitchen. Make it at home.” — First Lady Michelle Obama.




Dick Morris Column Lights Up Twitter

A column in The Hill by Republican Strategist Dick Morris has a handful of people all atwitter.

In it, Morris makes the case that Democrats, who made electoral gains in the last election, will doom themselves by continuing on a platform promoting increases in tax rates and federal spending.

Morris famously predicted GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney would win the election by a landslide. Of course, that was horseshit.

Media Matters’ Jamison Foser sarcastically paraphrased Morris’ column as, “And so, by being spectacularly wrong, I was right.”

Foser’s colleague Simon Maloy expressed dismay that Morris’ column was “published by an actual newspaper.”

Talking Points Memo‘s Benjy Sarlin described the column: “An introspective Dick Morris looks deep within after the elec– just kidding. ‘Obama lost by winning!’”

After Morris’ election prediction bungle, Media Matters ran a story citing numerous staffers at The Hill questioning his credibility. “He is a laughingstock, especially the way he acted in this last election,” one anonymous staffer reportedly said.

More reaction to Morris’ piece… Read more

Right-Wing Bloggers React to Obama’s Reelection

Republicans and the conservative movement took a setback in last night’s reelection of President Obama. As with any political moment of lasting consequence, right wing writers fled to their blogs to console, vent and do some soul-searching.

WaPo‘s Right Turn blogger Jennifer Rubin made the case for Republicans to give in on some social issues. “In fairness to Mitt Romney, he never once use gay marriage to stir up his base, evidence of his innate decency and, if one is more politically cynical, the lack of political mileage to be gained from the issue,” Rubin wrote. “In the future, Republicans for national office would do well to recognize reality. The American people have changed their minds on the issue and fighting this one is political flat-earthism. As with divorce, one need not favor it, but to run against it is folly, especially for national politicians who need to appeal to a diverse electorate.”

At RedState, Erick Erickson, also a CNN Contributor, said the exact oppositeRead more

ABC’s Scandal Portrays Washington Media As Politicians Wish It Were: Obedient

In Thursday’s episode of ABC’s Scandal, one scene portrays the government-media relationship in a way more detached from reality than a prediction made by Dick Morris.

The first lady and widow of a just-found-dead preacher are seated on a sofa with a White House pool reporter roughly six feet away. The first lady expresses her condolences to the widow, who had previously been instructed by the main character, Olivia Pope, to simply say “thank you.” Repeatedly. Instead, the widow pipes up and under her breath says her husband “had a mistress.” Attempting to take notes, the pool reporter, a young blonde woman, says she “didn’t hear that.”

Before the widow has time to repeat herself, the first lady asks that the entire room be cleared, including the reporter, for a “moment of prayer.” The reporter obeys without question.

Here’s how it would have happened: The first lady asks the reporter — in all likelihood a person who looks and behaves more like The Daily Caller‘s Neil Munro — to leave the room for a moment of prayer. The Munro-like reporter would have, at the very least, followed up with a shouted “WHAT DID YOU SAY, WIDOW?!”

Former White House reporter Julie Mason filled us in further on what was off about the scene. “In reality, the pool probably wouldn’t even be within shouting distance [of the first lady], let alone whisper-accessible,” said Mason, a host on SiriusXM’s P.O.T.U.S. Channel. “As for stepping politely outside, the pool would more likely be herded up and shown the door by a staffer who was shouting ‘THANK YOU.’”

UPDATE: Christian Science Monitor‘s David Grant backs up Mason. “[S]aid reporter would have gotten tossed out of the room pretty quickly as soon as the principle (in this case, the first lady) wanted you gone,” he told us. Grant, however, dismissed the idea of a Munro-like reporter shouting at a suffering widow. “Yeah, that’s doubtful. I think it’s incumbent on the press to keep things in perspective: The difference is clear between badgering a widow and trying to get the President to answer a question at the end of a press conference. If you can ask unobtrusively, then ask. If you can’t, it’s over.”

Other details from the show that would never happen in D.C.: The said “mistress” shows up at the National Cathedral for the funeral of the deceased preacher. Under the advice of Pope, the widow reluctantly lets the mistress in to avoid any further repercussions. At the funeral’s end, the widow appears to have found total compassion, puts her arm around the mistress and walks her down the aisle to view the casket.

Here’s how that would have happened in real life:


Morning Reading List, 11.26.08

1121 004.JPG

Good morning, Washington. What DC restaurant is featured above? Think you know? Email us and give us your best guess. AND: Join us after the jump to find out if you guessed our last contest correctly.

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Morning Reading List, 07.29.08


Good Morning Washington.
Above, one of the magazines in Frank Luntz‘s collection.

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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