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NYT’s Jeremy Peters Comforts Mika on Ambien

NYT‘s Jeremy Peters came to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinksi‘s rescue this morning on “Morning Joe” by admitting to taking Ambien.

“I have and just like you I stopped because of the reasons outlined in this story,” Peters said.

Mika replied, “Thank you! Thank you! Aren’t you a nice person!”

Unfortunately she didn’t press him for details. Moments earlier, she asked the roundtable of guests, “Anyone here take Ambien? I’ll admit it. I did.” No one — Willie Geist, Mike Barnicle and Donny Deutsch — had taken the sleeping med, leaving Mika solo in her stories of Ambien haze, some of which she described in her book, Obsessed. “I ate a big vat of Nutella on Ambien,” she told them. In the book her husband finds her in the middle of the night with the hazelnut spread all over her face.

“Am I really the only one at the table who has taken an Ambien?” she asked. “Come on!”

Barnicle offered moral support, saying, “You are the Amelia Earhart of Ambien.”

Brzezinksi brought up the topic of Ambien because the FDA is being pushed to look at a number of sleep aides, including the aforementioned drug. They want to look at how safely it puts people to sleep, Mika explained, and how safely it wakes them up and if they ought to be driving while on it.



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Excuse Me, Howard Fineman: I’m Bored!

It’s just after 7 a.m. and no doubt HuffPost‘s Howard Fineman is really glad he woke up at the ass crack of dawn to appear on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” from Washington only to be told that he’s boring the host, Mika Brzezinksi.

“Well Mika, I agree with you and even though the administration might want to cite civil service rules as it relates to some of those people. I mean, last night they fired the one guy they could fire — Steve Miller, who is a political appointee — so they could just summarily fire him. There are rules down there in the thick of the bureaucracy, but if I were the President, I would I would I would [sic] ignore them and try to move quickly, very quickly, to that source. To answer your earlier question about whether we’re going to look back on this as a fool’s errand or something that changes the nature of the historical view and accomplishments of the Obama administration, I think unfortunately for the Obama people we’re now in the situation where the situation is what did they know and when did they know it?”

Mika interrupting Fineman, saying, “But see, I just got bored. I just got bored. I’m just, I’m telling you.”

How does a guest recover from that? In Fineman’s case, he continues being toothpick prop your eyes up boring.

“Okay,” he continued, a little flustered, “but, but if it’s true as it said that both the IRS story and actions and the AP story and actions were down there in the bureaucracy and had absolutely nothing to do with and were not known by or managed by or shaped by the White House staff and the President … if that, in fact, is true,then this is going, in history, is going to seem like a wasted summer and a wasted year.”

Mika proceeded to awkwardly explain her boredom. Translation: It’s not you Howard Fineman, it’s me. Read more

Newsweek Aftermath: ‘It Was a Brave Move For Tina’

Among the points Editor-in-Chief  Tina Brown made on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today on shutting down Newsweek‘s print edition was this one: “Obviously a painful piece of this is that it’s going to mean reduction in staff,” she said toward the end of the segment.

Brown played that down and set her sights on the future.

“We just decided to take the plunge,” she said. “We decided that we wanted to embrace the future and not talk about the legacies of the past. It cost $43 million dollars to print, manufacture, distribute, and manage Newsweek before you have hired one writer or one editor. … You’ve only got to walk through an airplane and see the amount of people who have screens and the amount of people who have newspapers and magazines.”

Brand man Donny Deutsch backed her, saying, “It was a brave move for Tina. It was clearly the right move. This is a dinosaur.”

Breaking away from the giddy and spinning Brown and Deutsch, WaPo‘s Gene Robinson, who appears often on MSNBC as a political analyst, was the only dissenting voice. “Let’s hope it works,” he said cautiously and somewhat doubtfully, “and it’s wildly successful.”

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Newt gives Chris Matthews a compliment (of sorts)

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, former GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich called Chris Matthews “slightly whacked” and says that’s why he’s kept his show for so long.

Ingraham dings Deutsch and Dr. Oz

“OMG–Donny Deutsch & Dr Oz talking G Spots on CNN now. Get a room!” — Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. MSNBC Contributor Donny Deutsch filled in for CNN’s Piers Morgan last night. They also discussed healthy versus unhealthy livers.

Politico Playbook Weirdness

See what happens when Politico‘s Mike Allen takes several days off?

“Did anyone else get a May 17 version of Playbook delivered this morning?” — PBS Newshour’s Christina Bellantoni. WCP‘s Managing Editor Mike Madden quickly replied, “Haven’t gotten it yet at all today. Been pretty screwy for few weeks. I signed up for official version instead of Mikey’s send.”

Bird commits attempted thievery against journo

“Bird just scared the sh*t out of me as it tried to steal my muffin. #AttackCafe” — FBDC and The Blaze‘s Eddie Scarry in an early morning tweet. Eddie later told me, “Seriously, it was like that movie ‘The Birds.’ They’re the tiny harmless ones but I was honestly afraid because they travel in flocks.” He added, “One bird flew onto my muffin (that sounds dirty) and picked at it before I shooed it away. But then several came to gang up on it.” Be safe, Eddie.

From the Peanut Gallery…“Today’s Style section has got to be the dullest the Washington Post has ever produced!!!!” — DCRTV’s Dave Hughes, who is really like family to FBDC.

Guardian features condom q

“@guardianstyle wear a condom or use a condom?” — Jessica Lake. In response, Guardian Style replied,”That’s a very personal question for a grammar microblog, Jessica.”

Journo questions Tina’s news judgement

“Why does Tina Brown think Americans care about the #british royal family as much as she does?” — Barbara Slavin, Washington correspondent for

And now, a semi-polite request from The Daily Beast columnist and MSNBC Contributor Meghan McCain: “If you are going to excerpt my book without permission – please don’t bastardize the context of my statements. The book is meant to be read.” Her new book: America, You Sexy Bitch.

Highly Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Perfect park slope lunch: salami, mozzarella, eggplant and peppers sandwich from the pork store and granita from what used to be ozzies.” — The Nation‘s Ben Adler, who spent the bulk of Wednesday pouting about this item on The Nation‘s illustrious Editor-at-Large and MSNBC Host Chris Hayes. The only contender for this feature came from conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain: “Just woke up from a LONG nap.” Thanks for sharing Stacy!

MSNBC’s Willie Geist Pulls Back Curtain on Politico’s Mike Allen, Donny Deutsch, Mika and More

In an unusually candid interview for a TV personality, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Willie Geist told GQ that a drinking game for the show includes drinking up “every time Politico Playbook writer Mike Allen has an awkward moment.”

Geist is an equal opportunity shit giver. He also gives GQ the underbelly of Mika Brzezinski‘s famous eye roll and completely ignoring any sports talk, Donny Deutsch wearing Baby Gap T-shirts and Joe Scarborough reminding viewers that he ran for Congress in 1994.

Good thing Geist is on vacation this week?

See the interview here.

Separated at Birth: Sen. John Kerry

While watching the United States Women’s Soccer team destroy Canada in the Olympic qualifying championship match last night, I had to do a double take when we saw head coach Pia Sundhage strolling the sidelines. Notice the eerie similarity between Sundhage and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.). Weirdly, MSNBC “Morning Joe” regular Donny Deutsch also looks like Sundhage.


Reporter Insults ‘Morning Joe,’ Gets Noticed

In an unusual twist this morning, a Washington conservative reporter’s insults to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” have landed him an invitation on the show this week. So far, it’s not formal — the bookers haven’t called and scheduled the Town Car. But Willie Geist said pointedly on air that he wanted Lewis on this week. He also called him “our friend from The Daily Caller,” so feelings aren’t hostile.

The discussion on “Morning Joe” this morning has centered on GOP Presidential hopefuls. Guests have included Newsweek/The Daily Beast‘s Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown amidst other liberal leaning journalists, including “Hardball” Host Chris Matthews, host Mika Brzezinksi and branding specialist Donny Deutsch, who made a valid point about the weirdness of Herman Cain‘s hat and got unfairly ragged on by the Peanut Gallery.

Speaking of valid points, Lewis’s tweets peaked the curiosity of Geist, who praised the reporter for his criticisms and read two in full: 1. “Great diversity on MoJoe right now: The left and the FAR left — all diagnosing the GOP’s problems.” 2. “MoJoe cast discussing GOP candidates the way anthropologists might discuss a remote tribe just discovered deep in a rain forest somewhere.”

As Geist read the tweets, Mika initially remarked,  “Uh oh.” Willie said, “Not an unfair critique.” And Mike Barnicle: “That’s true actually.” After he read the second tweet, Willie added, “One hundred percent true.” And Mika: “It’s a nicer look at things than the ones I am getting.” Barnicle scolded Mika for reading hateful tweets: “Why are you reading those?”

The conclusion, however, came from Willie: “Let’s get Matt Lewis on this week.”

Separated at Birth: BigGovernment’s Andrew Breitbart and…’s Andrew Breitbart and former CNBC host Donny Deutsch could pass for long lost twins.

breitbart6.jpg Donny.jpg

And for a more off-the-wall possibility for Breitbart, check after the jump…

Read more

Where’s Luke Russert? ‘Maybe he’s, um, Busy!’

gong-alarm-clock_11.jpg NBC’s Capitol Hill correspondent Luke Russert received a roasting on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” early this morning. He wasn’t answering his phone as producers tried to reach him live on air at 6:10 a.m.

Mika wanted to talk about his heated exchange with Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) from yesterday on Capitol Hill – she remarked he had done a good job while Rangel insulted him and NBC.

But where was Luke? The “Morning Joe” round table bounced around theories of why the young reporter wasn’t answering the phone.

“Come on, it was Thursday night, Luke was out celebrating!” said one producer.

“Luke got home from cafe Milano an hour ago!” said Mort Zuckerman, Editor of U.S. News & World Report.

“He’s a red-blooded young man,” added guest and advertising exec Donny Deutsch. “Maybe he’s, um, busy!”

“No way,” said Mika. “He’s a reporter, he should be awake, he should be sleeping with his BlackBerry next to his face!”

Mika instructed producers to keep calling him, adding, “I’m not impressed.”

(For future reference: Maybe Russert needs the above gong alarm clock?)

The outcome? Find out after the jump…

Read more

Dylan Ratigan on Complex ‘Truth to Power’ Mission

Dylan.jpg MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan is funny and animated and has a lot of complex thoughts – one simple one being that he has zero plans to ever insult any fellow MSNBC host, especially not Keith Olbermann on air (he’s no Donny Deutsch). “Especially Keith,” Ratigan said, explaining that “he should have influence” within the network because his ratings are high.

Just before dinner, FishbowlDC caught up with Ratigan before descending the final escalator of The Hilton to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The host stood out in his dark suit and stark white Chuck Taylor’s that conspicuously had no shoe laces. “They’re slip ons,” Ratigan explained to a discerning Sam Stein of HuffPost. The host explained that he owns several pairs of slip on sneakers.

Onto more important subjects. Ratigan said he believes his show represents a “truth to power” brand. Come again? “If you’re in favor of game rigging in government, I will come after you,” he warned.

How about phrasing that so regular people can understand? “Truth to Power,” Ratigan said, repeating the mantra. “We’re trying to make a business out of telling it how it is. America is like a country that is going to have a heart attack in five years. My job is to prepare. I think game riggers are scum.”

Okay then.

So who does Ratigan admire? First off, he thinks NBC’s Matt Lauer (who also attended the WHCD) is one of the most underrated interviewers “in America” today. Secondly, he regularly watches Glenn Beck‘s show on FNC? “Absolutely I watch Glenn Beck,” he said. “I look at the entire right as having valid concerns. I think Glenn Beck is observing a horrible problem and doing nothing to help it.”