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After Traffic Up 50% at National Journal for Jan-May, June Boasts Highest Traffic of 2014

June marked the highest traffic month of 2014 for National Journal, garnering more than 3.3 million monthly unique visits to the site, the same month the magazine debuted its redesign. In early June, we wrote that during the first five months of 2014, traffic was up 50% compared to the same time last year.

Also significant for NJ, it added several new writers in the recent months, including Emily Schultheis, Alexia Campbell, Rachel Roubein, Zach Cohen, Nora Caplan-BrickerMichelle Cottle, Simon van Zuylen-Wood, Daniel Libit, and Ethan Epstein.

“The new magazine adds another dimension for us: We have great in-the-moment journalism and extraordinary long-form journalism too, a mix that is driving influential readers – and top-flight journalists – to National Journal,” said NJ Editor-in-Chief and President Tim Grieve in a press release.

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National Journal Internal Memo Announces 50% Increase in Readership, 6 New Hires

NJlogoThis afternoon, an internal memo sent at the National Journal, announced a 50% increase in readership compared to this time last year as well as six new hires.

Additions to the newsroom staff include Emily Schultheis as a political reporter coming from POLITICO, Alexia Campbell as a bilingual reporter from WaPo’s investigative team where she interned, Rachel Roubein coming from the Carroll County Times, Alex Laughlin supporting National Journal’s social media, Zach Cohen as a web producer, and Nora Caplan-Bricker, who joined the outlet in May.

National Journal is also looking for a Washington editor to lead its White House and Hill coverage.

Read the full memo from Editor-in-Chief Tim Grieve after the jump. Read more

NJ’s Fung: Why’d You Miss Your Party?

The gang from R to L: WSJ’s Danny Yadron and Andrew Grossman, Sahil Kapur from TPM, Politico‘s Tim Mak and Emily Schultheis, and Asawin Suebsaeng from Mother Jones and his girlfriend.

Earlier this week, friends of National Journal‘s new tech reporter, Brian Fung, former an associate editor for The Atlantic, drank to his success at Shaw Tavern while he was markedly absent.

Dinner apparently ran late, causing him to miss the festivities. But friends kindly toasted to him anyhow. “Congrats to @b_fung on your new job,” cracked Politico‘s Byron Tau on Twitter. “Wish you could have made it to your own party!”

We asked Fung about missing out. He replied, “I had a bit of an accidental scheduling conflict that evening. Serves me right — you live by the meme, you die by the meme.”


Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

When insomnia strikes…

“I still can’t sleep. Ask me anything and I’ll answer. #ASKarl” — Syndicated Columnist Karl Frisch, also a partner at Bullfight Strategies, at around 3 a.m. At 4 a.m. he wrote, “Why can’t I sleep?!?! Ugh.” Some questions he received: 1. “Do the elves help Santa with grooming, or is their mandate strictly in making toys?” 2. “Why do you think Roberts took the ACA position he did?”

Allbritton springs for pizza

“One of the perks of #scotusday: newsroom pizza!” — Politico national political reporter Emily Schultheis.

Inside CNN…

@BuzzFeedBen @mmhastings Open Revolt? Funny, I’m sitting in the bureau and haven’t seen a single pitchfork or overturned edit bay.” — CNN’s Matt Dornic in response to Buzzfeed‘s Michael Hastings story on staffers revolting at CNN after they mistakenly reported that the Supreme Court didn’t uphold the healthcare bill.

And inside the courtroom…

“Journalists and lawmakers scribbled notes furiously while Justices spoke because you can’t bring blackberries or recorders in courtroom.” — CBS News Capitol Hill Producer Jill Jackson.

Rosen tries to ease Toobin’s fall

@JeffreyToobin gives a classy analysis/apology” — CNN Commentator Hilary Rosen after CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin makes a whopper of an error Thursday.

Only in Washington…

“Crowd outside SCOTUS is confused. Both sides cheering.” — TWT Senior Opinion Writer Emily Miller.

Self-appointed Media Critic

“Who is having a worse day Republicans, Ann Curry or CNN?” — MSNBC Contributor and The Daily Beast Columnist Meghan McCain.

Journo amid Supreme Court ruling

“Spending the day test driving Chrysler’s. Am I missing any news? #nprlife (@ Chrysler Chelsea Proving Grounds)” — NPR’s Sonari Glinton.

C-SPAN: Priceless

“Ha, C-SPAN just cut off a caller who said Obama supported universal health care ‘because he is an alien.’” – Yahoo! News’ Chris Moody.

Correction: We were mistaken in yesterday’s Morning Chatter. NYT Jim Roberts actually did respond to HuffPost‘s Jon Ward‘s early morning ranting on the NYT homepage not having Supreme Court coverage Thursday. They had a blurb, but nothing significant. Roberts replied to the very important Ward, saying, “@jonward11 Seriously, what more is there to say at this point. We wait for a ruling.” And this: “Don’t do rehash.”

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.


Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Stop and check out the chicks: “Look what I passed on the road today. I wonder how old these little guys are” — CNN Contributor and former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer. American Urban Radio’s April Ryan remarked, “AWWW! The dad in you made you take the precious shot!”

Drudge whoring at the rental car agency

“Rental car guy: ‘Sorry brah, I get most of my news from Drudge.’ #noproblembrah” — Politico‘s Dave Catanese.

All in a day’s work

“There are days when I feel like I can’t push this rock up the mountain anymore, days when #TheRaceCardProject feels like a boulder.” — NPR’s Michele Norris.

Senator’s wife wishes hubby a happy anniversary

Connie Schultz: “My only advice for wedded bliss: Marry your hero. Happy anniversary, honey – aka Sherrod Brown.”

George Zimmerman journo humor

  • “I need all Florida helicopters to keep an eye out for any white Broncos. #IJS” — NYT‘s Charles Blow.
  • “If you happen to see Zimmerman in line ahead of you at Wendy’s, remember he still has valid permit to carry concealed weapon. So back off.” — Politico‘s Roger Simon.

Reporter talks to himself on Twitter

“@mboyle1 probably not. was just funny. I wouldn’t go out of your way though” — The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle. Hey Boyle, maybe lay off the Mountain Dew and Red Bull today? He followed up by adding, “Haha. Kinda funny though. Guess I got caught talking to myself haha. Bet I end up in @fishbowldc for that one.”

Noteworthy: Politico Playbook published at one of the earliest times in recent memory this morning. Time: 4:45 am. Come on, Jim VandeHei, let Mike Allen sleep!

Hey Speechboy, speed matters

“So why do people care if Bloomberg or the Washington Post was the first to report a fact that within 2 minutes of reporting, everyone knew?” — @speechboy71. HuffPost‘s Michael Calderone has this explanation from a WaPo spokeswoman. “The draft story was not intended to be published until we confirmed that Santorum was suspending his campaign. The draft was inadvertently sent to Bloomberg, with whom The Post has a partnership, through an automated feed. It was not published on our Web site until the news had been confirmed.” Read his full story here.

In England, the sweater vest is a tank top

Politico‘s Emily Schultheis: “Best part of BBC radio interview I did just now: host calling Santorum’s sweater vest a ‘tank top’. Daily Mail Online‘s Toby Harnden, Washington’s official tank top expert, replied to Emily, saying, “It’s the only term recognised in UK! Having to wear a ‘tank top’ still a traumatic childhood memory.”

Necessary Tweet of the Day

“My mother prefers I not curse in my gchat status update ‘from now on.’ Apparently ‘the whole world’ sees that.” — DCGOPGirl.

Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.

A Sneaky Intern at Politico Summer School Pronounces Mike Allen ‘Lean’ and ‘Human’

Rah! Rah! Interns.

Politico Summer School was held yesterday afternoon at the Newseum. About 150 budding journos showed up to listen to the likes of Politico Playbook author Mike Allen, NBC’s Chuck Todd and White House Deputy Communications Director Jen Psaki discuss the highs and lows of intern life.

Allen, a former House intern, praised the assembled interns, calling them, “the best interns in America.” He co-hosted the event with Emily Schultheis, a former Politico intern who has just been hired to be Ben Smith‘s new assistant. Allen introduced the former interns who had made it big.

Todd reflected back to his intern days at NJ before he ran “The Hotline.” He attended the 1992 Democratic National Convention in New York City. This was in the pre-internet days. As the intern, it was Todd’s job to get papers for the entire staff. He recalled having to go down to a random warehouse in Time Square at four in the morning. . “These were the pre- Giuliani days, it wasn’t exactly safe” said Todd. He had to “literally throw [his] wallet” at the cab driver to get him to wait while he went and picked up the papers.

Jen Psaki was a fundraising intern, though she never mentioned for whom, in D.C. Her worst intern memory was having to pick up her boss’ dry-cleaning, and it wasn’t because it was a menial task. She is just paranoid of driving. She also mentioned memorable experiences she had while door knocking. At one home someone answered the door with a rifle pointed at her. At another a man answered in his underwear. Todd defended the underwear-clad man, saying, “I mean it’s his house. You knocked.”

In the next round of questions, Allen asked the panel to offer advice to the interns.

Todd said the interns he hires are the ones who are “willing to sweep the floors.” No task is too small. Psaki advised leaving a hand-written note, saying people get so inundated with email these days that receiving something handwritten is memorable.

Sergio Rodriguera, House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor‘s chief speechwriter, advised that young people should be cognizant of what they are posting on social media sites. When he’s hiring interns he researches their social media pages when he has a lull in his day. And if you’re dropping f-bombs, he’s not hiring you.

Todd concluded with this suggestion: If you have to put an email address down on the application, it probably shouldn’t be “,” your email from seventh grade. Allen had his own advice: When you’re talking to someone “be in the moment, not on your Berry.”

Asked about their schedules, Todd said he’s up at 4:45 each morning. Allen quickly quipped, “At Politico 4:45 is lunch time.” Todd shot back, “I’m just trying to win the sunrise.”

Asked about their news diet, Todd stated that Twitter and email are his personal wires. He said he doesn’t search the web anymore, all the information he needs is pushed toward him. Following Todd’s lauding of Twitter, Allen gave each of the panelists a change to plug their “The Twitters” handles.

One intern asked Psaki about the state of women in politics and journalism. Psaki said she could go on about this topic forever, but one thing she has noticed is women aren’t helping other women. She said that needed to change.

When asked about personal lives, Sergio responded “I’m a single guy, and I date across the aisle.” To which Mike Allen offered a mention in Playbook if any interns met today and eventually got married.

The Review: How Did the Panel Stack Up?

Todd: Our spy said he dominated the conversation way too much. “I want to like the guy, but I tend to have a bias against TV reporters to begin with. I want to meet a reporter in TV who doesn’t think they are the greatest thing ever and understand that most of the groundwork of political reporting is done by print journalists.” (Note to intern: Todd began in print journalism, it’s his first professional love and he is believed to be well-grounded in it.)

Psaki: Our spy says she was “totally endearing. I loved her.”

Rodriguera: He was an “odd selection” for the panel, our spy reports. “It seemed forced whenever Allen asked him a question.”

Allen: “This was my first time meeting Allen,” says our spy. “He is way leaner than I thought. Also, the [Mark] Lebovich profile in the NYT magazine makes him seem like a total robot. This wasn’t the vibe I got at all. He strikes me as a wonk but still very human.” Serge Eygenson, an intern at UPS, is apparently a huge Allen fan. He said, “Start every morning with Mike at 6 a.m., today I’m ending it with Mike at 6 p.m.”
He goes through 10 papers each morning, but nothing compares with the information he gets from Playbook.


Politico’s Tau Jumps From Smith to Allen

Politico‘s Byron Tau will no longer be taking orders from his superior Ben Smith. But don’t fear, he’s not leaving the publication. He is leaving Smith’s clutches to work with Playbooker Mike Allen. This afternoon, Smith announced that his assistant will be moving on to help Allen produce presidential campaign e-books. Tau’s replacement is Emily Schultheis.

Smith wrote, “Byron Tau has spent the last year helping me keep this blog afloat and to write the occasional story, doing an excellent job at both and resisting all attempts to turn him against me. (You know who you are.)”

Best wishes to Tau. We hope Allen lets you sleep.

Read more here.