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Finally! FNC’s Bret Baier Awards Media Matters Research Fellow Trivia Prize

We can all breathe easier now that FNC’s Bret Baier has finally seen the light. Yesterday he awarded that Media Matters research fellow who has been on his ass for weeks now the grand prize for his weekly Twitter trivia contest, despite the fact that Eric Hananoki has been making a mockery of his contest.

Well, a mockery if you think it’s wrong that Hananoki ask Baier about remarks made by FNC colleague Bill Sammon about President Obama being a socialist — Sammon was caught on tape saying he he had linked Obama to socialism even though he didn’t believe it.

When the weekly Twitter trivia contest came up, Hananoki took it as a chance to ask Baier about Sammon, and tagged a question onto one of his trivia answers. Baier was not going to take that sitting down. So he began instituting strict Twitter trivia rules and awarding second place contestants first place prizes. He relentlessly blocked Hananoki with all the fair and balanced juice he could muster. But each week Hananoki was one step ahead with a new Twitter account and more right answers to Baier’s trivia questions. Funny enough, he changed his own avatar to Sammon’s picture.

This week Hananoki, again under an assumed handle — BHOisSocialist — won the game. Baier’s Q: Which liberal commentator did Brit Hume reference last night for saying “The war on terror is over”? The answer: Peter Beinart. Baier tweeted the winner as he normally does. But mysteriously, this winning tweet soon vanished into thin Twitter air. Nevertheless, he wrote Hananoki by Direct Message and asked him to pick his prize.

The Fox News mug. That should go over well in the Media Matters newsroom.

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Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


A journo can’t work under these circumstances

“Next door: young child running around screaming, old woman yelling at him. #killmenow” — Washington Examiner‘s Lachlan Markay in a Thursday tweet.

What are the Salahi’s up to?

“Salahi’s confirm to me that they’re worried about a stalker. Warren Co and LA police investigating.” — NBC Washington News Producer Matt Glassman in a Thursday tweet.

A scribe’s deep explanation of spring in Washington

“Spring and summer are in an epic battle over who gets to exist this month in Washington.” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman in a Thursday tweet.

Imus tweaks FNC’s Chris Wallace

“Imus jokes to [FNC's] Chris Wallace: ‘I don’t think you need to get snippy, you triple-chinned looking goober.’” — Media Matters Fellow Eric Hananoki in a Thursday tweet. The Imus segment involved the hosts purposefully insulting each other.

Maddow enjoys saying the word ‘shtupping’

“He was shtupping one of his own staffers who was married to another Ensign staffer, all of which was taking place while he was serving as the Republican party’s Senate Campaign Chairman.” — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explains Sen. John Ensign‘s (R-Nev.) extramarital affair on her show last night.  Total number of times Maddow used the word “shtupping” in the entire segment: 6.

Most Likely to Get Beaten up in a Cafe

“Whats up with people who cant handle loud typing? Im a fucking journalist I type loudly.” — Freelance D.C. journalist Mike Elk in a recent tweet. He’s a contributor to In These Times and has written for The Nation and HuffPost. A HuffPost bio says he likes crab cakes and Golden Retrievers.

Dave Weigel on the Highest of Horses

Slate‘s Dave Weigel is apparently The Decider these days of who among us is an actual journalist and who is not. Pssst Dave… you and I graduated from the same J-School, and just so you know, neither of us is in a position to judge whether anyone is an “actual” journalist or not. Some people actually think J-School is horseshit. In the past 24 hours, Weigel has decided that The Daily Beast‘s Meghan McCain is not worthy of being read. He has also declared that The Daily Caller‘s Jonathan Strong is an “actual” journalist while insinuating that @FishbowlDC is not. He tweeted the following: “Celebrity interviews of celebrities can be good (read the mag Warhol founded), but M McCain is supernaturally uninteresting.” Supernaturally. Really? On Strong: “I did talk to the Caller’s @j_strong when that all went down, but he’s an actual reporter. Big difference.” (P.S. We can hardly wait for your upcoming appearance on Your appearances on there are always riveting.)

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“One day late on laundry… Two different socks? Don’t mind if I do.” — Simon Landau, web producer for wusa9, in a recent tweet.

FNC’s Bret Baier Makes Surprise Peace Offering to Media Matters Fellow

In a stunning turn of events, FNC’s Bret Baier saw it in his heart this week to unblock the Media Matters research fellow who has tried to sabotage the anchor’s weekly Twitter trivia contests to poke around about his FNC colleague Bill Sammon.

Eric Hananoki, the fellow, saw the trivia contests as an in to learning more about Sammon’s admission on tape that he pushed the sentiment President Obama is a socialist even though he doesn’t believe it. He also wanted to win the free FNC hat, tie or mug goddammit. But when he tagged on a question about Sammon onto a response and rightfully won the contest, Baier gave the prize to someone else and eventually blocked him. Ouch! The next week Hananoki tried again under a new handle: @SammonCmmntPlz. This week — and this is nothing short of a miracle — Baier unblocked him and allowed him into his Tuesday afternoon Trivia game.

“Maybe it’s sort of an olive branch,” Hananoki told FishbowlDC.

Hananoki has now changed his Twitter photograph to Sammon. He says he’ll follow Baier’s rules, one of which says all answers must pertain to his trivia topic only, which, so far, have included a toad sculpture outside the Defense Department and another about the State Department. “Sure, I’ll play by the rules & use this account as long as I’m unblocked,” said Hananoki. “Though I’ll use my Sammon profile pic unless that’s ruled illegal.”

Want the back story? Read here, here and here.

FNC’s Baier Understandably Squashes a Fellow’s Dreams

FNC’s Bret Baier, you are no fool. Most importantly, you’re staying one step ahead of Eric Hananoki, that little liberal bastard fellow over at Media Matters who keeps trying to taint your doctorate-level Twitter trivia contest.

Today, Hananoki attempted to confuse you by entering the contest under a new name. His new handle was screamingly obvious and you saw right through it: @SammonCmmntPlz. At 2:45 p.m. you implemented a new rule to prevent anyone from asking anything that strayed from vital trivia matters:

Sorry to bring up last week’s fiasco when Hananoki entered your contest and won. The deviant tagged on a question about your colleague Bill Sammon that rightfully pissed you off. So you gave the prize — a choice of a hot Fox News tie or mug to show off around town — to someone worthy. We’re going to break this to you gently. At 2:35 p.m. today, Media Matters fellow Simon Maloy gifted Hananoki a FNC tie as consolation to what they are calling last week’s injustice. Please, that was justice. Clearly, he doesn’t deserve to wear the esteemed tie.

Today’s Trivia Q: “Twitter Trivia:Yesterday on SR we told you about Pres.Obama welcoming a group of students at the WH. What state were they from & what grade?” At 3 p.m., @SammonCmmntPlz came in second place by two seconds with the correct answer of: 8th grade, Colorado.

Contest aftermath: At approximately 3:35 p.m. Baier blocked @SammonCmmntPlz. But it might not mean much. Hananoki (posing above in his FNC tie with Baier in the background) is already plotting his next move.