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Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

BREAKFAST AT ABC’s THIS WEEK: HuffPost-AOL Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington: “French toast, home fried potatoes, sausage patties and bacon in the ABC green room. Seriously?” Host George Stephanopoulos replied, “Sorry, Arianna, I ate all the Greek yogurt.”

On Margaret Thatcher’s passing

“Margaret Thatcher was the first politician I ever met. She was a wonderful person and a great leader.” — FNC Contributor and RedState Editor Erik Erickson.

“Obviously, everyone should relate Thatcher’s death to something in American politics, and then tweet it, because that is a Good Thing to Do.” — Politico‘s Tony Romm.

“Over-under on # of people who will write interesting columns about what Thatcher meant to them: 4″ — Politico‘s Alexander Burns.

Music editor ties the knot

“En route to the church to marry my best friend, @mabinty. #weddingday.” — WCP‘s Marcus Moore, who married Mabinty Koroma.

Violent dream talk.

“I’m killing people off in my dreams right and left this week. Sorry, everyone. I don’t like it either.” — Photographer and blogger Laurie White.

Weekend TV Watching

“This episode of Cops takes place in Portland. The squad car pulls over a naked man on a bike who is ‘protesting global warming.’” — Politico’s Byron Tau.

“Watching ‘Point Break’ with Alex Pappas. It’s his favorite movie.” — The Daily Caller’s Will Rahn regarding he and his colleague, Alex Pappas.

Tschida’s exotic vacation to southeast Asia

“Long airport layover, so sign up for ‘foot massage.’ 90-year-old man comes in says please take off trouser but please leave underwear on.” — ABC7′s Stephen Tschida. And unfortunately, upon returning home, Tschida falls ill: “Back from the jungle and all day long I go from chills to sweat. Sure hope it’s the D.C. weather and not dengue fever. But with my luck?”

Editor throws caution to wind

“Went to the P St. Whole Foods after 2pm because YOLO” — Foreign Policy magazine Managing Editor Blake Hounshell.

TV anchor admits culinary weakness and a reader panics that Politico Playbook has been nixed today. Read more

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A King-Size Comeback

There’s no debate that CNN’s John King USA” had trouble finding its footing in the first year of production.  Anxious to blast the program, critics and bloggers hit “publish” on reviews even before King signed off his debut show in March of 2010. Bashed for being too straightforward in a sea of 7pm opinion journalism and then trashed for adding controversial contributors like’s Erik Erickson, it seemed King couldn’t catch a break.  Sure, ratings have been rocky but his magic wall, his wardrobe, even King’s all-American good looks have become targets of critical fodder.

And then there’s Tara Palmeri – the former CNN desk assistant turned gossip columnist who now grinds her axe with King on the pages of the News Corp-owned NY Post.  Palmeri, who in 2009 left her entry-level gig with the network, heads up efforts to humiliate CNN for Page Six.  Although she spent less than a year as a contract employee in the network’s DC bureau, Palmeri has managed to conjure up inside sources to fuel rumors of “John King USA’s” demise since July of last year.  This week (8 months later), she reported that network execs are searching for a minority host – comedian Chris Rock, the piece strangely suggests – to fill King’s 7pm hour.

But whether or not there’s any truth to the ever-churning rumor mill, King’s recent spike in ratings has surely caught the attention of CNN brass.  For the month of March, the program’s one-year anniversary, “John King USA” enjoyed its best numbers ever, topping MSNBC’s “Hardball” in both total viewers (850k vs. 722k) and in the key demo, adults ages 24-54 (315k vs. 207k).  Despite the catty gossip columns and broody blog posts, King’s viewership grew a whopping 132% in the demo (25-54) and 64% in total viewers vs. the same period one year ago.

A strong start to John’s King-size comeback, last month’s success seems to be carrying over into April.  For the first two weeks of this month, “JK USA” gave Chris Matthews a run for his money by winning the demo (211k to 176k) – a 92% increase in key audience compared to last year (110k) .  Only time will tell if CNN can hold on to its belated success in the 7 pm time slot but if you’re counting on Chris Rock to push King from his throne, brace yourself for a long and fruitful relationship with John’s magic wall.

Erick Erickson’s Island Vacay Is Really Secret Conservative Retreat

CNN Contributor to “John King USA” Erick Erickson wrote on Twitter this week that he was “loading up” his wife and children and taking them on vacation to South Carolina’s Kiawah Island. He said, “Makes me relax just thinking about it.”

Relaxing, perhaps. But not without conservative, Christian values to add to the fun. What Erickson left out is that Jan. 7 -9 is the date of this year’s Awakening, billed as one of the “finest open forums on conservative principles in the United States.” Awakening is an annual retreat that includes group discussions and sharing ideas. But it’s hush-hush. Attendees are expressly told not to discuss it. They stay at an oceanfront seaside mansion called The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort some 30 miles from Charleston, S.C. All rooms include custom made beds.

Kids are made to feel extra special. The teen program is led by Lucas Ramirez, Director of Youth Ministries at Wesley United Methodist Church in St. Simon’s Island, Ga. He specializes in “maximizing every teen’s sense of value and potential.” But not to worry — it’s not all about values. Part of the program includes outdoor games with a “different glasses” approach, meaning looking at the world in an alternate way. They warn, “Only come if you really want to have fun!” Younger children partake in fun-sounding activities such as cookie making and scavenger hunts.

The first Awakening retreat was held at The Cloister at Sea Island, Georgia. The weekend moved to Kiawah Island in 2009. Those who have attended in the past include The Weekly Standard‘s Executive Editor Fred Barnes, UPI Editor-in-Chief John O’Sullivan, National Review Washington Editor Kate O’Beirne, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Roll Call‘s Morton Kondracke.

Issues discussed during past retreats include politics, policy as well as social and family issues. For instance, in 1999, Thomas keynoted “The Content of America’s Character.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Stewart throws Carlson a bone (of sorts)

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Tuesday night, the host, notoriously at odds with Daily Caller Editor in Chief Tucker Carlson after calling him a ” big d-ck” on CNN’s Crossfire in 2004, complimented him (we think) on his reactions at the recent RNC Candidates Debate in which RNC Chairman Michael Steele made his “best of times, worst of times” War and Peace flub. “How badly does he [Carlson] want to turn to [Americans for Tax Reform Prez] Grover Norquist and go, “Can you f*ing believe this guy?” The clip went on: “Tucker Tucker…hey Tuck Tucker…look at me..hey, Tucker, hey.” After the clip forced Tucker to “look” into the camera, Stewart said, “I know we’ve had our differences, but I have respect for you holding your shit together on that one.”

Scribe gets spiffy

“To celebrate my first day covering the House, I’m wearing a shiny new pair of steel toe shit kickers.” — Roll Call‘s John Stanton in a Tuesday tweet.

Reporter’s shout-out to her Onion sister

“It’s a big day on the Hill. But it’s an even bigger day for my sister @sherrypop who starts work at The Onion today.” — Politico‘s Amie Parnes in a Wednesday tweet.

Erickson heads to the island

“Loading up the wife and kids and going to Kiawah Island, SC this weekend. Makes me relax just thinking about it.” — CNN Contributor Erik Erickson in a Tuesday tweet.

The Daily Baller Gets Eyed at the Office

“Your eyes look small. Have u been smoking weed in the back? -office manager Laura.” — The Daily Caller‘s Mike Riggs in a Tuesday tweet. > Update: Riggs reasons to FBDC on Twitter, “I am a little squinty without my glasses!”

Self-importance in Washington. Who knew?

“Rule: Don’t introduce new job news on Twitter with “It’s true…” as if JUSTEVERYONECOULDN’TSTOPTALKINGABOUTITOMGOMG” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin in a Tuesday tweet. This also appeared in HuffPost Hill Tuesday.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Rough Hawaiian waters by CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry

Weighty matters

“Well, I just weighed myself post-xmas dinner. I immediately regret this decision.” — Roll Call‘s HOH writer Elizabeth Brotherton in a weekend tweet.

Scribe calls Amtrak ‘a disgrace’

“Amtrak gets the gas face. They are a disgrace. $91 tickets for an overbooked train where me and my girl had to stand.” — TWT‘s Eli Lake in a weekend tweet.

Journo spends leisurely day in bed

“Miami windy and COLD. Just turned on the HEAT. But keep reminding myself it’s still warmer than DC.” — ABC7′s Stephen Tschida in a weekend tweet. He left for Miami after Christmas. So far, no travel disasters. Before that, he alluded to his recent train debacle, saying, “So glad NOT traveling today. But feeling holiday fatigue anyway. Yikes, 1PM and still in bed! Gotta rally for tennis.” Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller pleaded with Tschida, saying, “Can’t you just take a short train ride for your fans, Metro even?”

Arianna spends holidays with ex

“Christmas eve dinner w/ my ex (hello huffpost divorce!) our daughters & my sister. Merry Christmas everyone!” — HuffPost Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington makes the holidays work with her ex, Michael, as described in a weekend tweet. In 2009, the pair traveled together with their daughters for their 12th anniversary from being divorced. They make it a point to celebrate all Christmases and their daughters’ birthdays together.

Writer misses holiday cheer escape

“I miss Tower Records on Xmas Day. It was a great place to escape friends, family, & good will for an hour of mindless browsing.” — Slate‘s media writer Jack Schafer in a weekend tweet.

Catanese knocks MTP guest choice

“The likelihood of Valerie Jarrett making news is incredibly low.” — Politico‘s Dave Catanese in a weekend tweet. White House aide Jarrett appeared on NBC’s MTP this past weekend.

Storm — what storm?

“Big NE snowstorm strikes DC-midday accumulations range from 0 cm to 0 inches, depending on location.” — NPR‘s Steve Inskeep in a weekend tweet making fun of D.C. weather forecasters.

Journo gets obscene amount of …

“30 pairs of white athletic socks for Christmas? My life is complete.” — NJ “The Hotline’s” Executive Editor Reid Wilson in a weekend tweet.

A break in the buzz

“I love the relative silence of new media world today.” — As usual, National Review Online scribe Kathryn Lopez rather enjoys when journos take a break.

Dangerous Christmas thought

“Literally heading over the river and through the woods to Grandmama’s house. Hope she doesn’t get run over by reindeer before we get there.” — CNN Contributor Erik Erickson in a weekend tweet.

Good Afternoon FishbowlDC Readers


CNN Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry never ceases to amaze when it comes to Hawaiian sunset photographs. Merry Christmas Ed, you lucky __, for getting to spend all that time in Hawaii.

Weird fact of the day that you should forget immediately: Salon‘s Alex Pareene owns a cat named Stephen Meow-kmus. Like Stephen Malkmus, the lead singer of Pavement (and Portland resident).

Tschidapalooza Continues…

“Don’t worry macho people, no tears. Maybe a fist through the wall, YAH! Better?” — ABC7′s Stephen Tschida in a tweet earlier this week (yes, I’m officially obsessed with this guy and it’s not going to end anytime soon. We’re proud to be one of the chosen 11 people he’s following on Twitter.). But then he appears to defy what he wrote and added this tear jerker: “Thinking of mom, dad, so many gone. Sadness is part of the holidays. But ya know what, the more I think of them… the more I smile.”

In other Tschida news… he tweeted the following and his unamused boss told him in so many words to cut this sh-t out. He agrees he has to, and has since hit the delete button on this one. We support him in staying out of trouble (too much, anyway): “Got something stuck in my teeth. Asked the photographer I’m working with to use his tongue to get it out.   gave me strange look.”

What does this even mean?

“Browser averaging 60 seconds of color wheel grind for every four minutes of work. Telling me to go home, isn’t it?” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a particularly Weigelicious tweet some 22 hours ago.

Scrooge-free zone

“It is impossible to Scrooge it up when baking cookies in a house whose soundtrack is an 11-month-old niece and a mediocre Messiah recording.” — AP‘s Phil Elliott in a Thursday tweet.

Dripping with jealousy of Ed Henry

“I’m surrounded by adolescent Justin Beiber fans at Phillips Arena and @EdHenryCNN is surrounded by sand and waves. Boooo.” — CNN Contributor Erik Erickson in a Thursday tweet. (It’s not often that one sees Justin Beiber and CNN Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry in the same sentence, but it works well.)

Gossip Girl goes home

“Pittsburgh, you look so glorious.” — Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab in a Thursday tweet.

Journo eggnog suggestion

“Nice thing about making home made eggnog is if you mess up recipe, add cheese, pour into skillet on medium heat & eggnog becomes egg omelet.” — New York Daily News White House Correspondent Ken Bazinet in a Thursday tweet.

Scribe confronts height issues

“Just got my White House holiday photo … which reinforces just how short I am.” — Politico‘s Kendra Marr in a tweet earlier this week.

Another attack on Ed Henry, of course

“A moment of silence, please, for sacrifices by White House reporters who have to work all of Xmas week…in Hawaii.” — The Daily Beast‘s D.C. Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz in a Friday tweet.

Hayes’s obvious fan club prez

A watcher from Texas named Ashley Hord tweets, “Chris Hayes has got to be the most annoying guest host ever!! No more @msnbc. Can’t even watch Countdown.” To which Hayes retweets her and replies, “Merry Christmas.” Apparently she feels a little tug of regret but not that much (thank God) and replies, “Merry Christmas! Nothing personal, just my preference. You obviously have a ton of fans, no need to worry about me.”

TV journo says: Please join my fan page

“Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night for the SR All -Panel Christmas Eve show! And …please head over to Facebook and check out my new fan page, Bret Baier…this is the official fan page, but for now we are also keeping our Special Report fan page.” — FNC’s Bret Baier in a pre-Xmas message on the Fox News blog.

We want to work here…

“Morning meeting included many good ideas for the stories. Also, the phrase “donkey gang rape.” Twice. #LoveMyJob” — The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Winkler in a tweet earlier this week.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


As we move into Thanksgiving, it appears journos around town are getting into some weird pre-Holiday partying (at least weirder sounding than usual). They’re also growing more unruly and irritable by the moment as they prepare for their potential TSA pat-downs. Please, editors, give your scribes a few days off — or else.

Bristol’s way with words

“Winning this would be like a big middle finger to all the people that hate me and my mom.” — Bristol Palin on the finale of “Dancing With the Stars.” She came in third place. Big Middle finger is such a great phrase — so much for being the teen spokeswoman for abstinence.

Lovely Thanksgiving wishes from WSJ

“Anyone who Tweets their Thanksgiving Dinner will be punched in the face by the Ghost of Norman Rockwell.” — WSJ Sports Writer Jason Gay in a Tuesday tweet.

Escalator ignorance

“What I get for taking metro beyond DC city limits. People don’t know how to stand on the effing escalator.” — The Daily Caller‘s Chris Moody in a Tuesday tweet.

Reporter on call at airport

“At Dulles tonight, no opt-outs that I saw, no disgruntled passengers and no reporters on hand watching for either.” — WaPo‘s Ben Pershing in a Tuesday tweet.

Painful TSA pat-down humor

“TSA: Can’t see London. Can’t see France. Unless we see your underpants.” — and CNN Contributor Erik Erickson in a Tuesday tweet. He has managed to reach an all new low of TSA pat-down humor.

Note to readers: Grandma needs to kick Jacobs out of her home — immediately. No turkey. No stuffing. No pumpkin pie. Jacobs has officially taken the “thanks” out of Thanksgiving.

Poor Grandma

“I’m trying to watch my TV and my grandma is just sitting around making old people noises what the fuck.” — The Daily Caller intern Alec Jacobs in a Tuesday tweet. Poor Grandma  Part II: “Grandma, Betty White is older than you and she doesn’t feel the need to make all these moaning/grunting noises.”

Weigel congratulates his successor

Jennifer Rubin is definitely a good hire for WaPo. Undervalued asset for YEARS.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a Tuesday tweet regarding the woman that WaPo has chosen to replace him more than five months later.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quote(s) of the Day


Conservative blogger: Obama’s speech was “depressing”

“Whatever the reason, Barack Obama gave the most depressing Oval Office speech since Jimmy Carter’s malaise speech. He didn’t just embrace defeat, he wore it on his suit as a substitute for an argyle sweater.” –Conservative blogger Erik Erickson‘s take on President Obama’s Oval Office speech in a story Tuesday night.

Speech can’t create ‘moment’

“At their best, presidents understand that a great speech can crystallize or catalyze a national moment, but rarely can it create one.” — U.S. News & World Report‘s Robert Schlesinger in a piece on Obama’s speech.

Petraeus tells CNNer he ate banans, drank water

“Petraeus told me he was dehydrated & feels better after eating a couple of bananas and drinking water: ‘i did’t eat breakfast this morning.’ –CNN’s Dana Bash in a Tuesday tweet.


Erickson’s “Mature” Makeover?

Last week CNN’s Howard Kurtz interviewed Erik Erickson on the vitriolic nature of some of the comments he has made on his blog prior to being hired for CNN.

In the “Reliable Sources” interview, Erickson in how he wrote said he had made mistakes and realized he needed to “grow up” with this blogging considering, he said, it affects not just him but his family.

So much for growing up. Now he insists he’ll pull his wife’s shotgun if someone from the Census comes to his door.

See the full story here on what is, yes, a completely lefty website. The quotes, however, are his.