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Not Harry & Louise

It’s not that we don’t like Harry Jaffe. (On the occasion that he writes something there’s a decent shot it’s good, such as his in-depth profile on the Robert Wone murder.)  It’s not that we don’t like Washingtonian—after all, we’re all for finding out who has the best taquitos or where to go for a last minute getaway. One thing we DON’T expect from the Washingtonian is an advice column from Jaffe and his wife, Louise.  Harry has done a lot of good work, but are we really supposed to feel comfortable watching him give advice on how a man should approach his wife to confront her affair?? Look… If they are qualified to give advice, WE’RE qualified to give advice. So, we’ll take the questions submitted to the Harry & Louise column and give answers that are just as appropriate as theirs.  For instance…  Here’s a recent question posed to Harry & Louise from “Solace Seeker.”

QUESTION – I’ve got this new asshole boss. He’s young and cocky, and he’s making all sorts of big changes at the firm. I’m working longer hours, and since I’m not a roll-with-the-punches sort of guy, it’s becoming a consuming thing for me—and for my wife. She listens, to a point, but she’s increasingly tired of hearing me vent about the office and my bastard of a boss. At first she would empathize and help me come up with solutions, but now she seems to be frustrated that I’m not solving the problem after all this time. Lately, all she says is, “You really should talk to a therapist.” I can understand the impulse, because there’s somewhat of an imbalance here—I have a hard time focusing much on her problems these days. But what the hell? Every time there’s a real problem in my life, I’m supposed to take my conversation to a shrink? My wife is always touting the importance of talking—well, this is what talking is for. Solace, understanding, working through a situation. This is what I need from her—my lover, my friend, my partner. Is this unreasonable to ask?

OUR ANSWER – OK…  Clearly you work for Garret Graff.  So, let’s get that out of the way.  And as for the changes, yes we understand.  Putting a weird advice column in the middle of Washingtonian is bizarre and goes against what the Washingtonian is known for.  Good for your wife for standing up. Someone clearly needs to take charge.  Wait…  Is this a letter from Harry Jaffe?  And your wife is Louise?  Did you just write a letter to your own advice column?


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Media Frenzy at Real Housewives Premiere Party

RHDC top pic.jpg
The owners of Half Yard Productions with the Real Housewives of DC cast.

Extra, CNN, WaPo, the Examiner, Politics Daily, Politico, The Hill, CBS and NBC are just a few of the media outlets that showed up to cover last night’s premiere and screening party for Bravo’s “Real Housewives of DC,” held at the Madison Hotel in downtown Washington.

The invite-only fete featured all of the “housewives” and their families except for White House crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi who hosted their own pay-for party down the street at Josephine — a good move considering the crowd at the Madison booed the notorious couple each time they appeared on screen.

Even without the Salahis, the event offered its fair share of drama and whispers when Lynda Erkiletian arrived with a Secret Service-looking security detail of four in tow. More catty comments were made about Catherine Ommanney who showcased her sickly physique by wearing a tacky, slinky, backless dress.

But it wasn’t all would-be reality stars….Washington media was out in full force. FishbowlDC caught up with Politico‘s Kiki Ryan, the Yeas and Nays ladies – Nikki Schwab and Katy Adams, Liz Glover, WaPo’s Amy Argetsinger, Amy Holmes, The Hill‘s Emily Goodin, Omarosa, The Hill‘s Christina Wilkie, Washington Life‘s Michael Clements, Politics Daily’s Annie Groer, NBC’s Janet Donovan, Mix 107.3′s Tommy McFly, WUSA’s Angie Goff, CBS News’ Christine Delargy and even Washingtonian‘s Garret Graff whose knowledge and love for reality television baffled and amazed us.

rhdc le.jpgrhdc blrh.jpg
L: Lynda Erkiletian R: Stacie Scott Turner

rhdc media jump1.jpg
The media frenzy at the Madison.

A few more pics after the jump.

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Morning Reading List, 08.05.08


Good morning Washington.

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

We’ve got your morning mix of media Muesli after the jump…

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Morning Reading List, 03.06.08

Good morning Washington. It’s Alan Greenspan’s birthday and, on this day in 1981, Walter Cronkite signed off from CBS.

Quickly navigate Morning Reading List:


  • You think John King is hotter than Wolf Blitzer.


  • CQ’s Patrick Yoest is heading to Dow Jones

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  • The Daily Collegian reports, “About 400 students gathered in the HUB Auditorium last night to hear esteemed journalist Dana Priest of The Washington Post speak as part of the Foster Conference of Distinguished Writers. Priest is a 2006 recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for her disclosure of secret overseas CIA prisons. She has spent nearly 20 years reporting for The Washington Post, covering the CIA, military and counterterrorism.”

  • The New York Observer reports, “Pulitzer-Winner David Cay Johnston on Times Buyout List”

  • From a tipster:

      the city paper’s article on david nakamura at the post is so silly. the city paper FOIA’d all these emails between Fenty and Nakamura — how much did that process take away from real government work? was this FOIA in the service of the public? or in the service of a bruised ego looking to settle a score?

  • API has “Five questions for … Richard Honack

  • Newspaper Association of America reports, “Some newspapers are methodically going greener, reducing energy consumption and saving money”

  • The Washington City Paper reports, “Nothing seems to make our local paper happier than spotting a neighborhood in the midst of a renaissance, a rebirth, or just sort of coming back. Today, we get the happy headline: ‘A Rapid Renaissance in Columbia Heights’ under the byline of Paul Schwartzman.”

  • Iraq Was Invaded In 2002, As Far As Times Critic Is Concerned

  • The AP reports, “Moody’s Investors Service is considering downgrading New York Times Co.’s credit rating because of declining advertising revenue, the ratings agency said Tuesday. Moody’s is reviewing New York Times’ ‘Baa1′ credit rating, which implies ‘lower-medium grade” credit quality.’”

  • The Washington Post reports, “Regular readers of the Wall Street Journal will notice something new in Friday’s editions — a sports page that uses content from one of the many businesses owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.”

  • Politico reports, “Obama’s Rezko ties escape national radar”

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  • A tipster tells us, “In a promo for MSNBCs political coverage this morning, shots of most of their ‘personalities’ were shown (in the context of the best political team on TV, or whatever the slogan was) with one notable exception: Tucker Carlson. Why is he ignored by MSNBC management?”

  • TVNewser provides an abridged version of Howard Kurtz’s 2,500 word dissertation on election coverage.

  • In the Center On Primary Night

  • The reports, “Timing is everything: Time Warner-Cablevision deal likely”

  • Reuters reports, “Landmark Communications is seeking up to $5 billion for the Weather Channel cable television network, with preliminary bids due next week, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.”

  • A release announced, “Senator Kerry sent a letter to Kevin Martin, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission today, asking him to investigate an Alabama television station that ‘blacked out’ during a controversial segment of 60 Minutes. Allegations have been raised that the blackout, which the station blames on ‘technical difficulties’, was an example of censorship.”

  • Super Tuesday II: The Cable Ratings

  • TVWeek reports, “Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin may be winning the fight he has picked with TV networks that air racy programming. Mr. Martin’s agency lost the last major indecency court case in federal appeals court and he’s awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on whether it will resuscitate that action against Fox.”

  • reports, “TV ratings have been the gospel for the broadcasting and ad industries for nearly 60 years. They are the yardstick by which our business has determined success or failure; the reason why ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’ was canceled, why Fox loves Simon Cowell and why the Super Bowl continues to be the most important TV event every year.”

  • TVNewser reports, “America’s Election HQ, the one-hour political show that premiered last week at 5pmET, has been extended past its original end date of yesterday. The FNC program, temporarily taking the place of Big Story, will air through the end of this week.”

  • A Situation Room viewer writes, “When the phone rings at 3:00A.M., We want Wolf Blitzer to answer the phone in the situation room.”

  • Who’s That Reporter In My Studio?

  • Columbia Journalism Review writes, “Fox Business Network’s populist sensibility is refreshing, sort of, but nobody’s watching. Here’s why

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  • Mark your calendars! The Washington Blogger March Meeting is set for Wednesday, March 19 at 7:00PM at RFD. To RSVP, click here.

  • Nieman Watchdog reports, “Saul Friedman: Mainstream Black Columnists and Barack Obama”

  • A tipster writes in “pr maven gloria dittus won a big award last night and the national museum of women in the arts. charlie cook introduced her, debbie dingell also at the party.”

  • Folio reports, “National Geographic Renews Legal War Over Digital Archive”

  • DMNews reports, “Southern Progress Corporation (SPC), a subsidiary of Time Inc., has launched an online portal,, highlighting content from its shelter magazines and book line.”

  • reports, “iReport launched to be like ‘YouTube with focus on personal reporting’, claims CNN director”

  • Columbia Journalism Review reports,Jeannie Kever began her Houston Chronicle column yesterday — a column applauding the ‘US media’ for avoiding the ‘Texas cowboy stereotype’ in its primary coverage of her state”

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  • The Time Online reports, “Permira, the British private equity group, has emerged as a potential suitor for Reed Business Information, the trade magazines arm of Reed Elsevier, which could soon be for sale for about £1.25 billion.”

  • iReport, You Decide (if This Crap is Worth Your Time)

  • Washington City Paper’s Erik Wemple reports, “Washingtonian Publisher Has ‘Liable’ Concerns”

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  • Washingtonian’s Garrett Graff writes, “Newsweek columnist Eleanor Clift likely wishes she didn’t have a reason to write her new book, Two Weeks of Life: A Memoir of Love, Death and Politics. Two of her previous books were written with her late husband, Tom Brazaitis, Washington bureau chief of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The new one is Clift’s journal of Brazaitis’s last days, when he was in hospice care with cancer.”

  • Publisher’s Weekly reports, “The New York Times reported Monday that the Far Eastern Economic Review, which Rupert Murdoch recently acquired, killed a review of the Viking Australia book Rupert’s Adventures in China due to the book’s unfavorable look at Murdoch. With the book set for U.S. release this summer, it’s unclear how the media will handle it.”

  • Ars Technica reports, “Book lovers have a message for e-book makers: you can have my paperback when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. We reported yesterday on the 2008 Digital Entertainment Survey from the UK, which found that 70 percent of Internet users would stop sharing files if they received notification from their ISP. But tucked in the survey data was another fascinating finding about the strength of consumer attachment to traditional paper books.”

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  • American Society of Landscape Architects is looking for an Education Programming Manager.

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    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext

  • Morning Reading List, 10.09.07

    morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • Ron Paul is your GOP candidate of choice. Is that because he is fun to cover, or because you dream of having President Paul?

  • B&C reports, “Frontline narrator Will Lyman often lends his smooth baritone to other programs besides the PBS documentary series he’s narrated since 1982. But Frontline’s producers at WGBH Boston said he should not have lent his unmistakable voice to an advocacy video on Internet regulatory policy.”

  • TVNewser reports, “, the online home of NBC News, has acquired, a Seattle-based social media news website. Newsvine describes itself as ‘a giant collection of news from all over the world, contributed and controlled entirely by users.’”

  • George Stephanopoulos loves “High School Musical.”

  • Forbes reports, “Over the past two years, Yahoo! has quietly solidified its position as the No. 1 provider of general, financial and sports news on the Internet.”

  • Min Online reports, “This Thursday (October 11), BW president (since May 2007) Keith Fox, editor-in-chief (since December 2004) Steve Adler, and art director (since January 2007) Andrew Horton will unveil the ‘relaunched’ (Fox’s words) October 22 issue at a reception in New York’s Guastavino’s. Most visible is the first logo change since October 17, 1994, which 1984-2005 editor-in-chief Steve Shepard implemented to mark BW’s 65th anniversary (min, October 3, 1994).”

  • Media Week reports, “The Oct. 4 issue of Wenner Media’s Rolling Stone sports an impossible-to-miss lenticular ad for the Fox TV network, featuring characters from the net’s Sunday-night lineup whooping it up on a roller-coaster ride, their images changing as the reader tilts the ad. Meanwhile, an eye-popping ad for NBC’s new series Bionic Woman that appeared in Time Inc.’s Entertainment Weekly went one further, with the heroine’s mechanically enhanced winker lighting up as readers turned the page.”

  • reports, “News Corp’s $5bn deal to acquire Dow Jones and its crown jewel, the Wall Street Journal, is not expected to close until December. Yet in the corridors of the publisher’s lower Manhattan headquarters, News Corp and its chief executive, Rupert Murdoch, are already making their presence felt.”

  • New York Times report, “Four years after starting its popular annual conference on technology, The Wall Street Journal plans to expand the franchise to several gatherings a year on a variety of topics.”

  • Bloomberg reports, “The U.S. Federal Communications Commission didn’t suppress research reports on locally owned TV stations and the radio industry, according to an internal probe of the agency.”

  • AP reports, “The recent rush by major Internet portals to buy advertising companies and extend their sales networks is a sign that the business of being a one-stop shop for information and entertainment isn’t what it used to be.”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Some of the week’s biggest bargains were found at Christie’s International’s Oct. 1-3 House Sale, with furniture and artifacts from the former New York Times headquarters on 43th Street. The 107 lots tallied $136,470, including brass lamps and tables fetching just $25. A floral-pattern sofa, perfect for a Southampton sunroom and hailing from the Times’s executive offices, garnered a mere $63.”

  • Don’t forget, the first annual Washington Examiner vs. Baltimore Examiner softball challenge this Saturday, October 13th from 10 am to 12:00 pm at 14901 Layhill Road in Silver Spring, MD.

  • Washingtonian reports that, “Proud POTUS Papa Shows Up to Celebrate Jenna’s New Book”

  • Check out the interview between Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Dana and Fox News president Roger Ailes.

  • The New York Post reports, “Time Warner Cable Chief Financial Officer John Martin is close to being promoted to CFO of parent Time Warner after Wayne Pace retires later this year, The Post has learned.”

  • Variety reports, “Comedy Central’s bombastic TV pundit Stephen Colbert is going global with the launch of ‘The Colbert Report Global Edition’ at this week’s Mipcom mart in Cannes.”

    Hat Tips: DCRTV, TVNewser, IWantMedia, Romenesko, MediaBistro, JournalismJobs, JournalismNext

  • Morning Reading List, 04.09.07

    morningsun.gifGood morning Washington.

  • The Onion is no threat to The City Paper.

  • The PEJ Talk Show Index for March 25-30 shows, “There was a disagreement between the nation’s radio and cable talk hosts over the juiciest talk topic last week. The fired U.S. attorneys topped the cable menu while the 2008 Presidential race was the leading topic on radio.”

  • NY Post reported on Friday that Reader’s Digest was expected to announce that Suzanne Grimes, senior vice president of corporate sales, will join RDA as a division president.

  • DCRTV reports, “Colorado’s Devlin Design Group is designing sets for the Newseum, the newsgathering museum slated to open near the Capitol building this fall. Images are available at”

  • James C. Goodale asks, “Was Judith Miller’s Trip to Jail Necessary?”

  • National Journal’s William Powers notes, “By using campaign money to cull winners from losers, the newsrooms of America effectively make a contribution to the front-runners.”

  • Washingtonian a href=””>has the scoop on the Sopranos’s DC premiere, with plenty of media types in the audience.

  • E&P reports that “ kept its strong lead in February as the top newspaper Web site, besting competitors across the country in unique audience, page views, and time spent per person on the site, according to Nielsen//NetRatings. Rounding out the top five in uniques were,,, and”

  • TVNewser reports, “Jackson Changes Mind About CBC/Fox.”

  • Meet Le Anne Schreiber, ESPN’s new ombudsman.

  • Martinsville Bulletin is looking for a Copy Editor.

  • New York Times reports, “The magazine, The Week, will publish the extra issue online, rather than in its regular printed format. The special issue will feature articles on the environment — hence the decision to spare trees by publishing it just on the Internet.”

  • Institutional Shareholder Services “is urging shareholders of The New York Times Company to withhold their support for board members to pressure the company over dissatisfaction with its performance and ownership structure.”

  • The Los Angeles Times reports, “Sam Zell, who plans to take over Tribune, says there needs to be ‘new formulas’ between newspapers and Internet companies.”

  • “A deal announced last week to bring foreign news to Yahoo from correspondents at McClatchy newspapers could open the way to even more cooperation between print and online media,” according to the AP.

  • “Quality blogs produced by newspapers are few and far between,” writes Mark Evans, VP of operations with blog network b5media.

  • UPI reports, “Fully 76% of U.S. Internet users earning more than $150,000 read blogs, up from 57% two years ago, according to a survey by the Luxury Institute. Some 24% are bloggers, up from 18% in 2005. Also, 55% of wealthy Web users communicate via instant messaging.”

  • Reuters reports, “The Hearst-backed E Ink, which produces portable, foldable displays that mimic conventional paper, is testing a prototype that could open the technology to e-magazines and e-newspapers. Digital text allows readers to take blogs ‘off the computer screen and to the beach.’”

  • Pew’s News Interest Index shows, “While press coverage was more focused on the U.S. attorney scandal and the 15 British sailors being held in Iran this past week, Americans remained more interested in news about the current situation in Iraq.”

  • Elsevier is looking for a Reporter/Editor.

  • IQ Solutions is looking for a Publications Manager and a Publications Coordinator.

  • Exchange Monitor Publications, Inc. is looking for Reporters.

  • The Heritage Foundation is looking for a Senior Graphic Editor.

  • Hanley Wood is looking for an Associate Editor, Pro AV.

  • The AP is still looking for an APTN Newsperson.

  • Examiner Newspapers is looking for an experienced copy editor and a versatile page designer.

  • National Public Radio is looking for a Senior Producer for a New Show with Michel Martin. NPR is also looking for a Production Assistant, Content Development ,a Production Manager, Content Development and an Ombudsman.

  • AOL Money and Finance is seeking an Executive Producer/Programming Director and a Business Editor.

  • A Pew survey among Gen Nexters shows that 46% say it is ok to freeload music and videos.

  • The NY Post reports, “Discovery Communications plans to premiere new shows on its Web site before they air on the channel. The new initiative, dubbed ‘Discovery iPremieres,’ will each week debut two ad-supported, full-length episodes.” Also: “Discovery is starting a 24-hour channel on eco-friendly living.”

  • Bloomberg reports, “Cable television companies are reaching a deal with Major League Baseball to continue carrying out-of-town games, including a commitment to run the MLB Channel starting in 2009. The accord is with InDemand, a programming arm of Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Enterprises.”

  • Media Daily News reports, “The online classified advertising networks of newspapers are booming, with leading the way with a record 9 million unique visitors in March. A collaboration of several newspaper publishers, has partnerships with more than 200 metro newspapers and TV stations.”

  • Mr. Magazine reports, “Life Magazine Refuses to Die.”

  • CNET reports, “The financial news site MarketWatch, owned by Wall Street Journal parent Dow Jones, admits to bending the rules for tech columnist Bambi Francisco. MarketWatch is allowing her to accept a stake in, a company that operates in the industry she has covered for at least a decade.”

  • “Blog Expansion Slowing, Says Technorati.”

  • According to Slate’s “Today’s Papers,” on Friday, The Washington Post lead with a headline that would have been a bit more useful in 2002: “Hussein’s Prewar Ties to Al-Qaeda Discounted.”

  • DCist and The City Paper go head-to-head on the redesign and The Onion.

  • Regarding the Washington Post v. Politico on the caucus articles, a reader points our attention to this, a Roll Call piece on Congressional Caucuses from February, a month before the Politico’s.

  • TNR’s Carolyn O’Hara asks, “Can open-source journalism succeed?”

  • has the story of “another controversy involving pollster John Zogby with two potential lessons, first, about a set of transparently biased and leading questions and, second, on the limits of such efforts to manipulate opinions.” Washington Post’s Dana Milbank weighs in.

  • Slate’s Jack Shafer asks, “Is there a more pompous egomaniac purring on the airwaves today than Ted Koppel?”