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Afternoon Oopsy: VPOTUS Pool Edition

VPOTUS Biden spoke at the memorial service for former Presidential candidate George McGovern on Thursday afternoon. On pool duty that day was HuffPost’s Jen Bendery. While reporting on Biden’s remarks, Bendery wrote, “Biden suddenly began shouting in the church. ‘Your father gave courage to people who didn’t have the courage to speak up,’ he said, then bringing up McGovern’s failed presidential bid in 1980.”

Turns out, she made an oopsy.  Read more.. Read more

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Aw, That Ain’t Nice, Larry

From Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” on CNN:

    Larry Flynt
    : I don’t care what anybody thinks about me. I told Tucker Carlson earlier in the week when he referred to me as a slimeball for breaking up Vitter’s marriage, I said, yeah, that’s right, I’m a slimeball and you still can’t dance.

This Week In Pool Reports

Vice President Cheney and his trip to Chicago takes center stage in this pool round-up. We can hardly think of a funnier sight than Cheney mobbed by little girls in the American Girl store.

  • “VPOTUS rode into Chicago in a 16-vehicle motorcade accompanied by more than a half-dozen police motorcycles. In traffic en route to the city, the motorcade passed a white van filled with school kids giggling and gesturing. ‘I Farted,’ said the hand-scribbled sign one held up to the window.” — Peter Baker, Washington Post

  • “It appeared, though, that for all the tough lines, VPOTUS took out a few of the toughest. An advance text of prepared remarks given to your pool ahead of time had him saying that “the new Democratic majority resembles nothing so much as the McGovernite Party of the early 1970s.” As delivered, though he still compared them to George McGovern, he dropped the words ‘McGovernite Party’ and said “that old party” instead. Likewise, the prepared text had VPOTUS mocking Sen. Harry Reid for claiming the American people supported the Democrats’ war supplemental. ‘Harry Reid may be the only man in America who thinks we need to spend millions of dollars fighting crickets in Nevada in order to win a war in Iraq,’ said the text. But VPOTUS skipped that in the actual speech.” — Baker

  • “Afterward, VPOTUS and Liz Cheney made an OTR stop at the American Girl Place around the corner to pick up a gift for her daughter’s seventh birthday party tomorrow. The place was jammed with mothers and daughters hunting for the latest American Girl dolls, clothes and storybooks. At first, many in the intense mob didn’t even recognize VPOTUS. But then a few noticed and began to swarm him. ‘The vice president’s here!’ someone called out. ‘Say, ‘Hi, Mr. Vice President,” another mother instructed her daughter. VPOTUS played blocking back, distracting the crowd by posing for photographs with little girls, two and three at a time, while Liz made her selections.” — Baker

  • “VPOTUS, reserved as ever in a crowd, nonetheless took on all comers, agreeably shaking hands and sometimes even smiling for the cameras. He had a wary look in his eye whenever an adult approached, almost as if wondering whether someone would confront him. But none did and everyone seemed excited or at least intrigued to see a famous person up close.” — Baker

  • “As the two emerged onto the street, several hundred people were waiting to watch. Some in the crowd pointed excitedly and scattered applause broke out. But a few protesters were on hand as well, holding up signs such as ‘Cheney War Profiteer,’ ‘Cheney War Criminal’ and ‘You Suck, Dick.’ (Another good reason granddaughters should not be reading pool reports.)” — Baker

  • “A couple little newslets: Vice President Cheney’s plane hit a bird as it was landing here in Chicago this morning, but Air Force Two touched down safely and no one aboard even noticed, according to Lea Ann McBride. ‘The landing was safe,’ McBride said. ‘The VP was notified immediately after his speech.’ Mechanics are now checking the plane to make sure it will be safe to fly back. No word on the condition of the bird.” — Baker

  • Taking Out The Trash, 01.23.07

  • Bolo tie wins. Just goes to show there is a difference between should wear and will wear.

  • Jack Shafer on words journalists should not use.

  • Cheney, media to take stand in Libby perjury case

  • An ABC release announced that Charles Gibson will anchor ABC’s coverage of the State of the Union from Capitol Hill. “He will be joined by George Stephanopoulos, Martha Raddatz, Jake Tapper, and Kate Snow in Washington and Dan Harris in Baghdad.” Gibson will also interview Sen. Barack Obama after the Democratic response.

  • Washingtonian remembers Art Buchwald, by showcasing a column of his he wrote for publication over 40 years ago.

  • Washington Post’s Deborah Howell highlights readers’ concerns about recent “omissions” in throughout the publication.

  • Elizabeth Vargas is on today’s Oprah Show discussing her “excruciating decision” between her job and her child.

  • Washington Business Journal reported that the Washington Post Co. added Thomas Gayner, the executive vice president and chief investment officer of Markel Corp., to its board.

  • Julie Mason blogs about President Bush‘s preferred nickname for USA Today’s David Jackson: “Action Jackson”

  • New York Times’ Neil Lewis explores the effects of the Scooter Libby trial on the relationship reporters have with government officials and how “news organizations reconsider the pledges their journalists may make.”

  • Wonkette discusses David Bradley’s feelings for Andrew Sullivan. Somebody sounds smitten.

  • A reader asks, “What is with the National Press Club and the luncheons and speeches it sponsors. Seems as if they are sponsoring only liberal democrats which only gives fodder to those crazed charges of a liberal media from Rush Limbaugh and his like.” The first few weeks of January included George McGovern, Sens. Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid, and Reps. Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi.

  • Finally, a real list of Washington area happy hours.

  • The Des Moines Register offers a local look at the C-SPAN Campaign 2008 bus which launched in Des Moines.

  • Eric Boehlert on “the media’s Clinton-Obama obsession.”

  • “NPR News will offer a live broadcast and audio streaming of President Bush’s State of the Union Address and the Democratic response on Tuesday, January 23 starting at 9pm ET. Michele Norris, host of All Things Considered, anchors the special news coverage with NPR correspondents, political analysts and members of Congress providing analysis of a number of key themes in the President’s address. This will be the first State of the Union Address to a Democratic Congress in 12 years. The following morning, Steve Inskeep, host of Morning Edition will offer additional coverage with post-address analysis and up-to-the-minute news generating from the nation’s Capitol. In addition to offering a live audio stream of NPR’s complete coverage, will also provide a comprehensive look at the President’s address, analysis and reaction from key members of Congress, and additional audio clips.”