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The Divas Inside Margaret Carlson’s Apartment

The scene inside Bloomberg‘s Margaret Carlson‘s picturesque Kalorama apartment last night was regal and serene as staffers at The Atlantic and National Journal gave Emily Lenzner, their new head of corporate communications, a welcome toast. Lenzner (pictured at right on the left) replaces Linda Douglass.

Bigwig journalists and other important-for-Washington people spotted around the living room included The Atlantic‘s Editor James Bennet, WJLA’s Gordon Peterson, CNN’s Hilary Rosen, Michael Steel, spokesman to House Speaker John Boehner and former ABC News producer Ian Cameron, husband to U.S. Nat. Security Advisor Susan Rice. WaPo‘s spunky “Erik Wemple Blog” was apparently there, but we must’ve been on different shifts and didn’t have the pleasure of bumping into him there.

As the mostly typical Washington cocktail party circuit sipped wine, there were homey touches like just baked chocolate chip cookies on trays as well as a large spray of sunflowers in Carlson’s kitchen. There were also servers dotting the room handing out lovely bite-sized snacks such as spinach feta flat bread squares.

The most dramatic part of the evening came when partygoers hushed long enough for Carlson and The Atlantic‘s Editor-at-Large Steve Clemons to give short speeches. “It’s great to be in Margaret’s home tonight,” Clemons began, before moving into this: “What The Atlantic does well is hire divas. I’m gay, so being a diva is high praise.” He glanced around the room and called out various “divas” such as National Journal’s newly installed Editor Tim Grieve, “the political diva” and the always charming (ha-ha) John Fox Sullivan (an “extraordinary diva”). Publisher David Bradley was named as “totally a Divo” along with Bennet and Carlson. He concluded, “Emily, I know you’re a diva as well.”

Lenzner did not demur about the “diva” comment and said she was happy to be part of the diva crew. She left it at that and encouraged guests to return to mingling.

Upon meeting Grieve (who once received a FishbowlDC award for having the worst temper in Washington) he shook my hand, exchanged niceties and said, “It’s been 30 seconds and I haven’t yelled at you.” He added, “I don’t have horns.”

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Haddad Honored

Media maven Tammy Haddad was feted for her work with the Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) last night. The event was hosted by Susan Axelrod and Connie Milstein at the Newseum where a slew of political and media leaders turned out to see Haddad receive the 2010 Friend of CURE award. Journos in attendance included NYT’s Ashley Parker, ABC’s Michael Falcone, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, ABC’s Polson Kanneth, Politico’s Roger Simon, WaPo’s Manuel Roig-Franzia, WJLA’s Gordon Peterson, HuffPo’s Howard Fineman, Politico’s Jonathan Martin, CNN’s Jessica Yellin and Jill Chappell, WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart, Roll Call’s Jackie Kucinich, Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman and Glamour’s Linda Kramer Jenning to name just a few. *Photos courtesy of WHC Insider / Neshan Naltchayan

Enquiring Minds Speculate: What Will Dodd Do Now?

What will Dodd do next?

Wild speculation was in the air last night atop the offices of the Bipartisan Policy Center, which was formed by former Senate Majority Leaders, Dole, Daschle, Mitchell and Baker. Former Ag Sec. Dan Glickman, a BPC Senior Fellow, worked the room at the reception in his honor. Journos like Margaret Carlson, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, CNN Senior Political Analyst Gloria Borger and local ABC’s Gordon Peterson were spotted mingling in the crowd.

Glickman was until recently the chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America which continues to look for a new lobbying chief since his departure.  Bob Pisano, former head of the Screen Actors Guild remains in the top post as the interim CEO of the MPAA, but speculation has run rampant ever since the vacancy.  Former Sen. Bob Kerrey was the latest top name to bow out over the summer, and moderate Republican Tom Davis has been rumored to be the next candidate.  One name that continues to circulate is retiring Senator Chris Dodd.  Wonder if this photo is Dodd’s reaction to Glickman offering him the new gig?

We hear that Glickman, who was rumored to be the next Dean at GWU’s Graduate School of Political Management, will instead teach a course there called, “The Politics of Food” with Wendi Hausfeld, daughter of DC attorney Michael Hausfeld.

Clooney, Campbell, and Peterson network over ‘Network’

NickClooney.jpg WJLA’s Arch Campbell and Gordon Peterson were the guests for last night’s Reel Journalism with Nick Clooney Film Series event, a co-production of American University’s School of Communication and the Newseum.

Asked to select their favorite journalism film, the longtime D.C. news men picked the TV-news skewering “Network”. While host Nick Clooney (father of George), distinguished journalist in residence at AU and the Newseum, jokingly referred to the 1976 classic as a documentary, the film hits eerily close to home for those who have worked in TV news.

Peterson recalled that after he first saw the film in 1976, a colleague described the film as absurd and unrealistic. Peterson’s reply? “Be patient,” he recalled. Campbell added “I think it (the film’s portrayal of TV news) came true.

“The real message is as long as you don’t impact the corporate profits – even if it is a crazed anchor bent on committing suicide on air as is the case in the movie – they’re (management) is fine with it.”

The event also marked the launch of a partnership between Allbritton’s forthcoming D.C. news Web site – to be led by AU alum and former executive editor of Jim Brady – and AU’s School of Communication.

Partnership plans include student-produced content and internships, among other opportunities. “Larry Kirkman, the dean of the School of Communication, and I were just talking about this film,” Brady said during introductory remarks. “The most famous line is ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.’ Well now, journalism students don’t have to take it anymore,” he said of the opportunities today’s journalists have to seek employment beyond the mainstream media.

This not lost on Campbell, Clooney, and Peterson as they reminisced about TV news before the digial era. “In 1976 I could do a 5-minute story,” Peterson said, noting that stories were also shot and edited on film, making for a longer turnaround.

Joked Clooney, “You know, they’re looking at us as if we’re in rocking chairs up here.” Clooney.

A special thanks to Maggie Barrett, American University’s public information officer, for the contents of this post.

“Network” with Clooney, Campbell and Peterson

network-movie-poster.jpg As part of American University’s School of Communication, “Reel Journalism” series, journalists will convene on March 22 to watch and discuss the classic 1976 satire about network news, “Network”, at the Newseum.

WHO: Nick Clooney, journalist-in-residence, Newseum and American University School of Communication; Gordon Peterson, senior correspondent and anchor, ABC7/WJLA-TV; and Arch Campbell, entertainment reporter, ABC7/WJLA-TV

Tickets are available at
NOTE TO EDITORS: Journalists are invited to cover the event. Please contact Jonathan Thompson,

Morning Reading List 04.16.09

Good morning FishbowlDC!

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Its day 87 covering the Obama administration and week 11 for us. What we know and what we’re reading this Thursday morning…



Tribune Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Sam Zell said his heavily leveraged 2007 acquisition of the company was “a mistake.” “By definition, if you bought something and it’s now worth a great deal less, you made a mistake and I’m more than willing to say I made a mistake,” Zell said.

WSJ, one of the few newspapers that charges for content online, released an app for the iPhone yesterday which sets their content free, poking another hole in one of the Internet’s oldest pay walls.


On TVNewser, how the cablers covered the tea parties here and how evening news did here.

Is Glenn Beck the right’s Keith Olbermann? From the AP, “‘If Charlie Rose was the way to get your point across, Charlie Rose would have higher ratings,” Beck said in an interview less than two hours after putting away the gas can.”

“Channel 4 doesn’t have a pulse.” -ABC 7 anchor Gordon Peterson, overheard by Yeas & Nays, responding to Capitol Police officers who joked that he constantly sets off the magnetometer, even though it never happens to Channel 4 anchors and reporters.

WaPo: Oprah Winfrey is in the clear: Inviting then-Sen. Barack Obama onto her show last year did not amount to a political donation to his presidential campaign, the Federal Election Commission has ruled.


Ashton Kutcher has challenged CNN to a popularity contest on Twitter. The celebrity and the network are racing to get 1 million followers on the micro-blogging site. If he wins, Kutcher says he will “ding-dong ditch” CNN founder Ted Turner‘s house.

MoDo on Google here and Katie Couric on Twitter here.


Slate’s Jack Shafer: “I personally don’t like the way the Huff Post ‘showcases’ the work of other journalists, but I don’t get heated about it, either. Borrowing, sponging, lifting, scrounging, leaching, pinching, and outright theft of other publications’ work is firmly in the American journalistic tradition.”

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JOBS and REVOLVING DOOR after the jump…

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Morning Reading List 03.04.09

Good Morning FishbowlDC!

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Its day 44 covering the Obama administration and one month down for us. What we know and what we’re reading this Tuesday morning…



In an attempt to reach more readers, the WSJ is expanding its sports coverage. The paper started printing a daily sports page yesterday.

Regarding the economy, the Examiner asks, “Heard the news? Reporters think the time for panic is now.” “When one’s inbox is peppered with e-mails announcing colleagues’ layoffs and buyouts, reporting on a political or economic story is more than just hammering out some copy. It’s an effort for survival.”

Q&A with Bob Woodward in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Answering a question on the future of newspapers, Woodward chanels Ben Bradlee, “I recall a couple of months ago having lunch with my old editor at the Post, Ben Bradlee; we were discussing this. He said quite emphatically, and this is the great editor of the last century, ‘obviously there will be fewer newspapers.’ They will be delivered differently, but he believes passionately that there will remain a group of journalists whose job it is to tell what they believe the truth to be. Obviously we are going through a convulsion. Probably we in the newspaper business have not responded fast enough or smart enough, but the need for information is greater. Not just the quick and dirty take of the Internet or bloggers, but people really digging into things and doing the long form.”


We told you earlier this week about American freelance reporter Roxana Saberi, who is being detained in Iran. ABC’s Martha Raddatz writes about her own experiences with the Iranian government’s attitudes about “gathering news illegally” here.

On a lighter note, is CNN’s John Roberts is single and ready to mingle?

From DCRTV: Longtime DC TV news anchor Maureen Bunyan will step down from her duties on Channel 7/WJLA’s 11 PM newscast. She will continue to co-anchor the 6 PM newscast with longtime colleague Gordon Peterson, and will serve as substitute anchor on 7′s 5 PM and 11 PM newscasts. Leon Harris will anchor the 11 PM newscast.


More on Rush Limbaugh from Howard Kurtz in today’s Media Notes. “For weeks now, El Rushbo has been riding a publicity wave, fueled by an unerring sense of showmanship and his bald-faced declaration that he wants President Obama to fail. The media, finding Limbaugh far more fascinating than Mitch McConnell or John Boehner, have staged endless debates over whether the radio talk show host is the new leader of the Republican Party. The conventional strategy in such cases is for the administration in power to avoid talking about a mere radio critic. That would elevate him to the level of the president. Which, it turns out, is exactly what the Obama team wants.”


Politico takes on “How media sucks up to the White House.” In this piece, Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter calls the “beat sweetener” a “tribal custom” among the press corps.

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Morning Reading List 02.09.09

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We’re dropping the “Muesli”… just join us after the jump!

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Upcoming Nathan’s Lunches

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    Wednesday, Feb. 28 – Two of Washington’s favorite news anchors, Jim Vance of WRC and Gordon Peterson of WJLA (and before that WUSA). Every evening they tell us about Washington. On Wednesday we’ll find out about them.


    Thursday, April 12 – A strong and timely dose of politics with John F. Harris, editor of the brand new The Politico, and; author of “The Survivor,” about Bill Clinton, and co-author of “The Way to Win,” about modern presidential campaigns.

Doors open at noon, the program begins at 12:30, the fee, paid at the door, is $35, all inclusive, and reservations can be made with Jon Moss at 202.338.2000.