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Capitol Hill Republicans Cry Bias in The Hill

Capitol Hill Republican aides and at least one lawmaker are hopping mad this morning about what they perceive to be a blatantly biased headline and story in The Hill Thursday afternoon. They insist that the story by Alex Bolton is clearly Senate Maj. Leader Harry Reid‘s (D-Nev.) spin reported as fact.

The gist of Bolton’s story: Reid announced that he was cancelling additional floor votes Thursday so Brown couldn’t bow out of debating his opponent Elizabeth Warren. The headline that has GOPers on the Hill “furious” is this: “Reid cancels Senate floor votes to force Scott Brown to debate Elizabeth Warren.” Politico‘s headline on the same story, by the way, is: “Reid: No votes so Brown can debate.” Brown had told a Boston paper that votes may prevent him from participating in the debate. Brown and Warren did square off in their first debate last night.

Still, among the things upsetting the GOP applecart is the charge that the publication’s headline and lede do not use quotes or do anything to demonstrate that this is Reid’s opinion.

“If The Hill doesn’t want to appear as if it’s doing the bidding of Harry Reid and the DSCC, the newsroom should wait more than 24 hours after being forced to change an anti-Brown piece before launching a second unfair attack,” said a senior Hill Republican who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

When asked for comment on the bias charge, The Hill’s Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon replied… Read more

Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

From USA TODAY‘s Jackie Kucinich, who writes, “Good to know…”

Travel Taunting: “Shockingly large number of air travel rookies today. Guy from Bloomberg: ‘Do I have to take my laptop out?’” — National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg. Wino Watch: “Dulles bar near gate to Tampa uncorking vino already. Here comes the press!” — Washington Examiner “Washington Secrets” writer Paul Bedard.

Ana off the wagon?

“@ananavarro: In my mathematic formula: Should always pack more shoes than days for a convention. Same holds for bottles of wine.”#approve — The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox. Ana Navarro is a Republican pundit for CNN.

Deep Travel Thoughts: “Try to not point out flaws in stupid shit on airplanes right after boarding if you want your flight to take off on time. Or at all.” — House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa‘s (R-Calif.) Press Sec. Becca Glover Watkins. And from Sen. Orrin Hatch‘s (R-Utah) Comm Dir. and Senior Advisor Antonia Ferrier: “Airports on little sleep is a bad idea.”

“A quad of talent in Tampa.” — NBC Audio OP Steve Mitnick. The photograph includes NBC Correspondents Chuck Todd, Kelly O’Donnell, NBC News Senate Producer Libby Leist and NBC Producer Doug Adams.

Tampa Hair and the fight against humidity

“Getting hair and makeup done for @CNN with @crowleyCNN in an hour. Artists putting up a valiant fight against humidity.” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty.

“Uh oh forgot my flat iron. There is going to be some serious crazy Zito hair going on in Tampa.” — Pittsburgh Tribune-Review‘s Salena Zito.

Speaking of a good blowdry…

“I can probably put down blowdrying rain-soaked shoes as one of the few things I will not miss about living in this city.” — Former TWT White House reporter Kara Rowland, a gradate student at the London School of Economics.

What could possibly go wrong? “Renting a car for the next two weeks. Haven’t driven in something like 3 years.” — Ashley McCollum, press manager for BuzzFeed.

Tampa-wear: What should she wear?

“Packing for Tampa. Help me out, tweeps: What does one wear to a hurricane?” — BuzzFeed‘s newest scribe Rebecca Berg.

From L to R: Benjy Sarlin, Sara Libby and Evan McMorris-Santoro. “Good morning Team @TPM! #travel buddies.” — Roll Call’s Meredith Shiner.

Hurricane Watch: “Hurricane, meet Hurricane. Speaker Newt ‘I will be the nominee” Gingrich on my plane to Tampa.’” — The Hill‘s Managing Editor Bob Cusack.

Poor Howie! Alone with a bagel.

“The sad sight of Howard Kurtz eating a bagel alone in a Holiday Inn at 7am.” — The Guardian‘s Richard Adams. Meanwhile, Howiella is en route to Tampa. “On a flight to Tampa with @BobCusack and @thehill Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon.#partytime” — The Hill‘s gossip scribe Judy Kurtz (a.k.a. Howiella, Howlma, Howeesha, etc..)

Huh, really?  

“If you are a political reporter, Tampa is the place to be this week. #protip” — Newsweek‘s Eli Lake.

Corn lost, pissed without MSNBC

“And this damn hotel doesn’t have MSNBC. Just Fox and CNN. Figures. We’re blowing the joint this AM.” — Mother Jones D.C. Bureau Chief and MSNBC Contributor David Corn.


“Sitting next to @BretBaier on flight to Tampa. A very nice guy. By the way, live @CNNSitRoom 6PM ET today. He’s not live today.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Hallelujah! TBD Twitter account officially sinks. Who cares that it happened two weeks after its death?

Radio host is all ears

“I talk on the radio but most impt thing I do is listen, esp on matters of Race. And if you listen carefully you even hear what’s left unsaid.” — NPR’s Michele Norris.

The admission: “Going on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz’ this morning to say regrettable things I will certainly try to weasel out of.” — Politico‘s Roger Simon.

Journo needs The Weather Channel

“Seems to be getting windy in Tampa this morning. What’s that about?” — CNBC and NYT‘s John Harwood.

A new airport game: Spot the Reporter

“ON WAY TO TAMPA: 20-something girls near me in airport were briefly playing ‘spot the reporter.’ Guess lack of ‘press’ hat disguised me?” — CNN’s Lisa Desjardins.

Peter Ogburn contributed to this report.

Separated at Birth: The Hill’s Hugo Gurdon (Take II)

On Monday we brought you the pairing of The Hill‘s Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon. We chose Jared Harris, who plays the “Mad Men” character of Lane Pryce as his twin. Since then, a reader who shall remain nameless has weighed in on the matter, saying Gurdon bears a stronger similarity to Hugh Laurie from “House.” We think our reader may have a point.


Separated at Birth: The Hill’s Hugo Gurdon

Today we see similarities (especially in the skull and hairline) between the Mad Men character Lane Pryce and The Hill‘s Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon. Pryce, played by Jared Harris, and Gurdon are both British. Of course, no similarities between Lane’s recent suicide storyline of the AMC series and Gurdon.

New York Daily News Takes Passive Stance on Commenters Doubting Logan’s Rape

The New York Daily News published a new account this morning on CBS’ Lara Logan a year after her sexual assault in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. Logan says she is suffering from latent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The profile goes through the painful details and aftermath of what it’s like to be a rape victim. While the publication takes a sympathetic view, some commenters attack Logan, making claims that she is exaggerating, lying or that she was asking to be raped. Some suggest that she’s not a real victim of rape: “Nice try, CBS. Next time ask a REAL victim of rape what it feels like.” Another says Logan has no business covering a story like this because she’s a woman: “Stay home, watch your kids, make sandwiches, and leave work like this to men.” Still another calls her a “liberal beyotch.”

The New York Daily News has no plans to remove the comments. They are fair game as far as the newspaper’s policy goes. A spokesperson for the web desk tells FishbowlDC, “It depends on the nature of the comment. If it gives away personal information or things of that nature, we definitely flag them. If it’s just something mean-spirited, it’s not our policy to delete them.”

Late last year, we reported on The Hill and how they planned to change their comments section for this very reason. Editor-in-chief Hugo Gurdon told us, “We have been testing a new comment system for a few weeks on the Washington Scene and we’ll be introducing it to our main site in the next couple of weeks. Up until now, comment boards have been entirely open access and this has led to some problems. We sometimes do feel the need to take down comments that are offensive and the new system will alert us to those more efficiently. We want our comment boards to be open forums for debate, but obviously there need to be limits.”

They aren’t the only ones. More and more publications such as Politico and Mediaite to name a few are keeping a more watchful eye over comments being left on their pages.

The Hill Shifts Blogger to New Foreign Policy Blog

Fans of The Hill‘s French-American journalist Julian Pecquet will be pleased to learn that soon he’ll move from the Healthwatch blog to a new foreign policy blog that will launch later this month.

In a memo from Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon, he says of Julian: “He has done a great job on Healthwatch, to which he brought detailed policy expertise. But foreign policy has always been his passion, ever since he was in the French diplomatic corps in 1999-2000. So this is a perfect fit for Julian and it’s very pleasing that an internal move allows us to fill a new position with a reporter whose talents we already know well. Thanks, Hugo”

The Hill Attracts Raunchy Commenters

On Wednesday The Hill ran a story by Josiah Ryan regard House Democrat Rush Holt (N.J.) and federal spending levels. All pretty standard fare for a Capitol Hill publication. But the initial commentary that came after from readers? That was all about President Obama having gay sex and snorting Coke. Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson noticed and said The Hill may want to take those comments down. “Note to The Hill, you might want to get rid of the spammy first comment here, but it made me really laugh,” he wrote Thursday.

Alas, they didn’t entirely take his advice. The lewd commenter who claims to be “100 percent true” is still there. But “Honest Abe’s” comments on Obama’s alleged cocaine use have been pulled.

The Hill is in the process of changing it’s commenting system. Editor-in-chief Hugo Gurdon tells FishbowlDC, “We have been testing a new comment system for a few weeks on the Washington Scene and we’ll be introducing it to our main site in the next couple of weeks. Up until now, comment boards have been entirely open access and this has led to some problems. We sometimes do feel the need to take down comments that are offensive and the new system will alert us to those more efficiently. We want our comment boards to be open forums for debate, but obviously there need to be limits.”


Parnes to Smooch for The Hill

In a shocking twist, Amie Parnes is leaving Politico for a job at The Hill covering the White House beat. She replaces Sam Youngman, who recently left the publication for Reuters. Amie will write the weekly political column that Sam wrote.

But the real question is: Will she continue to smooch the White House and first lady Michelle Obama? We soon shall see.

Congratulations to Parnes.

See Editor Hugo Gurdon‘s memo after the jump…

Read more

Youngman to Reuters

Polish up your resumes because The Hill is on the hunt for a new White House correspondent.  After five years, veteran reporter Sam Youngman is leaving his post for a new gig at Reuters.  Hugo Gurdon announced news of Youngman’s departure via internal memo today:

“After five action-packed years at The Hill, Sam Youngman is leaving to take up a new reporting opportunity. He is joining Reuters, where he will cover the presidential campaign. Sam has done great work here, first as a campaign reporter and then as our White House correspondent. He has broken terrific stories and seized many opportunities to shine.For the past year he has also written an insightful weekly column. I am sorry to see him go but am grateful for all that he has done for The Hill. Please join me in wishing him all the very best , Hugo”

Congrats to Sam!

The Hill Finds Error in TheWrap Story

The Hill‘s Editor Hugo Gurdon uncovered a sizable error in TheWrap’s recent story on traffic at congressional news sites, in which Politico topped The Hill and Roll Call.

“ComScore didn’t measure Roll Call‘s July traffic at 690,000 but at only 69,000, so the story was out by a factor of ten,” he wrote. “The comparison shows The Hill‘s traffic is 15 times higher than Roll Call‘s.”

TheWrap is taking the correction seriously, has amended the story and is even in the midst of changing the graphic on the original piece.