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Rushing Lands New Job at Capitol News Connection

J. Taylor Rushing, the former Senate reporter for The Hill, has landed a job at Capitol News Connection. The outlet has been expanding into online content as well as radio. Rushing will be doing online writing and some radio assignments. He has been spotted around the Capitol with a mic and radio purse (i.e. shoulder equipment) that the sophisticated radio scribes carry.

His departure from The Hill back in December came with certain air of mystery. He had disappeared for two weeks before his colleagues learned that he had left the paper after working there for three years.

Congratulations to Rushing!

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Mystery of Missing Scribe Solved

To reporters at The Hill, all they know is that their colleague, Senate reporter J. Taylor Rushing, has not been to work since two Fridays ago. He has been at the paper for nearly three years. One dubbed it “missing” and expressed worry.

The mystery is solved — Rushing and The Hill have agreed to part ways, FishbowlDC has learned. “J.T. is leaving The Hill by mutual agreement,” said Managing Editor Bob Cusack.

Not a word has been said to staff from management. In the past, when they’ve parted ways with employees at least they’ve sent out a perfunctory email about “pursuing other opportunities,” one employee remarked.

Rushing has been searching for new employment since last week, including inquiring at one of The Hill‘s competitors, Politico, for any openings.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Awkward Headline of the Day: “Friend of Children Mark Foley Looking At Running For Office Again” — Wonkette, Monday night. Story here.

Sign of the times

“Dining with a 22 year old. True quote: “I mean who even uses E-MAIL anymore?!” #TwitterWins”– NJ‘s Susan Davis in a Monday evening tweet.

WikiLeaks and buxom blond

“Let’s look on the bright side of the Wiki leaks ….. Do we REALLY think Moammar Gaddafi is upset that we exposed that his “senior Ukranian nurse” is a very buxom blond?” — Washington Business Tonight anchor Rebecca Cooper Dupin in a Monday Facebook update.

Journo weighs comforts of female Brit

“The voice in my new building’s elevator is a woman with a British accent. I am withholding a verdict right now.” — AP White House reporter Phil Elliott in a Monday tweet.

Disturbing news of night

“Toddler thrown off Tysons Corner Center parking garage, sources say.” — TBD tweet Monday night with story here.

Dreyfuss unloads on sound bite society

“The terrible thing is we’ve become used to soundbites, which do not allow for anyone to think at all … you have to rush to make no sense.” — Actor Richard Dreyfuss on this morning’s MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

WhizziLeak humor

“Can we hurry this up? I need to go take a Wiki-leak.” — the oddball, low, dragging introducer’s voice on E!’s “Chelsea Lately” program Monday night.

WikiLeak reality

“To an outsider, diplomacy sometimes looks like an exercise in smiling and being nice to people who you secretly dislike or even scorn. The trouble is, these days your real feelings may not be a secret.” — Reuters Washington Bureau Chief Simon Denyer in a his Monday “Washington Extra” newsletter referring to the current WikiLeaks. (To subscribe, email

Circus and Senate – any difference?

The Hill‘s Senate scribe J. Taylor Rushing in a Facebook message “welcomes back the circus to town… Uh, I mean the Senate.”

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Coffee free reporter

“Day #4 of no coffee and I’m still alive? Who would have guessed?!” — Gannett Content Manager Laura Cochran in a tweet earlier this week.

Keep your eyes at eye level

“Try not to be distracted by the big zit on my chin: I am back on the all-star panel on Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier tonight. Bretski!” — The Washington Examiner‘s White House correspondent Julie Mason in a Thursday Facebook update.

New pol warned: Don’t talk to D.C. Press

“A guy gave me great advice tonight -’whatever you do don’t talk to the Press in DC while you’re here.” — Missouri GOP Congressman-elect Billy Long in a Thursday tweet. His Twitter bio claims he’s not a “career politician” while stealthily insinuating that the rest are.

Editor distracted, disappointed by infidelity

“OK, I am mostly thinking about Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie today but…if a guy can’t be faithful to Eva Longoria, what are mortal women to conclude?” — Politics Daily Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger in a Thursday Facebook update.


“Ok, tonight I wish I still had the blog.” — NJ‘s Mark Ambinder about his former blog at The Atlantic in a tweet earlier this week.

Kardashian wants in on the Slurpee! Summit?

“I want to go to 7-Eleven and eat Cheetos  and a slurpee! But I’m gonna fight this urge.” — E!’s reality TV star Kim Kardashian in a tweet earlier this week. Somehow we doubt she’s referring to the Slurpee! Summit.

Uh oh. Daily Caller intern broke into the Four Loko

Starting at about 1 a.m. concluding just after 7, the escapades of Daily Caller intern Alec Jacobs are reported as follows:

Starts here: “Fine fine because it’s my last night at #GWU before my Thanksgiving break, I will begrudgingly have some FourLoko. Hope I don’t die!” Proceeds here: FOLLOW ME FUCKERS. And here: FOUR LOKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO And finally here: This will never happen again.


“Apple releasing new, much larger version of iPad, tentatively set to be called the Maxipad.” —‘s Keith Koffler in a Thursday Facebook upate.

Reporter meets movie star

“Briefly met actress Geena Davis today in the Senate. She’s very tall, but then again everyone’s tall to me.” — The Hill‘s Senate reporter J. Taylor Rushing in a Thursday Facebook update.

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Royally depressing?

Prince William giving Kate Middleton the Princess Diana engagement ring seems more depressing than endearing to me. Led to divorce…” — Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller in a Tuesday tweet.

Radio reporter engages in TSA pat-down humor

“How nice! Just got flowers from TSA officer, thanking me for wonderful pat-down this weekend.” — NPR Host of “Weekend Edition Saturday” Scott Simon in a Wednesday morning tweet.

Roll Call‘s strange-sounding headline

“Incumbent Bean Concedes Illinois House Race”

Politico reporter observes The Atlantic

The Atlantic‘s James Bennet‘s voice tone is strikingly similar to his brother’s, Sen. Michael Bennet. #intellectualdrawl” — Politico‘s Dave Catanese in a Wednesday morning tweet.

McClatchy reporter gets hair trim in Cairo

“At the barbershop in Cairo today, realized my last four haircuts have been in four different countries. I need to travel less.” — McClatchy‘s Shashank Bengali in a Facebook update earlier this week.

Journo struggles with gum on roof of mouth

“J. Taylor Rushing is so busy and tired he can’t scrape the gum off the roof of his mouth. And it’s cherry. I HATE cherry” — The Hill‘s Senate scribe J. Taylor Rushing in a Tuesday Facebook update (by far, the absolute best Facebook update we’ve seen in months.)

The Daily Baller mildly fears for his life

“Hot coffee caused a piece of Nicorette to disintegrate in my mouth, so I swallowed it. Will I die?” — The Daily Caller‘s Mike Riggs in a Tuesday tweet.


“Unfortunate @rollcall headline this AM: Rangel Trial Goes Dark. Why not say fades to black?” — Time‘s Jay Newton-Small in a Tuesday tweet.

Author explores female pols and penises

“And yes, let’s get it out of of the way: Penis enlargements do include Pelosi, Palin, Bachman [sic]. Wait until they get body scanned.” — Author Buzz Bissinger in a dizzying array of bodily tweets this morning. He also wrote, “TSA scanner body search policy? We are Americans. Who the fuck wants to look at our naked bodies anyway.”

Journo Gets into Cat Fight

It’s not often that you hear of a journalist getting into a cat fight (with actual cats). But The Hill‘s Senate scribe J. Taylor Rushing did just that over the weekend in a matter of two Facebook updates.

He writes, “Got into a fight this morning with his cats, and somehow lost. Not sure how that happened. It was definitely a team job. One of them held me down while the other punched me in the face. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Don’t call the Humane Society or Child Protective Services just yet. The cat didn’t really punch him in the face, but no doubt coworkers will be able to assess the damage. Turns out Rushing was amusing a few friends with animal antics. “I’ve been torturing them with a laser pointer, making them chase around the red dot,” he explained. “They finally figured it out and jumped me.”

(Above left: Rushing; below right: one of his cats, Toby.)

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Blitzer plugs Millionaire Matchmaker

“Really good article in NYTimes about Millionaire Matchmaker’s Patti Stranger. Like so many of you, I like the show.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a surprising weekend tweet. Who’d have imagined he liked Stranger? Blitzer’s right — the profile is entertaining. At one point Stranger says of a female client with wild dirty blond curls, “Is it working for you, that curly hair?” Out of earshot she says, “She needs to straighten her hair, for one. She can’t get arrested with her rat’s nest.”

Scarborough sees himself as Swiss

In this Balkanized media world, “It’s kind of nice being Switzerland. I like being Switzerland.” — MSNBC Morning Joe Host Joe Scarborough on the program this morning. He also remarked, “Juan Williams was fired for one reason – he worked on Fox.”

Blogger freedom

“I know this a little off topic. This blog is about the White House. But it’s my blog, and I can do whatever the Hell I want.” —‘s Keith Koffler in a Friday story on fired NPR correspondent Juan Williams and freedom of speech.

Tapper survives Maher

“My mission was to not say anything thay would get me fired. And….accomplished.” — ABC News’s White House Correspondent Jake Tapper in a weekend tweet after appearing on HBO’s “Real Time” with Bill Maher.

Journo copes with weighty matter

“No matter how much weight you lose, your family’s always there to call you fat.” — Sean Bugg, co-publisher of Metro Weekly in a weekend tweet.

Examiner and TBD blur the lines

“@MauraJudkis and I worked out a joint custody agreement for the jar of Nutella we received tonight. #TBDNight” — Washington Examiner’s Nikki Schwab in a tweet Saturday night blurring the lines between her place of employment and that of TBD‘s Maura Judkis. The pair attended the Italian American Foundation dinner. The swag bag contained Nutella, travel size olive oil and hair gel among other items.


“PSA: I am tired, grumpy and think I may have kidney stones again… stay far far away!!” — Blonde Charity Mafia’s Katherine Kennedy in a weekend tweet. (She appears to be okay, her surrounding tweets concern a costume for a photo shoot at the W Hotel, Ugg boots and searching for a costume at Target.

Senate scribe visits Mt. Vernon

“After three years in DC, I finally made it to Mt. Vernon on a weekend when my Dad & Kaye were visiting. Saw Washington’s Tomb and strolled around. Hadn’t been there since a 7th grade field trip.” — The Hill‘s J. Taylor Rushing in a weekend Facebook update.

Name That Journo: Revealed



The name of the Washington D.C. journo in our first ever Name That Journo feature is….The Hill‘s J. Taylor Rushing. He covers the Senate beat. The photograph is circa 1973.

Incorrect guesses from readers included: Slate and CBS’s John Dickerson, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist, NBC’s Chuck Todd, and TWT Editor Sam Dealey.

For your viewing pleasure, below are a few more of Rushing from that era, including one of the future journalist dressed up like Superman.

*D.C. journalists, please send us your baby or childhood photographs at or to