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Press Tackles Uneasy Subject of Candy’s Weight

Given that CNN Candy Crowley appears on national TV on a regular basis, it’s inevitable that she faces any and all kinds of comments about her appearance. But this is the second time that her looks, more specifically, her weight, have received widespread attention online within three years.

New York magazine has a Twitter roundup of the criticism of tonight’s presidential debate moderator– pointedly, observations about her weight. They include the following nasty missives.

“Hope you & your big fat over weight ass have the courage to stand up to Obama and ask him some tough questions at debate,” said one asshole.

“Candy Crowley is a disgusting liberal pig,” said another. “Why in the fuck is her fat ass moderating the debate Tuesday night?”

And a third: “If the leftist fat slob Monica Crowley is meant to be a fair moderator, why not Rush Limbaugh, Barry Farber, etc.?”

It’s not necessarily a journalist thing or even a sexist thing. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was and still is often talked about in terms of his girth.

Nonetheless, DoubleThink‘s J.P. Freire says there’s a difference. “Christie isn’t judged purely by his appearance,” Freire told FishbowlDC. “In many ways, being large is an asset to a man where it most certainly isn’t considered so for a woman. And let’s be clear too: Christie has joked about his appearance.” He added, “The point is, let’s get past this superficial nonsense and just recognize that it takes strength and talent to get to where these people are. Now pass me some more cheese.”

TheGrio’s Joy Reid went on the offensive for Crowley. “Candy Crowley attacked about her weight by unpleasant right wingers on Twitter,she wrote in a tweet last night. “Stay classy, #tcot!” The hashtag Reid included is a call out to the “top conservatives on Twitter,” who were among Crowley’s harshest critics.

LAT‘s James Rainey wrote a whole column on Crowley’s weight in 2009. After some Google-browsing, Rainey noticed a fair amount of blog posts that referenced Crowley’s weight loss. So he asked her about it. From the column:

[A] few days after I first made contact, the veteran of eight presidential campaigns agreed it might be worth talking, a little, about her new incarnation. She wanted to thank the many fans who have been e-mailing to express their admiration. And she wanted to knock down a few myths.

So here it is, straight up and on the record: There has been no Lap-Band. No gastric bypass. No surgery at all. Rather, Crowley said, she has been dieting, swimming and working out, sometimes with a trainer, since last December.

At the time, Crowley told Rainey she feels “great physically” and that she’s “lighter now in a lot of ways,” thanks to taking up transcendental meditation.

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Fox News PR Calls First, Emails Dirt Later

A story published today by Media Matters writer Joe Strupp gets inside the inner-workings of the Fox News PR shop. The piece reports that Fox News PR shop is unusually aggressive with reps instituting odd rules and asking demanding questions, in at least one case asking a reporter to lie. Strupp’s main assertion is that Fox News PR pitches negative stories about other cable networks more than any other network.

An excerpt:

One veteran reporter said anonymously, “They are in touch more than anyone else, they call or e-mail me with pitches, ideas, some that are positive about Fox but also negative about other people,” said one veteran media reporter who requested anonymity. “Other cable news networks are not like that. That is a hallmark of them; that is a thing they do.”

(That reporter offered e-mail evidence to Strupp that Fox News PR had pitched negative stories on MSNBC and poor ratings on CNN’s John King)

Strupp’s piece cites LAT‘s James Rainey on record as well as Eric Deggans of the St. Petersburg Times. We’ll see if they get blacklisted if they aren’t already.

Oh, and the phone? We know first-hand and from many other reporters around Washington that when pitching negative pieces on other networks they prefer the phone as opposed to e-mail and will relentlessly call from blocked numbers until a reporter picks up.

Not surprisingly, a Fox News spokesperson declined to comment for Strupp’s story. (The above photograph is dirt.)

LAT Writer Anticipates No ‘Potomac-Sized Mea Culpa’ from Matthews

<img alt="539w.jpg" src="/fishbowlDC/files/original/539w.jpg" width="200" class="alignleft" hspace="3" vspace="3"/ LAT’s James Rainey thumps MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews today for his ongoing predictions on the health care reform bill, especially for his treatment of Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.).

Rainey accuses Matthews of allowing his own personality to trip him up on discussion of the bill. Matthews disagrees. Rainey asserts that Grayson said all along that HCR would pass. Matthews, a former congressional staffer of 15 years, thought not. Still, Matthews insists, Grayson technically got it wrong.

Rainey wrote: “When I spoke to Matthews after his show Tuesday evening, he said that he intended to have Grayson back on “Hardball,” probably soon. But don’t set your DVR in anticipation of some Potomac-sized mea culpa.

“Matthews told me that, smoldering YouTube clip notwithstanding, it was Grayson who got it wrong back in January. He said the congressman was obviously referring back then to the House passing a new piece of legislation, rather than signing on to the approved Senate health bill and then having differences reconciled. ‘He denied the House had to pass the Senate bill and then have reconciliation,’ Matthews said at one point. ‘I never got an answer from him, all I got was a posture. He wasn’t helping me explain it. He was just taking a position.’

“…Finally, Matthews urged me to take more time and to speak to Senate leaders and parliamentarians. I would understand that he had it right all along. But it seems to me Matthews created this mess all on his own, just by being too much of himself.”

Read the full column here.

Morning Reading List 07.31.09

Good morning FishbowlDC! Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line.

Above, check out Robert Gibbs, pre-White House (via HuffPost). What we know and what we’re reading this Friday morning…



Two local groups have offered early bids to buy the Boston Globe.


Lou Dobbs‘ ratings on CNN are not benefitting from all this attention on him lately, according to NYO.


Five Quick Questions for NPR’s David Folkenflik from Mediaite, including, Q: Are you nervous or excited about the future of Journalism? Why? and A: Both. I’m nervous, even heartbroken, because of the toll that the dissolution of the old business models for the news business is taking both on dedicated practitioners of the trade and on trade itself…”


In a week when the biggest story out of the White House is arguably about beer, it seems fitting that ABC’s Jake Tapper took a break to interview Judd Apatow on the Political Punch Podcast. Apatow’s “Funny People” is in theaters now so listen to the podcast and go see it this weekend.

Politico‘s Anne Schroeder Mullins catches up with the genius behind YouTube sensation “Auto-Tune the News” here.


How’s MSM doing on health care reform coverage? Ehh, says James Rainey at the LATimes.

David Bass has launched a new public relations and public affairs firm, Raptor, tagline: “New times demand new strategies.” Find out more on the firm’s new site here.

Totally unrelated to DC journos, but still something to look forward to… the cast of Seinfeld will reunite on HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”


Everything the President touches turns to gold… Bloomberg takes a look at the “Obama Effect” on Washington restaurants.

On the other hand… a 78-year-old woman in Iowa is so sick of seeing President Obama in the media, she’s selling her two television sets.

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Morning Reading List 02.23.09

Good Morning FishbowlDC!

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

Its day 35 covering the Obama administration and week 4 for us. FBDC wishes a Happy Birthday to John Stanton, who celebrated a bday this weekend. Celebrating with Stanton Saturday night: Michael Calderone, Angela Valdez, Jackie Kucinich, Erin McPike, Emily Heil and Jared Allen.

What we know and what we’re reading this Friday morning…



The owner The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News has filed for bankruptcy. AP reports that an email to staffers says “the company is still in business, the papers are still publishing” and that members should report to work. Philadelphia Newspapers Inc. joins the ranks of the Journal Register Co., Chicago’s Tribune Co. and the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, all who have filed for Chapter 11.

Cartoonist treading lightly when drawing Obama… “Editorial cartoonists are bending over backwards a lot these days, as they try to satirize the nation’s first black president. And when they don’t, the result is the kind of outcry that erupted this week after a New York Post cartoon featured a bloody chimpanzee- intentionally or unintentionally evoking racist images of the past.”

Len Downie spoke with USC Annenberg’s Neon Tommy Digital News about the future of journalism, whether Politico has changed Washington reporting and if Watergate-style reporting still exists. Check out the interview here.


AP’s David Bauder looks at whether or not TV News missed the point in covering the stimulus package.

More on why MSNBC’s Chris Matthews won’t run for Senator from Washington Whispers. According to colleague Chuck Todd, “Because [Chris] had a really good friend of his say to him, ‘What are you going to do when you get there?’ and he couldn’t answer the question and he realized that, and that’s why he didn’t run.”


Portfolio reports on NYT’s efforts to reach out the Twittering community.


Who cares which female politican would best run a daycare center? US News & World Report, apparently. A poll on its website has Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin neck-in-neck, and Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi drag far behind, with less than 5 percent combined.


James Rainey at the LA Times looks at President Obama’s relationship with the ethnic press here. “I suspect these niche operators will also be used by the Obama administration– maybe something like President George W. Bush used evangelical Christian radio– because the White House believes they are more likely to funnel the chief executive’s message with little scrutiny or criticism.”

Essential reading for anyone covering Washington, Ryan Lizza‘s latest in the New York, “The Gatekeeper: Rahm Emanuel on the job.”

Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino says email has changed the way news is gathered.

Has all this Oscar excitement got you thinking about leaving DC for Hollywood? Find out what exactly a Hollywood producer does from Slate.

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Morning Reading List, 01.27.09


Good morning Washington.

Got a blind item, interesting link, funny note, comment, birthday, anniversary or anything of the sort for Morning Reading List? Drop us a line or let us know in the tips box below.

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